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Male psychology

Male psychology - This is one of the most entertaining topics that occupies the immature minds of both young girls and not very young women. A huge mass of the female representatives of the population got used to the idea that the stronger sex is famous for its primitiveness. In other words, young ladies are convinced that male psychology is a trivially simple thing, because it boils down to three desires: food, sex and sleep. The essence of the centuries-old delusion of almost all the daughters of Eve is precisely this. In fact, from time to time all members of the male half, as well as other living individuals, need to satisfy only the three above-mentioned needs. However, the statement that the brain of the strong half is capable only of producing basic needs is, a priori, incorrect. Women are used to belittle the psychological component of the male population. But it is precisely in the knowledge of all the hidden aspects of the soul of the sons of Adam, the awareness of their male psychology that lies the power of the female sex.

Male psychology in love and relationships

Today, it will not be a secret for anyone that the relationship between male and female psychology is different, like heaven and earth. For most ladies, the feelings of the stronger sex remain the most difficult mystery. Probably, many have heard a common saying, stating that ladies and gentlemen are two completely different biological subspecies. Although this phrase should be regarded as a joke, but the truth is in it. Men are less sensitive on a physiological and emotional level.

In the female environment, it is customary to think that the life of men is governed by sex, but such an understanding of the psychology of the strong half is far from the truth. Men also seek love, but they express their own inclinations differently than women. Due to the myths that exist in the male circle and the female community, stereotypes are born that state that male psychology in love is reduced to primitive instincts. In turn, the sons of Adam believe that the young charmer and the older ladies from gentlemen need only one thing - money. But in fact, women need a confident and strong partner, because they choose the father of their future children. Unfortunately, men's confidence or strength is affected by the presence or absence of significant capital.

Also unfair is the statement about the emotional coldness of the stronger sex. Recent studies have shown that films of romantic orientation are much more clinging to men than women. Simply, the representatives of the courageous part of the population lack the courage to admit their own sentimentality.

The sons of Adam always remember the day of their acquaintance with the beloved, they remember all the details of the first rendezvous and for a long time they save various dear little hearts and souvenirs. In addition, opinion polls have confirmed that gentlemen love to hear kind words in their address, various tender "nonsense" people, like being called good-natured nicknames. They need touching and sentimental touch is often much more than in the intima. Therefore, male thick-skinnedness and coldness is another legend invented by offended female persons. Men are only outwardly constrained in manifesting their own feelings, as they are afraid to seem overly sentimental and henpecked. They strive to conform to the image of alpha males, "real" men, who do not know what romance, tenderness and care are. Moreover, what characteristics this image has is known only to men.

If you ask the representatives of the strong half the question of what attracts them in the opposite field, then 80% will answer the truth. They will say that they are attracted by the inner world of the ladies and the ability to cook tasty. In fact, at the beginning, the male sex pays attention to the appearance and figure of the chosen one, and later, if they are satisfied with the “texture” and “exterior” of the young lady, they will honor their inner world with attention. This must be remembered, eating another bun under the favorite series. In order for gentlemen to appreciate the beautiful and mysterious female soul, they first need to be interested in a seductive and refined appearance.

Male psychology in relation to women is based on the compliance of the chosen one with accepted standards of beauty. Every man at the subconscious level chooses his beloved, based on her external data. And only after some time, when the gentleman is completely conquered by the female charm and beauty of the chosen one, he will begin to appreciate her economy and inner world. Therefore, young ladies are advised not to rush to the first dates, to open before the man all the depth and thriftness of his soul.

How to understand male psychology?

In the first turn, you need to really want to understand the sacraments and "nooks" of the psychology of men. Some women only in words seek to understand the strong half, but in fact they absolutely do not care what is happening in the soul of their partners, the main thing is that they satisfy their needs and expectations.

It often happens that a beautiful, sexy, intelligent young lady suffers from loneliness for several years. And not the bright-headed naked, happy in marriage. This is due to the fact that many representatives of a strong part of the population have low self-esteem. They are not confident in their own abilities, they believe that they do not reach the level of gorgeous blonde-colleagues, who like their third year already.

It is from here that the origins of stories about the qualities of the true mistress and the rich inner world come from. Of course, this plays an important role in the marriage, but not at the first meeting, because the man, inviting the lady he liked to the restaurant, does not set a goal to drag her to the registrar.

After the turn of the first dates and love is over, the period of love begins.

Male psychology in relationships and love is different from the psychology of the stronger sex at the stage of dating. Since the man has already chosen a certain woman, now he faces a new challenge - he needs to understand whether his chosen one is suitable for the role of spouse and mother for his future children. So, it is not only exclusively female psychology that it is characteristic of men to check their conformity with their ideal husband. Representatives of the strong half do exactly the same. Therefore, even the most beautiful woman can not count on a wedding ring, if she is a born slut coldly related to the conduct of home life. At the same time, one should not go into everyday matters.

A man who is serious about a woman wants to see his beloved "during a military parade." Since the male psychology in relation to women is such that gentlemen like not only to get aesthetic pleasure when looking at their chosen one, but also their partner serves as an object of pride and boasting to other "males".

Of course, there is nothing terrible about a worn out robe and a green vegetable mask on the face, but it is better for the beloved to see such metamorphoses with their chosen one less often. Men are very offended by the weaker sex for being alone with them, the young ladies look like the eponymous character from the fairy tale Cinderella, and turns into a beautiful princess when she is equipped for work or for a meeting with her friends.

Due to the fact that most of the representatives of both sexes do not understand that there are certain differences between male and female psychology, so many divorces occur.

Male psychology in love is more relaxed direction than the beautiful and ephemeral creatures of the female sex. Many women misinterpret the emotional restraint of men, taking her for heartlessness. In addition, beauty women often sin by evaluating their life companions through the prism of their own personality, not realizing that every human subject has an individual set of qualities and characteristics. Indeed, it is often that for one thing is good, to another it seems to be "hell in existence." Therefore, it is so important to know all the secrets of male psychology and the signs that indicate a deep feeling.

There is no definite ideal of a woman that would appeal to absolutely all men. Someone from the representatives of the stronger sex just pranks from blondes, loses another head from red-haired young ladies, one likes rounded thighs and elastic ass, the other - breast, starting from the third size. Men are not all the same, so their preferences are different. At the same time, numerous polls have shown that there are three main characteristics, the presence of which is necessarily a dream of a woman: femininity, sexuality and kindness. None of the sons of Adam wants to have a "wretch" in their wives. And the stronger their feminine principle is developed in Eva's daughters, the more they have charm, charm and the more attractive they are.

In addition, men prefer flexible girls, easily adaptable and fun. This is due to natural egoism and the share of chauvinism (sexism) of men. After all, they are convinced that only a woman should adapt, due to her natural nature.

The real horror of the representatives of the male part of the population is induced by nervous, exhausted, restless, women who make the tragedy out of the whole. Men are only outwardly unshakable like a rock, but in reality they are very careful about their own peace of mind, so they tend to avoid excessively hysterical ladies. At the same time, a certain theatricality and a share of hysteria in behavior, on the contrary, attract a strong half. Just do not need to overdo it.

Signs and secrets of male psychology in love.

In the first turn, it is recommended to listen to the conversations of your loved one. If the pronoun "we" flashes in them more often and the "I" appears less and less often, then this is a concrete sign that a man is in love.

The more time the guy tries to give the girl, the deeper and more sincere his feelings. If a man prefers to spend time on fishing, in bars with friends or at some meaningless events, and not with a girl, then this indicates his disinterest of the young lady. In this case, the majority of women will make a typical mistake, starting to call and impose communication with themselves, which further repels the man they like. When the representatives of the stronger half have sincere feelings for the opposite sex, they try to devote a lot of time to the dear ladies because they are drawn to the object of love. The exception is work. No need to suspect a man of dislike if he spends most of his time at work. He does it for the woman he loves.

The male psychology of gestures can also tell about the presence of deep affection. In order to understand a loved one, it is not necessary to memorize sign language and body by heart, you need to learn how to perceive all his actions in the complex. Therefore, to find out whether the gentleman loves or not, it is recommended to analyze the model of his behavior. If a man pays the lion's share of attention to the chosen one, then he is really in love. And this can be expressed in the desire to help, the desire to bring bags, to carry to the house, to give outerwear, in constant touches to the object of love.

Psychology of male gestures.

In conversation, the stronger sex uses fewer gestures than the weak half. And since it is not always possible to trust male words, this fact makes it easier for women to understand male psychology.

So, if the male interlocutor constantly looks into the ladies' eyes, periodically looking at her lips, this indicates his favorable disposition towards the young lady and her interest in her.

The man’s gaze is open, he looks at the woman’s face, occasionally glancing below. It also speaks of his interest in the lady. A slightly open mouth of a gentleman is considered a positive sign.

If a man, walking next to the young lady, puts his hand on her shoulder or back, then he treasures her.

The serious attitude of the sons of Adam to the ladies is indicated by their desire to share their "adult toys". For example, they allow a woman to sit behind the wheel of their car, which they cherish like the "apple of their eye," or allow them to play on the tablet.

Every quarrel also speaks of the presence of feelings in a man, since he will swear at a woman only if he has an intention to live with her in the future. If in the middle of a curse, when a girl seeks to sort out a relationship with a chosen one, he leaves, then this is a significant sign of a lack of interest in the young lady.

If the partner has moved from speculations about the joint future to specific cases, he decided to create the future together. Moreover, such actions may be insignificant, for example, the purchase of an electric kettle or the repair of a crane.

Another important sign of deep feelings in a man is his consent to conduct household activities together. This is how the stronger floor is arranged - cooking dinner together or cleaning an apartment means a lot to them. And if the chosen one went to the accomplishment of the "feat" for the sake of the beloved, removing the dirty dishes behind him or throwing socks not under the bed, but into the laundry basket, then this testifies to his 100% readiness to make a marriage.

This is how male psychology looks in a relationship based on deep feelings for a girl.

And, in spite of the fact that, at first glance, male and female psychology is so different, but the wise feminine, who wants to keep her lover beside herself, will take into account all the above-mentioned features of the mysterious male soul.

Male psychology for women

Knowing the characteristics of male psychology in relation to women, one can reduce by 30% the number of interpersonal conflicts. The most important feature of a strong half, which the beautiful femines cannot accept, is considered the silence of men when they face a serious problem or a conflict is brewing. Most ladies believe that if the chosen one is silent, then he is offended or angry. In fact, a man does not take offense and does not even get angry, he just thinks. Unfortunately, men are not Caesars, so they do not know how to simultaneously do two things. That's why he is silent when he thinks.

The next feature of the male psychology in respect of women is almost indifferent attitude to their emotions and feelings. It is believed that feminas feel more, and the sons of Adam - to act. In addition, by their nature gentlemen are more silent. Their speech is usually slower than that of the fair sex. Therefore, if you talk non-stop in the usual pace for women, the man will not learn most of the information. For the stronger sex is more important than the visible than the audible. This is the main difference between male and female psychology. Also, men are straightforward, so do not understand the "transparent" hints.

One should not expect from a male chosen one that he will immediately comprehend everything when he sees the offended “pug” of his beloved or her tense posture. Voice intonations are also not the best advisers for men. Therefore, the offense must not be demonstrated, but spoken.

The next feature to be taken into account is the difference in the perception of the stronger sex and the fair sex. The feminines are more attentive to details, and the sons of Adam assess the situation entirely. In other words, for men, the overall impression is more important, not the small details that make it up.

Representatives of the stronger sex are known for their unchanged spirit of rivalry, which manifests itself exclusively in the environment of their own kind. That is why men's gatherings are very important for them. Communication in the circle of men helps the strong half to achieve psychological comfort and balance.

The characteristics of the psychology of the sons of Adam strongly influence their values, priorities, instincts and hobbies. Men tend to show great interest in power, productive activities, achievement of goals, logic.

By nature, the male gender is much stronger and more resilient than the feminine. Men are hunters. They need to "hunt", catch up, fight, conquer and enjoy the results of their victories. Therefore, one of the key tasks of the representatives of the male part of the population, has long been the conquest of women.

The interest of gentlemen to the ladies will be present, while in the young lady there is a mystery. While a man has to win a chosen one, there is interest and affection in his heart. When the riddle is solved, and the woman completely belongs to the partner, the interest begins to dry out. Therefore, in order for a man’s heart to have a love for his companion forever, women are encouraged to keep the riddle throughout life.

There is also no need to harbor illusions about the fact that men like homemade "tricks". Существует определенная категория мужчин, которая в жены предпочитает брать именно так называемых домашних девочек, которые любят готовить, прекрасно ведут хозяйство, тихих и покорных. Только вот любить мужья таких барышень не будут.

Они их выбирают исключительно из корыстного интереса, потому что любят домашний уют, а любить они будут молодых, активных, дерзких и независимых.

Сильной половине нравятся самодостаточные и уверенные в себе дамы. For men, attractive and active ladies have their own interests and friends. Men like it when a woman combines tenderness and confidence, intelligence and care, femininity and independence.

Do not like the strong half of the various manipulations of the weaker sex. Also, they do not want to play guessing game. They do not want to unravel the signs of the chosen one, to read her thoughts. Men dream of a calm and simple relationship.

Psychology of male treason

Most psychologists are convinced that the beautiful femines themselves provoke the stronger sex into infidelity. Through the efforts of previous generations of the daughters of Eve, sex was raised to the rank of a prize, which is awarded to a man for the "correct" behavior. From this we can conclude that the ladies have turned sex to a bargaining chip, which they pay for "good" men's actions, or deprived of good faith bedding for their "bad" behavior. Women sought only to manipulate the strong half, getting the so-called “reward” for bedding. But in the end he personally deprived himself of the joys of intimate life, pushing the men to the shoots "to the left."

Men are experimenters by nature, who eventually become tired of life and there is a desire to diversify their own existence.

Strong sex is very flattered by the attention of the representatives of the opposite sex. And the couple is not a hindrance. Since over the course of life together, the spouses get used to each other, as a result of which they indulge less and less in each other’s attention. Therefore, a little attention and admiration from an outside lady can make a man lose his head.

Some sons of Adam simply do not think life without risk. This category of males for infidelity pushes love to take risks, because tricks on the side are always fraught with a little danger.

In addition, the possession of several ladies at the same time significantly increases men's self-esteem and consoles self-esteem. This applies particularly to middle-aged gentlemen, aging ladies' men, who are keenly aware that time is running out. Therefore, they strive to prove to themselves and their surroundings by any means that young girls are still interested in them.

Another reason that pushes the stronger sex to adultery is the need to feel the long-forgotten feelings of passion, love and tenderness. Another woman is able to kindle a long-forgotten fire of love in a man’s heart, to revive the former youth and bright sensations that will allow a man to escape from the everyday routine of family life.

How to understand male psychology cheating?

To this end, it is necessary to identify the main reasons provoking a strong half to adultery:

- a man was brought up in a family, where such behavior was taken as the norm, in other words, his moral values ​​allow betrayal;

- in the circle of communication of the spouse, the presence of a mistress is a “matter of prestige”

- the spouse refuses intimacy to the man;

- relations of spouses were destroyed, passion and tenderness left them.