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Why not lucky in life

When a person has no luck in life, he begins to look for not only the internal causes of this combination of circumstances and external prerequisites, but also a way out. Further, depending on the severity and frequency of recurrence of situations, it addresses either logical analysis or even the use of magic rituals. Everyone puts their own meaning in the concept of bad luck. One may be annoyed by minor tardiness due to traffic jams, the other is not lucky in his personal life for the tenth year.

Explanations of bad luck can be reduced to different theories, while quite a few people are inclined to believe that everything is limited by chance. Both on the psychological and physical levels, people themselves provoke a confluence of circumstances, do not notice the details, or neglect warning signs. Next, we will look at why they are unlucky in life and how to deal with it; we will consider not only the main psychological causes and the very impact of a person on the level of success, but also practical ways of confronting an unfavorable coincidence of circumstances.

Causes of bad luck in life

There are reasons why they are not lucky in life in everything and should be separated from those moments when regular failures happen only in one area of ​​life. The root cause, highlighted by many psychologists, is a person’s own negative thinking. This category operates in such a way that the direction of our thoughts directs our energy. The final version looks like the fact that the more focused on failure or negative points, the less a person is able to notice opportunities or favorable turns.

The habit of contacting people at the level of confrontation instead of searching for compromise solutions or general dialogue increases the amount of trouble. A person himself of this consciously can not do or not notice the consequences, but the broken social connections and interaction options lead to the fact that people stop contributing to your progress in an active form or ignoring needs. Living in a social world, it is important to be able to build constructive connections, then a friend will help with the move, a colleague will cover at work, and a passing business partner will stop to give a ride to work - all this ultimately adds up to a good combination of circumstances, although there are only the consequences of previously committed deeds.

Smooth interaction with the social environment concerns not only human communication, but also the construction of all activities. When a person continues to stubbornly pursue his goals in a chosen way, does not react to failures and believes that he will be able to overcome circumstances by force, he thereby provokes the development of additional failures. Here it would be optimal to choose other strategies, to see a fair wind and not knock on closed doors in order to save your energy and avoid traumatic experiences. In fact, many people say that they have no luck with work, when they themselves chose the opposite direction to their soul and continue to put more effort than the position requires. It is impossible to say here that the place or activity, or the universe is against, is to blame, but that a person simply chooses a direction where success cannot be in advance.

Based on the theory of the development of the universe and the need to realize the inherent qualities of each living creature, misfortunes with a person begin to occur when he stops honing his skills or refuses to follow a destination. Someone justifies this from the point of view of energy or spiritual practices, other religious precepts, but even from a scientific psychological point of view, this is justified. When a person is constantly evolving, he learns to more effectively interact with the world, which means that he is more successful, and when he develops his inner qualities laid down by nature, he moves in an optimal direction and easily. In any case, the bird trying to fly will be more lucky in this matter than the frog.

Problems in the field of self-esteem provokes an incorrect distribution of responsibility and locus of requirements. So, when a person has not built his own identity, is afraid of punishment, believes that he is not worthy of praise, he cannot accept not only good words, but also criticism. Such a warehouse of personality makes it possible to shift both your own successes and failures to others, and so instead of analyzing your misdeeds and shortcomings, a person accustomed to accuse the universe or talk about his bad luck. Also adds to the bad luck a variety of simultaneous goals - the more tasks, the more attention is required. Not everyone can effectively live in multitasking, for most people it is a huge stress, leading to the fact that none of the directions will be realized. This is not bad luck, this is the lack of competent time management and gradation of goals.

How to deal with it

Periodic troubles occur with everyone, the problem becomes serious when one-time cases become regular, and then generally turn into a lifestyle. At the moment when a person independently labels a loser around his neck, it is already very difficult to deal with the emerging tendency, and the sufferer does not want to make an effort, because he is already used to living as before. It is best to think about changing the strategy of your behavior already in the initial stages, when one-time failures begin to take shape in a period of bad luck.

Since the main reason for the transformation of events into negative ones is a person’s world view, his assessment of not only current events, but also the world, then it is necessary to begin by changing his point of view. A positive attitude cannot be taken from scratch and applied to all life in seconds - this is a kind of spiritual or psychological practice, a skill that has been gained over the years. A person striving for good, trying to find positive aspects in any negative situation will attract good luck. The longer this life credo is practiced, the more luck will be observed in life.

You can train a positive attitude in conjunction with a psychologist, usually using a gestalt approach or behavioral therapy, but you can also look for your own benefit in trouble. For example, if the meeting failed, instead of an evening of self-blame you can see in this an opportunity to meet with friends or additional freelancing, and perhaps devote time to yourself. Even the realization that you so quickly got rid of not your own person can turn the catastrophe of your personal life into success. Broken things, torn tights, scratched cars should be considered as a reason for repair, improvement or a major upgrade. Instead of crushing, you need to look for the advantages of your development or rebranding.

It is important to deal with the structuring of your life, because failures can be a simple consequence of the mess and your misunderstanding of what to do in the first place. If you always have an action plan at hand, whose tasks are intertwined with each other and allow you to gradually achieve positive results, then your personal effectiveness will increase. Allocate time to rest, so that the concentration of attention and fresh ideas are not reduced due to banal fatigue. It is necessary to ensure maximum physical comfort, so as not to be distracted and not be nervous about everyday problems.

Rituals that bring happiness can be a good option, and it does not matter if you use the morning prayer, simoron techniques or your own ideas from the sequence of actions — the main thing is to start this program. Its goal is not a magical effect on reality, but the reprogramming of the brain on the perception of the world as a friendly, caring and, as a result, brings good luck.

How to become a lucky and lucky man

The world is usually divided into luckies and eternal losers, although the makings and starting possibilities of people are the same. The difference in the further development of the situation is not in the initial data, but in how he is able to use the current situation, to what extent he realizes the chances offered or simply acts according to the intended plan without deviating to the side.

In order to switch luck to your side, you need to start listening to your own intuition or the voice of the heart. Thanks to these categories, people can use the chances that are not visible to consciousness, but actions based on someone else's opinion or purely logical reasoning lead to a negative outcome. The secret of the connection between intuition and luck is simple: both of these concepts operate mainly from the subconscious, therefore, where intuition suggests a solution, it relies on facts unnoticed by man, but this is the magic of concomitant luck.

Refusal from the usual and stereotypical pastime and organization of activities helps to diversify the range of internal solutions. Luck smiles on those who go beyond. If you constantly walk the same route and complain about loneliness, then by changing the trajectory of returning home, you risk to meet a new novel. When you are accustomed to simply and silently carry out the instructions of the head, the expressed reasoned dissatisfaction can lead to a new post. The fewer stereotypes a person is subject to, the less manageable he becomes, which means he sees more successful moments.

But we should not rule out logic completely, it will be necessary when failure still happens - real people make mistakes, but analyzing them and developing a new behavior strategy will help not to repeat the same thing several times. It is foolish to think that being late for work today and coming out tomorrow at the same time, you will arrive on time - this principle must be transferred to all situations that are not going the way you want.

Surround yourself with lucky and lucky people, optimists and ever-laughing people - we unwittingly adopt the manner of interaction with the world and society from those around us. If these are not available in the accessible environment, then the effect of passive learning to success can be obtained from reading books with such a plot or when watching movies where the hero is lucky