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How to forget the girl you love

How to forget the girl you love? Real life has more than once confirmed in practice that it is often not easier and more difficult for the sons of Adam to experience separation, but also for the sons of Adam. After all, women are not forbidden by society to demonstrate pain and find salvation in tears. And the male half has to follow the senseless rules imposed from childhood, and correspond to the myths about brave knights who never cry, about fearless heroes who meet with a cold grin on their lips. Therefore, they leave all their mental anguish behind the turbidity of a beer glass, and disguise their own feelings as cynical bravado. In this situation, it is absolutely unimportant whether the guy has thrown his beloved, or he decided to play the role of initiator of the break, if in the evenings sadness comes and overcomes longing, and loneliness becomes an inseparable companion of the night.

How can a guy forget the girl you love, when it was good yesterday, when her image follows the crowd, when it’s impossible to hide from the memories? It is hardly possible to forget quickly, but it is quite possible to lower the degree of feelings associated with her departure.

How to forget the ex-girlfriend you love

It is almost impossible to stop thinking about a former life partner, to whom love is still alive in the heart. However, with a break in life, life does not stop its march forward and they want to keep up with it. Therefore, most guys are so tormented by the problem: how to forget the girl you love, but she is not there. After all, they need to leave the past and move on. So, be positive and patient, as well as faith in your own strength, after which it is recommended to use the following tips.

To forget a person, even a very beloved one, it is necessary to exclude communication with him from everyday life. After all, no wonder wise people said that when out of sight, then out of mind. Often, completely eliminating the former partner from their own lifestyle is not easy. Since not so long ago she was a puzzle in the picture of the world of a man, a part of his everyday life, a spark of leisure. However, even if you constantly have to deal with the former one for work or on the paths of study, you should try not to communicate with her in any situation.

Communication contributes to communication, any points of contact with the former young lady only strengthen and prolong the agony. Therefore, you should eliminate everything that still connects the broken pair. For example, block it on social networks and delete a contact from the phone. In addition, you should get rid of all objects, evoking memories of the former. Now you can do in person. First of all, it is recommended to meet with friends or with people, after communication, with whom it became easy and joyful to the soul. You must enjoy communication and try not to be alone. You can also expand the circle of acquaintances with new faces. The cold and emptiness in the soul can win only the enjoyment of life and a full existence. Retreatment and unsociation will not help get rid of the pain of separation.

How to forget the girl you love, but she is not there? There are two ways: to suffer and drink or allow yourself to be happy. Man does not rule over the situation, but he is “King and God” over his own feelings and experiences. Therefore, the answer to the question: how to quickly forget the girl you love is just a choice: to have fun or grieve. Having fun is a hundred times more pleasant than sad. To any parting should be properly treated. Negative experiences of this nature should lead to personal growth, not degradation of the subject. You just need to change your own perception. The gap should be perceived as a kind of new opportunity that opened previously unseen distances.

Therefore, one should take advantage of the situation and accomplish something previously unexplored, interesting, fascinating, but not contradicting the current legislation and moral and moral norms. After all, by doing only the familiar and well-known daily, it is possible to turn life into a vicious circle, which will inevitably lead to a return to the past again and again. In addition to new achievements, one should diversify his sports leisure, which solves two problems at the same time. First of all, physical exercise is always useful, interesting, and secondly, sport will give an athletic figure that will attract the looks of beautiful young ladies like a magnet. And who knows, suddenly the former sweetheart will also "fall prey" to a beautiful male figure. In addition, the sport will help to eliminate all thoughts of the girl and love for her.

How to forget a girl you really love is not a new question. Often to cope with this problem helps a new lady of the heart. There are so many pretty ladies in the world who need men's attention. Why mope when there is so much beautiful, young and charming female around? After all, the rupture of relationships does not end human existence, and no one knows who you will find when you lose.

How to forget the girl you love so much? Maybe your favorite should not forget? Maybe you need to try to win her heart? After all, love, often, happens only once in a lifetime. So is it worth it to scatter? Therefore, in the first turn, it is recommended to understand your own feelings. After all, they may not be love, but to be only an echo of banal habits or a desire for revenge, put in place the one who dared to give up the feelings of a fan?

How to forget the girl you love - the advice of a psychologist

Yesterday, the guy with the girl were a couple, and today she has become a stranger. Yesterday, he basked in her arms, and today his beloved hugs another. We were planning a joint life yesterday, but today you do not know how your own life will be. What to do when the beloved firmly settled in the heart, when only her man sees his wife, how to forget the girl you love a lot?

Psychologists are advised to begin large-scale actions to eradicate from the heart and thoughts of a girlfriend with a turn-based strategy. So, the first point of the strategy will be the analysis of the situation, the second - the distraction of attention from the object of love, the third - the gaze of the women around, the fourth - the expectation.

At first glance, all the listed points of the outlined strategy seem to be easily accomplished. Sometimes it is, but not always. Sometimes such chaos is created in the head, caused by parting, that it is very difficult to try to restore order there. After all, joyless thoughts are constantly overcoming: how to forget the girl you love so much. The man is constantly trying to find answers to the mass of tormenting his questions. And then it is accepted to indulge itself with meaningless hopes that a friend realizes her own mistake and will return, deep down realizing that it will never be the same as before. So away the blues and sadness. Must be taken for analysis.

So, if the beloved is gone, then either she fell out of love, or decided to escape from the problems. In any case, the former girlfriend decided to go on without his partner. This should be realized and accepted. She left. Hence, a new life stage of accomplishments and achievements begins.

It often happens that a man is to blame for the rupture. For example, at first he did not appreciate his beloved, and then suddenly realized that he was wrong. And before him was the question of how to quickly forget the girl you love? In the first turn, you should stop blaming yourself. Also, do not assume that happiness was possible only with the former lover. You should try to adequately treat your own blunder. After all, this is a lesson. There are no bad lessons. You can only poorly assimilate the material covered. To err is normal; it is not normal to repeat one mistake several times. Therefore, once there is a gap, you need to treat it as a forced sacrifice for the sake of being able to meet with your present and only happiness in the future.

The second point of the strategy is to divert attention, that is, you need to take control of your own thoughts: to drive away the bad ones, to encourage the positive ones. It will help immersion headlong into your favorite job or hobby. You can try to accomplish what you have long wanted, but still lacked time, desire or money. For example, learn to play the guitar or skate. All of the above will help to distract in the daytime, but at night sad thoughts will begin their offensive, attacking alternately, then with insults, then with pleasant memories that bring the blues. In these moments, suddenly you want to find out what the beloved is doing, as she is now, does she regret the break, or maybe she misses the former? However, one should not look for answers to the questions posed. Since, having achieved a meeting with the former, it is possible to nullify all spent efforts to remove the image of the beloved from memory.

How to forget a girl you love very much when in long, lonely evenings she pursues her image? Need to fight. Fight with yourself. You can not give up the slack and allow thoughts about it to flood the consciousness. Why remember the one that does not need it? After all, she made a choice.

The best way to help you quickly forget your beloved and stop fighting obsessive memories is traveling. A change of scenery is practically a panacea for most heart ailments. Travel will give a lot of positive emotions. In addition, there will be no people or objects reminiscent of the former chosen one. In addition, maybe some romantic place on the globe gives a meeting with that one.

Women as well as men tend to exaggerate the significance of separation. Most people treat breaks as tragedies of universal proportions. Such an attitude leads to anguish, apathy, and often even to depressive states. But if you take control of emotions and make sense of the situation with your common sense, then it becomes clear that parting is only the decision of two adult individuals to go further in life apart, and not a catastrophe. Therefore, all those who are constantly tormented by the question: how to forget a girl you love a lot, it is recommended to let go of her beloved. After all, nothing unfortunate and tragic happened. The main thing is that the beloved is alive and she has a chance to become happy. And if a man has true love in his heart, he will wish wholeheartedly beloved happiness wholeheartedly. And if he cannot, if he is overwhelmed with thoughts of punishing the former, he will get revenge, if a man thinks that she should only be with him, then he loves not the girl, but himself. In this case, such a question as a guy to forget the girl you love should not arise at all. After all, all the experiences caused by parting - this is a fiction, a whim, inspired by selfishness.

In addition, you need to sensibly report to yourself that no matter how beautiful and clever prudent woman is a beloved, she is exactly the same in the world. And if all of a sudden, the former companion is so all perfect, then why doesn’t the rest of the male environment dries on it, does not suffer, and does not seek justice at the bottom of the glass? And because the world is replete with otsennitsami, dandies, a charmer with a balanced character, which can be a thousand times more charming, smarter and more positive than the beloved. You just have to stop closing in your own experiences and look at the world with a positively fresh look. No need to try to prove to yourself that it is the best and perfect. This is a losing battle in advance.

If, after understanding all the above written, wishes of the beloved of happiness, immersion in work, suddenly comes the understanding that the pain has remained and has not gone anywhere, has slightly dulled, but is always present, then in this case there is the only medicine - this is time. After all, it was not for nothing that our distant and close ancestors always argued that time is the best doctor. When people feel bad, they aggressively perceive the words: "be patient, everything will pass, you need only a little time." Speaking is easy, they think. How to live when the time seems to be marking time, and the heaviness of the soul becomes a familiar companion? How to forget, when every evening the mind obligingly revives the image of the beloved from the depths of the memory? Yes, all this is hard, but not fatal. The human subject is a being who can do everything if he truly wants and makes an effort. And in this situation, time is also an ally. After all, no matter how slowly it flowed, it still moves forward. And tomorrow will never be like yesterday.

So, to be the least painful to endure parting, one should accept that:

- the first time after a break, the body will turn on the “program” of sadness, despondency and suffering. This is a natural reaction for a living person;

- the girl was to some extent dear to satisfy men's needs (communicative, intimate, cognitive, emotional, etc.). Therefore, it is necessary to think about how to resume the satisfaction of significant needs, but without the beloved;

- mental suffering is quite energy intensive. A man accumulates so much emotion, thoughts and desires that you need to find a way out. Where better to direct feelings? Naturally in creative self-realization.

It is important for a person to understand where he is going and what he aspires to. This gives direction to being, creates a foundation in a man that helps to transfer all life's adversities, gives meaning to existence if another meaning (love) has been previously lost.

Finally, it should be noted that there are no uniform rules that help to easily overcome the gap. However, it is possible to identify a number of typical mistakes made by men in the process of parting and after it. Most men cope with the mental discomfort that comes when a girl leaves, because with her departure her usual way of life has collapsed. Therefore, the parted men are in a hurry to start a new relationship faster, while making a serious mistake - they begin to compare the new chosen one with the former girlfriend. This behavior is fundamentally wrong. First of all, he constantly has to remember his former relationship and his beloved, which stirs up wounds, not allowing him to forget. Secondly, by this they hurt a new friend who did not deserve such disrespect.

Another common mistake of men experiencing a break in relations with the beloved is its idealization. They turn quite ordinary girl in non-existent perfection.

Thus, following the advice given by a psychologist and not making the described mistakes, you can forget the girl you love and endure the gap the least painful, keeping mental damage to a minimum.