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Visualization of desires

Visualization of desires - This is a popular technique, which consists in materializing thoughts into reality or attracting the desired into your own life. Visualization is called a vision or in other words, a mental representation of a desired event or dream in the form of a figurative image or a short film on the so-called "internal screen".

Visualization of desires in modern society is considered a powerful tool that helps in achieving goals. In use, this technique is elementary. Dreaming, fantasy, and mental replay are simple examples of visualizing desires. Fundamental to the performance of visualization technology is the imagination. And the more formed the imagination, the clearer and brighter the picture is reproduced on the mental internal screen, the sooner the desire is realized. That is why individuals with rich imagination, much faster get what they want. Subjects with scant imagination need to train their imagination diligently to obtain fruitful results due to the use of the described technique. Also, for successful application of the desire visualization technique, strong positive emotions should be experienced with regard to the desired and all five analyzer systems should be used.

Wishing board

Most of the inhabitants of the planet heard that thoughts are material, but only a few were convinced by their own experience of this. But any real dream that does not harm others by its realization can be translated into reality. For this it is necessary to have only a very strong desire, the method of visualization of desires will help speed up the implementation of which. It consists in creating figurative images or mini-films with desires that are already fulfilled in their own fantasies, which greatly accelerates their implementation.

The main assistant in the visualization technique is considered a blackboard or a visualization map of desires. Its main attribute is a plane onto which various pictures, photos depicting objects of dreams and important life goals are stuck. The plane can be either a conventional magnetic board or a sheet of paper of at least A3 size. You can attach all sorts of images, except for pictures that imply harm to any living creature. For example, if an individual dreams of financial well-being, then you can paste a photo of an expensive car, country house, expensive accessories. In general, all that testifies to wealth and success. The quality of images, their location on the map does not really matter. The main thing is that when viewing images, they caused stormy delight and a lot of positive emotions.

The visualization map of desires should be placed in a place where a person will often bump into her eyes, as a result of which dreams will always remind of themselves. If the individual does not live himself and does not want to advertise his own dreams in front of his close and outsiders, then you can create an electronic version of the imaging card using a common Word or as a presentation. The advantage of the electronic version of the visualization card is that it is always "at hand" in the work computer, phone, laptop, tablet. The video with images of your favorite music will inspire every day. Frequent reminders of innermost desires is an effective mechanism that contributes to the speedy realization of our plans.

Proper visualization of desires also includes the use of associative thinking. After all, every time you listen to the melody involved in the visualization video, a person will mentally scroll through the images of desires.

Before you make a visualization of desires, you need to understand their variations. There is a map of values, a visualization board according to the Feng Shui concept and a universal map.

The map of values ​​is a fairly powerful tool aimed at the fulfillment of desires. For example, a person dreams of a new, ultra-modern laptop. He needs to find a picture of the desired model and place it in the central part of the map of values ​​near his photo. In order to increase efficiency, it is recommended to find an image of a hardware store in which an individual wishes to purchase a laptop. Also, it will not be superfluous to supplement the card with various affirmations by type: "I found the right amount of money to buy a laptop." In the future, you must daily look at the created map and fill yourself with positive emotions for the realization of desire.

The visualization board of desires according to the concept of Feng Shui is created with the help of drawing paper, colored markers, clippings from magazines and photos. First, from any magazine you need to cut out pictures depicting what you want, that is, what a person dreams of. For example, a house, decorations, a large plasma, a car, etc. Pictures should exude joy and positive, beauty and chic. In the corner of the card, you should write any affirmation of the following plan: "with each passing day I am moving closer and closer to my own dream." After that it is necessary to divide the paper sheet into nine equal parts, responsible for a certain vital sphere. The central part is the health zone, the upper central part is the zone of glory, the lower central part is the career zone, the upper left is the wealth zone, the left central is families, the lower left is wisdom and knowledge, the upper right is love and marriage, the right central is children and creativity, lower right - assistants and travel.

In the center of the wish visualization board, you should place your favorite photo of the person who creates this board. In all other parts in accordance with the zones should be attached pictures associated with vital needs. The card is optimally placed in your own bedroom so that when a person wakes up, she can always see it.

A universal wish card is considered the easiest way to create a visualization board. It is only necessary to place your own photo on a large sheet in the center, where the person is smiling and happy. It is necessary to place illustrations of desires around the photo in any order and regardless of the zone.

"How to visualize correctly"? - many are asking this question.

The visualization technique is relatively easy to use, but regularity of performance is important for its effectiveness. Daily practice helps to simplify visualization for humans. However, often people, having tried to visualize several times and not having received the desired fruits, decide that the technique does not work and stop practicing it. This is a mistake. Only daily practice leads to the realization of desires.

So, how to visualize correctly? For the first practice of visualization techniques, it is better to choose a simple goal that can be realized very soon and which is easy to imagine. At the beginning of learning the technique of visualization, many people doubt its work. Therefore, if you choose a hard-to-reach desire, then the probability is high that the individual will soon get tired of visualizing, since there will be no quick results.

The goal can be any object, for example, household appliances or a certain situation (meeting with the right person).

It is necessary to visualize in a calm atmosphere. Therefore, you need to choose a place and time when no one will interfere. Visualize better in a comfortable position of the body in a relaxed state. It is required to begin with the presentation of the goal. If the goal is to acquire any item, then you need to try to examine it from all sides, mentally touch it, pay attention to color and other details. In the same way, the desired event should be presented.

The main requirement is to obtain positive emotions from the visualization of the desired. The visualization should appeal to the person practicing this technique. It is necessary to understand that the individual visualizing the dream must be a participant of this dream, and not an outside observer. For example, dreaming of a new phone, you need to mentally hold it in your hands, press buttons, consider its functions, and not just imagine it lying in the store.

The duration of the visualization of desires does not matter much. The main criterion is to get pleasure from it. It is necessary to submit until it is comfortable and pleasant.

The correct visualization of desires should be exclusively positive, the realization of a dream into reality should inexpressibly please the individual and not imply harm to others.

Thus, examples of visualization of desires that individuals carry out, who have repeatedly received what they want with the help of this technique, should be full-fledged mini-films, rather than static pictures. That is, it is not enough to present yourself as a champion in any kind of sport, it is necessary to present all the way to victory in a positive way.

Simoron wish fulfillment visualization

Most people do not even realize that there is a school called "Simoron", which teaches techniques for the fulfillment of desires and the visualization of dreams. The word "simoron" has no special meaning. It is invented, as often do kids, playing.

The main goal of the Simoron teaching is to help people transform themselves and change their lives. Practicing special techniques, people can learn to discover new qualities in themselves, become more developed in the physical and spiritual aspects.

Visualization of desires examples in the school "Simoron": the method of washing the money, attracting love, the technique of tying.

The method of washing the money is practiced while an individual is bathing in the bathroom. While swimming, he can fantasize what lies in a pile of hundred-dollar bills, and not in ordinary water.

The method of attracting love is practiced with the help of a teapot on which the inscription "love" is attached. When the kettle is close to boiling, it should be visualized that the relationship of young people in love is as hot as this vessel.

The tying technique is applied when you want to radically change your life, that is, as if to “tie” with the past. It is necessary to describe your own past on an ordinary tape using a marker, then tie it into a strong knot. After a day you need to throw the tape with the past in the garbage disposal. Now you can start life anew.

Visualization of wish fulfillment will be more effective if you support your own dreams with simple single-line rhymes-spells. For example, "I am provided, as Skruzhd MakDak and so it is!"

Thus, Simoron is primarily a visualization of the fulfillment of desire. And without the use of esoteric attributes and methods of magic, but with the help of joyful positive thoughts that create reality.

Simonit means finding a way out of problematic situations playfully using funny rituals. The word "simoronit" is often meant to put everything upside down, undermine the usual image of the world and look at everything in a different light. Simoron rituals contribute to the speedy fulfillment of desires. For example, the ritual of the abolition of the negative. It is a renaming of the events that did not suit the person. With the help of the described ritual, you can get rid of all sorts of different hardships of life. The key condition of the ritual is absolute faith in the spoken words, you must be convinced that the words have magical powers. To eliminate any unpleasant moments from your own life, you should create a word form with a definite content. For example, Ivan wants to earn more. Then the phrase should be made up: "I, Ivan, abolish the low salary." Compiled word form must be repeated mentally or in a whisper whenever the problem gives a person psychological discomfort.

The magic notebook is also quite popular and effective simoronsky ritual. For the implementation of the most cherished and global goals, this ritual is not very suitable. But if he is helped by other methods, such as the visualization technique of desires, then the "magic notebook" is ideal for global accomplishments.

To implement this ritual, you must purchase a notebook. It should be chosen carefully, it should correspond to the inner ideas of the individual about the magic thing. Notepad should exude positive and happiness. The acquired thing cannot be given to anyone. Starting a magical activity is better in the new moon or the first lunar day. So, at the right time, you need to take a notebook and write down the first simple goal in it, for example, "I accept a large ripe watermelon with gratitude from the Universe" or any other object, the main thing is that it can be easily purchased. After that, you need to go and buy a watermelon. The wish came true, which means the notebook is truly magical. Now you need to thank the universe. To do this, below the first entry is required to write the following phrase: "It came true! Thank you very much!", And below there are two new wishes. In the future, this order should always be followed. After the realization of the goal, there is gratitude, and two new desires are written instead of one realized. Initially, while the person is only trying to master the intricacies of ritual, it is recommended to write one easily realizable desire (that is, one that the individual himself will fulfill) and one hard-to-reach. For example, after the watermelon was bought and eaten, and the universe is thanked, you need to write two goals, one of which may be a trip to a restaurant, and the second is the acquisition of a new smartphone. The first goal is required to perform the same evening. That is, you need to go to a restaurant, and in a notebook write the above phrase of thanks, and two new desires.

How to make a visualization of desires with the "magic notepad"? You should write down the desire or purpose in a notebook, and then start visualizing in such a way as if the dream had already come true, using the senses. If a person dreams of a new foreign car, then you need to present it in all details, yourself in the car, hands gripping the steering wheel, and the foot presses the gas pedal, smell the new cabin, listen to music, etc.

Another popular Simoron technique is the “miracles from under the bed” ritual. It consists in the things that are under the bed of individuals. If there is only dust or perforated socks, then in the life of a different mess will occur. Therefore, it is necessary to immediately get rid of all the things that can symbolize or be associated with something bad, and instead of them we put under the bed notes with desires and objects that symbolize something positive.

For example, if a person rushes about in search of good work, then it is recommended to place a workbook with a description of the desired place of work under the bed. Putting a pair of lace stockings and a men's tie or socks, you can organize a rendezvous with a representative of a strong half of the population, which will correspond to the ideal of the woman who undertook to do magic. Bank with coins under the bed helps to establish financial well-being.

People, being alone with themselves, in most cases, are extremely honest and sincere. Therefore, in the first turn, it is required to decide on what really does not suit in existence, by posing a simple question in front of the person: “what am I complaining about”. After all complaints are formulated, you need to calm down the "crying" and begin to formulate a desire. To do this, in the first turn, you should follow the fundamental rule - to desire only what does not harm others, but makes the individual who formulates a desire happy. Desire must be formulated without a negative particle, without the word "I want" in present time.

Now you can start the implementation of the Simon ritual "magic mirror". After all, the life of each is a mirror reflection of his thoughts. To perform the ritual will need a mirror. It can be of any design and form, as long as it is only the individual who wishes to look into it.

It must be remembered that mirror surfaces are able to accumulate positive energy, as well as negative impulses. That is why before the ritual it is necessary to wash the mirror surface with sea water or plain water, after having dissolved the sea mole in it. Sea water helps to neutralize the negative.

After the procedure, the magic mirror is considered ready for the first order of the young "magician" to be translated into reality. It only takes to remember that from this hour it is necessary to be positive everywhere, both in thought and in deeds. One should start the ritual with a kind smile addressed to the mirror smooth surface, and then one should write a correctly formulated desire on its surface with the help of an ordinary cosmetic pencil. Теперь необходимо ежедневно заглядывать в зеркало и повторять написанное, и тогда оно точно сбудется. Например, "я счастливая", или "я богатая", или "я люблю и любимая". Область применения симоронских ритуалов практически безгранична.

Techniques of fulfillment of wishes of Simoron will help to meet a man of a dream, meet real friends, comprehend the life purpose. However, you should not use techniques to squeeze a particular man, as this is personal violence. In addition, the universe could already find the perfect match, so it’s better to “book” a meeting with a dream man.

If the young lady dreams of becoming irresistible in the eyes of the men around him, then the Simoron technique will instantly put pink glasses on them.

Simoron rituals allow you to get rid of almost unsolvable problems. They are elementary and easy to use, and also do not require professional training. A visualization technique desires simultaneously with simoronsky rituals makes absolutely any problems solved and eliminates all obstacles on a happy life path.