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How to understand a man

How to understand a man? After all, sometimes it seems very difficult for women, because a man can often be completely silent and not express his own emotions. Sometimes even loving people in a pair is difficult to understand each other. The longer the union of women and men, the more disagreements arise between them, which can lead to quarrels and scandals. It would seem that it may be easier than to study each other for a long period of time, but not all couples do not fully accept each other. Often, women, because of great love, make sacrifices and adapt themselves to their chosen one, while playing the role of a good wife. But hidden desires and protests are still able to find a way out sooner or later. Therefore, the main reason for all disagreements and scandals in a couple is misunderstanding.

How to understand the psychology of men

In order to learn to understand the psychology of a man, one should master the art of correct communication with him. It is required to learn to speak with him in one language. Women often want the representatives of the stronger sex that they are not able to give them, but not because they do not want, but because they do not understand what exactly the feminine are expecting from them. You can understand the psychology of men if you learn to convey to them your desires and thoughts, so it is important to learn how to correctly formulate the topic of conversation.. Rolled eyes and puffed-up cheeks, questions like - "What kind of relationship do we have after all?" representatives of the stronger sex are very frightening and alarming, so they do not know how to react to them. Instead, one should simply say what a woman wants and why. For example, a woman needs to say directly about her desire for her elect to kiss when they meet, because this gives her confidence that they love her, or, for example, should say directly that she wants the elect to call back to avoid female unrest.

A woman who understands a man will not touch man's pride during a conversation, and will never compare him with other representatives of the stronger sex.

Each conversation with a representative of the stronger sex should end with certain conclusions, since emotional, long, female introductions will be without meaning, unless there is a clear ending with a conclusion. The fair sex should not be surprised if their elects agree with one phrase. This is because all male reflections take place in the head, and not pronounced aloud.

How to understand a man - psychology

Psychologists say that some of the gaps and conflicts are due to a lack of understanding of the psychology of men and the inability of femins to "steer" men, and the second part is due to the reluctance to grow up and male irresponsibility. The representatives of the stronger sex differ from femin not only physiologically, but also psychologically, intellectually and emotionally. Everybody knows about it, but everyone also forget about it during domestic turmoil. And in most cases this can help avoid quarrels and offenses.

How to understand a man if a woman is sure that she is right. Tips of psychologists on this subject are as follows:

- it will be easier to understand a man if you learn the differences between a woman and a man;

- it is important to realize that by nature all men are conquerors and therefore the fighting spirit is strong in them;

- they are stubborn and insistent women, they like to gain attention and defend their opinions;

- women are more inclined to compromise, therefore it is desirable for them not to forget about it and to be flexible in difficult situations;

- if the femin speaks without thinking about personal relationships, the man acts without thinking, therefore you should not be offended by men who do something without thinking. This is their warehouse of character;

- Often women do not understand that for the representatives of the stronger sex their appearance is not the most important one, and they scold the man for, for example, wearing a tasteless sweater. In clothes for men, the most important thing is to feel comfortable with the situation;

- most women equate the masculine look at a beautiful girl with treason It's not like that at all. The representatives of the stronger sex have well developed and erotized vision, this can explain their involuntary arousal at the sight of a beautiful girl, but this does not mean that a man will run after another, therefore femin should learn to perceive men adequately, not to be offended, and not to get annoyed. This phenomenon can be compared with burning female eyes at the sight of a beautiful dress;

- you can understand a man, if you do not forget that the most important thing in relationships is the language of respect and love, which will help unite with a man and harmoniously complement each other.

Often women ask psychologists for advice on how the psychology of men works, which they do not always understand. And in general, what do men want? How do they think and how to communicate better with them? How to understand a man and how he likes? And what should be done so that a man appreciates and respects a woman?

So, how to understand a man - psychology:

  • First, all men love attention, affection and care. They need their feminas to admire them, even if their exploits are embellished. It is very important to meet your man with a smile, preferably with a hug;
  • secondly, the representatives of the stronger sex love to fulfill understandable and doable requests for their beloved women, which should be said out loud, and not expect that they themselves will guess to do something.

For example, the man himself will not guess that flowers are important for a woman if the woman herself will not tell him about it, but this must be said without hysteria and in a calm voice. For example, it is useless to demand from your loved one to make repairs at home if he quietly hates it and does not know how. It is better to direct his energy to earning additional funds for repairs, which will be done by professionals.

All women make the typical mistake, thinking that her chosen one will listen and just talk to her about problems, like her best friend. You should not expect from him that having told about his problem, he will sympathize as much as his girlfriend. A man will not give advice on how to correct the situation, using specific recommendations, but he can talk heart to heart just like that if there is some discussion.

Only by starting to respect yourself and your needs for women, can you get the representatives of the stronger sex to fulfill their desires.

A woman who understands a man will allow him to be alone, lie on the couch, watch his favorite football or boxing. She realizes that her elect cannot devote all the time to her or work all the time.

Representatives of the stronger sex do not like being controlled and asked many questions: "where he was, where he went, where he spent the money, why he said it." If such instructions and questions go continuously from women, then they will sooner or later escape from such relations.

How to understand the attitude of men

Women in relations with men should realize that they are arranged differently, therefore it is very difficult to understand a man and his attitude. They are aware and feel women's actions are far from how men. It's all about the features of male psychology. For example, the day of dating, the anniversary of the wedding, the representatives of the stronger sex do not refer to significant dates. But forgetfulness in the details does not mean that they are indifferent to their lovers. Great achievements drive the strong sex, and honoring the traditions is not so important for them, so this fact is simply for the fair sex to accept, not to be offended and to remind in advance about the upcoming anniversaries to their elects.

You can not make scandals, blame about the carelessness, just calmly should be explained that this is very important. Having received the desired, it is necessary to thank the beloved from the bottom of my heart, so he realizes how important it is for a woman to fulfill small requests and will feel sincerely loved. Female patience and love will eventually instill in her husband an understanding of the significance of these little things.