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How to raise a boy

How to raise a boy - A question that occupies the minds of most mothers, regardless of the era, because each of them wants to nurture family support and raise a real man. Unfortunately, boys do not grow men with a capital "M" by themselves. Today, psychologists to a common opinion regarding who of the adult environment is more important in raising his son, can not come. However, if we analyze the family life of many cells in society, then we can conclude that the mothers have the greatest influence on the boys from the moment of birth until the preschool period. Since for the first time years of boyish life, when the character of the baby is laid, and the basic social skills are formed, it is the mother who spends much of the time with the crumbs. It is a woman who, in practice, shows her son how to treat the weaker half of humanity.

How to raise a boy without a father

Contrary to popular belief, a boy raised by women will not necessarily grow rosy and loose. The statement that a boy who is brought up without a father will grow up as an inferior man is fundamentally wrong and, rather, acts on single mothers as a self-fulfilling prognosis. It is much worse when raising children takes place in a family where the father is an alcoholic, where constant quarrels and misunderstandings reign, where the father raises his hand to the mother, etc. Incomplete families, first of all, are those in which the lack of parental love and lack of attention.

A family where one woman brings up a son naturally has certain problems and difficulties, but still it’s better than growing up in government institutions.

How to raise a boy a real man - advice from psychologists

First of all, even in the absence of a father, who is a model of male behavior in boyish life, there should be such a role model. For this purpose, you can use your uncle, grandfather, coach, teacher, brave cartoon character, etc. It is also recommended to give the baby to the so-called "male" sport. Thus, the greater the number of male individuals consistently present in his life, the better.

How to raise a boy without a father? Moms need to monitor their own attitude to the stronger sex. You should not insult men in the presence of babies, also surrounded by men, the mother should not feel awkward, aggression, inconvenience. After all, the child can feel it, as a result of which he will have mixed feelings caused by the discrepancy between the maternal attitude towards him and the surrounding men, which will result in misunderstanding and internal conflict.

How to bring up the boy to the woman herself? When raising a baby without a father, it is not recommended to try to compensate him for the lack of male attention, at the cost of excessive "lisping" or fulfillment of any of his whims. The most correct decision would be to teach a little son from an early age to independence. If the boy didn’t get something right the first time, then you don’t need to immediately run to the aid of him, it’s better to invite him to try to repeat his own actions.

Also, mothers are recommended to more often take the position of "weak woman" when dealing with a crumb. In other words, a woman in raising her son should not forget about her nature and be affectionate with him, a caring and loving parent, and not a wizard who can solve absolutely all boyish problems, making it impossible for a crumb to try to cope with difficulties. Also, such behavior will help develop in his son the ability to sympathize, regret and empathize, and teaches him to be a caring, helpful, strong man.

In addition, it is often necessary to praise the child and say phrases to him, as follows: "you are my protector," "you will definitely succeed!" etc. Indeed, for a boy growing up without a father, such praise has a special meaning. Such behavior of women reinforces the importance of the boy in the eyes of his mother.

Thus, women who are interested in the question of how to raise a man out of a boy, on the one hand, need to be feminine and weak, and on the other hand, to be a confident and strong spirit personality. Mothers who bring up sons without fathers should not try to combine the female and male roles in themselves; you just need to be yourself. It is also not recommended to play before the son the role of a victim of circumstances.

The upbringing of a boy, the future of a real man, does not need to be taken as a duty or a life service. Due to the above, a boy raised by women in order to become a real man has all the prerequisites.

How to raise a boy

Equally important in bringing up the crumbs of the male is to provide him with confidence and the provision of a certain amount of freedom. It is not recommended to forbid him to spend time with the children in the yard, to communicate with other boys. It is necessary to give the boy the opportunity to independently find solutions from situations of confrontation.

How to raise a boy? For this, parents should make some effort. It is possible to single out one of the most common misconceptions among parents of both sexes related to the difference in educational measures applied to sons and daughters. For some reason, individual mothers and almost most dads think that you should not allow yourself to have "calf tenderness" and so-called "baby talk" with a little boy, believing that a real man will not grow out of a boy due to such behavior. However, everything is different in reality. Psychologists have cited evidence that among babies of both sexes, boys are born weaker than girls, so they often need caress more than girls.

How to raise a boy of 2 years

The educational impact on the boys, in any case, is based on the age characteristics of the baby. Therefore, to begin a conversation about how to properly raise a boy of 2 years, it is necessary to understand what a two-year-old is.

Up to one and a half years, there is no difference in the upbringing of babies of different genders. It is at the age of two that the crumb begins to realize that the boys are different girls. In two years, the boy is already beginning to realize that he belongs to the male sex and is designated himself accordingly.

Important in the educational impact on the two-year-old boy belongs to a positive communication with him. You should not get angry or beat a crumb at the age of two, otherwise the boys will assume that they are not loved, which may cause the first symptom of a basic distrust of the world.

By the two-year age, the boys not only improve walking, but also develop the ability to run and jump, they learn to throw the ball, they improve their sense of balance. Therefore, the boy should not be forbidden to develop physically. It is not scary if in attempts to run and jump, he will fill himself with several bumps and acquire a couple of bruises.

At this stage, boys develop an attitude towards domestic work - they have a desire to help their mother, a desire to sweep or vacuum, etc. Such aspirations of the children should be encouraged, otherwise you can discourage the hunt and in the future the child will simply "crawl on the head."

In the two-year age period, for the first time there is a need to work out separate prohibitions and certain norms of behavior. Contrary to the popular opinion of most psychologists, the crumb begins to understand the word "can not" at about three years of age, therefore certain restrictions and the system of punishments of non-physical influence must be introduced already at the age of two.

How to raise a boy of 2 years? It is not recommended to envelop the boy with excessive guardianship and should not put pressure on him with his own over expectations. For example, if a two-year-old boy does not speak, this is not a reason for not sleeping at night. It must be borne in mind that boys start to talk after girls. The main thing at this stage is the formation of motor activity and cognitive interests. And even if the crumb does not draw as well as the neighbor's child, then you should not be upset. After all, each baby develops individually. And by their own expectations and following their discontent or frustration, the parents demonstrate their dislike to the kid.

The main activity of two-year-old boys is a game that represents actions with manipulative items. It is through such a game that the baby knows the environment, the objects in it and people. Directly in the game activity it is easier to teach the boys discipline, mode, order, certain rules, hygiene skills and elementary work skills, how to handle objects, compare them.

It is important for parents to learn that boys cannot be punished with cruelty or indifference. With this, the parents only demonstrate their weakness before the crumb, which may later turn into a weakness of the boy's character. Strength of spirit in boys needs to be brought up with the help of other methods.

Children should also be brought up in accordance with their gender. In other words, with respect to the crumbs of the male sex, it is not recommended to use such words as “bunny” or “sweetheart”. It is better to contact your son as follows: “son” or “my favorite protector”.

How to raise a boy of 3 years

In early childhood, the most important for babies of the stronger sex is to be in the area of ​​parental attention and care, especially for the mother. In this case, the pope should not shy away from raising a boy of 3 years, motivating it with the fact that the son is still small. In the three-year age period, boys develop a sense of security and a sense of openness in the environment. Therefore, the care of both parents is quite important for them.

How to raise a boy of 3 years? On what principles should the education of a three-year-old boy be based? What kind of educational measures are acceptable, and which ones are better to refrain from? These issues become acute for adults when their male child reaches the age of three.

So, how to raise a man out of a boy? To answer this question, you need to understand that at the stage of three years of age, there is already a clear differentiation by sex compared to a two-year period. That is why at this age it is very important to try not to miss the formation of self-love in boys as a representative of a strong half of humanity. The son must think that he is a boy, and that the boy should be good. This statement must be constantly supported and emphasized in praise. For example: "You are brave." And phrases like "weakling" are required to be excluded from their own lexicon in relation to their son.

How to raise a boy to dad? Due to the fact that a child at the age of three feels his own belonging to a strong half of humanity even more. That is why the father for him becomes an object of admiration and increased interest. The boy wants to be absolutely like the head of the family, often trying on some of his things. In cases where the father is characterized by impatience and excessive irritability in relation to the baby, the son will feel uncomfortable in his society and among other males. As a result, it will begin to be equal to the mother and reach out to her. Therefore, for fathers, the best time to start the educational process for boys is exactly three years of age. Do not wait for the kids to become older, and, therefore, wiser, because you can miss the time. Therefore, mothers are recommended to send their sons for a walk with their husbands, which will allow them to set aside free time for themselves, and for fathers it is better to know their own child.

The next principle of educational impact, which answers the question of how to raise a boy with a real man, is to provide space for a three-year-old son. Here, first of all, we are talking about physical space. As boys for normal functioning and development need free space. After all, they are constantly in motion. Body energy must always be reset, this is promoted by active games.

There are also hyperactive children who require a slightly different approach. In order to understand how to raise a hyperactive boy should refer to the concept of hyperactivity. Syndrome hyperactivity is pronounced excessive mobility of children and impulsivity. Such children are characterized by restlessness, they are constantly spinning, impermanent in their hobbies (they can now do one thing, and literally in a minute they can do another), as a result of which many things do not lead to completion.

A hyper-active boy of three years of age requires a special relationship. Since at the age of three years there is one of the development crises, at this stage, the crumb begins to clearly differentiate its sex and this is complicated by hyperactivity. Therefore, if the question of how to raise a hyperactive boy has become the subject of special attention to parents, then it is not necessary to deal with the inborn properties of the baby, it is necessary to subject only the manifestations of hyperactivity to correction. No need to punish the boy for such manifestations, because he is not guilty that he still lacks the skills of self-regulation. It is only necessary to help him learn to manage his own behavior and protect him from overwork. If active games are not suitable for a hyperactive child, then a hyperactive child should be taught games of a passive nature, for example, you can draw with him.

In addition, regardless of whether a hyperactive son or not, he needs to feel parental love. Therefore, parents should occasionally show their love to babies.

Three years of age can be considered a cult of independence. Very often from the kids at this age you can hear the phrase: "I myself." If the actions that the boy tries to produce cannot harm him, then he should be allowed to do them. For example, independently tie the laces.

Also in the educational impact is required to take into account the fact that the boys, by their nature, are researchers. It is at the age of three begins to manifest their research nature in the form of disassembled machines. Therefore, they should not be scolded for broken toys. They must be given the opportunity to satisfy the research need while observing the safety of their son.

How to raise a boy of 4 years

There are several simple principles aimed at solving the problem of how to raise a boy of 4 years.

The first principle is that one should not be afraid to cripple the boy with affection and care. According to numerous studies conducted, the proportion of male children accounts for four times less praise and several times more punishments. Therefore, parents should not forget that a four-year-old boy is still a child, not a small adult. He may be afraid of something, for him a trip to a new place may be a life event. It is important to understand that adult living standards, the concepts of time and space for a four-year-old baby are not suitable.

In the age period, which accounts for four years, begins to form the emotionality of the baby. And parents at this stage require restrained behavior from him or, with their careless phrases, prohibit the display of emotions. This behavior is fundamentally wrong. A four-year-old boy is just a child, not an adult person. Therefore, it is necessary to teach the boy to express his own emotions correctly.

It should also be borne in mind that boys at any age need more free space than women. Therefore, in order to balance the violent hurricane of activity, it is recommended that you purchase a sports area for your son. By filial restraint and noisiness must be treated with condescension and patience. However, it is still necessary to remember to focus the attention of the child on the fact that he, as a man, needs to be balanced.

It is for the four-year period that the completion of the formation of ideas about the self as males in boys begins. Earlier, the crumb was guided by the external differences of the representatives of the strong half from the weak. At the age of four, the baby clearly associates itself with the male sex and understands how to behave.

How to raise a boy of 5 years

At the age of five, the ability to identify one's own person with a certain gender has already been fully formed. Therefore, babies are beginning to actively seek to communicate with representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, but especially they are drawn to mothers. Ведь для них именно мама является самой милой, доброй и красивой. Нередко в этом возрасте мальчишки хотят жениться на матерях. Начиная с пятилетнего периода, в жизни крохи происходит переход от детства к школьному бытию.Therefore, at this stage, the upbringing of a boy of 5 years should be focused on developing the necessary life skills and optimizing performance. The upbringing of children of five years should lay the foundation and behavioral characteristics.

How to raise a boy of 5 years? In the first turn, it is necessary to cultivate in it a joyful anticipation of school life, the boy should look forward to this moment. Thanks to this, parents will be able to correctly and painlessly adjust the schedule of his day.

We should not forget that the future support of the family is being brought up. Therefore, it is necessary to continue the education of male qualities, but at the same time, not forgetting to surround the son with care and love. Fathers need to have more influence, otherwise the boy will grow up as an insecure individual, closed and uncommunicative. Also the task of the father is the physical development of the son.

Before the age of five, a boy can buy toys that embody male professions (for example, plastic tools, various construction machines, designers), and after overcoming the five-year milestone, you should begin to acquaint him with elementary tools (for example, with a screwdriver or a light hammer). Let the boy learn to help dad around the house.

It is also necessary to explain to the sons that they are stronger than the fair sex, that they should protect the girls and behave like knightly to them. In this case, the pope must be an example of such behavior. He should help the woman in everything and take care of her (for example, carry heavy bags or give way to transport).

How to raise a teenager boy

For parents, adolescence is perhaps the most serious stage in the education of real men. Especially this stage is difficult for mothers. It’s hard for them to realize that just recently their little boy was a gentle kid who constantly hugged them, and today he is avoiding mother caresses. Suddenly, unexpectedly, the dear boy turned into a grumbling teenager, referring to his parents, as an obstacle hindering his happiness. The worst behavior in this case will be attempts to put pressure on the child and endless reading of moral teachings.

From about eleven years old to about fourteen years old, something strange is happening to the boys. Previously cheerful and obedient, they become insurgents. Unreasonable mood swings, aggressiveness, disobedience become characteristic teenage behavior of boys.

Often, the first reaction of parents to such behavior is punishment and reading of notations, which are not only completely useless, but also deepen the chasm growing in the child-parent relationship. Punishments only aggravate the misunderstanding that prevailed between teenagers and their parents.

Often, due to their employment, fathers neglect the upbringing of a teenager, forgetting that their role in him is quite large. Children have to form their own system of moral guidelines, based on viewed films or TV shows, computer games, or on the example of the behavior of their peers. But life guidelines and moral values ​​should be passed on to boys from their parents.

How to raise a teenager boy? The main task of adults responsible for the education of adolescents is to communicate with them as often as possible. However, one should not replace concepts when parents read notations - this is not considered communication, communicative interaction between adolescents and their parents should occur on the basis of equality.