Heartlessness is a characterological personality trait that is socially determined and implies a high level of indifference to other people's problems and suffering, a lack of responsiveness to requests and the impossibility of an independent offer of help. This concept is the opposite of cordiality, openness and responsiveness, and at the same time includes such synonyms as heartlessness as ruthlessness, honesty, emotional dullness, mental deafness, insensitivity, and others. It is necessary to determine in advance that although this concept is often used to replace other terms, it is not an exact substitute and always assumes its own shades of manifestation.

What it is

The meaning of the word heartless has certain religious roots of its origin, since it presents such a human condition as the presence of demons in his heart. Such sounding and spelling remained, despite all the rules of the word-formation of the Russian language, since it most fully reflects the meaning embedded in the term. Heartless people are equated to mentally ill or crippled, and with a bright and total manifestation of this personality trait, one can speak of mental disorders. In the neuropsychiatric symptoms, heartlessness, like excessive cruelty, lack of responsiveness to social problems is a sign of mental disorder of schizophrenic or psychopathic spectra.

Heartlessness is closely connected with a high level of egoism or even egocentrism in the complete absence of any emotions regarding everyone who is lower or weaker. Selfless deeds, gentleness in circulation, generosity in forgiveness - this is only a small list of what is not available to heartless people. Rather, he is always looking for a benefit, he can go over his head, hurting others and not stopping in front of moral ethical laws. By the way, legal and spiritual laws will restrain such a person only until a certain time, until the feature of insensitivity becomes dominant in the personality.

The lack of participation in the suffering of others is not due to the desire of the person or his personal choice - these are all the consequences of frustration due to injuries or the lack of development of certain characterological traits. Heartlessness grows out of a lack of morality and an orientation toward spiritual and moral norms and priorities, a defiance of the voice of conscience, and subsequently a complete disregard for its signals. In many ways, the emergence of just such a personality trait is due to modern society and the changing nature of interaction between people in a global sense. So, the tougher the world around, the more a person understands the relevance of pursuing only their interests.

Practice shows that if you helped others, even to the detriment of yourself, it is not a fact that you will get support when you need it. We are increasingly getting used to the fact that on the sincerity of the heart can be manipulated by the poor and the sick, who are in fact actors or speculators. Friends and acquaintances exaggerate their misfortunes in order to get support when their affairs are better than yours. Thus, protection from emotional reactions to the events of the surrounding world is gradually born, and pursuing only one's goals in priorities.

Heartless problem

Heartlessness is the most serious crime against human nature, your own soul and the people around you. It is from it that all other crimes, condemned by legal or religious authorities, stem. When a person doesn’t care what happens to other people, how his actions and words can influence them, he automatically becomes socially dangerous and disadapted.

The consequences of the development of the first rudiments of heartlessness can be useful for the temporary preservation of the personality, for example, in situations that have a too strong frustrating effect or return to the traumatic memories. But it should be understood that when a person stays in such a worldview, soul particles capable of reacting to others gradually die off, leading to paralysis of not only normal interaction, but also the possibility of their own development. This concerns not only large-scale understanding, but also direct interpersonal interaction. The degradation of society affects the level of each of its members, however, a single person can begin to level things up for the better.

The problem rests on the fact that less and less attention is paid to the development of spirituality, both at the state level and in families. Growing up and being brought up thanks to the Internet and gadgets, people lose the warmth of live communication, they no longer understand how to cause pain or bring spiritual warmth. However, the solution of the problem must begin with the specific interaction of two people. If you are in a pairing relationship with a heartless person, then only with the help of tremendous patience you can change it, constantly showing how important this person is, despite his closeness and callousness, how you can continue to open and share, take care and sympathize, put yourself in place other. This is similar to the attempts to melt the glacier using a hair dryer, but this does not mean that the ice will not cease to grow in some places.

Heartless examples

Examples of heartlessness are full of both cinema literature and the everyday life of every person. This is due to the fact that those who remain sensitive are extremely annoyed and surprised by the similar reaction of another person and the ability to build interaction with the world in this way. All fictional examples are designed to somehow draw attention to where heartlessness usually originates in order not to deal with its consequences, but to stop the development of such situations at the root. It is also an attempt to reach those who still have some drops of sensitivity, so that they see possible negative consequences.

For everyone else, it’s best to become familiar with the concept of heartlessness using the examples below in order to see this feature in yourself or your loved ones in time.

Heartlessness always manifests itself where help or sympathy is required. For example, if someone from the children was asked to take care of the animals, but it is boring or difficult for him and he ceases to feed the pet - this is not about inattention and age, but about the lack of experience. Seeking your own benefits can be in absurd things - not to give way to an elderly person in transport, to put your bag in and not hold it in your hands, not to wait for a colleague from work, taking the last car, because you wanted to drink tea.

There is a lack of warmth in black humor and sarcasm. When doctors, by virtue of their specialization, cease to be sensitive to death and strong feelings about the health of other people, they can say phrases that plunge patients into a state of silent horror and torpor. It is impossible to say that this is done on purpose or that a person was striving for this, because those who empathize with others are going to heal, only then burn out in the process.

Mothers beating their children to stop crying on the street and hinder passing people are also examples of heartlessness, since they choose to maintain their selfish interests (preserving the image of a cultural and raising woman who fits into social norms) instead of responding to the need of the child.

Such a quality of character should not necessarily manifest itself at the level of personal interaction between people familiar and significant to each other, it’s just that it hurts the most. You can be pushed on the street and say that you are guilty, ignore the request to suggest a way or find a pharmacy - these are small manifestations that concern everyone.

Absolute cordiality is the help to all those who ask and to the needy, even when they are silent, these are feelings for the fate of the people of the world who are in the meter and on another continent. It is impossible to withstand such tension, not a single heart can accommodate so much pain in itself, therefore, protection in the form of heartlessness, indifference, callousness, which helps an individual to survive, works. The main problem is how strongly this or that polarity is manifested and how relevant this situation is.