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What can not say a man

What can not say a man - far from all women know, and especially often young girls are taken by surprise or ugly situations. After all, everyone has long known that there is one step from love to hate, and this step can be accelerated with the help of incorrectly spoken words of female inexperience, which will upset or introduce a strong representative. Therefore, it is very important to know that a man can never be told, and under no circumstances.

So, what can not say a man:

- you can never humiliate male abilities concerning the intimate part of life. Men never forgive this and can immediately begin to collect things. The mockery of male power sounds cruel to them;

- you can not compare your lover in anything with other representatives of the stronger sex, because a man feels keenly reproach and for this reason will begin to feel jealous or angry in relation to the frequently mentioned person;

- representatives of the stronger sex do not tolerate hints about the intentions of women to leave them soon, explaining this by the fact that there are better men;

- it is not necessary to say insulting words to the mom of his chosen one, since men have the defender's instinct, so he will protect her;

- representatives of the stronger sex do not tolerate humiliation in financial matters, namely, inquiries about what they spend money on and they do not intend to report on these issues;

- The surest way to scare the man you like is to make hints about marriage at first dates. It is necessary to clearly understand that not a single representative of the stronger sex is immediately ready for a serious relationship with the newly introduced feminine. After all, while there is a candy-bouquet period, nobody owes anything to anyone, a priori. All men think so, even if they already have sex. At the first quarrel on this topic, the man will run away from such an obsessive girl;

- if the girl makes a joke in front of the boy that she bewitched him, she can push him away from him altogether and his feelings will disappear. After all, he will easily believe that his passion and love turned out to be artificial, and he was used as a puppet;

- it is impossible to hurt self-esteem with the chosen one in insulting words, otherwise he will seek his happiness in the arms of another woman who will admire him;

- You can not openly tell your man about disappointment in his inability to earn a lot of money. This message is tantamount to recognizing women's self-interest. The mercenary women representatives of the stronger sex do not tolerate the spirit and do not want to be for them a “cash cow”.

Therefore, if a woman wants her “mountains turned” for her sake, then she should take into account the above recommendations and in her turn provide home comfort, love and complete care.

Phrases that can not speak men

It is impossible during a conversation or a relationship to say the following:

- "I told friends the other day how you are in bed, they laughed so much";

- "Look at neighbor Dimka, this is a man! He's just super, and you?";

- "just do not think that you are my last, I have a whole life ahead of you, and there will be many more like you";

- "Where are you doing the money I gave you in the morning?";

- "when we go to the registrar? I’m not a girl to wait a long time when you call in marriage";

- "I'm shocked by your mom, she prepares so disgustingly";

- "By the way, I have bewitched you, so that you cannot go anywhere";

- "I do not understand why I just married you";

- "Who will look at you? Who needs you?";

- "I thought you were earning more."

What can not say a man on a first date

Often, gathering on the first date, the girl does not know what a man can and cannot say, and the continuation of future relationships depends on how the dialogue is built at this meeting. Therefore, representatives of the fair sex are often concerned about the upcoming rendezvous and carefully think over what to tell their new elect, what to surprise him with, in order to captivate him personally and arouse genuine interest. After all, everyone knows that external data produce, of course, not the last impression, but an intelligent and tactful girl wants to see every member of the stronger sex next to her.

So, what can a man never say on the first date and how to behave correctly:

- No need to try to tell everything at once about yourself interesting, because the femin should remain a certain mystery and the man himself should be willing to solve it gradually. For the representative of the stronger sex, an ideal woman is one who speaks little and listens much. This is worth considering;

- it is important not to interrupt your interlocutor and express an interest in him with a nod or clarifying questions;

- on first dates, the sensitivity of communication is very important: you cannot ask about the monthly income, the reasons for the divorce with your wife, about sex addiction;

- you should not play a trick on the first date, and even more so yazvit - it will only make the interlocutor angry;

- you can not flirt with other familiar men, if you suddenly happen to meet with them, otherwise a new friend will think that his companion is a wind chick;

- there is no need to demonstrate a clear interest in a new acquaintance, but it is also impossible to remain too indifferent, otherwise it will affect male vanity and meetings will no longer be.

What a man can never say in bed

Intimate life, of course, provides for revelations that it is intimate, but in some matters it will be better to hold the tongue and not allow it to speak out.

Remembering that you can never talk to a man in bed, you can strengthen the relationship and bind to yourself more emotionally partner.

So, you can not tell your beloved, that for some reason, suddenly I didn’t want to do sex with him. If it was originally promised, then you can not back down. Such an attitude strongly affects male pride and in relationships there may be misunderstanding or hidden conflict. A phrase like "let's lie down and talk" will be better left for a while after the intima, but not immediately after the end of the process.

No need to read and scold your loved one in bed. For example, if he did not do something, then it is impossible to deprive him of his sex. Also, you should not be selfish at a crucial moment and demand gifts for yourself.

It is not necessary to discuss with the partner in bed the former suitor. This behavior completely discourage any desire from a man to engage in sex.

You can not joke in bed on the abilities or manhood.

It is not recommended to ask the man to turn away or turn off the light while the woman is undressing. A man just does not understand such a request, and this may cause him to be perplexed and irritable.

It should be understood that it is not always praise to the representative of the stronger sex about the fact that of all the former he is the best in bed will cause a positive reaction. A man might not like being compared to someone.

You should not ask your partner in bed about his feelings for a woman. For feminine intimacy and love are identical concepts, but for the representatives of the stronger sex - this is not so. Intersecting in consciousness, they exist in parallel. Surrendering to the basic instinct, men are not always inclined to talk about feelings. And such questions "do you love me?", "How do you feel to me?" perceived as strained.

It is impossible at an intimate moment in bed with a loved one to give out orders, to talk about their intimate preferences. It is better to discuss this in advance, because a stubborn boy lives in every member of the stronger sex, and he can do the opposite.

Adhering to all the above recommendations, a woman can only improve the existing relationship with her chosen one, leave a good impression of herself and hope for the continuation of pleasant meetings.