Virtual love - This is a game that exists only in the mind of the individual and the Internet. At any moment this game can be stopped and at the same time the individual will not experience severe pain, remorse and jealousy. A virtual relationship is a desire to experience vivid emotions, rather than a real, real feeling.

Currently, the Internet is firmly established in the lives of people and is not only a source of information, but also a source of communication, which people lack so much because of eternal employment and haste. More and more people in real life cease to communicate and enjoy virtual communication. Previously, people used other opportunities for dating, such as clubs, dances, libraries, but now they prefer to get acquainted with real people more by chatting on the Internet. The simple question of why people prefer to get acquainted on the Internet, if there are a lot of real people around, you can often hear the answer that getting acquainted on the street or in transport is no longer relevant. Increasingly, not only young people and teenagers, but also adult family people are resorting to communication on the Internet.

Virtual communication came to the aid of modest, shy, lonely people and those who have physical disabilities. After all, it is much easier to write a love message when you don’t have to be nervous, blush and be afraid to get rejected, so often the first love confessions are made on the Internet.

For someone, virtual love at a distance is just another entertainment, but for someone an attempt to avoid loneliness. Very rarely, the virtual feeling goes beyond the computer and turns into reality. If such cases happen, it is only a few. What makes love happen? The Internet allows you to appear before your interlocutor in the best possible way, to hide complexes and fears. Therefore, communication and love there occurs easier and faster, unlike communication in reality. You should consider the disadvantages of love on the Internet. Experiencing virtual love, the individual changes emotionally and mentally. His whole life passes on the Internet, and a person voluntarily refuses to live communication, while losing the opportunity to create and enjoy real relationships.

Virtual love is dangerous because a person falls in love with an ideal image created by himself that does not correspond to reality in reality. This image he cherishes, cultivates and is very much disappointed after real communication live. This is because communication on the Internet only conveys a part of reliable information about the interlocutor, because without hearing, the voice, not seeing the person (his facial expressions, gestures) can not exactly imagine an image on the other side of the computer.

Virtual love and virtual relationships are types of communication that develop only on the network, when people interact via the Internet, and they have never spoken or met in real life.

Virtual love does not have any serious consequences, but people who have strong feelings for the Internet image deprive themselves of the ability to build relationships in real life, as well as start a family. The individuals living in the network, creating the illusions of love, begin to believe in them, and the real world gradually fades into the background. If a person is overtaken by virtual love, then he should think whether this is a real feeling or just a hobby. Often this is a game on emotions, ultimately leading to a break in relations. Very often, a person on the Internet gets into a situation when virtuality of relationships overshadows the mind. Currently, every third Internet user is in such a relationship. This happens because the physical world is filled with stresses, feelings, so people are more pleasant to run away from reality, and will plunge completely into pleasant communication with new interlocutors.

Initially, people do not pursue the goal of finding a serious relationship, because the very communication on the Internet is already a pleasure. They like to read compliments about themselves, to admire the love letters addressed to them, to enjoy warm congratulations.

Virtual love overtakes often single people. Plunging into the unreal world, people begin to believe in the unity of souls, love relationships at a distance, and a new life with a conditional chosen one, but for many, an online relationship is a pleasant pastime, without obligations and promises to each other.

The representatives of the fair sex virtual experiences delayed very much. This is due to confidential conversations. The more a man pays attention to a woman, the more she will cling to him. When a woman spends a couple of hours on the Internet every day for correspondence or talk, she is deeply immersed in the sensations of virtual love.

How to get rid of virtual love? It is necessary to clearly say that the relationship on the Internet is something from the realm of fantasy or a game that exists in the imagination of the individual.

How to forget virtual love? One should take a sober look at the whole existing situation as if from the whole of what is happening. Often, virtual lovers deceive themselves and their feelings do not allow them to think soberly, because new acquaintances take time to talk about anything, when this time could be devoted to active leisure, family, real friends or self-development. You can understand those girls who have overtaken the feeling on the Internet. They find it hard to resist the sweet speeches of virtual fans. Girls begin to think that new friends want to spend with them the rest of their lives.

Often, virtual love is seen as a way to avoid problems in the real world, so life problems are better solved immediately and not save them.

Online, all people become different - perfect and without flaws. There are no such people in the real world. Man is so constituted that he will always compare the real chosen one with the virtual one, and the virtual image in this comparison will prevail over the real individual.

Scientists have found that virtual communication allows you to know a person only by 3%, and during a real meeting a person receives information equal to 70%.

A person in the process of online communication represents the chosen one with the help of information provided on electronic media - a description of the person, photographs, etc. These facts about the identity of the interlocutor should not be trusted. Often, the sensations from virtual relationships are approximately the same as from real love: longing, jealousy, tenderness, quarrels and reconciliation.

Often, electronic sensations seem more attractive than real ones, because mutual understanding develops within them, interpersonal strong contact, which is so lacking in ordinary life. And all the minuses disappear, which are visible in real life and everyone idealizes and draws those pictures in his head that one would like to see in the interlocutor.

It should be noted that social networks, chat rooms, virtual communication are a kind of Internet addiction and it is very difficult to get rid of it. Therefore, if there is a desire to continue communication with the person you like, then psychologists recommend to switch to real communication as soon as possible, that is, to see them live. This will make it possible to understand whether the representation on the Internet really coincides with the real image of the elect, and if disappointment sets in, it will be easier for the person to return to the real world and try to build relationships there.