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How to marry a rich man

How to marry a rich man - this question is asked by many women who want to improve their lives. If a woman is set to marry a rich man, then she must know not only the benefits of a rich life, but also the demands that will be placed on her and whom she will have to meet. Society established certain stereotypes about the lives of spouses of rich husbands who do not coincide with real life.

A brief historical background states that in the not so distant XIX-XX centuries, the husband’s career could be predicted by the nature of his wife. The penetrating and energetic wife was the guarantor of the future success of the spouse in society. And vice versa - if the spouse is not active, then the man can immediately put an end to his career. The ministers, generals and other elite of society are the work of wives. The couple took care of the peace of mind of their husbands, created an image for them, seduced their superiors, and intrigued against competitors. In a word, they did not stop working for the sake of a spouse's career. During this period, nothing has changed - the biography of the spouse created, creates and will create its second half. Thus, creating not only their own destiny, but also the fate of future children.

If you want to have a rich husband, then you have to constantly make efforts. If you want to have a tough businessman in your husbands, you must become an inspiration and a right hand in organizing his affairs, even if the husband with wealth has fallen from the sky in finished form. Often, a woman experiences a buzz from the jackpot, which fell into her hands and forgets about her self-realization. But the realized woman is of interest to the husband and adult children at any age, but the housewives are treated quite condescendingly.

How to marry a rich - tips

Young girls, often without thinking, say to themselves: “I want to marry a rich man” and do not realize that much will be required of them in return.

Often making a fortune, rich men marry with the most ordinary women, in whom there is no glamor, but they must have the following characteristics and are ready to fulfill the following requirements:

- always be a real lady and have impeccable taste;

- have a diploma of a prestigious university;

- to own at least one perfectly foreign language;

- be able to keep yourself in society;

- engage in what will present a woman in a favorable light and create the image of her and her husband;

- good cook;

- know etiquette thoroughly;

- maintain a warm atmosphere in the house and keep it in perfect order;

- maintain a competent family budget;

- be optimistic;

- show enthusiasm and energy, intelligence and erudition;

- to facilitate the life of the spouse by all available means;

- easily agree to travel;

- do makeup, care for yourself, keep fit;

- forget about greed.

Thus, in order to marry a rich man, you will have to work and not only before the wedding, but all your married life - over your soul, body, personality. And this is not a fitness room, shopping or spa.

Do not entertain the hope that it is possible to meet a millionaire just like that in a restaurant or on the street. Such an acquaintance will end in a fleeting adventure and nothing more. Such people, choosing their wife, contact the appropriate agencies, where all the applicants undergo a very tough selection. Rich men have no time to hunt for women, they simply announce the list of necessary requirements. Often, rich men marry women who accept them as they were long before they had a lot of money and position in society, and not at all those who want their position or just their money. In order to get something, you first need to invest. This also applies to relationships. Most hunt for rich girls who are not trying to achieve something in life on their own. A rich man also does not need a useless creature, because he has no use in the household, and his wife’s daily duties can be passed on to a professional maid, cook and housekeeper.

In addition to the development of secular manners, a woman must hide her “I” and in priority keep not her own, but his interests. The main thing in evaluating a woman is a man's opinion about a woman, and not her assessment of herself. And most importantly, the rich first of all want to be shown participation, treated humanly and warmly.

If you have finished reading this place, you still have the desire to marry a rich man, but not like the above method, then you can choose another way. For example, marry a normal programmer and do everything to make him successful (the rules remain the same). The main thing to remember is that behind every successful man there is an even wiser, stronger and more successful woman who skillfully hides it.

What is the difficulty to marry a rich man and how is it possible to overcome these difficulties? The rich themselves are advised to come to terms with their shortcomings. This technique is one of the most basic. A woman should understand the psychology of men, be able to handle a man and turn this skill into her second profession.

Almost all the women who married the rich, put up with some flaws of their chosen ones. It can be either appearance, or character traits, or habits. Often, even if a man is not rich, women still have to come to terms with some shortcoming, is it not better to put up with the shortcomings of a successful and wealthy man?

In building relationships with the rich, it is very important to be able to give up something small, learn to wait for the result for months and years in order to get more in the future. This is a necessary skill of successful people and it does not matter whether it is a man or a woman. A woman should not, until a certain moment, accept expensive gifts, take money. She must always have enough money with her to be independent, for example, take a taxi and leave. This is important because a rich man has two seemingly opposing desires.

First, he wants to be loved, not his money. This is one of the strongest needs of successful and wealthy men. There are very few women who can meet this need, and they are highly valued. Wanting to marry a rich man, it is necessary to show by her behavior and actions that she likes a man himself, not his money, and adhere to such convictions in life.

Secondly, a rich man also wants his money to be valued too, especially if he earned it himself and is proud of it. At the second stage of a relationship, you should show a certain interest in money and show that you value it. Be interested in how a man earns them, admire them, that he alone managed to earn them. A woman who does not know how to value money is hardly able to get along with a man for whom his capital constitutes a significant part of his life. Therefore, at the initial stage of acquaintance, at first we refuse money, gifts, in order not to be mistaken for a woman of easy virtue. In the future, we accept gifts and we are interested in how money is earned, giving our advice to the best of our understanding, support. At first, a rich man will rather hide the amount of his income in order to make sure that he needs his darling, and not his money. Therefore, one should show a sincere interest in the hobbies of a man and ask him about it, while at the same time studying something simple on this subject.

To marry a rich will help the ability to fascinate and give the impression of a confident woman. Often, these men are very spoiled by the attention of women, so you should behave with a sense of dignity with them.

It remains the most important thing - to find a rich man and apply the skills of seduction on him, but first become a woman who will enjoy the interest of ordinary men.

The easiest way to find a rich man is to search through relatives, girlfriends, and colleagues. With good relations with friends, you should immediately indicate that you are only looking for a wealthy man.

The second way to get acquainted with a rich man is dating through the Internet.

The third way is getting to know each other at work. A woman who wants to marry a rich woman should choose a profession where there is an opportunity to communicate with men. Such professions are insurance agents, realtors, tourism managers, menswear sellers and others. It is clear that, they go abroad, insure themselves, not the poorest men buy expensive clothes.

The fourth way is to use the services of marriage agencies, in which a professional matchmaker will pick up a husband corresponding to women's desires and demands.

So, having mastered the psychology of men and its practical application, it is possible to facilitate communication with the male sex and even successfully marry a rich one. The main thing to remember is that rich men are just men who want simple human happiness for themselves.