Absurdity is a concept used to refer to strange and absurd events or things that are contrary to generally accepted logic or the laws of common sense. The origin of the word absurd is due to the Latin language, where it literally means information emanating from the deaf, i.e. so ridiculous that trying to explain it to yourself or to others is just as useless as it is to understand (present).

More deeply absurd means not only the obvious meaninglessness of any provision or concept, but also the result of a logical analysis of the chosen mechanism when people come to the presence of internal contradictions in the concept itself. Many philosophical schools used the technique of bringing the situation to a state of absurdity in disputes in order to show the weak points of the theory put forward by the interlocutor, as well as the parts that contradict each other.

In addition to the fact that absurdity is a concept that reflects concepts and actions, it can be used as a technique for transforming reality or situational impact on people. It is less effective to show a person the absurdity of his reasoning - it takes a lot of time and energy resources. But deliberately bringing the situation with a light degree of inconsistency to utter absurdity can provoke not only a change in a specific situation, but also an understanding of a person’s general world outlook, and sometimes his semantic sphere. In psychotherapeutic circles, when a client begins to lose the goal of his own life, they often use the category of absurdity to separate the significant from what simply selects the living space.

What is absurd

The meaning of the word absurd implies simultaneous denial and affirmation, it always violates the logic of existence in this world, but it is not a synonym for nonsense or an example of disconnected thought processes. Thus, the absurdity of assertions has a logic that can be correlated with the surrounding reality, it is not a simple set of disconnected words, which turns into an absurdity, absurdity is always a logical and coherent statement, but not true.

An example of nonsense is the statement that "the sun rises because the pear is," and an example of absurdity always contains the logical contradiction "the sun, as usual rose in the west." Both statements provoke a protest against the logical part of consciousness, and while the first one plunges into the feeling of stupor and the inability to figure it out, then the situation with an absurd statement can clarify the error (because the sun rises in the east) or deliberate distortion of the facts in order to convey some meaningless metaphorically situations.

Most often, this term is used in relation to various life and humanitarian categories, but there is not only a philosophy of the absurd, but also the mathematical side. In mathematics, it is possible to talk about absurdity when an element is used that has no relation either to the computation system or to the field of the chosen number series, but at the same time pertaining to mathematics as a whole. For example, being in the system of real numbers, the roots of negative numbers are not used, and within the framework of integers fractional parts are not used.

Absurdity, as a psychological category, began to be actively used in the existential current, and the main statements were reduced to a sense of the meaninglessness of human existence and the hopelessness of attempts to change anything. Closely this category is in contact with the search for the meaning of life and the experience of the finiteness of its own existence.

It is the absurdity of life perception that creates in man a feeling of the emptiness of life and the impossibility to fill it with any meaningful and weighty categories, which ultimately leads to a loss of faith and meaning. We can say that the whole psychology of existentialism is aimed at finding the meaning of its existence despite the absurdity of the surrounding world and the possibility of finding a place in it for a full and conscious existence.

In the absurd, meaning always appears to the person as its wrong side, therefore there are so many difficulties in trying to give a logical definition to the concept where logic is violated. This is a paradoxical phenomenon, which can only be explained by attempts, but one can never saddle it completely and thoroughly accurately, but at the same time, it is absurd statements or thoughts, events or hypotheses that help everyone to go beyond the usual worldview. The collision of paradigms expands the possibilities of creativity and the boundaries of the semantic spheres of human existence, therefore, at a certain stage and with corresponding changes in the activity sphere, it is possible to transform the absurdity of what is happening or asserted into a logically justified one.

The internal gap of theses, the negation of meaning, the inversion of complementary concepts are those moments due to which absurd statements can appear. On the other hand, the term absurdity can be used incorrectly worldwide device due to the limitations of the person himself. For example, when the breadth of knowledge or the erudition of one individual makes him consider absurd assertions and ideas of one who knows more. This was the case with the statement that the planet has the shape of a sphere, and the same will happen when scientists from the most advanced laboratories try to explain their achievements to a person without secondary education who lives in the outback.

Quite often, the absurdity underlies anecdotal cases or humorous situations, and exaggeration makes it possible to bring the situation to complete absurdity, finally exposing the irrationality or inconsistency of human actions. Funny situations make us react in a positive way, because we are outside their direct impact and can choose which side to stay in, we understand the illogical and contradictory actions.

Laughter ends when the person himself becomes a participant in such a process and the uncontrollable manifestations of the affective part force him to act contrary to logic. It is a powerful tool for understanding life and its main or main points. With constant complaints, bringing the situation to the absurd can help stop complaints, it is only necessary to strengthen self-flagellation, admitting that only you are to blame for all troubles in the First World War too. This helps to regulate the situation when, according to your social status or rank, you cannot directly confront a person, and he, due to tyranny, requires you to do illogical things - bring the situation to the maximum absurdity.

When a wife begins to obey her husband in everything, it turns out that she is no longer enough money or wrong decisions have been made, but the responsibility for everything now lies only with the man. When an employee begins to make thankful speeches for half an hour through remarks about his lack of manners, which slows down the work process, soon the moral persecutors themselves will ask to be expressed more simply and to the point.

Life examples

Representing a complex philosophical, mathematical, psychological and life category, the concept of absurdity is not always accessible to understanding after reading the definition. For a deep understanding and correct use of a word, it is useful to learn examples of its use, and this may concern both statements and concrete effective situations.

There are classic examples of absurd statements used over many centuries to explain the essence of the contradiction. So, when a person speaks of colorless greenery or a square circle, his statements are absurd, but not meaningless. These categories belong to those who are hard to imagine not because of the stupidity or incoherence of concepts, but because, excluding each other, they continue to be used together.

In a situational field, absurd actions are sometimes similar to those without results, but they are more emotionally saturated and cause great bewilderment. This may include attempts to extinguish a fire with wine or go out with a military knife against a column of armored vehicles - in these situations there is a reason for these actions and even some logic, but they are absurd in essence.

It is absurd to wait for boiling water pouring from a tap with the designation of hot water, even if you really need it - this will not happen today or tomorrow, if you do not reconnect the flow. All situations with absurdity of actions are built on the mismatch of expectations with the natural course of life, which can occur due to various circumstances - sometimes people cannot assess the level of danger due to their affective state and go alone to a dozen professional killers, and sometimes they have magical thinking and consider that if you go all the way home without stepping on a crack, then there will be electricity.

A more subtle illustration of absurdity is almost all cases of insult and clarification of relations based on unspoken expectations and agreements. When the young man himself decided that the girl would spend the evening with him, and then, coming home would not find her, the scandal or resentment against her would be rather absurd, because there was no prior agreement. In any interaction between people, absurdity can be present, when from the other one requires actions or words that cannot be given. For example, that a partner in all quarrels blamed only himself - this is impossible, because everyone is trying to prove his point of view and both are to blame in any conflict.

In the semantic space of each person there is a deep place of the existential vacuum, where senselessness and understanding of the absurdity of existence reigns. Examples of such an experience may be the thought that human life is finite and full of problems, so any attempts to improve it or somehow rehabilitate are absurd in nature. Such crises are rare and are regulated by self-preservation, but at the same time there are times when a person feels absurd to go to work for money in order to feed himself, because you still have to die. But, as with other situations, the existential level of absurdity, reaching its limit (and there are special techniques of exacerbating meaninglessness) turns into the opposite concept - its own meaning of life despite its overall absurdity.