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How to please a man

How to please a man? For many women, the desire to please is a very disturbing and burning issue. It occurs in almost every mentally healthy femin and is not able to obey the influence of the mind. The desire to please a man can be caused by a desire to increase self-esteem and get married, lust to satisfy ambitions or ambition due to mercantile interests or because of great love.

With all the variety of goals and aspirations, but, to the great regret of beautiful ladies, often, not always methods and charms, tricks and attitudes, get a positive response from the opposite sex. However, after all, the majority of feminines are important, and individuals just need to constantly feel themselves as desirable seductresses and attractive seducers. Without this, they begin to "wither." Therefore, they have a completely logical question, to read: "What to do to please a man?" And why representatives of the stronger sex for the sake of some women are ready for much, and the rest do not even point out?

So, how to like a man, if this question does not cease to disturb the fair sex, when there is sympathy or a woman has set a goal to carry away her own person.

Psychologists say that it is women who play the role of "hunters" for male prey and initially they have to set themselves the following tasks:

- find a man;

- like him;

- marry him on yourself.

But it must be done so skillfully and covertly, so that the man was 100% sure that he was the one who conquered and conquered his woman. Of course, having set such a goal, you should always look as good as possible and show only the advantageous sides of your personality. But how can a man like him to look natural, not intrusive, and the future elect could not guess anything that he was being "hunted"?

So, as soon as the object of a woman's sympathy is determined, one should proceed to seduce him, turning into a model of the beautiful “booty” that the stronger sex will win. Now, a woman should give the “hunter” the opportunity to always remain in this role.

Very often, a woman begins to rejoice so strongly that she finally has a relationship, which literally “falls asleep” with gifts from her chosen one, indulges with attention and with her active actions encourages inaction. Thus, the woman tries to show that she is "almighty and strong" and "how lucky she is with her." Very often this arises due to low self-esteem, because she thinks that thanks to such behavior her elect will begin to appreciate and love her more. This is a misconception. A man will gradually cease to be interested in such a woman, to give signs of attention and care. He will become only a consumer, he will suppress his discontent and become angry that a woman has begun to play the role of a man and a conqueror. This will occur as long as the woman does not consciously change the attitude towards herself and her relationships with men.

Very often you can hear such complaints from the fair sex: "I loved him, pampered, made gifts, helped in everything I could, constantly called, was interested in his affairs, and he got stronger over time, took place and left me for another. Why? "

It would seem that bad if a woman wants to indulge and give? In fact, this is a lot of negative for her. In such a situation, she turns into a “hunter-controller”, and does not pursue her life and self-improvement. Turns his chosen one into a "booty" and forces him to fulfill his role as a woman. Such a role is unpleasant for the representatives of the stronger sex, and they cease to do anything about their partner. Such relationships for men cease to be of interest, the excitement from the game and the desire to conquer the femin, as well as to delight and conquer it, disappears. The most important thing for a man is admiration, which he wants to receive always from his woman.

When the chosen one ceases to give him such an opportunity, to manifest himself as a hero, the interest of the representative of the stronger sex fades away, he becomes disillusioned with the chosen one and often meets his need on the side, or withdraws himself, withdrawing from his experiences, not really understanding what is happening with him. And women do not cease to complain about their partners, because they no longer give gifts, flowers, no signs of attention and love, courtship disappeared. Therefore, first of all, you should analyze how a woman behaves with her chosen one. Does she allow him to protect, surprise, admire, conquer her? How much does she herself become in his presence defenseless and fragile? As far as she behaves, as a true woman, and not as a newly appeared "hunter", which the male sex really does not like.
Beloved man to like, if his darling will enjoy the fact that she is a woman. If she will receive joy and pleasure from life and will not be forever constrained, anxious for everyone, trying to decide everything, to control, to observe how men like to do it.

So, how do you like a man and fall in love with him? Every femin wants her darling choice to go crazy with her. To do this, there are some little tricks, sticking to which you can always make a good impression on your loved one. Every man is individual, but there are moments that please all members of the strong half without exception. You should always be serene and relaxed, a little confused and reckless. The serene and flirty state of mind of the woman will allow the representative of the stronger sex to behave confidently, more courageously and responsibly. Men love that their women do not take responsible decisions and do not pull on the role of a peasant and a breadwinner, but allow themselves to do everything as they see it right.

What to do to please a man? If the relationship has stepped away already for the first acquaintance and there is a desire to develop them, then you should not neglect the romantic mood. Beautiful outfit, candlelight dinner, good wine and favorite dishes will warm the atmosphere to the end of the evening. Men love to visually monitor women's movements, it gives them great pleasure. They love women's touch and initiative. This should always be remembered.

How to please a man colleague

In such a difficult matter, a woman should take into account certain rules, so that her colleague believes that it is the relationship with her that is a real gift of fate and everything happens, as if by itself and unobtrusively.

How to please a man colleague - tips:

- one should be mysterious, carry intrigue and riddle in oneself, without immediately revealing one’s soul;

- it is necessary to keep your feelings secret and not to trust anyone with emotional experiences at work regarding men's sympathy, even to a close colleague;

- it is impossible to disappear for a long time from the field of view of your favorite colleague, preferably occasionally (a couple of times a day), as if by chance to meet, thus, a man will unobtrusively turn his attention to a woman;

- it would be nice to make friends with the friends of the future elect, because for a man, the opinion of friends and acquaintances is not the last value. Therefore, it is worth trying to speak of a woman only well;

- you can not arrange at work hysteria and scandals. If a man accidentally witnesses this behavior, he is unlikely to want to have something with such a femin in the future;

- if a woman has gained courage, then you can invite the object of your attention to any event, taking into account the interests of the chosen one. To do this, you should initially identify these common interests during a casual conversation, and then unobtrusively invite;

- if, after the first joint event, a colleague’s interest in a lady appears, then you can continue to act and invite you, for example, for a cup of coffee;

- it is necessary to convince a colleague that he is interested in a lady, first of all, as a person, this will allow building closer, friendly and trusting relationships;

- the best way to make a man understand that he is cute is to flirt with him if possible, but to do it beautifully and not to turn into a vulgar person;

- you should definitely go to corporate parties, where you can hint about feelings and make it clear that you like your colleague. Informal atmosphere helps to relax and gives more chances to start a relationship.

How to please a man on a first date

The first date is akin to starting a sport: both you start and you will run. Based on this, it follows that the first date is of great importance for the development of further relations, because it depends on how a woman recommends herself whether a love story begins or not. From the first date also depends on the possibility of a second and subsequent dates.

How to please a man on the first date, how to behave:

- if a man invited for a date, then this indicates, at least, sympathy and, as much as possible, desire for a closer relationship. Therefore, if the femin is not indifferent to a new friend and wants to make a favorable impression, then you should prepare for the meeting in advance and work out your own image carefully so that the man would like to admire his chosen one all evening;

- the most important thing is to come on the first date on time, be cheerful and smiling. It would be advisable not to try to confirm the well-established statement that a woman can afford to be late, otherwise there is a chance that the mood of the new friend will be spoiled for the whole evening;

- It should look like a date naturally, it is not recommended to complicate the hairstyle, make a bright make-up, wear evening dresses. In this regard, in order not to be mistaken with clothes, it will be reasonable to inquire about a meeting place, so that regardless of the format of the event, it looks attractive;

- it is not necessary to immediately show that the man is very much liked, but it is necessary to seem slightly inaccessible and mysterious, let the interlocutor initially try to please himself;

- It is important to be an attentive listener. Any member of the stronger sex will be pleased to spend time with feminine, who sincerely interested in them. It is necessary not to interrupt him, but you can ask clarifying questions;

- it is necessary to overcome women's fear, unnecessary experiences and to behave freely, because these emotions can be transmitted to a new acquaintance who is no less worried and also wants to please;

- should often call a man by name, the sound of his own name for a man sounds very nice;

- it is necessary to accept compliments and allow you to look after yourself - move the chair, remove the coat, open the door;

- a woman needs to be interested in herself and show that she has something to talk about - she is interested in books, world events, cinema;

- It will be appropriate to warn you until what time the woman is planning a date, in order to avoid awkward situations and quick, hasty departures. If the date is a great attraction, you can say that the plans have changed and continue to enjoy the meeting;

- if a woman has a desire to meet again, then her gestures should copy the movements of the body of the new friend, and the smile should not leave the face. On the first date, it is important to be able to create an image of a cheerful optimist and just a good person, and then the second date is guaranteed.

How to understand that the man liked on the first date?

This will be clear on whether the new friend will offer the next meeting or not. It is also necessary to listen to what the interlocutor specifically says, whether he makes compliments. You should not make hints for the next meeting and the continuation of communication. The initiative must come from the man. A 100% indicator that a woman is interested will be either a text message with good wishes, or the next day a phone call with the intention of making an appointment.

How to like a man by correspondence

Through virtual interaction, you can like a man by correspondence, which is much easier than in real life. In this case, not the last role is played by the fact that the partners in the interaction do not see each other, thereby promoting openness and sincerity. When correspondence is easier to hide their own anxiety and not worry about the shortcomings in appearance.

By following these simple guidelines, you can satisfy a woman’s need: how to please a man by correspondence:

- you must correctly take advantage of all the benefits of communication by correspondence. The main advantage of virtual communication is that statements, your own words can be carefully considered and corrected immediately before sending. But if such communication occurs in the chat, when the correspondents are online, then in order to please the man, you should not hesitate for a long time, since the interlocutor may doubt the intellect and adequacy of the woman;

- It is important to be an interesting conversationalist with a good sense of humor. It is much easier to be known as an intelligent and ingenious communication partner in internet correspondence than in reality. Since before the individual the "World Wide Web" opens up the vast expanses of all sorts of information;

- it is possible to like a man by correspondence if the topic for communication is chosen correctly. To do this, you need to find out from a new friend what he is interested in and find suitable information that will help interest him;

- be sure to pay attention to literacy, and then like a man by correspondence will be much easier, because competent written language - this is the key to success in online communication. At this point, automatic spelling is used almost everywhere, so in the underlined word with a red wavy line, it would be better to correct mistakes than to reduce the chances of winning the interlocutor to zero. If the service where the communication takes place is not equipped with a spelling editor, then before sending it is advisable to check the message in MS Word. You should also pay attention to the correct placement of punctuation marks, because their wrong location or absence can fundamentally change the meaning of the printed. And the presence of a multitude of mistakes speaks of disrespect for the interlocutor, as well as of the low intellectual level of the woman;

- it will be better if the girl forgets about obsession when communicating via the Internet and becomes just a pen-pal, so a man will like her much faster;

- it is very important to avoid using the following phrases in correspondence: “Why are you silent?”, “Why do not you answer?” etc. After all, men are always interested in inaccessible objects for their subsequent conquest. And if a woman is constantly the first to remind of herself, throws intrusive questions and messages, then she automatically becomes uninteresting;

- do not print messages in large letters, as this equates to screaming. Pictures and emoticons also do not need to be abused. They are designed to give expressiveness of speech and emotional coloring, and not to replace words. It is not recommended to forget about everything and throw everything in order to communicate with a new friend. It would be better to show him the existence of an interesting, rich and diverse life;

- besides, it is worth remembering that at first the male sex falls in love with his eyes. Therefore, if a man wants to see a photo, then it is recommended to send those photos that present the woman in a favorable light and hide the flaws as much as possible.

How to like a former man

The answer is quite simple. It should be better that yesterday’s woman, who was a woman in a relationship. In fact, like the former man is much easier than completely unfamiliar. After all, being in a relationship, the woman already knows a lot about him, has ideas about the hobby, about his preferences, what is acceptable for him and what is not.

How to please the former man - tips:

- at meetings, you should keep confidently, with dignity and with your head held high;

- it would be advisable not to impose their communication on the former, but to be slightly cold, but at the same time friendly;

- still the partner should show with his whole appearance that the world without him remained in his place and did not collapse at all;

- it is impossible to attract all sorts of ways to man’s attention, it will only cause rejection and pity;

- Do not get hung up on past relationships, and try by any means to return the man. It would be better if a woman begins to accept invitations from other men for dates. This will make it possible to attract attention more quickly, and the former man will become interested in her again much easier, since by nature the stronger sex is the owner. У бывшего обязательно возникнут мысли следующего плана: "что-то в ней в свое время я не заметил?"

- чтобы свиданий с противоположным полом стало, как можно больше, следует улучшить свою внешность: стать более соблазнительной, привлекательной, желанной. If there is excess weight, then you need to get rid of it by engaging in fitness. Also add confidence new haircut or hair color, updated wardrobe. Having met the former love, more seductive and self-confident, the man will experience a pleasant shock and this will allow to revive faded feelings;

- in case of intentional collisions or accidental encounters one should keep naturally, directly and cheerfully;

- it is necessary to demonstrate only positive qualities, letting everyone understand that life is in full swing;

- It will not be superfluous to throw in the address of the former little flattery, a bit of flattery is capable of miracles. The main thing is to use this skillfully and speak sincerely with a smile. Men are like children and appreciate when they are praised and admired, as a result they will strive to return the woman who knows how to do it;

- besides, the representatives of the stronger sex are attracted by the ability to naturally flirt and be feminine. Smooth movements, mysterious gaze, alluring smile, naturalness and confidence - these are the main methods of seduction, how to please the former man;

- after the above recommendations have been implemented, a short pause should be maintained and now let the former think about how to revive the old relationship.