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How to gently call a girl

How to gently call a girl? Many representatives of the stronger sex want to have this information in order to deliver as many pleasant moments as possible to their loved ones during intercourse. Psychologists have long proved that the sound of a proper name for any person at the subconscious level is the favorite sound, and girls especially love with their ears, and this is a well-known truth for a long time.

Young people of the opposite sex often call each other not by real names, but affectionate nicknames. Often, people over the sound of these nicknames do not think. Just a complete analogy with the name of the person. The tender nicknames for girls use the sound "k" (the suffix "-ka"). The suffix "-ka" in terms of emotional state expresses the idea of ​​lightness, closeness, simplicity.

In the caressing nicknames, the sound "l" is also very popular, giving an emotional coloring to the name. Often a person, using these or other nicknames, does not think about the emotional coloring of the sounds that make up this word and everything happens unconsciously. Words are chosen by men subconsciously, reflecting deep feelings and feelings.

Those who wish to win a feminine position, psychologists recommend as often as possible to contact the fair sex by name. But here guys often have a question: how to call a girl affectionately, so as not to offend her and it looked beautiful? Often, funny nicknames that men like can seriously “hurt” femin. The most important thing is not to shine your wit in the selection of the original nickname, but to come up with something tender and affectionate for expressing your feelings.

Gentle nicknames are often used by guys to achieve their goals when they need to ask or apologize. But not all men spoil their girls with pleasant words. Perhaps they do not underestimate the importance of affectionate names for the fair sex.

To determine how to gently call a girl, it is necessary to make a little effort. You should think about what the girl does, what her features are. If she has red hair - can be called a chanterelle, if she sings wonderfully, then the word “bird” or “nightingale” will do, if the beloved is fast and hardworking, then you can call it “squirrel”. Thus, one can emphasize its virtues and demonstrate personal admiration for its beauty and abilities.

And yet many representatives of the stronger sex are interested in how to affectionately call their girlfriend, so as not to offend her. Of course, there are times when women are offended by the gentle words of men. For example, if a girl is overweight, then you do not need to call her "cow" or "pig", because everything else she can begin to develop more and complexes.

Love is a serious thing, so the approach to a tender name should also be serious. Guys under the influence of the feeling of love are trying to call their darling some unusual word, which, in their opinion, will be a kind of expression of love. But often they do not know which one will be more appropriate. The most standard words are "fish", "hare", "favorite" and so on.

These nicknames have become so familiar that they quickly get bored. And we need to invent something new. Psychologists in this case advise to improvise. For example, we take any animal and affectionately call them our girlfriend. Tell your beloved tenderly, "You are my little mouse." Surely she will like it. But you need to be very careful in the selection of words and observe the reaction of the girl.

How to affectionately name a girl - a list

How to find out what your loved one really thinks, calling this or that nickname? Below is a list of the most frequently encountered affectionate nicknames, as well as the meaning of the feelings of men who use these nicknames when communicating. This interpretation will help to understand the real feelings of the beloved man towards the girl.

Baby - the elect often uses this nickname, pursuing sexual intentions.

Baby - the guy, calling so a girl, is not inclined to complicate anything in a relationship.

Hippo - partner feelings are absorbed by the feminine, he is attentive, but not averse to play.

Darling - a partner appreciates certainty and confidence in a relationship. Feelings for him at this moment in second place.

Durynda - a man is ready to forgive any mistake and take control of the situation.

An ebony partner gives special importance to relationships, deep down he is afraid of losing a girl and is often incontinent.

Bunny, hare, Zaya - the guy is prone to excitement and not averse to play.

Zolottsa, gold, zolotko - the partner emphasizes the importance of the relationship, while his mind prevails over feelings.

Kozyavochka, goat - the representative of the stronger sex feels complete intimacy with feminis and is not averse to teasing.

Pussy - relationships are aimed solely at a pleasant pastime and inspired by open erotica.

Kitten - a man feels inseparable from the girl and intimacy. He wants to be trusted, and he tries to convince of his loyalty.

Crocodile - the guy is ready to forgive the girl for any mistake, often his behavior is restrained, picky, but resentment quickly passes.

Lapusik, lapule - the partner is very active, ready to live and work for the sake of the girl.

Chanterelle, Fox Fox - all the attention of the partner is absorbed by the femin and he expects the same from her.

Lyalya - the guy is not able to restrain their feelings.

Baby, baby - the feelings that a girl causes in a partner are immense. She absorbs all his attention, he expects the same from the girl.

Honey - the guy promises a strong relationship.

Mouse, mouse - the feelings of the guy go beyond, he is very attached to the girl, although it happens and is not restrained.

Donut - a partner wants to attract attention.

Pushechka, pusya - the guy is looking for complete contact.

Pig - the guy vigorously causes contact.

Baby elephant - a partner attaches great importance to relationships and is waiting for complete reciprocity.

Tiger - the guy respects the complete independence of the girl, not averse to making fun of her, but in fact he is for an equal union.

Chicken - the guy offers an active rapprochement, but deep down he is afraid of something.

How to call a girl affectionately and originally

Romantic mood in a couple depends on two participants, but the male initiative takes the leading position. Since a girl is a creature tender, mysterious and charming, the correct approach to her is the key to a strong relationship, because everything first begins with courtship.

So, how can affectionately name a girl? Below is a list of commonly used affectionate nicknames.

Angelenok, barberry, little girl, diamond, little bead, little bead, little bells, little goat, vanilla, little witch, sweetheart, little gallop, cute little one, baby, little girl, single, little, little lively, zhuzha, hare, lighter, sweetheart, little baby, graffy, little bitty kitty, kitten, pussy, bell, krokhotulya, murochka, paw, swallow, pretty girl, baby, carrot, murmushechka, mourashechka, little mouse, sissy, little cloud, cute, fluffy little girl, pandochka, puppy, rodnushka, roshechka, marry, marry, puppy the sun, heartheart, sweet Nka, shy, sweet, slender, shokolodochka, berry and more.

Girls are like keyholes, all completely different, and each one needs its own key. If the original pet name invented by the guy in the conversation brings a smile to the chosen one, then you can use it in communication, but if the girl laughs funny lips, then you should no longer pronounce such a pet name.