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What to do if a guy changes

What if the guy changes? The betrayal of a loved one can greatly hurt a gentle girl's soul. Often girls, wearing rose-colored glasses, idealize their partner, as a result of which infidelity of the chosen one becomes an unpleasant "surprise" for them. Treason by itself often implies not only mental disruption, but also the need to find a way out of an imaginary impasse.

What if your boyfriend cheats? First of all, you need to give yourself a sensible solution to the dilemma, whether there is a need to continue communication, hoping to return the past, or the best would be to put an end to all interaction. When infidelity has random features, then you can lean towards the first option. If cases of betrayal occurred regularly, it is recommended to think thoroughly about stopping any relationship with a traitor. In any case, it is better to make the final decision, having carefully considered it beforehand, in other words, not in a temper. Emotions and resentment are obviously not the consultants who need to be trusted.

The guy changes what to do - advice from a psychologist

Infidelity for women is almost always a terrible event, but, unfortunately, not at all uncommon.

What if the guy cheats and lies? This question can quite often be found in the vast "Runet". After all, most of the representatives of the beautiful part of the population simply do not know how to behave in the circumstances in order to suffer the least losses, how to react, how to deal with the traitor, and in the end what to do if your boyfriend changes. Often girls, having got a couple, start to think that they own a young man indefinitely. This attitude is fundamentally wrong, as the monotony quickly becomes boring and wants novelty. Often in the betrayal of one side, both partners are to blame. However, if the infidelity happened, then you should not look for a lot of flaws in yourself, destroying your self-esteem.

So, the girl, has recently established a close relationship, but has already caught a young man in treason and now thinks about what to do if a guy changes and lies, what decision to make, how to find a way out? Naturally, everyone can make a mistake, but to live in constant lies, waiting for the "beloved" to come home from a regular bed, is quite difficult. It is necessary to understand that such a "bad" person is unlikely to change, so why waste years, nerves and strength on him? Therefore, it is better to end the relationship and enjoy a free life, gradually moving towards a new love. Willingness to forgive treason will only lead to complications in the relationship and his endless romance on the side. Therefore, you need to gain courage, determination and endure the pain, having gone from the wrong.

What if the guy changed with his girlfriend? Double betrayal is quite common. For girls who have been in a similar situation, it is much more difficult to make a decision. After all, by their verdict they may lose two close people at one time or maintain a relationship with one of the traitors, but then the other should be permanently deleted from life. After all, if you continue the relationship with both, then doubts and persistent suspicions will ever overcome a girl, and she will break down, which will lead to nervous breakdown and even a serious depressive state. Often, women, before making a decision, try to understand who the most traitor is to blame. In fact, both are equally to blame. After all, there was no violence. And then it doesn’t matter who first started, who seduced whom, who flirted with whom. The important thing is that they were believed, and they betrayed. What to do if a guy has changed with a girlfriend, forgive or strike them out, how to keep farther with them, who is to blame? Similar questions are posed by a woman facing double betrayal. Her state of mind is complicated by the constant attempts of traitors to justify themselves. At some point, the lady thinks that the partner was insidiously seduced by the bitch-girlfriend, at another - she thinks that the girlfriend has fallen into the skillfully set trap of a seasoned womanizer. If you want, then you can find thousands of excuses, but from this they will not cease to be just excuses. Therefore, the most sensible in the described situation would be to stop any interaction with both traitors.

What if the guy changes, but does not leave? This situation is also quite common. After all, the strong half does not believe that infidelity is the reason for the termination of such a convenient and familiar relationship with a friend. Some women know that their faithful walks to the left, but prefer to remain silent. However, this attitude only exacerbates the interaction of partners. A man is not able to appreciate the forgiving behavior of a woman. He will begin to change with enviable regularity, without hiding. When a young lady forgives everything, the strong half simply does not need to change anything, because everything suits him so. Therefore, if I have been tortured with the question: what to do if the guy changes, but does not leave, you need to take the only right decision - to break the vicious circle. In the end, the beloved is not the only male in the world.

Thus, if she found out that the guy changes, what to do is an obsessive question, then psychologists advise, in the first turn, to take a pause of ten days so that you can make a decision not based on emotions. Secondly, to determine what good is connected with this person, what the girl will gain as a result of breaking or maintaining the bond, and what will be lost. In addition, you need to understand that in deciding to continue the relationship with a partner, you must forget about treason and never reproach. Having dared to stop all communication with the traitor, one should go this way to the bitter end.

Often it is possible to reveal the infidelity of a young man on indirect grounds, and then the woman herself decides whether to find out the relationship with the elect or to pretend that she knows nothing. But what if the guy changed and confessed? First, it is not worth falling into a stupor, sobbing sobbing, breaking dishes, crying out. After all, the incident of such behavior does not change. This will have to live. And how exactly to live, to solve the woman: either to suffer, getting a bitter pleasure from their own agony, or forget the traitor and get pleasure from everything.

So, what to do if the guy changed and confessed? It is necessary to understand that once in the life of a young man there is a place for another passion, then therefore he has no place in the life of a partner. Having lost love, you should try to save at least pride. If a man really loves the girl he betrayed, then he will do everything to return the old feelings and trust.

Often, male infidelity is only the result of a fatal set of circumstances, a slip, a mistake, but there are also cases when a man changes femin more often than his socks. From here it becomes a natural question: the guy changes constantly, what to do? Psychologists, as one argue that in such a situation there is only one way out - a gap. Love is meant to endow with joy, not pain and humiliation. In the first turn, you need to love yourself. After all, a person who has not learned to love himself is simply not capable of loving a partner. Why endlessly forgive treason? What is there in a traitor partner that is not in others? A walking man is unlikely to change in the future, and constant quarrels with him will thoroughly spoil your nerves, which immediately imprint on your appearance.

The guy constantly changes, what to do? Here the picture of events is also complicated by constant lies. There are many possible solutions to the described problem, which one the preferred one is chosen directly by the injured party. At the same time, it is necessary to realize that each chosen "verdict" will provoke certain consequences. In view of this, the final choice on a certain decision should be stopped, starting from the intended consequences. In other words, it is necessary to prefer such an option, in which the victim of treason will suffer the least mental and not only loss.

I learned that the guy changes, what to do? First, we must remain calm, at least ostentatious. Secondly, it is required to observe the sequence in behavior - having chosen a certain solution, one must follow it to the end. A gap means that you should not succumb to persuasion, respond to SMS, meet, take flowers or other signs of attention. The decision to forgive is also necessary to adhere to the end. Real forgiveness is oblivion. That is, the fact of betrayal must be forgotten forever. In this case, the partner will appreciate his chosen one for the ability to forgive.

In addition, if the girl decided to forgive, then you need to discuss with the young man the event that happened in a relaxed atmosphere, without raising your voice. Also, do not blame him and accuse him. You just need to ask him if love is in the heart. When setting men to a peaceful resolution of the conflict, he would prefer defensive tactics, and agree with the terms of the partner. Thus, no matter how the situation develops, it should be perceived soberly and prudently.

Summing up, it should be said that any betrayal is easier to prevent than to rake the consequences of betrayal. In most cases, infidelity is not born out of nowhere. Basically, it is preceded by cooling between partners, routine in a relationship, boring intimate life. All this can be easily eliminated if there is an interest in continuing to interact with a young man. In addition, diversity in intimate life, a lot of unforgettable pleasant moments, will improve the emotional mood of both partners, which will positively affect absolutely all spheres of life.