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What to give a guy on February 14

A gift for a guy in love should fulfill several functions at once - to please, to arouse interest, to show the romantic side of relationships, along with this, not to associate with pink snot and hackneyed confessions, from which many people experience only irritation. Such high demands plunge many girls into a stupor and make it impossible to choose a worthy thing or a surprise, because things that donation has been discussed many times in men's forums are considered to be unworthy.

So what to give the guy on February 14, if only they started dating? Here it should be clear in advance that for such a holiday there is no need to give something useful or meaningful - it is rather the prerogative of other holidays. Killing a few days and your own psyche to understand the functioning of purely male accessories or trying to choose the latest version of the coolest computer game is a blank exercise. It is better to create an atmosphere filled with romantic moments, if your relationship began quite recently. The variants of the most successful and pleasant gifts we will consider further, trying to take into account the wishes of the classics to creativity, while providing an opportunity to implement at a different material level.

Classic gifts for a guy for the day of lovers

Classic options can give a guy on February 14, if he is a supporter of traditions and develops relationships in all book canons. The second option is when the classics will be appropriate - if you are together for a rather short time and do not know his individual preferences and dreams, and there have not yet been time for joint romantic events, photos or stories. Those who have not previously celebrated because of the traditions and its novelty for some regions should also begin with the classic options, because the very introduction of such a holiday into their relationship is done for the sake of receiving new emotions and traditions dedicated to love.

Creative ideas put to those who are already fed up with pink-red color and hearts, do not want to hear sweet confessions, but can only leave with their half away from all the love noise.

Give a guy on February 14, you can, as bought a shopping card, and made with his own hands. Men actually turn out to be sentimental than girls are used to imagining and when you donate only a valentine, but made with your own hands, with handwritten text containing your personal warm, and possibly intimate wishes, then any other gifts may not become are needed. Diversify a simple sheet of cardboard with pasted photos, attach a delicious chocolate.

The second classic option is sweets. They are in many cultures are a symbol of love, giving roots to the traditions of eating desserts at the end of the meal. The guys turn out to be a sweet tooth, hiding their love for various delicacies, but it is worth remembering that everyone needs sweets. Choose sweets that are not available in simple stores, perhaps order them to friends in duty free or by mail from other regions, a good option could be to use the services of a private pastry chef, choosing not only a cake or cake, gingerbread or candy, but also ordering the design according to individual taste. for example with the inscription of your names.

A large number of heart-shaped trinkets are produced for this holiday. It has already become a classic, requiring diversity, and you can engrave yourself, insert a photo, or make a reminder of an important romantic event from a standard gift.

Original gifts for your favorite guy

Breaking head, that to give a guy on February 14th many people stop arranging standard gifts, repeated from year to year in different relationships and with all his acquaintances. The problem of the original gift is especially acute for those whose boyfriend is a creative person, unpredictable and despising all sorts of standards and traditions - here the desire to meet the level and surprise the young man’s imagination simply does not allow him to go to the nearest store and buy the first offer decorated with hearts. It is better to focus on the personal characteristics of the person donated, but some tips will help, if not in the choice, then in starting the fantasy on the right track, what exactly is to give the guy for February 14th.

A great option - gift certificates for visiting certain places. In the context of the lovers day, you need to choose pair classes or take two certificates - this is how you spend time together and get a new unique experience. In addition to some classical knowledge, remember about the entertaining possibility of a dance lesson for yourself and a partner, together create a clay set for your common kitchen, try out the basics of Thai massage under the guidance of a master, or make a plan for some personal development training. Certificates can concern not only training, but also rest - horseback riding, photo shoots, visits to the sauna, and an avant-garde photographer's exhibition can be your venues for the very day of love or the weekend.

Include your imagination and do not hesitate to intimate spheres, because this is your man, and sex is a passionate continuation of romance and a direct consequence of love. In the sex shop, choose something from the souvenirs presented there (handcuffs, edible underwear, aroma oils with pheromones) or intimate toys, as an option, suit the role-playing game (only then you should not hand it to your beloved, but rather meet him, dressed in a new by inventing a small script). In the intimate terms, gift-impressions are also possible, requiring more time to prepare. For example, you can surprise a man with an erotic dance, which is better to put in by the specialists, and not independently, after watching the video. You may also be surprised by Thai massage in your performance or new learned techniques.

Let go of your own fantasy, cut off public opinion, the more original the gift will be. When ideas for yourself begin to be somewhere on the border of the rational, then it will definitely amaze your man.

Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts

The most quivering, tender and romantic feelings people are used to holding inside themselves stronger than flashes of aggression or tears. The fear that admitting, exposing the most sensitive place, a person becomes vulnerable and can get an unexpected and painful blow precisely there does not allow many to open their heart. Valentine's Day in many ways helps to make such romantic confessions, not using words very much, but for those who are particularly worried, leaves ways of withdrawal, when you can always write off everything as festive bustle. Romantic gifts are good at the beginning or in order to revive existing long-term relationships, and most importantly in such ideas, not the material side or the manufacturer, but the emotions and associations caused by the presented ones.

Top romance is a variety of warm things with your photo. Cups and pillows, blankets and thermoses will do - that is used to keep warm. Practically any printing house can now apply the necessary image on the chosen carrier, and the outgoing heat will give the necessary associations to the presentation. In general, from the photos you can come up with a bunch of all romantic, whether it is a huge poster, a collage in the shape of a heart or a puzzle. You don’t even have to print the products, because you can create a slide show or movie with the imposition of beautiful music and arrange in a cafe where you will celebrate the holiday, run it on the screen.

If the question arises, what to give the guy on February 14th the original, that is, the original and very romantic things for two, such as an umbrella or mittens for two. The point here is not about the same sets, but specifically designed products - they simply can not be worn alone, because it looks extremely strange. Give jars with a bunch of little notes containing confessions or compliments, miniature bottles where the key is sealed (do not forget to stick a tag that this is the key from your heart), launch the sky lantern together. Do not stop yourself beyond the speculation that romance is disgusting to men and they will stand with a disgruntled face - such trifles are very touching and tend to be kept in secret pockets for decades.

Cheap gifts for a guy for February 14

To remind your man of such a beautiful holiday, you do not need to start saving since October. Guys rarely appreciate gifts from women, exceeding the cost of some kind of souvenir, because seek to please and not feel indebted or not earning enough. Exactly expensive gifts can bring a share of stress to relationships, and situations that allow spending even the minimum amount happen more often than the other way around.

Various soaps and cookies are suitable for the appropriate subject. Buying these products from the master craftsmen, you can save money and get a natural product for sure, and for the most courageous there are always online workshops that provide detailed practical guidance for those who want to make such a gift on their own. If you decide to do it, then do not copy the whole idea of ​​the author - make your own corrections and meanings, let your loved one understand already by the gift itself that you did not just buy it, but invested the warmth of your hands and hearts.

What to give a guy on February 14, if there is no money? A good option is a candle, which you can buy as in a gift shop, and make yourself. What you choose as the basis - a purchase set for making candles or wax residue from previous candles, depends on the desire and level of development of your ability to create candles. Try to decorate it with ribbons, cut out with hearts, invent a legend about how this light will keep your feelings - fill the subject with history and romance.

Treats on such a holiday should not always be limited to registered and purchased sweets and delicacies. The romance of breakfast in bed will be eternal, and you will be required - a wake-up call a little earlier and minimal serving skills. Choose red napkins, twirl sausages with hearts, write a love declaration with sauce - make a valentine and a surprise from simple products. Owls, always waking up or not accepting cooking in the morning, come to the rescue of romantic dinners. There is room for imagination - you can set the table and cook more complex dishes, turn your imagination into a table setting with candles, sparkles and hearts. Take a bottle of delicious wine or champagne, and perhaps a new drink for both of you.

Check where there are open roofs nearby. Few people go up to the house in the winter, usually such gatherings remain for the summer and this is what gives you a chance to stay with everyone together over the whole world. In the dark the lights of the city will flicker, the air lanterns of other couples will rise to you. The main thing is to think over the menu well and stock up with blankets. Bring hot food with you in food thermoses, and replace wine with mulled wine so that a romantic evening does not end with an unpleasant cold.

Inexpensive gifts do not mean that you can spend a penny in the nearest kiosk, and your man will be glad, they take your time to create something warm and handmade to organize something romantic and original. Exceptions can make a variety of classic souvenirs, which are quite acceptable to give the guy on February 14, if you just started dating.