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How to like a classmate

The desire to like the male gender in the female half is noted very early. The first sympathies of boys and girls begin to emerge in the preschool years. Then, growing up and going to school, each girl is faced with the question of how to please her classmate so that he would pay attention to her.

Girls grow up earlier than boys, so the first serious experiences associated with being in love begin at about 14 years old, and for some girls, even earlier, at 11-12 years old. The first love for a classmate is an exciting period of life, when there is a desire to express your sympathy to the chosen one. Often, how to like a classmate and what actions should be taken, most girls do not understand. In this article we will tell you how to make friends with a boy, so that he too will be carried away by a girl.

Often the girl wants to stand out from all peers, so that the charming smile of the chosen one is addressed only to her. But sometimes a girl has difficulties: a classmate may like another and he is able to stop noticing her efforts. In an effort to please a classmate - there is nothing wrong. This desire pushes the girl to follow her appearance and develop intellectually. The problem can arise when the desire to please finds an obsession.

Often, girls tend to see hidden sympathy for them from boys, trying to avoid disappointments in this way, and, finding evidence of interest, hope that these signs will save them from frustration in the future. This often turns out to be a trap.

It is important to remember that communication is a dynamic process, not a static one. If there is sympathy at the moment, this does not mean that it will continue after a day or a month. Sympathy may come to naught for various reasons: attention shifted to another object, interest in the girl was initially small and temporary. And therefore, when communicating, setting a goal to please a classmate, you should not rely on the first signs of sympathy and get upset, if suddenly everything went wrong.

During communication with a classmate, you can discover how the level of sympathy changes (increases or decreases). And if you focus on just one sign of sympathy, and then build friendship with a classmate in your future plans, then most likely the result will not please. The first feelings of the young men are not distinguished by their constancy, and the experiences of falling in love with girls are often bright and dramatic. And if the girl’s efforts did not find a response, then this is normal, “the world will not collapse” and you don’t need to dive into depressive moods.

So what exactly to do? How do you like a classmate who does not like you? If you use a few useful tips, then it is possible that everything will turn out. To begin, you should analyze which boys are usually cute girls in school.

There are three types that attract girls.

The first type is the best friend. With this classmate, you can do homework together, escape from school, have fun. Often, a serious relationship can arise with him.

The second type is a good guy. In each class there is a boy who is set as an example to everyone, because he is a good student, he is vigorously involved in the life of the school, always on top. How do you like this classmate? It's simple. It should become the same as he (to show himself actively in school life, to be successful in school).

The third type is a bully guy. Such boys often like girls at any age. They often have poor performance, hooligans and "kidding" over teachers. And often the approximate girls can not resist their "toughness". It’s difficult to get the attention of such a guy, because not every girl will agree to do so.

Tips on how to like a classmate

It is necessary to know his interests, this will allow to start a conversation and lead the conversation in a given direction.

It is important to start to look after yourself (to have well-groomed hair, neat manicure, unobtrusive gloss on lips, clean clothes). Experiments with looks are welcome, unless you strongly overdo it. Not every guy will like a girl who dyed her hair in pink or purple, which is considered to be a fashion trend. Perhaps, a bully guy will have such a liking for a girl, because the owners of bright hair colors are dynamic, cheerful, bright. With such girls it is not boring, they willingly agree to adventurous actions, which is basically a hooligan.

You should look at your classmate and understand what he likes, what he enjoys (sports, science or creativity). After that, you need to immediately start studying the topics of interest to him. If he likes chemistry, then it is necessary to study substances, their properties, structure, transformations. And then feel free to discuss topics that have learned and understood best of all, asking a classmate questions, arguing and telling something new from this science. You can safely sit down at his desk and discuss entertaining topics from chemistry.

And if a guy is interested in sports, such as football, then you should learn the names of football teams, its players, expand your knowledge in this area and pay attention to the fit of your figure. After all, guys who are fond of sports love slim girls.

You can not dissolve in the interests of a classmate, you should have your hobby, then the guy will begin to respect.

It is required to behave naturally, and in the presence of a guy you should not laugh out loud or be silly to joke.

It is necessary to simulate situations as if the girl is always by chance near the object of her interest.

It should sometimes, while in the classroom or at recess, throw ambiguous glances at the guy, isolate him from the crowd, and address him more often than others.

Communicating can not be revealed at 100%, talking about his sympathy. Let it be a secret that a classmate wishes to unravel.

It’s categorically impossible for friends to talk about their sympathy, they don’t know how to keep other people's secrets, they’ll be bursting with the desire to tell everything to a classmate, and female friendship may end up because of this.

You can not brag, talk only about yourself, it is important to be able to listen, empathize if necessary.

When meeting a guy, it is important to smile, to be comfortable and open.

It will be appropriate to show yourself from different sides: at school - an executive student, outside the school you can be a bit pious.

It is important to praise the guy.

You need to match the guy in level. Develop, read books, watch the news, so that there is always something to discuss.

If the girl studies are easy, but the guy does not, then you can offer him help with the assignments.

If he learns better, then you can safely ask him for help with this.

It is necessary to get close with friends of a classmate, to join their company, this will allow to learn more information about the guy of interest.

It is important not to overdo it, not to be intrusive, and then you will like a classmate.

Extremely difficult situation, when it is not clear how to like a classmate, if he likes another. In this situation, we can advise you to become a friend of a guy, not to interfere in other people's relations and wait for them to end. And, ideally, for a girl, from an early age, she will realize that she cannot be forcibly liked and leave this venture.

So, in order to understand how to like a classmate, you should try to find out as much as possible. Attach maximum effort, while remaining itself. You can carefully experiment with your appearance, but at the same time be an open and sincere person.