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Chronic fatigue

Chronic fatigue - this is a completely natural physiological reaction of the human body, associated with the formation of the neurosis of the ganglion nervous system, caused by the inhibition of the function of the zone responsible for the processes of inhibition. The factors provoking the emergence of the syndrome under consideration include unbalanced intellectual stress and emotional overstrain, along with a decrease in physical activity. It is believed that residents of megacities, individuals whose work involves responsibility (for example, air traffic controllers), businessmen are at risk. There are a number of factors contributing to the emergence of this syndrome, namely the unfavorable sanitary-ecological environment, various ailments and viral infections. This ailment during periods of exacerbation is manifested by apathy, depressive states, unreasonable attacks of aggression.

Causes of drowsiness and chronic fatigue

The modern furious pace of life, especially in megacities, forces some to strive forward for any forces, to achieve everything they have planned, despite the depletion of the body, manifested in increased sleepiness and rapid fatigue.

What causes chronic fatigue, what is missing in the body, the reasons for the breakdown and excessive cravings for sleep are presented below.

The lack of oxygen in the room can be a factor provoking the development of the described violation. Since the feeling of drowsiness depends directly on the amount of inhaled oxygen "cocktail". The less O2 the individual inhales, the less oxygen is transported from the blood to the cells of the body. Most of the organs do not suffer from its deficiency, but brain cells are quite sensitive to the deficiency of such an important chemical element and reacts even with a slight decrease in the O2 content in the blood. Therefore, lack of oxygen can be the main cause of increased drowsiness and constant fatigue. Yawning is considered the first sign of hypoxia. Often, to eliminate drowsiness and fatigue, it is enough to regularly air the room where the person is located most of the day. In addition, the need to more often stay in the fresh air.

Observing your own condition, you can often notice the appearance of drowsiness in cloudy weather before the rain or during it, when the atmospheric air pressure is below average. This is due to the body's response to the "fads" of nature by lowering the heart rate and blood pressure. The result of a slow heartbeat is a decrease in the amount of oxygen transported by the blood. Here, the mechanism of drowsiness is similar to the previous one.

However, natural disasters do not affect everyone. There is a variety of people who love rainy weather and do not feel the symptoms of reduced oxygen supply. In principle, a healthy human body should not succumb to the effects of a weather change and react with changes in the mental or physiological state.

Causes of chronic fatigue should also be sought in the violation of the functioning of the body, due to the presence of any ailments.

Causes of drowsiness and chronic fatigue may be caused by being constantly in a stressful situation. Stress is a common cause of fatigue, due to the increased production of the hormone cortisol. Its excess just leads to a feeling of constant fatigue and even exhaustion.

Drinking large amounts of coffee every day may, instead of cheerfulness, produce the opposite effect. Therefore, you should try to drink no more than two cups of this flavored drink.

Constant feeling of tiredness, drowsiness, fatigue may indicate the presence of various serious ailments. Therefore, noticing this feeling, which occurs even with little mental or physical exertion, you should immediately undergo a comprehensive examination.

For example, often fatigue and a moderate decrease in mental performance are practically the only manifestations of hepatitis C, which doctors call a gentle killer due to the absence of symptoms and the severity of the consequences.

Also, fatigue that occurs after simple work or fatigue due to walking with light steps may indicate latent heart diseases, such as myocarditis, acute heart failure.

Due to sleep apnea that occurs in a person, there is increased drowsiness and fatigue. An individual suffering from such a violation may not even be aware of its existence.

In the human body, the thyroid gland is the organ responsible for all the processes occurring in it, and in particular for the state of the muscle tissue, nervous system, blood, and bones. Therefore, due to the insufficiency of its function (hypothyroidism), lethargy, apathy, mood swings, fatigue appear.

Lung disease, in particular obstructive pathology of the lung tissue, urinary tract infections (urethritis, pyelonephritis, cystitis), seasonal avitaminosis, anemia are also common causes of poor health, lethargy, and a sense of loss of strength.

Above, not all causes of chronic fatigue and poor health were cited, since every human body is individual. Therefore, for any "malfunction" in the functioning of the body, it is recommended to immediately seek professional medical assistance from specialists.

Often, many responsible, energetic, businesslike and successful individuals note constant fatigue, increased drowsiness, apathy, loss of strength, indifference to everything that happens. Experts are convinced that most of the lucky people simply do not pay the necessary attention to their health, well-being, thereby provoking a decrease in body resistance (resistance) to various infectious processes and stress factors, which in turn, reduces the level of serotonin production - the hormone of joy.

Chronic fatigue, what is missing in the body?

When developing serotonin in sufficient quantity for the body, a person will be in a good mood, feel vigor and a surge of strength, it is easy to withstand any stress. An individual in whose body serotonin is normal, always cheerful, happy, enjoys communicative interaction with other people and life in general.

With a decrease in the level of this neurotransmitter in humans, apathy, lethargy, depressed mood, and fatigue are noted. All this gives rise to the emergence of a feeling of constant fatigue, drowsiness. Also, these manifestations may be accompanied by unregulated gluttony, or, conversely, a complete lack of appetite. In addition, the lack of serotonin affects the intimate life of the individual and is manifested by a lack of intimate desire.

Symptoms of chronic fatigue

Diversity is characterized by chronic fatigue symptoms treating her. At the same time, fatigue is the main symptom of the syndrome. A distinctive feature of fatigue in this disorder is its stability and consistency. A person suffering from the ailment described in the morning gets out of bed already tired. Drowsiness and fatigue are observed even after rest. Slow coordination of movements, discomfort in the muscles, frequent depressive states, memory impairment, dizziness, pain in the chest and throat, nervous irritability, alternating with anxiety, are also noted.

Chronic fatigue symptoms, its treatment today is poorly understood, but despite this, this syndrome can be identified in the early stages of development. Having noticed symptoms such as weakness, lethargy, fatigue, loss of concentration, irritability, aggressiveness, unstable emotional mood, apathy, loss of strength, or a loved one, it is necessary to undergo an examination, as the listed symptoms may indicate the development of chronic fatigue syndrome, which may be due to more serious diseases.

In addition to these manifestations, patients may also experience the following symptoms: headaches, sleep disturbance (increased drowsiness or, conversely, insomnia), decreased performance, pain in the spine and articular diseases. Smokers can increase the number of cigarettes smoked per day.

Chronic fatigue can provoke a person to an increased use of alcoholic beverages. People who feel a constant breakdown in alcohol try to find a salvation from apathy, lethargy and fatigue. At the same time, not realizing that alcohol-containing liquids not only do not eliminate fatigue, but also aggravate the condition.

To understand how to deal with chronic fatigue, or what vitamins for chronic fatigue should be taken, you must first make sure that the described disease is present. For this purpose, below are the most typical manifestations of chronic fatigue syndrome. In the first turn, there should be either a constant feeling of fatigue, or a recurring sensation of exhaustion, which is observed for six months and does not pass after a rest. Also, fatigue of the subject should not be caused by any serious illnesses.

The secondary manifestations of the described state include:

- chills or minor fever;

- rhinopharyngitis;

- inflammation of the cervical or axillary lymph nodes;

- unclear etiology weakness, discomfort or pain in the muscles;

- prolonged fatigue after exercise, which was not previously observed in similar situations;

- migratory algii in the joints;

- extensive headache.

You can also identify a number of neuropsychological symptoms, such as irritability, intolerance to bright light (photophobia), forgetfulness, confusion of attention, apathy, temporal and spatial disorientation, sleep disorders.

The objective symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome include low-grade fever, nonexudative pharyngitis, inflammation, and an increase in axillary or cervical lymph nodes.

Signs of chronic fatigue

When a person during the day due to overwork is like “falling from his feet”, and at night he suffers from insomnia, gets irritated by trifles, notes memory impairments, it’s time to sound the alarm. In this case, it is impossible to exclude a rather “young”, but already very common disorder - chronic fatigue syndrome. Even at the beginning of the seventies, very few people knew about this disease so widespread today. Its occurrence has a direct connection with the rapid acceleration of the pace of life and the increase in the psychological burden on people.

Hence the question of chronic fatigue, what to do, becomes quite relevant. In order to understand the possible steps to solve the problem, to determine which medicines to take, vitamins for chronic fatigue, one should first become familiar with the first signs of the syndrome described. Among which, in the first turn, high fatigue, constant weakness, lethargy, loss of strength, loss of energy, apathy are distinguished. If this condition is observed for a long time, then further violations of the cognitive sphere will appear.

Signs of chronic fatigue. This condition leads to a significant reduction in concentration, health, memory, intellectual and creative activity. A person suffering from constant fatigue is required to expend enormous efforts to solve difficult problems. Then there is insomnia, anxiety, tremor of the limbs, anxiety, gratuitous fears, muscular algies, joint and headaches, low-grade fever, anorexia, diarrhea or constipation. Stable headaches and pulsations in the temporal region are among the first manifestations of an overstrain of the nervous system. People suffering from constant fatigue, reduced immunity, which manifests itself in frequent colds and recurrences of earlier illnesses. They are also more often prone to depressive moods, anxiety, bad mood, and dark thoughts. Such people are characterized by excessive temper.

American scientists, studying more than 2000 cases of the syndrome in question, have found the patterns of its distribution below. In the first turn, chronic fatigue syndrome strikes people who are at the able-bodied age, that is, from 26 to 45 years. Women, due to their emotionality and easily suggestibility, are several times more likely to suffer from chronic fatigue than a strong half. At risk, American scientists primarily referred to people engaged in business, journalism, dispatchers, that is, those whose work is associated with daily stress. They also attributed to this group people living in ecologically unsafe regions.

Chronic fatigue syndrome occurs more often in individuals who, by the nature of their activities, have to constantly change their daily routine and spend a significant portion of daylight in rooms where artificial lighting prevails. In addition, they revealed a direct relationship between the emergence of the syndrome and disorders of human biorhythms.

Chronic Fatigue Treatment

Today's medicine has achieved little success in treating chronic fatigue. Previously, the treatment of chronic fatigue immunoglobulin G preparations suggested. Today, the pathogenetic path of therapy is no longer used due to the large number of complications.

How to treat chronic fatigue in modern conditions?

Today, many methods have been successfully applied, based on cleansing the body, administering special preparations to normalize the functioning of the nervous system, enhance brain activity, restore the health of the gastrointestinal tract, the immune and endocrine systems.

Also a significant role in the treatment of this condition is played by psychological rehabilitation. In addition, a complex approach is the decisive factor in the fight against fatigue, since all of these methods will be less effective separately. Therefore, the majority of physicians are convinced that the treatment of chronic fatigue at home is inappropriate, since at home it is quite difficult to provide the patient with complete rest.

So, how to deal with chronic fatigue complex? Combined therapy includes:

- a combination of good rest and sleep with a gentle regime of physical exertion;

- group psychotherapy, autogenic training and other methods of restoring the emotional state and mental state;

- fortification of the body;

- walking promenades in the open air, which must be at least several hours in duration;

- often practiced in the treatment of chronic fatigue drugs psychotropic actions that relieve tension, anxiety, anxiety, for example, Mazepam;

- various methods of physiotherapy: hydrotherapy, color therapy, breathing exercises, massage.

Hydrotherapy or hydrotherapy involves the external use of water in the form of douches, wraps, baths, showers, rubdowns. Cold water increases hormonal activity and muscle tone, strengthens blood vessels, stimulates the cardiovascular system. Therefore, when feeling overly tired, for example, at work, it is recommended to wash your face and moisten your ears with cold water. At home, you should use a daily douche, warm baths with essential oils, the action of which is aimed at improving mood, relieving fatigue, relaxation, and tranquility. At home, you can take a full shower. Hydrotherapy differs from other treatment methods in accessibility, safety and simplicity.

Color therapy or chromotherapy is the effect of colored light on the human body for a therapeutic effect. The colors surrounding people in everyday life affect energy levels. So, for example, green color relieves stress and helps to calm down, while red charges and stimulates mental activity. Often, excessive stay in a dark and gloomy room is the cause of bad mood and increased fatigue.

Therefore, if the apartment or office is made in dark colors, if the question arises: "chronic fatigue, what to do," and there is no opportunity to change the situation, even the simple opening of windows and opening of curtains that prevent sunlight penetration will help. It is also recommended to surround yourself with objects of green, blue and purple hues.

Дыхательная гимнастика является довольно эффективным способом достичь расслабления, активизировать энергетические процессы, убрать сонливость.

Massage is also considered an effective method aimed at removing muscle clamps, relaxing, improving blood circulation, normalizing sleep and mental state.

How to get rid of chronic fatigue

In addition to conservative therapy, folk remedies used in complex are chronic fatigue. In other words, one should not think that taking a decoction of herbs, but at the same time, without changing the way of life, one will get rid of chronic fatigue. The basis of the treatment of the ailment described is, first of all, the “correct” lifestyle, balanced exercise and healthy nutrition, along with the use of folk remedies.

Treatment of chronic fatigue at home, in the first turn, involves the regulation of the composition of food consumed, since food is normally a source of many useful substances. Wrong diet, lack of a balanced daily routine leads not only to the emergence of various ailments of the gastrointestinal tract, but also depletes the body. Overeating should be avoided as it causes drowsiness. From the table to get up preferably with a slight feeling of hunger. In addition, it is necessary to include in the diet more seasonal fruits and fresh vegetables. You can also fortify the body by taking ready-made vitamin and mineral complexes.

Eat should be fractional, in small portions, regularly and fully. It is necessary to fall asleep, feeling a slight feeling of hunger, then the dream will be stronger and deeper. Food should contain fats, both of plant origin and of animal. It is also recommended to include in the daily diet natural fresh juices and fruit drinks, for example, lingonberry or blueberry. You can make a fortified drink by mixing cranberries and blueberries with the addition of 20 drops of golden root infusion. Drink it better in the morning after eating.

About sweets and convenience foods is better to refuse. You should also exclude from the diet foods that have in their composition substances that are identical to natural, preservatives and dyes.

Dehydration can often affect the decline in performance and fatigue. Therefore, it is recommended to try to drink at least one and a half liters of ordinary water per day, and on particularly difficult and stressful days you need at least two liters. Otherwise, the intensity of mental activity is reduced by a third.

How to get rid of chronic fatigue?

Drowsiness and fatigue will help to drive away a glass of cold water drunk on an empty stomach, and active rubbing in the morning helps to raise the overall tone. Therefore, morning should not begin with a cup of aromatic hot coffee, but with a glass of water, rubbing with a dry brush all over the body towards the heart and a contrasting shower. Finishing the day is recommended fragrant bath with infusions of herbs, essential oils, seaweed and salt. Bath can also be taken in the morning, but the set of oils should be different. Essential oils of Chinese lemongrass, cedar, rosemary, pine, juniper are suitable for morning procedures, and basil, chamomile, oregano and lemon balm oils are suitable for evening procedures.

Since the main factor provoking the development of this state is considered to be daily stress, it is necessary to normalize the lifestyle, paying more attention to rest, sleep, walks. It is desirable to completely abandon the use of alcoholic beverages, coffee and strong tea.

An effective advice on how to treat chronic fatigue will be a change in the daily routine, in the direction of optimizing it for healing the body. To this end, it is recommended to make a schedule, which will reflect the time of lifting, meals, various daily activities, going to bed. This will help the body adapt to the load.

Getting rid of chronic fatigue can help a ten-minute warm-up every morning, which will give the body vivacity, energize and positive, increase resistance, improve metabolic processes.

In case of chronic fatigue, it is advisable to spend as little time as possible on watching television. It is better to relax more actively after a busy day, for example, while walking in the park.

If you are overwhelmed by constant anxiety, nervousness, anxiety and aggressiveness, then quiet light classical music or the sound of the sea surf, auto-training, relaxation sessions, for example, can help you calm down, for example, you can imagine yourself in the mountains and try to feel how all the cells in your body fill with energy, how the soul becomes pacified, how it becomes calm and easy.

An effective addition to the above methods of dealing with the constantly present fatigue, lethargy, apathy, and breakdown is the use of traditional medicine.

Chronic fatigue folk remedies include the use of various infusions, teas and mixtures based on herbs and natural products. For example, they will increase immunity, have a calming effect, and improve sleep with echinacea and chamomile. Sweet drink lovers are advised to add honey instead of sugar. Just need to remember that honey loses all its beneficial properties when the temperature of the liquid is more than 40 ° C, and in addition, some of its constituent substances are transformed under the influence of high temperatures into carcinogens.

It will help relieve chronic fatigue, add strength, increase mood, increase the body's resistance to the composition of natural honey, whole lemon and walnuts. To prepare the composition, you need to chop a glass of peeled nuts together with one lemon and add one hundred grams of natural honey. All ingredients must be thoroughly mixed. The resulting so-called "mixture" is recommended to use 30 grams at least three times a day.

A drink based on milk and chamomile is considered to be equally effective in the treatment of this ailment. To prepare, you need to mix one teaspoon of chamomile with a glass of homemade milk and bring the mixture to a boil. After that, for fifteen minutes, hold the broth over low heat, then cool it to 40 ° C, add a teaspoon of honey and strain. It is recommended to take forty minutes before bedtime.

Drinking a glass of freshly squeezed juice of grapes or Gronka of this tasty and healthy plant 30 minutes before eating has a tonic and tonic effect on the body.

It will help to recuperate, give a charge of vitality, energy and positive cocktail of banana, juice of one orange and half a lemon. It is recommended to grind the banana using a blender or using a fork and add citrus juice to it. Consume recommended immediately after preparation.

Following these simple tips, you can effortlessly get rid of this ailment forever.