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What makes a person happy

Family, professional success, love, having a goal - each has its own values ​​of life that can make a person happy. The pursuit of happiness, which is the inalienable desire of every person, was the motivation for the UN General Assembly to establish the International Day of Happiness, which is celebrated around the world on March 20.

Not every person can call himself truly happy, but everyone wants it. Something is always lacking for complete happiness, and this is natural, because life always wants everything and more.

But what exactly makes a person happy? Psychological research has shown that each individual will have his own answer to this question. Often it happens that it can make some happy, it is completely unsuitable for other personalities. Some will be pleased with a pleasant pastime in a family or company of friends, someone will be pleased with a holiday at the resort, and someone will feel happy at work, building their careers or in the mountains while climbing an eight thousand. Ideas about happiness are different.

So what makes a person happy?

Personal relationships

Love makes a person happy. Each person interprets this concept in his own way and, to date, no clear explanation has been found for this feeling. Any love relationship, which they were not, makes a person happier, even if sometimes he suffers from unrequited love.

Happiness and love are always close. By love they mean the tender and deep feeling of devotion and affection of one person to another. We can safely say that love is the right path to happiness. Many believe that in life to feel happiness, you need to take care of another person and take care of yourself as well. If a person is lucky and his love is mutual, then she is able to inspire, giving an all-pervading feeling of happiness.

Helping others

Being able to come to the aid of another has always been an important part of human life, and many people enjoy the fact that they find themselves in helping others, becoming truly happy. It will be much better than to dwell on your own problems, plunging into sad thoughts.


Work is an integral part of life. Often, work takes most of the time, and, of course, it has an impact on the level of happiness. There are people who have learned to derive pleasure from their daily work activities. They do not think that work for them is a forced occupation and no one bothers them to feel pleasure from the work process.

Who has yet to make a professional choice, we can recommend to make it to your liking, so that you do not have to go to work with a "heavy heart" as if you were forced to work.

Only favorite work is the direct path to happiness and wealth. Psychologists have noticed that favorite work is characteristic of rich people, and unloved work is an inseparable part of the poor. Doing things that a person hates causes failure, poverty, a bad mood. And what happiness can we talk about? Only a favorite thing causes a good mood, joy and happiness.

Being engaged in favorite business, it is pleasant both process, and result. When a person loves work, he doesn’t need to suppress his feeling of self-pity and force himself to go to work. He directs all his strength to his favorite goal. Therefore, one should do not what is necessary, but what is capable of bringing the greatest satisfaction. After all, it is your favorite work that will make a person happy.


Leisure and hobbies make many people happy. And it does not matter at all what kind of hobby a person has if it brings pleasure and all his free time is devoted to him.


Someone who claims that you don’t need money for happiness is mistaken and deceives itself. Money gives confidence and security, and therefore can bring peace and quiet happiness. It is not about intoxicating to fill pockets with bills, meaning financial confidence in the future, when you don’t have to think about how to pay off a loan or how to pay for an apartment. In a nervous state it is difficult to experience happiness from life. But the presence of money can make a person happy, because this happiness does not think about them, where to get them in the required amount for your needs.


Persuasion of people and belief in higher powers allows people to gain hope and happiness. The stronger the faith in God, the happier a person feels. People practicing regular prayers are more often in a good mood, have good mental well-being compared to those who do not believe in anything.


Friendship makes life full, full, happy. If there is a friend you can always rely on, then this is a great happiness. Not everyone can brag about it.

Psychologists have established that a person’s happiness does not depend on their financial situation or age. The happiest people are those who have friends. In a difficult situation, life becomes easier when you feel the support of such people. In real friendship there is no rivalry and envy, friendship is selfless love for each other.

A friend is not allowed to be proud. The ability to accept and forgive preserves friendship, leaves people morally healthy.

The man himself chooses friends, meets them quite by chance, and stays with them deliberately. There is genuine respect in friendship, there is no subordination, each is not lower or higher in status.


With the advent of children in the family comes happiness. The joy of parents is often beyond words, but if it is a long-awaited child and he was madly in love.


The goal and its achievement makes a person happy, and also fills life with meaning. Every personal victory, however small, is a reason for joy. Immersion in the achievement of goals makes a person better, stronger and happier. After all, it is nice to understand when another day is not in vain and concrete steps have been taken to achieve the cherished dream.


It all starts with the family: birth, upbringing, transfer of values, traditions, moral education. The family is associated with each person first and foremost with their parents, just as they play the main role in the life of each person and are able to make her happy. They give a start in the future, help develop empathy. Since childhood, the family acts as a reliable support, makes the world around us brighter, supports in difficult times. Growing up and creating his family, everyone wants to be loved, confident that they are valued, valued and supported in a difficult period, they will not betray. And if there are truly native people in life, then this is what makes a person happy.


The greatest value in life is health. A healthy person has inspiration and strength for study, work, business, communication, creativity and so on. Health makes a person happy, and he can achieve a lot. When something hurts, it is difficult to concentrate, for example, at work or work. And modern life is very dynamic and forces a person to be active. Therefore, it is necessary to try to preserve your health as much as possible, because nowadays without it is nowhere.


Traveling makes a person's life brighter and happier. Everyone wants to live more interesting, have fun, travel, make new acquaintances, but not everyone succeeds. A person just needs to get new emotions. The desire of emotions and impressions makes it necessary to change the situation and go to a new place that will not leave indifferent. Being in another country, a person falls into other conditions: life, nature, culture, society. A person sees other people, absorbs the features of those places where he lives.

Any trip absolutely gives unforgettable feelings and memories, which for a long time "recharge" their energy after returning home.