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What to give a child for the New Year

The New Year is a wonderful holiday for every child, which is remembered by a multitude of gifts and pleasant emotions. During this period, each adult can feel like a hero of a fairy tale, and to please his children, nephews, godparents, grandchildren with Christmas gifts. All adults come from childhood and are able to perceive the world through the eyes of children. In this article we will try to suggest that you can give a child for the New Year, and what is not necessary, so as not to injure the child's psyche.

The long-awaited holiday is often the kids expect a whole year to find the cherished gift under the Christmas tree. They promise to help and listen to adults, try to bring good grades from school, which means that as the New Year approaches, they are already waiting for the desired gift, believing that they deserve the gift and now adults need to try to make children's wishes come true.

Thinking about what to give a child for the New Year, many adults opt for a toy. It is impossible to overestimate the importance of toys in the life of children, since it is the game that represents the leading activity of children.

For kids, a toy is a source of joy, as well as a subject for creativity. Before adults decide which one to prepare a gift for the New Year, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the classification of toys and their meaning.

Types of toys:

- musical (primitive instruments, singing birds, toys with a musical melody - act as a means of developing musical ear);

- motor-sports - hoop, mosaic, skipping pins, ball, flywheels, skittles, etc. - contribute to the development of an eye meter, motor skills;

- creative labor (building material, various models, designers - develop inventiveness and design abilities);

- plot (transport, people, animals, furniture, etc. - contribute to the development of imitative creative play);

- board games (promote the development of attention, intelligence, assimilation of the account, letters, acquaintance with the size, shape, color);

- technical (kaleidoscopes, different types of machines, telescopes, toy cameras, etc. - develop design abilities, contribute to the expansion of technical outlook);

- funny toys (quacking duck, jumping squirrel, dog wagging its tail, etc. - bring up a sense of humor);

- theatrical toys (shadow theater, puppet theater, toys - enrich the perception).

What should not be given to the child for the New Year

Modern toys are a large assortment of all ages, wallets and taste. And since there are no regulations and strict restrictions on the sale of children's goods, manufacturers are trying to sell everything that is in demand. This is how anti-toys come into the market that do not meet the criteria for moral safety. Such toys do not need to give a child for the New Year. According to psychologists, parents should carefully select gifts to children in order not to damage the child’s psyche and not to provoke the appearance of uncontrollable fears.

You should not give a child to the New Year:

- scary toys (cyborgs representing a human parody);

- dolls with deformed faces;

- realistic baby doll imitating breast sucking;

- Monsters with relief muscles, warts, scars;

- transvestite dolls;

- dolls are dead;

- Barbie dolls (contributing to the development of dissatisfaction among girls with their own appearance, those who do not develop maternal instinct, do not cause a desire to be caught up with them - psychologists say so).

Typical mistakes in adults when choosing a gift for the New Year are:

- selection of toys to your taste;

- the acquisition of giant soft toys that can not be taken in hand;

- the choice of gifts of the same type;

- high price;

- purchase at a random kiosk without a certificate of quality.

So, on New Year's Day, it is necessary to give a child a toy that is absolutely safe, has developmental potential, and has educational utility.

How to find out what the child wants

To pick up a gift for a child for the New Year, you need to find out what the child is dreaming about. For this we offer:

- write together with the child a letter to Grandfather Frost, in which he must draw and sign his dream;

- if the child is already quite an adult, for example, a teenager, then perhaps he has a visist with his personal wishes for the New Year, which should be carefully studied;

- You can walk along with the baby shopping, look closely at the reaction of the baby, which causes him delight and joy. It is advisable to take a walk in self-service stores so that you can hold the toy in your hands. Should I be interested in whether he likes a toy? It is important to remember why the child did not gaze and explain that now there is no money to buy the desired thing, but you can write a letter to Grandfather Frost and he will definitely please it .;

- if it is impossible to go shopping, then you can stroll around the expanses of the net, where online stores present their New Year gifts for all ages. This will save time and help you quickly decide on a present;

- If the child is old enough, you can directly ask what to give him for the New Year. No need to fear that the child will ask for something very expensive, adult children understand when the financial situation of the parents is not very good and usually do not completely empty the wallet.

It is important to remember that leaving the purchase for the last moment is a bad idea, as you can easily make a mistake with the choice of gift. It is necessary to take into account the interests, gender, age and not rely on your personal choice, because the purchase is made for the child, not for an adult.

It is required to buy things according to age, and not according to the principle - “it will come in handy over the years”. After all, it often happens that their children have already grown up, and a gift is purchased for a child’s employee or girlfriend, and it is already forgotten what games the children are interested in.

What to give for a New Year's child up to one year old

At this age, the crumb is still too small, and does not realize that it was bought for the New Year. She can take a toy from under the tree and later lose interest in it, but this does not mean that she does not need to give anything.

Such crumbs are usually bought useful things to spend your time:

- chaise lounge;

- walker;

- playpen;

- jumpers;

- set for the bathroom (rug, slide, toys);

- gurney - gaming development center;

- carousel for the bed;

- rattles for beds, strollers;

- rubber toys;

- Teethers;

- balloons;

- cubes;

- toys "crumb";

- clockwork animals;

- Yulu;

- New Year's photo sessions for crumbs are gaining wide popularity. For a photo session, you should buy or sew a new year's outfit to your baby. Becoming an older child will be happy to consider themselves small in the family album.

A gift for a child from 1 to 3 years for the New Year

Every adult must be able to pick up a toy so that it meets the medical, pedagogical, psychological, aesthetic and spiritual and moral requirements.

Medical requirements include: the material from which the toy is made, a quality certificate, whether small parts are firmly attached.

Pedagogical requirements: what a toy can teach, what skills and abilities, creative abilities will develop.

Psychological requirements: what feelings can a toy awaken.

Aesthetic requirements: whether it contributes to the development of a sense of beauty, whether the toy meets the idea of ​​beauty.

Spiritual and moral requirements: what values ​​does a toy carry, does moral consciousness, conscience, promote the distinction between good and evil, and the impulse to follow moral standards.

At the age of three years, children are not yet able to voice their desires, so it is important not to make a mistake and pick up a gift for the New Year by age.

We do not differentiate between the sexes in the article, but it is important to consider if the gift is addressed to a boy, then a machine, if a girl, then decorations, etc.

So, a gift for a child for the New Year up to 3 years can be the following:

- figurative toys (dolls, bears, dogs, hares);

- toy kitchen and household utensils (dishes, furniture, household appliances);

- toy vehicles (airplanes, boats, tanks, cars, boats, helicopters);

- dynamic toys (whirligig, kugelban, steeplejackers, jumpers);

- interactive toys (robots depicting animals, cartoon characters, flying helicopters, musical toys: pipe, bells, drum, bells; musical centers, allowing you to listen to songs and teach the score, letters);

- educational toys (dolls, constructors, houses, cubes, pyramids, mosaics, puzzles, toys-inserts);

- bizybordy;

- rubber jumper (horses, donkeys, deer);

- items for creativity (albums, paints, pencils, clay, drawing boards);

- rocking horse, balls, skittles, sports complexes;

- children's tent;

- dry pool with balls;

- snow shovels, snow scooters, sleds;

- sweet gift.

A gift for a child for the New Year from 3 to 7 years

The time of the New Year holidays is desirable for each child, and when buying a gift, adults need to be guided by the child’s choice: he should want this toy, it should be interesting to him, and the task of the parents is to choose the useful and correct. It is required to remember that a toy is a means of education. Its task is to evoke good feelings in the crumbs, developing humane qualities in character. Gifts that form destructive qualities: aggression, cruelty, anger - are unacceptable. Bloody masks, monsters, monsters - are negative options for a gift for the New Year.

At this age, the child will be delighted:

- sweet gift;

- developing alphabet;

- an illustrated book of fairy tales;

- thematic books (sea inhabitants, about space, animals, plants);

- encyclopedias;

- developing cards;

- Children's computer or camera;

- the globe;

- toys depicting cartoon characters;

- to the designer (Lego, Magformers, wooden towns, needle);

- mosaic;

- puzzles;

- pencils, markers, crayons, paints, pastels, album for drawing;

- drawing tablet;

- kinetic sand, colored plasticine;

- coloring;

- dough for modeling;

- books and games with stickers;

- magnetic or slate;

- soap bubbles;

- alphabet;

- board game with letters, with words, color names, numbers, score, geometric figures;

- children's party;

- a board on which to draw and write;

- ball;

- scooter;

- rollers;

- bicycle;

- sports town;

- dance mat;

- children's music center with a microphone;

- musical instrument (pipe, piano, guitar, electric synthesizer).

For a girl from 3 to 7 years old, you can give for the New Year:

- a set for weaving various ornaments;

- house, furniture and stroller for dolls;

- a set of doctor or hairdresser;

- castle for the princess;

- music phone.

Boys from 3 to 7 years old will be happy to receive as a gift for the New Year:

- music phone;

- railway;

- garage, cars;

- soldiers;

- figures of animals and people;

- race track;

- locksmith tools;

- radio-controlled toys.

All the names of gifts for children can not be described, but to navigate with the idea of ​​the proposed options is already possible.

How to please a child for the New Year from 7 to 10 years

The older child, the harder it is to choose the right gift that will please him. It will be important to listen to the wishes of the children and to specifically know what they want.

Girls at this age want to be bright, beautiful, so we recommend to donate:

- children's cosmetics sets;

- the dress;

- patent leather shoes;

- accessories (gloves, handbag, umbrella);

- bijoux;

- for the game (a large porcelain doll, furniture);

- for the development of creativity (a set of quilling, a set for embroidery and for weaving rezinochek, a book on macrame, an easel for drawing, paints, ceramic toys for coloring, sets for creating jewelry or for the production of soap, a tablet for drawing with water);

- for girls fidget (skates, fashionable bright sneakers, rollers, bike, dance mat).

For a boy of 7-10 years, this gift will suit:

- a tablet with cartoons and games;

- Spyglass;

- game console;

- binoculars or telescope;

- dinosaur robots;

- mini car;

- bicycle;

- Radio-controlled car;

- snowball;

- model of a spacecraft;

- toy guitar;

- toy xylophone;

- skates, hockey form, stick;

- soccer ball;

- designers;

- a set for a burning out or for woodcarving;

- Easel with paints.

A universal gift for all boys and girls remains:

- logical games;

- new phone;

- flash drives;

- camera;

- the tablet;

- headphones;

- smart watch;

- eBooks;

- personalized dishes;

- a set for creativity;

- board games (Twister, Monopoly, Mafia);

- sets of magician and detective;

- 3-D puzzles;

- puzzles;

- a pet;

- certificate to the toy store;

- subscription to sports or dance classes, the game of paintball;

- invitation tickets to the theater, to the concert, to the 5-D film.

Giving preference when choosing a gift, it should be borne in mind that the author's toys (cute little animals, dolls, crafts) develop good taste, and retro gifts will allow you to look into history.

What to give a child from 10 to 13 years old on New Year

In adolescence to please a child with a gift is quite difficult. Choosing a gift for the New Year teenager depends on how much an adult is willing to spend. Many adults are limited to a cash gift, but, and for those who decided to surprise a mature child with a gift under the Christmas tree, we offer to opt for the following:

- new phone;

- beautiful phone case;

- the tablet;

- selfie stick;

- flash drive, headphones;

- netbook;

- player;

- digital photo frame;

- camera;

- original watches;

- certificate to a toy store or sports store;

- certificate for a concert or an amusement park.

The choice of a New Year's gift should be taken based on the hobbies of the child. It may be:

- perfumer set;

- musical instruments;

- kits for experiments of a chemist or a physicist;

- rollers with accessories for them;

- Spyglass;

- telescope;

- binoculars;

- kits for cutting, burning, embossing;

- easel and paint;

- unpainted ceramic sets;

- punching bag and gloves;

- various sports equipment;

- bicycle;

- Potter's wheel.

Girls at this age will be delighted:

- children's cosmetics and perfumes;

- beautician and jewelry box;

- hair dryer and an unusual mirror on the stand;

- massage brush, umbrella, gloves, tippet;

- handbag and jewelry;

- gold or silver earrings.

For the needlewoman a good gift would be:

- a set of applications for bag design;

- a set for embroidery ribbons, threads, beads;

- sewing of felt;

- stigis applications;

- a set for knitting and to create jewelry.

Girl and toy will be delighted:

- a large soft toy or doll made of porcelain;

- firm doll "Barbie".

For a boy would be appropriate:

- complex designer;

- robots;

- radio-controlled toys.

What to give for the New Year of a child from 13 to 16 years

Children of this age want to receive adult attentions.

Boys prefer sports gifts:

- bicycle and accessories for it (headlights, helmet, pump, thermos, bag, horn);

- bicycle uniform, gloves;

- "paws" for practicing blows;

- boxing gloves and punching bag;

- videos,

- Kimono;

- company ball;

- skiing;

- skates;

- chess and games for the development of logic;

- various encyclopedias and reference books.

Also, boys and girls can give for the New Year:

- pet, if they dreamed about him and objects related to the care of an animal;

- phone and to him a beautiful case, flash drive, headphones;

- the tablet;

- laptop or netbook;

- game console and keyboard;

- steering wheel, pedals for racing games;

- player;

- webcam or speakers;

- camera;

- original watches;

- electronic photo frame;

- certificate to the electronics store;

- certificate of brand or sportswear;

- certificate of goods for sports;

- subscription to the hall of martial arts, bowling, pool or dance hall;

- tickets for sporting events, a concert of a favorite performer, a theater, a cinema or a creative meeting;

- subscription to the fitness room or gym;

- Paintball game session;

- a hockey trip;

- shoes, clothes, accessories.

Girls can give almost everything they give to adult young ladies:

- gloves, bag, umbrella;

- bijoux;

- stylish watch;

- Jewelry;

- perfume;

- chocolate sets;

- cosmetics;

- glamorous trinkets.

So, the choice of a New Year's gift must be approached consciously, taking into account the age characteristics, gender, hobbies of the child. Currently, the market for toys, gadgets and various things is growing steadily, which allows an adult to expand the search for a gift, to act as Santa Claus, to fulfill the dream of a child.