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How to understand that you like a boy

How to understand that you like a boy? You can learn about the boy's sympathy by a certain number of signs. In each case, they are purely individual, but they have common features. They can be found at a joint pastime, for example, dancing, hiking, walking, visiting cinemas. Smiles, glances, gestures are of great importance. Adolescents prefer silent signs of attention, and their communication is carried out on an intuitive level. A close look and smile indicates a clear preference for others, encouraging adolescents to respond to their behavior. Not always does the girl receive the expected smiles and glances in response, which leads her to despair and acute suffering, expressed in tears.

Of particular value are the touch. For the rest of their lives, these “magnetized” touches remain in memory. It was during this period that girls try to keep the experiences for themselves, hiding them from prying eyes, and begin to write poetry, keep a diary, etc.

In adolescence, there are changes in the relationship between boys and girls. There is a manifestation of interest in each other. In younger adolescents, the interest first appears in inadequate forms. The following forms of addressing attention are inherent to guys: harassment, “tearing up,” painful actions. Girls, often understanding the motives of these actions, do not take seriously such attacks of guys and try not to be offended, ignoring their cocky behavior.

Later relations between the sexes are complicated. This is found in the demonstration of indifference, in the disappearance of spontaneity in communication, or the appearance of shyness in communication. At the same time, adolescents are experiencing tension from the incipient feeling of love for members of the opposite sex. There comes a time when the mutual interest of both sexes increases, but from the side of the relationship look more isolated. Communication between both sexes in older adolescence is becoming more open. The attachment of a girl to a young man can be strong, and she is often attached great importance. If sympathy is not mutual, then it turns into the cause of the strongest stress, unpredictable consequences, as well as negative emotions.

Signs that you like a boy

If a boy of interest learns in one class, then often his feelings do not manifest themselves, but if communication lasts long enough, then it will be easier to learn about sympathy.

The first thing that is important to pay attention to is the look of the young man, but this must be done very carefully and carefully, as it may happen that he looks interestedly at you because you yourself look at him.

The second clear sign that you like a boy is his attitude. It should analyze how much time the guy spends with the girl.

You can understand that a boy likes you, if he looks at you intently and for a long time, starts talking on various topics.

How to understand that you like a boy in school? The following signs will indicate this:

- if a classmate stares at the girl or looks at her when she is talking with friends;

- if the boy often writes to the girl;

- if a classmate begins to constantly make jokes, rush to the side of the girl with snowballs;

- if a classmate tries to spend more time with the girl, escorts home, waits after classes;

- if embarrassed at the meeting, but carefully hides it.

How to understand that you like a boy of 11-12 years? This age still does not allow to realize the essence of the feeling of love and the first signs of a boy's love are able to manifest themselves in a distorted way.

A girl from all sides can receive slaps, steps, and pushes. She will think that the boy feels hate for her and therefore puts on a general ridicule, but in fact everything is exactly the opposite. Why does he behave this way? Often this is due to the inner uncertainty of the guy.

Boys in 11 years old keep themselves independent, indifferently and with harsh equanimity. And some representatives of the stronger sex behave as if there are no girls at all. The underlined neglect of the weaker sex helps the boys to become more established in the male role.

It is this attitude in their view corresponds to the male behavior. Of course, not all boys behave in this way, but in fact they set the tone, feeling silent support from their peers.

But those who behave differently, friendly and affable, can be subjected to severe condemnation. It is necessary to have firmness of spirit and a truly masculine character, so as not to pay attention to peers and continue to communicate normally with girls.

At the age of 12, feelings begin to appear a little differently. In the question of relationships and sympathy for each person, everything is individual, so it is difficult to understand whether a boy likes you or not. The girl often wonders: it is so or not. If a girl likes this girl, she may feel that he also has feelings for her.

How to understand that you like a boy of 13-14 years? At 13, boys are still shy to flaunt their feelings and are very cautious. Paying attention to the boy's behavior, one can understand how he treats the girl. If he fits and is interested in something, tries not to object, showing that he likes the same thing as the girl, then this is a sure sign of his sympathy. You have to be very observant, because the guy’s attention signs may be insignificant: he will pick up what the girl has dropped, then by chance he will help carry the bag.

Most boys at 14 try to hide that they like girls. They lower their eyes, abruptly look away to the side, because they are afraid to tell about their feelings. But if he looks at the girl warmly and openly, then this is a good sign. And if the guy with serious intentions and ask him for help, he will not refuse.
Appearance can also tell about the sympathy of the boy. Attention should be paid to changes in the appearance of the young man. The boy, experiencing interest in the girl, can begin to dress more elegantly or make a new hairstyle. Representatives of the stronger sex simply do not care about their appearance.

The girl should pay attention to how the guy will behave when she disappears for a while. Will he call her, look for her, be interested in what's the matter. By this behavior, you can understand that he has sympathy.

How to understand that you like a boy of 15 years? There are many ways to understand that a 15-year-old boy is not indifferent to you. These include the following signs of attention:

  • friendly attitude;
  • brilliance of eyes;
  • a favorable smile;
  • if the guy accidentally touches the girl;
  • if pulling a pigtail.

What other signs can I see if you like a boy? There are a lot of them. Attention should be paid to the following gestures of sympathy:

- if the young man turns his shoulders, straightens his back, lifts his chin, begins to straighten his clothes and smoothes his hair;

- if the guy turns the body in the direction of the girl and puts his foot forward;

- if he puts his thumbs on his belt or holds them on his hips;

- if the boyfriend gives the girl all kinds of attention: got the necessary book, invited him to take a walk, treats him with sweets;

- if it behaves strange: it looks at you, then passing by, hides its eyes;

- if he is interested in everything that the girl is interested in;

- if the guy is tense, confused or agitated when he sees an object of interest and the whole gift of eloquence disappears somewhere.