If with the onset of autumn mood swings became more frequent, an unstable, psychoemotional state, thinking retardation, drowsiness began to appear, then this means that the person was overtaken by an autumn blues. Recent research results from scientists at the University of Oregon have shown that more than 90% of people experience significant changes in their well-being as they approach cloudy autumn days.

Autumn blues in most cases is not a disease, it is often a normal reaction of the body to the rejection of cold and lack of sunlight. It manifests itself in the fact that often you don’t want to do anything, your relatives are annoying, everything is seen in gray, the mood tends to zero.

The reasons

Autumn blues are often noted in individuals of suspicious, overly responsible, pedantic, impressionable people. More often fixed in women than in the stronger sex. This period is characterized by general depression, mood imbalance, and half asleep state.

The causes of the described condition can be a decrease in daylight, the prevalence of rainy and cloudy weather, cooling and the associated hypothermia, a genetic tendency to mood swings and obsession with bad feelings, stress conditions, somatic pathologies, metabolic disorders.

Often, the autumn blues of a schoolchild child are a consequence of the child’s growing up, excessive criticism and strictness of upbringing on the part of adults, which led to this well-being. The described ailment is able to appear after mental or physical overstrain, being in extreme situations, after serious injuries.

Symptoms of autumn blues

For this condition, various combinations of intensity of symptoms are possible, namely:

- instability of the emotional state;

- change in established behavior;

- impaired cognitive functions;

- longing;

- apathy;

- lack of desire to work;

- decline in interest in any activity;

- unwillingness to maintain social contact, or on the contrary, the desire to bring to his problem because of poor health;

- reduction in the quality of labor;

- fussiness;

- lack of ability to concentrate;

- incompleteness of actions;

- irritability;

- bad sleep at night;

- discontent with oneself, around;

- early rises and drowsiness in the afternoon;

- demanding, critical;

- night sleep with awakenings;

- difficulty falling asleep;

- changes in taste preferences;

- the appearance of irrational fears;

- internal dialogue in which a person analyzes their actions.

How to deal with autumn blues

Universal Council how to get rid of the blues does not exist. In each case, it is required to select a treatment regimen, taking into account the severity of the symptoms, the features of the genetic history (the presence of depressive conditions in relatives), concomitant diseases, personal interpretation of sensations, general health.

Most experts are convinced that an independent analysis of the usual way of life will allow a person to understand where the failure occurred and eliminate these negative phenomena, making adjustments to the daily routine.

Autumn spleen and melancholy is required to meet with a smile. This is just a bad mood, which will certainly change over time. And in order for this to happen, as soon as possible, we recommend to listen to specialists (psychologists, psychotherapists, therapists) who give the following recommendations:

- it is necessary to revise the daily diet, to fill the deficit of vitamins, protein foods and minerals, to abandon diets for weight loss;

- be protected from emotional stress;

- one should eat products that stimulate the synthesis of serotonin, which include bananas, fish, fruits, nuts, dairy products, dark chocolate, vegetables, dates;

- It is important to monitor the replenishment of vitamin D, which is contained in fatty fish, cheeses, seaweed, butter, chicken yolks;

- to give preference to freshly prepared juices from carrots, beets, oranges, and not to beverages containing caffeine;

- include herbal teas in the diet (thyme, St. John's wort, wild rose, linden);

- tincture of Eleutherococcus, Schisandra, Ginseng will help to adapt to rainy weather in the fall;

- Do not resort to strong strong drinks, they only increase this condition;

- It is important to remember that physical activity in the state of blues is simply necessary. Only physical activity will allow a person not to get stuck in his condition;

- daily walks in the fresh air will fill the brain with oxygen and improve well-being;

- the autumn blues will recede, if we organize jogging in the forest zone, in the park, take part in a football tournament, hiking in the mountains, swimming in a natural reservoir;

- the state of health can cardinally change after visiting a bath or sauna;

- Yoga, fitness, wushu, shaping, aerobics can also help cope with the blues;

- it is important to use the maximum light time of the day: get up with the first rays, go to bed early, do not linger after midnight;

- Autumn blues will not sustain the following rules: suburban cycling after the dissipation of clouds;

- it is required to pay sufficient attention to artificial lighting due to the reduction of the length of daylight hours;

- tanning bed can help in maintaining a good mood in the fight against the autumn blues;

- observe the daily regimen;

- have dinner no later than two hours before bedtime;

- before going to bed mentally do not strain;

- Horror films and thrillers to exclude from the evening viewing;

- it is important to equip the bed with a quality mattress and comfortable pillow;

- to air the room before going to bed;

- observe temperature conditions within 20 degrees of heat;

- taking a warm pine bath before bedtime will allow you to calm the nerves and restore composure;

- drink tea from sedative herbs for the night (melissa, mint, chamomile, oregano);

- creativity can bring back a wonderful mood, so in inclement weather, it is better not to sit at home and be sad, but to go to a museum or theater and enjoy exhibits, paintings or the game of actors there;

- it will be appropriate to communicate with resilient people, and sharpen your sense of humor with them;

- in case of severe symptoms it is necessary to apply for psychotherapist for medical help, only the doctor will select an adequate program of pharmacological therapy. It will not be superfluous and the course of psychotherapy, which allows to identify the real causes of the autumn blues.

Thus, ideally, in order to overcome the state being described to avoid a bad mood, one should find out the reason that forced him to develop and work specifically with her. If you yourself can not cope with the autumn blues, it would be advisable not to delay and seek help from experts.