Meditation - This is the process of focusing on an object, completely immersed in it. The object to which meditation is directed may be a living being, a thing, a phenomenon, a process, in principle, everything that a person focuses on. Meditation is an insight into the essence of the object being contemplated. Such penetration is based on sensations. So, for example, chakra meditation occurs due to the fact that each chakra has corresponding sensation properties: sound, color, smell, taste. A person contemplating this chakra focuses on these sensations (smell, taste, sound). Since this happens on a sensory level, the mental activity in meditation is useless.

Unnecessary thoughts can only harm the process of meditation. One should not think about why this is happening, why exactly this smell belongs to one or another chakra, why it is green or yellow, which resembles its taste, and so on. These feelings just need to enter, accept them and unite with them.

Evoke them in consciousness should not occur under strong tension, they just need to infiltrate, incarnate. The necessary understanding of the chakra will come, but with time, and not at the conscious level, but at the level of perception. True perception can not be expressed in words, it just feels.

Exercises in meditation should take a long time, and the process itself gradually. This is necessary because for many years a person has cluttered the true "I" with unnecessary installations, a false identity. Therefore, to see and feel the result from one workout is impossible. What accumulated over the years cannot simply disappear in one day. Therefore, meditation for beginners should occur with a reserve of patience and perseverance.

The reason over which the activity transforming its structure is accomplished will at first strongly protest and oppose it. The mind of a person who depends on the material world will not allow a person to detach himself from the outside world, from all affairs and concerns. Of course, those who have less willpower and patience, or who do not fully understand the essence of meditation, can immediately abandon this matter under the pressure of such impulses.

Most people who start meditating do so. The worst thing is that they remain dependent on the outside world; they continue to spend their days, acting mechanically, without realizing the purposefulness of such behavior. That is, a person entirely surrenders to the influence of an external changeable world, therefore people often become frustrated in life if their expectations do not coincide with reality.

Relaxation and meditation help relieve physical and emotional stress, improve overall health. On the day, just half an hour is enough to enjoy relaxation, but the effect appears instantaneous. Thoughts and body form a single whole, this leads to harmonization of the general state.

Relaxation and meditation can be accompanied by pleasant music that will help a person to tune in to the necessary wave. In relaxation techniques, visualization techniques are used. So, for example, in order to feel weightlessness, a person can imagine that he is a bird, feel the feeling of flight, the whiff of the wind, the lightness of a floating body, the image of the presented species below. Thanks to this technique, a person begins to feel a surge of strength and energy.

Yoga meditation is a special method, because during the practice the person brings his body and thoughts into harmony, with the help of meditation, relaxation and exercise techniques (asanas). A person practicing yoga meditation acquires strength, both physical and spiritual.

Essence of meditation

The main task of meditation is physical relaxation and bringing the inner world of a person into a harmonious state. In a state of meditation a person changes the biorhythms of his brain. Thus, relaxation and meditation helps a person in raising the body's resistance to all sorts of adverse factors from the external environment. Regular exercise helps a person to overcome the state of chronic fatigue, ease depression, reduce the tendency to various diseases. The focus of meditation is quite versatile. But its main essence is to implicitly increase the energy supply and maintain a productive level of human development, which directly affects the basic meaning of human life.

By the methods of meditation, a person can plunge into a state that scientists call alpha. In this state, the length of the electromagnetic wave reaches up to 14 hertz, in this position, the person relaxes, and his muscles and brain as well. So he gives in to stronger suggestion. A person experiences such a half-awake trance state of consciousness every morning when he wakes up.

The essence of meditation is to deliberately bring about such a state. Then, being in it, a person can distract from all unnecessary thoughts and focus his attention on a single thought or idea. At the same time, keep your attention for as long as possible, without allowing a number of other unnecessary thoughts to take over the consciousness. At first, this is very difficult to do. Various thoughts now and then try to subordinate their consciousness and dominate, showing their importance, which manifests itself in various reminders, anxieties, and sudden anxieties. But the longer a person exercises in meditation, trying to comprehend its true meaning, the easier it becomes for him to do it every time.

Ways of Meditation

If a person enters the state of meditation for the first time, then he must concentrate on an object. Concentration is carried out in several ways. The method called "time" is applied using the technique of concentration of breathing and the use of mantras.

A mantra is a special means (a word, a phrase) that helps to prevent the mind from being lost in meditation, not going too far in the space of one's own fantasies. So, the key word - "one" is the mantra. It does not carry in itself a cult meaning, it is very light, as calculated it has little value. Every time you exhale to yourself, you must say "one." Say: "time", "time". Then quietly say: "one." Say a word without lip movements. Then say even more quietly, until it is completely audible, and so on until that time, when it becomes a thought.

Another way of meditation involves the universal mantra "om", spelling is pronounced like oh. Each time you exhale, you need to pronounce: “om”, “om”, “om”. It is necessary to breathe as usual without deep breaths and exhalations completely calm.

Then you need to stop concentrating on the breath, and repeat this mantra in your mind. To pronounce it mentally, slowly, calmly, without moving lips, just to think about the mantra, it should itself be repeated in the mind without application of effort. It is necessary to let it flow, let it overflow. So she will start to fade out of her mind.

Reason will be much calmer. Such calm can be disturbed from time to time by distracting thoughts, you just need to let them go. Return to them and feel them later, by returning to the mantra and letting these thoughts go, just as they entered the mind. It is required to remember that a mantra is a means to help purify the mind if a person cannot do it himself.

All body movements during meditation should be kept to a minimum. But if meditation happens for a very long time and it becomes difficult to sit in one position, then you can move and change your position a little. If there is a feeling of anxiety that causes discomfort, then you should deal with it, because it greatly affects the possibility of relaxation. If hunger is felt and rumbling in the stomach, then it is better to eat, if you need to go somewhere, then it is better not to start meditating, because the person will be obsessed with his anxiety and waiting and relaxing, he will not reach.

The way of meditation. The contemplation of the things of the material world consists in observing some object, phenomenon, image, process or object in complete solitude and natural silence. The choice of such objects is very large, it can be anything: a fire in the fire, pouring water, landscape, painting, animals, houses, an airplane flight, and so on. Such a method is sufficiently accessible to beginner practitioners, since the choice of objects to which meditation is directed is simply limitless. Especially well this method of meditation is suitable for people who have the best visual perception.

The way that involves dynamic meditation is to concentrate on the movements. This method is very popular among those who have developed aural perception and who love dancing. These are free and individual movements to music. No need to think about what movements to do, the body itself decides how to move. To achieve a stronger effect, you can dance with your eyes closed or in the dark.

Another way to meditate is to concentrate on solving a paradoxical task, that is, a koan. To make it clearer, you can give an example: all people know the sound of the clap from two palms, but has anyone thought about the sound of the clap from one palm? This way of meditation is well suited to people who love to think, to sit on crossword puzzles and puzzles or intellectual tasks.

The most common methods and techniques of meditation are those that are based on visualization and concentration, they actively apply the power of focused attention.

The world also knows such a method as meditation of rich Chinese women. According to the data, this is a very popular way of meditation, in that these women were looking for innocent young men who were offered a lot of money. Then these guys were planted in the water, where they fixed their necks, so that they could keep their head up all the time and see the bare genitalia, the women sitting above them.

Meditation of rich Chinese women is a rather perverted method, but these ladies could afford it, because there were young guys who were in great need of money.

Meditation Restoration of vital energy is one of the directions that yoga meditation practices. A person can renew the strength of his body through a very simple exercise, which can be performed even at work or in any public place. To do this, you should completely relax your entire body, throw out all unnecessary thoughts from your head, leave behind everything that disturbs or forces you.

Concentration should be carried out on prana. Prana is the flow that fills all the cells of the body, which gives a feeling of freedom and lightness. Prana is regulated by the respiratory technique. When inhaling, you need to imagine how prana fills the energy channels - nadi. Mentally, it can be sent to all necessary places: the head, if the person has psychological fatigue, the arms and legs, if it is physical.

Meditation recovery really works, because a person after the first session begins to feel a surge of strength and energy, his pains go away, but this is achieved only with the correct performance of the technique.

If a person has a well-formed ability of visualization, then he can imagine a strong stream of light entering the solar plexus and passing through the heart and brain. This stream of light fills the body with the energy of the sun.

On the exhale, you should imagine that the light turns into a wave that covers the body and spreads in jets in all corners. This wave of its powerful force pushes fatigue, nervousness, anger. The main thing is to understand in time that only the negative leaves, and not all together, emptying the person, you need to tune in to the fact that positive emotions remain in place.

There is still a meditation clearing of negative programs. A person practicing such meditation feels power and strength, miracles in his life are becoming commonplace.

Meditation cleaning of negative programs is a universal technique. With its help, a person can remove negative attitudes and beliefs, overcome fears and complexes. More experienced practitioners are able to solve any life-related problem with it. Generally believe that its possibilities are endless. There are quite successful people who do it and consider their success as the product of this meditation. With all the diversity of its performance, it is surprisingly simple and straightforward. The main thing is to stick with technical issues.

Meditation cleansing from negative programs helps in achieving luck and well-being. During meditation, an individual receives from the universe its positive and pure energy, which affects life and forms a person’s worldview. This meditation, like most others, must occur in the least contact with the environment in a dimly lit room. It is better to take an open position, arms and legs should not be crossed, but at the same time it is convenient to sit, naturally. It is very important that during meditation no one bothers a person, there must be a suitable time and place for this.

Any appliances (mobile, tablet, laptop, TV, washing machine, etc.) should be turned off or be at a distance so that they are not distracted once again. For the first lesson, it is enough that the meditation lasts ten minutes, then, as the experience progresses, it will be possible to meditate for several hours. It should be nestled so that it is comfortable, it is best to sit down and not go to bed. Because there is a chance to fall asleep. Breathing, inhaling and exhaling must occur through the mouth. If you breathe only with your nose, then the brain turns on; if with your mouth, your heart breathes. Even before the start of meditation, you need to practice breathing through your mouth, take a couple of deep breaths and strong breaths to prepare your lungs and body.

There is no need to be engaged in visualization too scrupulously, everything will come with time and with practice.

When grounding is done, you need to imagine yourself in the center, the core of the Earth. Try to feel her energy. Become one with her. Absorb her positive energy, and leave all the negative.

It is very important to visualize the process of moving upwards so that all levels are completed: golden light, dark and light layer, jelly-like area, lilac-pink mist, bright light, which must be entered through a door or window.

If a person cannot tune in to visualization, feels anxiety, fear, anxiety, then he needs to repeat the breathing technique — take a breath with your mouth, hold your breath for a moment and exhale strongly. Do this several times.

Visualization also depends on the mood of the person. Once it happens better, sometimes worse. The main thing is that there is no need to dwell on it, another time it will be better.

At the time of appeal to the Creator, you need to understand that you need not to ask about what you want, but to speak as if it should happen in the order of things. It should also be said that this should be done in the best possible way, in the fastest way and be sure to thank immediately for it. After the words of gratitude in the mind should immediately create a picture of what happened, fulfilled desires. After such a meditation, a person should live as if it had already happened in his life, his life changed. Thus, a person programs his new life and gets rid of old programs.

When a call comes directly, it is performed, like a prayer, in which the human soul gives good energy. It can be kept consciously. In order for a prayer to have an effect, it is required to repeat it every time in the same form. So, in order not to waste time on inventing a prayer, it is necessary to write it down in your notebook. People who believe in God can pray with their usual prayer.

After that, utter a prayer call. Such a call should include an appeal to a higher power, words of fame for this power, gratitude for your life, health, love and all the granted kindness. Next, you need to express your desire, to speak the terms in which it should occur. You also need to say that all the negative energy must go where it belongs, but without causing harm to anyone. At the end, thank and bless.

There are very important technical points in meditation clearing from negative programs. All energy flows must be controlled, they must pass through the whole body, clearing the mind. It should be clearly concentrated on the third eye, which is also called Ajna Chakra. Through it, energy flows directly into the soul. Together with the right concentration comes the energy of luck. To concentrate well, you need to stop paying attention to other entities that appear during meditation. Важно не допустить, чтобы эта медитация перешла в другой вид медитации, для этого концентрация должна быть очень сильной и лучше всего ее направить на точку, находящуюся между бровями.

Чтобы концентрирование происходило легче, можно помочь себе, используя мантру «аум ил ом».

После окончания медитации нельзя резко вставать и входить обычную жизнь с повседневными делами. Нужно на время остановиться и глубоко выдохнуть перед началом других дел. It is very good to write down all the sensations, thoughts and ideas that came in the process of meditation. Such meditation expands the mind and programs a person for a happy future.

Meditation technique

All methods of meditation have general rules for observing the technique of execution. Any transition from the usual state of wakefulness to a relaxed, soothing, special state has a meditation technique, so it is very important to always follow certain rules.

You can meditate only when a person is not in a hurry, if he does not have any urgent matters. You should make sure that there are no distractions nearby, to reduce their appearance to a minimum. For this, it is advisable to choose a secluded place where you can concentrate.

The place chosen for meditation should be quiet and calm, otherwise it will be difficult to concentrate on the process itself, especially in the early stages. Clothing is of great importance; a person must wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes, such that they do not hamper movements, allow them to move and not think about discomfort. It is also important to be able to take a comfortable and relaxed position in which you can best concentrate.

Especially meditation for beginners should occur according to all the rules of technology, so the meditation lesson with the "proper breathing" technique will be described in detail below. This is a very popular way of meditation, because it is simple and affordable, with it you can quickly learn meditation. It employs a special method of breathing and smell.

Initially, you must take a comfortable position, sit down or lie down. Meditation begins with focusing on inhalation and exhalation. While breathing, you need to feel the movement of the nostrils, their expansion and contraction, to feel how the lungs fill with air. Including your imagination, you should imagine all the processes occurring in the body: saturation of the body with freshness and weightlessness, the penetration of oxygen into the person and the saturation of every cell in the human body.

Such yoga meditation is used in various philosophical and religious areas. It is mainly used to calm the body and mind. To achieve a perfect technique of performance, it is advisable to practice the first month every day. When the technique is mastered, you can practice twice a week. If this regularity is not observed, the proper effect will not be realized.

Vipassana meditation is similar to the technique of "breathing" with the usual meditation, but still decided to separate them. The name of the meditation "Vipassana" means - "clear vision." Its origin dates back to the sixth century BC.

Vipassana meditation is a Buddhist practice, its origins lie in the Theravada tradition, later it was popularized by S.N. Goenkom.

As for the practice of Vipassana itself, there are conflicting aspects regarding technology. But most supporters of Vipassana agree that meditation should begin with conscious breathing to stabilize the mind and calm the mind. This is necessary in the early stages, when a person has just started to engage in meditation. At the second stage, switching of attention to bodily and mental sensations takes place. A person observes them all the time, but at the same time he should not cling to something concrete, his thoughts should wander freely in the space of feelings.

The first classes of meditation should take place under the supervision of a teacher who talks about certain aspects of the meditation technique and controls the implementation.

Vipassana meditation begins with the fact that a person sits on the floor in a lotus position with a straight back. If you are not too comfortable to sit on the floor, you can use a chair.

The first aspect of the Vipassana technique is the development of concentration through conscious breathing. Inspirations and exhalations should be as conscious as possible, abdominal movements should be felt, it should be raised while inhaling and lowering as it is exhaling. You can focus your attention on the passage of air through the nostrils.

When a person focuses on breathing, he begins to notice the manifestation of other perceptions: sounds, sensations, emotions. It is necessary to pay attention to mental phenomena arising in the consciousness, to their place in the field of consciousness, and later return to the concentration on breathing. At this time, all attention is focused on the object of concentration of breath, and other thoughts and sensations act as a background.

The object that is in the center of attention is called the "primary object", and the "secondary object" is everything else that arises in the field of perception with the help of feelings (smell, sound, sensations) or through the mind, through thoughts, emotions, memories.

If a person's attention clings to some secondary object and pulls it up or the person begins to feel desire or aversion, then you can focus on the secondary object for a short moment and designate this object as “memory”, “desire”, “thinking”. This technique is also called "note." The object is marked holistically, not in detail. For example, if a sound is realized, it is necessary to mark it as “I hear”, and not to name exactly what caused this particular sound, from a car, from other people and so on. If a fragrance is recognized, then it should be noted as “smell” and not thinking about where the smell comes from, from food or from the street. If there is an unpleasant sensation in the body, then it is also not worth identifying from which organ it comes, which hurts or bothers, you need to summarize it as a “sensation”.

Thus, the observation of objects occurs without attachment, the person himself permits the emergence of thoughts and sensations, which later flow independently without the inclusion of human attention. This technique of “marking” is a way that does not give thoughts to lead a person further than necessary. It gives thoughts more objectivity.

As a result, a person can contemplate the three signs of being. The first is impermanence, its name is Annika, the second is satisfaction, which is called Dukha, and the third sign is emptiness - Annata. Along with this, spiritual balance, inner freedom and peace of mind develop.

Vipassana is an excellent meditation for beginners, its technique is quite simple and accessible. It helps the person to ground himself in his own body, to feel the previously unnoticeable processes of the body, to understand the activity of the mind. Vipassana is a very popular way of meditation. Information about it can be found a lot on the Internet and books, but best of all, initially contact the teacher, who will tell you about all the intricacies of the technique. No special rituals or formalities are attached to the practice of Vapassana. In short, every newcomer to meditation can certainly find a good way to start a practice.

In the technique of meditation, an important place is occupied by the completion of the occupation itself. You should not immediately rush to get up and go about your business at the end of meditation. First you need to return to the deep breathing technique, which was at the very beginning, then very slowly open your eyes one by one, stretch your arms up and forward, wait a minute to fully return from the meditative world to ordinary life and only then slowly get up.

This technique of meditation is quite simple, but very effective, from the first lessons you can feel the effectiveness of meditation. A person becomes more peaceful, calm, he is able to let go of exciting problems, fears and anxieties, to feel a surge of energy and strength for the whole day.

The technique of meditation does not specifically suggest at what time of day it is necessary to conduct classes, in the morning or in the evening, this is completely irrelevant; other aspects of technology are more important.

Very effective technique owns meditation cleansing the body from negative feelings and thoughts.

Meditation purification of the soul from the negative contributes to the deliverance of the human body and soul from negative emotions and feelings and at the same time fills them with love and kindness. There is a cleansing meditation in such a way that the human body is fully renewed, the soul is filled with good energy and love. The body gains power and strength. Especially purification meditation helps a person in his difficult life situations, when only she is the only solution to save herself, body and soul.

For this meditation procedure, choose a dark but fresh ventilated room. Take a comfortable position (you can sit or lie down), close your eyes to relax. Next is to take three candles, put them in a triangle in the room from each other at a distance of a step. Then sit in the center of this figure. With the help of visualization imagine a ladder on which you need to climb up. Climbing the steps of this ladder, a person counts the steps and plunges into his inner world.

Then you need to imagine a colorful landscape morning, day or evening and on its background the seashore. Walking along this shore, the sound of waves, the smell of water, the wind blowing it all relaxes the body, nourishes the body with fresh sea. The man is immersed in the illusion. He sees himself walking, so he approaches the rock in which there is a cave, and enters it. Inside this cave there is a huge hall, in its center there is a huge circle. The man is exposed and enters the very center of this circle.

He relaxes and is filled with the energy of the earth, which rises from the bottom up, then spreads all over his body, rises and leaves him, taking with him all the negative. This negative flow of energy comes out of the human head, it pushes all the bad things that have accumulated in the body over a long time. When this is accomplished, one should thank the higher powers for the energy that they have been granted and for the perfect ceremony of purification.

After cleansing from all evil, spiritual harmony, lightness and tranquility set in. But this ceremony is not over. A new stream, already of positive energy, penetrates again through the head, fills a person with a sense of satisfaction and purity. You should feel this wave of the body, feel it, bathe in positive energy, accept it and distribute it throughout the body, in every corner.

Then the person imagines that he leaves the magic circle and turns out to be near a stone vessel. The characteristics of this vessel (shape, color, size) are determined by the person himself, depending on his preferences. In the bathroom there is a multi-colored luminous water that attracts to itself. It has passion, love, good. Plunging into this water, a person relaxes and dissolves in it, gathering warmth, love and positive emotions from the water. Every cell in the body is saturated and overwhelmed with strength and energy. A person understands according to his feelings that he had never felt so good before.

Coming out of the bath, receiving a dose of bliss and peace, the person leaves this cave, the seashore and gradually returns to reality. Having opened his eyes, a person sees reality, but now he is completely different than before, now he looks at this world with different eyes, his soul has been cleansed and filled with positive.

It is not necessary immediately after the end of meditation to take up everyday affairs. Meditation cleansing the body from the negative really gives a person an unforgettable experience, a unique feeling of lightness.

Purpose of meditation

Through meditation, a person can restore contact with the source of his internal energy.

Meditation of energy helps purify the mind, it makes people more receptive. So people discover their creative abilities, they produce ideas that previously could not even come to their mind.

A person engaged in energy meditation begins to trust his intuition, he finds inspiration in things that he has not focused on before. He begins to understand many things that he had never guessed or did not understand. During meditation, a person comprehends the true meaning of his actions. For the sake of such insight, it is necessary to engage in meditation, it leads to the true path.

With the help of meditation, a person unites with everything that surrounds him, his energy, and the energy of the surrounding objects merge together.

Purification of the mind occurs due to the rest of the nervous system during meditation. Such rest is even deeper than sleep, although at that time the person remains in the waking state. During the process of meditation, he is relieved from stress, anxiety, relaxes as much as possible and calms down. This is one of the goals of practicing meditation.

There are some more goals for meditation. Comprehending oneself as a soul - occurs due to the deliverance of the sensation of one’s physical body. Denial of affections, desires and passions. Stop the internal dialogue, eliminate the destructive influence of the physical mind on the perception of the world. Achieving a state of pure mind, a departure from physical perception. Stopping the internal dialogue directs the person to the perception of the world. After that, the soul is no longer embodied on the physical level. The main purpose of energy meditation, just the same, is considered the achievement of a complete stop of the internal dialogue.