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Power of thought

Power of thought - is the mastery of the impact of the subjects on the reality around and on their own personality, the qualities of character with the aim of gaining the conceived. This is a tool that aims to contribute to the "taming" of the inner world and its striving to obtain the desired fruits and achieve the dream. At the same time, it is necessary to give an account that the power of a person’s thoughts is not a separate concrete object that can be felt by taste, smell or touch.

A thought can be directly displayed using verbal configurations or graphically, and the power of mental sending can be represented in the form of some kind of energy impulse, which can either significantly improve most aspects of an individual’s life or significantly worsen. It is often possible to hear or read the statement that the identity of individuals represents what they think. And because this statement is absolutely true. By giving the thinking process a positive direction, the individual is able to evolve to incredible heights. With a negatively directed thinking, the individual, on the contrary, may degrade.

Atkinson the power of thought

Life success, luck, career ladder, mutual love - all of the above is directly dependent on the human ability to attract surrounding people to one’s own personality, skills to convince others, influence them and manage them. In other words, the described skills can be combined into one personal quality, which is called the power of thought or the magnetism of the personality. The famous writer P. Mulford argued that thoughts are the essence of things.

Most individuals are convinced of the materiality and reality of their own thoughts. Each subject radiates them in different directions, they connect with other thoughts, forming all sorts of combinations. The mind of individuals attracts, like a magnet, the thoughts of people around them, transmitted consciously or unconsciously. But it attracts only those thoughts that are harmonious with respect to the thoughts that are in the mind of the attractor, that is, there is a law that consists in attracting similar ones. In other words, an individual who sends negative thoughts to the external environment will attract only negative energy in his own way and vice versa.

In his work Atkinson, "The Power of Thought and the Law of Attraction," he wrote that thought is a subtle configuration of matter or a relatively clumsy form of spirit. When individuals think, they spread around themselves the so-called vibrations of the finest ethereal substance, which is absolutely real, as well as gas or solid bodies. The human eye cannot see thoughts in the same way as gas. People do not know how to taste determine the thoughts or identify their smell, as well as determine the taste of gas, they can not.

The nature of the thought waves emanating from individuals is completely determined by the essence of the thoughts themselves. If human thoughts were painted in different colors, then thoughts bearing a negative direction would be painted in a dark color and resembled thunderclouds hanging low above the ground. Clear, happy and positive thoughts would be painted in light colors and resemble light, cirrus, gaseous clouds flying high above the "thunderclouds" and connecting with other similar clouds.

When a person spreads bad thoughts, he becomes an object for their influence, and the only way to neutralize their negative influence will be the spread of new intense, thought waves.

Fearful or annoying thoughts attract a similar kind of thoughts to themselves and unite with them into a powerful conglomerate. As a result, a negative individual will suffer not only because of his own bad thoughts, but also from the negative thoughts of others, which will only aggravate his condition. The longer the subject will think in a similar vein, the harder will be his position and internal state. An individual who thinks positively and possesses merry and happy thoughts will attract thoughts of a similar direction to himself and will feel himself even more joyful and happy.

In his book, Atkinson, "The Power of Thought and the Law of Attraction," considered the above rule as an immutable truth, and non-believers, by virtue of their own thoughts, he suggested immediately checking the rule in action. However, he argued that in the course of the experiments it is imperative to feel confident in their performance. Only if this condition is met, rapid and tangible results are possible. Dumb and doubtful thoughts will have a weaker effect.

Atkinson recommended that people striving for success spread hard, confident, mental fluctuations around them, expressed in phrases like: "I want, and therefore I can," which will attract similar thinking vibrations of surrounding people, which will have a beneficial effect and strengthen and contribute to the fulfillment of their aspirations. So, for example, a constantly jealous person feels bad, since his thoughts are focused on a single course - in the direction of suspicion and mistrust. Similar thoughts will attract similar kind of vibration emanating from others. As a result, with each day such an individual jealousy will only increase, and his life will turn into a hell of it, filled only with suspicion, anger and hatred. Pretty joyless existence. Another example can be individuals in love, who radiate joy and happiness, and see only the good and the beautiful in everything, attracting more positive things to their own lives.

The theory described in more detail is presented in the film: "The power of thought that we know about it." This film contributes to understanding how people, using their own thoughts, create a personal, objective reality and everything that happens to them in their lives.

Atkinson singled out two of the most destructive thoughts, from which it is necessary to get rid of in the first turn. He argued that immediately after the elimination of these thoughts, success in life would increase proportionately upwards. The most destructive thoughts Atkinson believed fear and hatred. Sadness he considered a product of fear, and envy, anger, ill-will are manifestations of hatred. In other words, Atkinson represented fear and hate in the form of roots, and the feelings listed above were their sprouts. He argued that it is necessary to destroy two roots and then never sprouts grow in the soul.

Thus, for the successful achievement of an ideal outlined in the mind, it is necessary to have an unbreakable desire, absolute confidence in one’s own ability to achieve the desired one and a firm decision to reach the goal set.

The power of thought or the magnetism of a person consists in the first turn in getting rid of negative attitudes from childhood (for example, “I can’t cope with it” or “I am not like people”), in the second - in self-development and in the third - in convincing one’s own person that the lord of his own life is he.

Fulfillment of desires by the power of thought

Each individual, perhaps, once in a lifetime noticed that the much desired sometimes is embodied in reality. Many considered this a common coincidence. But in fact, in the incarnation of the desired into reality, own thoughts are “guilty”. Having wished something with all his heart, the individual launches an energy message that “acts” in the direction of the fulfillment of desire.

The power of thought that we know about it, what are the desires realized by such a force? In a simpler understanding of desire, these are only positively directed joyful thoughts and aspirations arising in the human consciousness and opening up positive energy in individuals. Most scientists are convinced that every thought is transformed into reality. Due to this, it becomes possible to fulfill desires only by the power of thought.

The psychology of the realization of desires in life is to get rid of negative emotions. Such emotions include any doubts, anxiety, fears that prevent a person from thinking rationally and taking forces and energy. A pessimistic person is also unlikely to succeed in the fulfillment of desires. To increase the power of thoughts helps fresh air, exercise and reading useful literature.

Secrets of the fulfillment of desire by force of thought.

Fulfillment of desires with the power of thought is characterized by a number of features, which are presented below.

In the first turn, the desire must be clearly articulated. The accuracy of the wording largely determines the "quality" of the implementation. So, for example, “I want to go abroad” is not at all like the phrase “I want to go to Los Angeles”. Therefore, it is recommended not only to fantasize, but also to visualize, that is, as if in reality to represent the fulfillment of desires.

The next feature is to focus on the dream. In the head of the individual in a certain period of time, only one desire should be scrolled. In this case, all the energy will be directed towards its realization.

The third feature is that the desire was real. It is necessary to compare their own capabilities with reality. If an individual has never played football, one should not dream that he will become the highest-paid football player in the world. Unreal dreams, as well as inaction all the same to the result will not lead. You can, of course, dream of winning the lottery jackpot, and never get a lottery ticket, but this desire is unlikely to come true.

The fourth feature is the visualization of desire. For this purpose, many techniques and techniques have been developed, but the most common is the creation of a visualization map, which is a magnetic board or a simple drawing paper, onto which color pictures symbolizing desires, family photos, etc. are attached. It is important that such a card hangs in a place where it can be constantly seen, remembering your own desires.

The fourth feature in the concentration of power of thought. The realization of desire through the power of thought is real only on the condition that no one will have an idea about the essence of the dream. It is not recommended to dissipate the energy necessary for the fulfillment of desires. For the same reason, the visualization map also no one should contemplate.

After taking into account all the features of the wish fulfillment technique, one should not wait for an instant result. We must learn to wait, but at the same time we must be convinced of achieving our own goal. Desire to realize the dream should be as hot as possible. After all, actions and emotions are always focused on the embodiment of thoughts.

But do not think that dreams come true by themselves. To achieve success, it is not enough just to lie down and visualize the desire; you should take some steps towards implementation. In this case, the thoughts and energy aimed at achieving the goal will probably pay off well before the expected time.

Before decisively taking action to implement the methodology, it is necessary to make sure that the desire is not erroneous. It must be remembered that the power of human thought is a powerful tool capable of turning an unsuccessful individual into a successful person, attracting people.

In addition, there is the so-called law of the realization of desires. Deciding to use the power of thought for the realization of a dream you need to understand that the fulfillment of desires is promoted by the observance of four principles, namely, attraction, vibrational conformity, acceptance and visualization.

The first principle is that the strongest dreams of people have the property of being attracted to their lives. For example, a girl dreams of a new smartphone, and here she begins to see advertising of a communication device at every turn, and an enormous number of e-mails offering a smartphone at bargain prices come to e-mail. With a strong desire, people become a magnet for attracting it.

The principle of vibration conformity is that every thought produces certain vibrations. Therefore, it should not be allowed to let even the tiniest little thought slip in that nothing will come out. Unsure of the realization of desires, thoughts only push aside what may appear in life.

The third principle is to make a judgment that the universe has already prepared what it wanted, so it remains only to accept its gift. It would seem - nothing is easier! However, it is precisely the impossibility of people accepting the above statement that the fundamental problem consists. Often, people just do not believe in the possibility of the realization of their own dreams. With this behavior, they themselves close the doors to their desires.

The last principle is to visualize the desired. Dreams should be presented in the brightest colors. In this case, the law acts - the more real the goal is displayed in the imagination, the faster it will be realized.

In addition, you need to understand that desires aimed at causing evil or something bad to others, will not only come true, but will also return to those who want to triple the size.

The power of thought and the law of attraction

One of the most effective and efficient laws of the Universe is the law of attraction. The famous phrase: "like only attracts like" is based on this law.

If humanity had thought that all the points of the earth's ball, in which they had been, all the events that happened to them, they themselves attracted to their own lives. It seems incredible, impossible, but it is. Often the action of the law of attraction is not consistent with the dreams of the individual who uses it. Sometimes it will be sufficient with strong emotions to wish for something and it will necessarily enter the life of the person who wishes, and the emotional message will carry bad or good energy, it does not matter. That is, what the individual wishes, that will attract. After all, it was not for nothing that intelligent ancestors warned: "fear your own desires, they tend to come true." Therefore, you should try to apply this law solely for the purpose and only with good intentions.

So how can the law be properly applied? Start with setting goals. The main requirement for the goal is its realism. The individual must clearly know what he is going to acquire and understand in what size. After all, if the person himself does not exactly understand what he wants, how can the Universe satisfy his request?

After passing the goal setting stage, it is necessary to start rebuilding your own thinking. To bring positive events and the right people into life, you should learn to think in the same way. The mood for happiness and positive will not only contribute to the achievement of the desired dream, but also enhance immunity, improve overall health.

Now you can go to the stage of visualization of desire. You can draw a dream or make a map of desires. It is important that the drawing or map is always before the eyes of an individual who uses the power of thought to change his own life.

It is necessary to prioritize. For this purpose, you can write down on a paper sheet the ten most important things in life. After all, until order is established in its own mind, the law of attraction cannot act in full force.

Do not forget about gratitude. It is necessary to thank the Universe for each smallness given by it, and then it will return triple. Therefore, it is recommended to express gratitude every day for all the good things that exist in life, and very soon there will be more such good things. Individuals who believe that they have nothing to thank the Universe for in their lives should think that many people do not have this.

When a clear goal is formed, you can start writing affirmations - affirmations of a positive nature, the essence of which reflects the final goal. For example, if the desire is financial independence, then you can use the following affirmations: "I am a successful person, I attract money, my wealth is multiplied day by day," etc. Affirmations can be remembered and repeated daily during a trip to public transport or recorded on the phone and listen to them regularly. You can approach more creatively and perform affirmations in the form of a presentation that will play on the computer every hour.

Now that the ability to think positively in life has been acquired, and there is no room left for sorrow, all bad things should be let go. To this end, it is recommended to revise your own life, to produce in it the so-called "revision". It is necessary to become an auditor for your own mind and life, removing from them all the negative.

The law of attraction by the power of thought works effectively only for those individuals who are in harmony with themselves. In other words, you must feel equally good both in your own inner world and outside. Поэтому следует отпустить все негативное, присутствующее в жизни. К примеру, если гложет обида на близкую особу и простить ее невозможно, то следует постараться объяснить ей, что именно задело, и постараться достичь компромисса, тогда обида исчезнет. Не нужно захламлять внутренний мир негативом, ведь пустующее место быстрее заполнится чем-то хорошим и радостным.

Thoughts should be mastered to the full. You can not let them control themselves. The person is the master of his own thoughts. The combination of thoughts and emotions forms an "emotional thinking" that repeatedly enhances the effectiveness of the law of attraction and leads to a speeding up of the process of incarnation of desires.

Thus, the functioning of the law of attraction by the power of thought is based on the fact that the objective reality of any individual is a reflection of his subconscious settings. In addition, do not expect instant results. After all, the temporary space does not respond to thoughts immediately. There is a rather valuable thing, called a time buffer, which is necessary for individuals to have the opportunity to change the goal or slightly redirect the dream, in case of its unsuccessful definition.