Winter blues - this is one of the emotional sensations, manifested by negative experiences. Synonyms to this concept will be an experience of longing, sadness, apathy. This condition does not apply to the painful disorder of the psychiatric spectrum in need of drug therapy. There is no medication for the winter blues, therefore it is necessary to consider every life situation that provoked this condition individually. And, based on the factors that caused this unsatisfactory feeling, look for ways to rehabilitate. What is suitable in restoring mental strength to a child of 14 years old is absolutely not appropriate for a lonely retiree who won out in the winter.

Defeating the winter blues will help detect the causes of this condition. The primary factors of influence are physical and biological changes. Often the blues is caused by a change of seasons, for example, when the dark time of day comes. So there are autumn depressions and uncontrollable decrease in mood at reduction of a sunny day and due to heavy rains.

The reasons

Many attribute the winter, in spite of the abundance of holidays, to one of the most dull times of the year. This is due to many reasons: lack of sunlight, cold windy days, snowstorms alternating with slush, injuries caused by bad weather, loss of strength, drowsiness, lack of pep, bad feeling, fatigue due to frequent hypothermia and colds.

In winter, there is a desire to eat a lot of sweets, the so-called "swing" overcomes the mood, there is irritability and longing. The main reason for this condition experts believe the hormone melatonin, which regulates sleep biorhythms, as well as passive pastime. The hormone melatonin is constantly in tandem with serotonin, responsible for wakefulness. For a normal sense of self, an optimal balance should be maintained, because when melatonin is above the norm, a winter blues overcomes the person. And the desire to sleep and passivity can be overcome by sunlight.

Most people, feeling unpleasant manifestations in their condition, begin to look for ways to overcome them, but do not try to understand them. Often, the condition of the blues is mistaken for a temporary mood disorder or confused with the clinical manifestations of depression.

In the first case, one-day rest would be appropriate, in the second, a consultation with a psychotherapist. The very struggle with the winter blues is something average.

Signs of winter blues are manifested by a decrease in mood, lasting more than a week. You should pay attention to what is meant not just a bad mood, which is characterized by anger, but a lack of vivid emotions. In this case, there is a loss of interest in everything that is happening, as well as in the future, the appearance of absolute indifference is likely, both to the influencing factors and to people, things, activities that usually inspire joy or inspiration.

It is necessary to understand that the blues are not identical to depression, in which mood is always lowered. When a person is depressed, then there is a "swing" in the mood during the day, but glimpses of good, lasting minutes, are also noted, the main part is irritability and discontent, indifference.

In addition to mood, the motivational component of behavior suffers. Difficulties arise when you need to make even the most banal choice, or it is given with great tension. Often there are answers expressing indifference, indifference. Any action is preferred to rest, and to have an energetic pastime sleep or watch TV.

Changes in behavior are often associated with increased levels of fatigue. At the physiological level, appetite-related changes also occur: someone will seize disturbing thoughts in double portions, while others will lose their appetite and skip meals because the food has become tasteless.

It is important to remember that professional burnout and the first stage of depression start from the blues. Biologists determine the propensity to this state in hypochondriacs, melancholic individuals, and anxiety-suspicious individuals with asthenized nervous systems, as well as somatic systems.

Fighting winter blues

Researches of scientists testify that only the fifth part of people has absolute psychological health. The remaining 80% is subject to the winter blues. Predisposed most to her are residents of the Nordic countries and mostly female gender. The onset of deterioration can be observed in the fall, and the degree of deterioration varies from mild to severe symptoms.

Fighting winter blues allowed in every way: from light therapy to cognitive-behavioral therapy.

It is possible to cope with unpleasant manifestations in a cold time and independently. For this you need to bring to life a variety and novelty. After all, apathy is able to aggravate when a person leads a monotonous life, lives in a routine. Therefore, it is necessary to walk more often, to visit public places, to change the atmosphere, not to bypass the cultural events.

The next important point for those who are depressed, will be to master a new hobby. New hobby will give a lot of positive emotions, invigorate.

It is also important to monitor the cleanliness of the house, having organized a general cleaning, to imagine how bad mood disappears with the rubbish.

Do not forget for physical activity and movement, which are also effective in the fight against winter blues. Even if any movements are made with difficulty, you must force yourself to do a physical workout or dance to fun music. Running in the morning, swimming in the pool, yoga, meditation - you need to choose what is close in spirit and take pleasure.

Daylight and fresh air will help to overcome the negative effects in winter. Whenever possible, you should try to stay more in the fresh air, which will return a good mood and a surge of cheerfulness.

You can improve the result of home light therapy, using special lamps of intense daylight, imitating natural light.

In winter, a variety of vegetables and fruits, fish, beans, eggs must be present in the human diet. It is necessary to abandon diets and pamper yourself with something tasty.

Certain flavors and colors also elevate and invigorate. You can make sure of this by buying a bright jumper or a scarf, a new citrus fragrance or a scented candle with a pine smell.

One should allow oneself what a man has denied himself for a long time: a massage, a trip to a beautician, a hairdresser, a meeting with an old friend, or reading an interesting book. Any of these components will help to cope with the winter blues.

If using these methods, the state does not change during the week, then in this case it is necessary to change the situation: go to another city or attend a party, a concert, an exhibition, take part in a creative project. You should push yourself out of the usual comfort zone in order to get new emotional sensations.

Faced with the winter blues, it is worth understanding that all its manifestations are temporary, and with the right response, they will surely end. And in a situation of aggravation with inaction, one can acquire a real depressive disorder.