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Want to get married

"Want to get married"- this is a natural desire of a woman due to many reasons, because for many, marriage gives a feeling of security, confidence in the future, the opportunity to happily build family life, bringing up children in love. Therefore, the desire to get married is not just a whim, it is an urgent need to be realized in the role of wife and mothers, because for almost every femin family and children are the most important value in life.

"I want love, I want to get married" - you can often hear this from girls. Of course, many representatives of the fair sex are overwhelmed with thoughts of a luxurious wedding, which implies a gorgeous dress, wedding ring, bridal bouquet, champagne, limousine. And so that everything is not worse than that of others, for example, from former classmates who post wedding photos and from which it only gets worse in the soul. And the girl begins to think: "Will I ever have such a wedding?", "Let it not be magnificent, but still."

I want to get married, how to get rid of loneliness? Initially, a woman should understand what drives the desire to jump out in marriage. If the cause is loneliness, then perhaps the problem lies in the low self-esteem of the woman. The psychology of men is such that they cannot be a priori admitted that they want to marry them. This topic should not be raised at all in the relationship between lovers until the man first talks about it. In relationships, a man should feel like a conqueror, so a lady should be given the opportunity to achieve her, and the woman’s task is to become desirable and make a man crazy, in a good sense of the word.

“I want to get married quickly, what to do?” - the advice of a psychologist

Nothing can bring people of opposite sex closer together than common interests. Therefore, at the first stage of psychology, psychologists recommend adjusting to the partner’s communication style, maintaining the pace of the conversation and copying his gestures. And after a closer acquaintance of people in the future, other aspects of life will open, which will interest both. The spirit of femin in the search for similar interests will provide an opportunity to get closer to the chosen one and to gain a trusting stable union.

I want to get married and start a family

It happens that a person has already met, and a girl wants to marry his beloved, but her desire remains as long as a dream, despite the fact that they have been dating for a long time or live under the same roof.

"Why do women want to get married?", "What changes this stamp in the passport?" - often indignant men declare to their loved ones when they once again start a conversation about the need to legalize relations.

Psychologists in this regard claim that the stamp in the passport for a woman changes a lot. This is not a mere formality, but obligations to each other, as well as confirmation of the seriousness of male intentions. The stamp in the passport is the birth of a new family. After that, both spouses begin to treat life differently. If earlier both lived in the same day, now a man and a woman begin to think about a joint future, make plans and set themselves common goals.

"People live somehow without a mural!" - others will say. Yes, they live, but what does a woman feel at the same time, not many of the stronger sex think. In such a relationship, a woman always loses. Because, as a rule, she earns less than a man. And in the period of waiting for the baby and after his birth, the woman is especially vulnerable and needs from his side material support. The absence of a stamp in the passport does not allow a woman to feel confident to the end in her partner. She is afraid that after the birth of the child, when difficulties arise, a new responsibility for the crumb will appear, the civil husband’s attitude to the family may change, therefore only the painting can debunk her doubts.

A man is ready for many things to be with his beloved woman, often he doesn’t even realize this, because for her he goes to work, seeks career growth, makes plans. But when he has already received a woman, then in a civil marriage he begins to feel quite comfortable and for this reason often declares with reproach the following: “Do you want to get married? When they pressure me, I do not like”. A woman in such a situation begins to justify and argue, often the opposite, remaining alone with her natural desire to marry.

It so happened that in modern society, feminines who wish to marry began to be accused of self-interest, distrust, lagging behind life, and a healthy, normal desire to start a family is ridiculed.

Representatives of the stronger sex refer to the statistics of high divorces in their arguments for civil marriage, or explain their reluctance to legitimize marriage by unsuccessful past official relations with the female sex.

I want to get married, what to do

Insist the girl on the stamp in the passport or continue to live in civil relations? To begin with, you should decide on your inner desires and finally understand for yourself whether a woman needs this man or does such a relationship still have a feeling that something is missing, even though what remarkable relationships they have and how many the elect did not bring money. If a femin does not cease to leave the thought that a man does not want to marry, and that means that something is wrong in the relationship, and he wants to preserve his freedom. If this condition is uncomfortable for a woman, she cannot plan her future and dream confidently about children, then it is probably worth parting. After all, if a man loves for real, he will do everything for his beloved, so that she would be happy, which means that she will agree to a stamp in the passport.

If a girl does not want to get married and speaks openly about this to her partner, this does not mean that after a certain period of time she will not change her mind. Typically, this is stated by young girls who are just starting to make acquaintances with guys and still dream of long-term male grooming.

However, there is a certain type of women who are not created for family and marriage. So the feminine mistakenly starts to think that they want to get married. But in fact, this may be caused by a feeling of envy for her friends, who jumped out in front of them. They begin to want the most wedding celebration, to stay in the spotlight, to show off in a wedding dress, to feel like a queen.

Such girls want to get married because their desire is dictated by the desire to feel protected from the male side. But after the wedding, soon such feminas begin to feel like in a cage, from which they then seek to escape. Such women are not created for family quiet happiness and one can often hear from them: “I don’t want children,” “I wanted to get married, got out, now I don’t want”.

Why it happens? The fact that getting married is not the most important thing in life, feminals begin to realize, having already got married and faced with a number of problems. Their life after marriage becomes completely different from the life of the princess, which they “painted” to themselves in their imagination. However, to fight the fact that girls want to get married is meaningless, but in order to satisfy their ambitions and achieve the goal: to marry a beloved man to yourself, you should wise up, learn what discipline, self-control, control your emotions, diminish your whims and endless desires.

It is possible to get married successfully, and by coincidence, but by chance you can’t become an ideal wife. Here it is necessary to comprehend the whole art and doctrine, which requires feminine sincerity, communication skills, patience, warmth, femininity, diligence in combination with naturalness, charm, along with bitchiness and a little bit of coldness and, of course, intelligence. Also the fair sex should master the science of seduction.

And for this, it will not be enough to simply carry out a certain guide to action, although some rules for building relationships still have to be followed in order to get closer to the goal.

"What to do? I want to get married." Psychologists advise to use the following recommendations that need to be adopted. And if a girl performs everything perfectly, she will eventually manage to fall in love with a man and fulfill her cherished desire to get married.

How to get married successfully:

- psychologists recommend getting rid of all married men in their surroundings (many “women” seem to be single, for them it is convenient, because the interest of the female sex for them immediately increases many times); it should be understood that the relationship with a married man is a waste of precious time in vain, because you can never be completely sure that such relationships will continue, they can break off at any moment and turn into a depression for a woman after breaking up;

- It is also necessary to cut off some of the elect who cannot claim for a variety of reasons the role of a husband (too young - students, schoolchildren; elderly, drug addicts, alcoholics; men inclined to cruelty or gamblers);

- to exclude from the number of potential husbands also requires those men whose upbringing and religion are radically different from the female;

- it is not necessary to consider as a groom a person who does not have a profession, his own home, a permanent job. All other men can now be enrolled in the circle of potential husbands.

It is not so difficult to get acquainted with a guy, it is much more difficult for a long time to keep a man close to him and become his lawful wife in the future. Not every lady can achieve this. Why is this happening, and which femin are getting married? What do they agree to go to hear the long-awaited proposal for marriage?

The most important thing is to develop and cultivate the following abilities:

- always look seductive and flawless, so do not stop looking after yourself;

- Do not enter the role of the inaccessible "snow queen", you want to try to avoid boredom in a relationship. Femin should take into account that the representatives of the stronger sex do not like the eternal female discontent and nagging, next to them they represent a cheerful, relaxed chosen one;

- you need to appreciate yourself, then men will appreciate a woman, but the disrespectful attitude of women to themselves can only provoke the rejection of a strong half from them. Therefore, girls need to study their own advantages and disadvantages in order to try to get rid of these disadvantages in the future or transform them into advantages, as well as learn to show their own advantages in a favorable light;

- it is important to be able to listen carefully to the representatives of the stronger sex, to show a sincere interest in their affairs;

- you need to be confident in yourself;

- one should learn to think positively and, if necessary, to increase a woman’s self-esteem;

- It is important to be able to say "no" when necessary;

- do not put excessive demands on the future elect;

- be able to make compromises;

- it is required to be able to get rid of the negative, to constantly interact with the chosen one communicatively and not to be afraid to discuss with the partner what has accumulated in the soul, both negative and positive. However, it would be a mistake to turn a conversation with a loved one into a presentation of claims and a clarification of relationships. In the relationship between a man and a woman, positive emotions and negative manifestations based on mutual trust, honesty and respect are important for establishing a favorable connection and mutual understanding. It would be better to know in advance how the elect will behave in different situations. Otherwise it may be late after the wedding;

- girls often want to get married, but they don’t know what to do and what tactics to choose in order not to look obtrusive, stupid or somehow unnatural before their chosen one, therefore it is important to be able to be always natural. It would be a mistake to believe that guys only like glamorous beauties, with bright makeup, artificial lips and fake smiles. Most men prefer the naturalness of glamor, and the sincerity of falsehood, the reliability of irresponsibility, the prudence of talkativeness. Therefore, you should not spend hours recreating your own appearance to appear before your chosen one in an image far from the original. The task of makeup is only to slightly emphasize the advantageous aspects of the appearance and to hide in the presence of defects, and not to create another personality. Psychologists say that precisely because of the naturalness of many girls managed to get married quickly;

- you want to avoid those guys who openly say that they do not want to start a family and are interested only in open relationships;

- women's emotional balance is also an attractive character trait for the stronger sex, because family life for men is associated with peace of mind, care, comfort and stability, and not “riding a roller coaster”;

- the most important point in a happy relationship for the representatives of the stronger sex is humor and fun, so you should try to avoid anxiety and negativity;

- flattery in a relationship is also relevant if it is timely and relevant; saving on praise is not recommended, and vice versa, if the stalls committed rash acts, you should not make a tragedy out of this, it would be better to remain silent.

If all of the above points are met, and there is no progress in improving the situation, but the obsessive thought does not let go and continues to sound “I really want to get married”, then you need to switch from your idea and get carried away with any hobby, start looking work, travel, attend fashion exhibitions, presentations and more. Thus, letting go of the situation, a woman, radiating her cherished desire, "I want to marry," will surely attract a potential suitor into her world, who later becomes her husband.