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How to marry a man

How to marry a man - This question interests many of the fair sex who want to tie the knot of the Hymen with their chosen one. Do not despair if all attempts to this day were doomed to failure. It should be remembered that in love, all methods are good, so you need to pursue your own, if you really like a man.

How can you marry a man if he doesn’t talk about it? The main rule on the way to his cherished desire is expressed in the fact that the elect in no case should immediately find out that the woman wants to marry him to herself. This can frighten him and push him away, because men have a different psychology from women. A man’s view of another world and parting with freedom does not flatter them.

How to marry a man if he does not notice a woman, and only sees in her a good comrade? Do not despair. A woman will be able to carry away the desired man with herself only if there are bold and decisive actions and of course one hundred percent certainty that she really needs him.

So, the first step to marry a man is to search for information about the elect. You need to know all the possible information about your lover. On the formation of attachment will favorably contribute to the existence of common interests, since common interests are an inexhaustible topic for leisurely joint conversations. It should be remembered that every man has his own standard of beauty and the ideal of femininity, the nature of the future companion of life. Therefore, if a woman knows exactly what feminine likes him, then we can assume that half of the key to the heart of a representative of the strong half is already in her hands.

However, in this case, the woman may be lurking "pitfalls", since planning to spend the rest of his life with this man, it will be better to remain himself. Because there is a danger that the chosen one will love not the woman, but the invented image. The next masculine feature that should be considered in the struggle for the representative of the strong half is that, for the most part, man loves with his eyes. Therefore, if a woman previously preferred a comfortable sporty style or business look, then you need to arrange a shopping trip to update your wardrobe, which will make her more feminine, attractive and give the look elegance and mystery.

A man whom a woman seeks to subdue must see in her a woman with a capital letter. But in the pursuit of changing the image it is necessary not to overdo it. One should leave room for the flight of fantasy to the representative of the strong half in order to arouse the desire to find out what is hiding under clothing. Dressing is stylish, beautiful, elegant, but at the same time looking feminine, attractive and seductive is an art that is important to comprehend to fight for the heart of a representative of the strong half.

Often it happens that the man seemed to like the girl, but after talking, she disliked it. This is because the strong half appreciate intelligence in a woman. They like the representatives of the beautiful part of the population interesting and intelligent, able to keep up the conversation. It is important to remember that men like women without excessive emotionality, prudent, reasonable, not only able to keep the conversation up to the mark, but also able to listen. Therefore, if a woman has a conversation with a representative of the strong half, at which the heart is aimed, then you should remind yourself that he is not a girlfriend with whom you can chat incessantly, listing any events.

A man should be constantly surprised to keep his interest. The girl, about which everything is known, becomes not interesting. Active demonstration of women's confidence in their own attractiveness will help keep the man's attention on themselves. If a woman has complexes that are related to external attractiveness, then it is not worth mentioning them when chosen. Self-confident and her own beauty girl will always look more desirable and seductive.

Often in a long relationship comes a moment when a woman wants to get married, and a man would not do it with pleasure. Every woman wants to feel welcome and loved and ever hear the cherished words: "marry me." How to achieve the desired?

If the beloved proposes to move in with him, then it is better to immediately clarify: "the period of civil marriage is only the beginning of our relationship?" And roughly should designate the term verification of the strength of your relationship. If the chosen one says that you can live for 10 years, then you shouldn’t agree immediately to move to him.

If a woman has been living in a civil marriage for a long time and she’s worried about why a man doesn’t make a heart and hand sentence, then it’s better to ask him directly, choosing the right moment. If the answer to the question is that he will think and discuss it with you later, then this is great, if he says that there is no money for it, so well, there is no time, then you should think: are such relationships necessary?

So, if all the same the decision to live together is made, but does not leave the desire to marry a man to yourself, then you must adhere to the following basic rules of the ideal woman:

- look beautiful;

- to cook;

- listen to the man when it is necessary for him;

- make love when he wants;

- leave alone when he does not want to communicate or is tired.

So, a woman is already perfect, but he does not make an offer, how can you marry a man? A huge role to captivate a chosen one is the behavior of a woman and her character. For a man, it is important to become a true friend, not just a mistress with a pan in the kitchen. It is necessary to make so that he has no friends closer than a woman. It is always required to help, support and console him. The chosen one must feel in the woman of a loved one and rest with her soul. Most of all, the representatives of the strong half appreciate tenderness, sensuality, femininity, honesty, beauty, gentleness, sincerity, care, unobtrusiveness, modesty, seduction, the ability to empathize and understand; ability to love; respect the rights to hobbies, their secrets and personal affairs. Of course, for each representative of the strong half there will be some personal preferences, but practically everyone likes the above qualities. Therefore, you should try to have them in the female character as much as possible.

You can quickly marry a man avoiding mistakes. First, it is impossible to put pressure on the chosen one, to demand to devote all free time to the woman. He should always feel comfortable and, if necessary, at any time engage in personal affairs. You can not be too curious. The representative of the strong half has the right to secrets, so you can not demand that he does not want to tell. Of course, you can not view his email, mobile phone, endlessly jealous. It is recommended to praise men and send compliments. No need to look for a special reason for praise. Just say something nice, but sincere.

How to marry a man? It is necessary to show a man that in bed he gives a woman real pleasure. Therefore, it should be less to give up intima, to be the initiator himself, and learn to please a man in bed. It is very important to take care of a man. If a woman becomes irreplaceable for him, then he himself does not want to let her go from him. Do not overdo it with talk about the wedding, it is very annoying for men. As soon as the chosen one is ready to marry, then he will run for the wedding rings, and the woman will not have time to look back, as she becomes his wife.

How to marry a divorced man? If the elect was married and he did not like this experience, then it will be very difficult to achieve the construction of a new family from him. Do not rush things and annoy the desire to marry. The representative of the strong half should feel the master of the situation, since by its nature he tends to dominate. It is necessary to give him the opportunity to make decisions and take initiative in the relationship. To begin with, one should become irreplaceable in his heart, in everyday life, in his schedule. It is necessary to be included in the life of a loved one, to help him in business. And one day make it clear that all of this in one moment can disappear. And then he will ask to register the relationship, to keep tightly with her beloved.

How to divorce a married man and marry yourself? Ways to divorce and marry a man are different, but they all require determination, endurance, confidence in their actions. It is necessary to personify unpretentiousness, devotion, undemandingness and show that nothing is needed from a man except the possibility of just loving him. It should combine a naive romanticism, emotionality, care and reliability. These listed qualities will have an enticing and magical effect on the chosen one. Do not try to replace your man's wife. These actions can repel a man. With your favorite you can not cook, wash, clean. A man coming to a woman, expects to take a break from everyday problems, enjoy harmony and peace. Therefore, to meet him requires a loving, beautiful, able to give unforgettable moments of joy and happiness. He should not share his woman with a washing machine or kitchen.

If a married elect has set aside time to spend it with a woman, then this should be appreciated. This behavior contributes to the growth of male interest, which over time can grow into a strong feeling.

To marry a married man, you should not make him hysterical about and for no reason. If a loved one suddenly canceled the meeting due to the need to solve any problems, you need to respond calmly, supporting the man. A woman should initially understand what she is going for, therefore endurance, patience and external calmness should become her constant qualities in life. This is a kind of foundation on which further serious relationships are based.

To marry a married man, it is not recommended to whine with him, to express dissatisfaction with something. You should find a hobby for yourself or some kind of occupation, while the beloved will decide his affairs. Before you destroy someone else's family, you should think about whether you have the strength to do everything possible for the happiness of your loved one. You should not try to be very intrusive. Do not be called endlessly and throw SMS. If a woman is interested in a man, it is necessary to give him the opportunity to care for her. The representative of the strong half must think that he is winning the woman, and not all this thanks to a well-thought-out female strategy. Forget baseless accusations, reproaches and excessive jealousy. This is often overshadowed by relationships and leads to a cooling of feelings. It is necessary to learn how to solve emerging problems calmly with the help of a compromise, and not to spoil the mood of both.

At any meeting with a married man should always be in a great mood, and you need to look at all 100% stunning, while remaining a bit mysterious. The representative of the strong half must be sure that his woman is full of interesting events life. You should not show a man that dress up exclusively for his arrival. From time to time, do not answer your beloved calls and refuse to meet, citing urgent matters. This will prove to the man that the life of a woman is in full swing, and she cannot run to him on dates at his first whim. Such behavior will contribute to the fact that the man himself begins to seek meetings, but it is not worthwhile to part with refusals of meetings, since this will lead to the opposite result.

A 100% guarantee of the listed methods will not give that the beloved will divorce right away, but certainly such meetings will remain in his memory for a long time and he will strive for them again. The main advice to all women is to always remain unobtrusive, unpretentious, undemanding, patient and then the cherished desire will come true.