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How to please the girl

TO ak like a girl? This eternal subject of discussion, a question that does not lose sharpness and significance over the centuries, concerns minds from the youngest future captors of women's hearts to wise women. Over the past centuries, countless strategies have been concocted, a lot of theories have been developed, and a lot of pick-up techniques have been created. However, until now, the Internet is full of headlines: "how to communicate with a girl, to please her, how to captivate the heart of the chosen one, how to make the young lady interested in her own person." All the above questions are generated by the uncertainty of the male in himself, the inability to present themselves, the ignorance of the subtleties of the maiden mental organization. Many sons of Adam are convinced that they know which young men will come after the opposite sex, while making the classic mistake, a typical mistake of all self-confident males. They all decide in advance for the daughters of Eve, not giving the latter even a tiny chance.

How to please a girl who does not like you

Mutual feeling of love that arose from the first look is rather a particular, an exception than a rule. Frequently, people connected today with strong matrimonial bonds, lasting half a century, at the initial stage of the birth of a future social unit, not only failed to attract the interested views of each other, it is possible that even between them ran antipathy. But later, as relations developed, after several unforeseen clashes, unexpected rendezvous, which led to long-awaited meetings and endless walks in the city at night, they became aware of the fact that their own existence without the whims of the second and stubborn waywardness of the second is impossible. Therefore, if the cavalier is not pretty lady of the heart, upset, and even more so, lower the "limbs" prematurely. After all, with the closest contact with the charmer, she can drastically dislike.

So, below is the "young fighter" course entitled: "how to please a girl who does not pay attention to you, how to charm her and fall in love with her own person" or "how to like a girl if you are ugly." Here it is immediately necessary to emphasize that appearance in the matter of conquering an inaccessible girlish heart is not the most important thing. The ability to communicate, to behave naturally, relaxed - these skills are more significant for drawing attention to the object of sympathy.

How do you like a girl who does not like you? In order to satisfy the young lady, shyness is required to be left at home, and even better, to be freed from her forever, because in later adult life from no more harm than good. Virtually all young charms like confident sons of Adam in their own uniqueness and self, who will turn into a mainstay of reliability in their lives. They dislike the notorious, indecisive, fearful men. Such an attitude in them is incorporated at the subconscious level by the progenitors. It survives, especially in the realities of modern society, the strongest. You can pour arguments on your forehead with arguments, trying to make it clear that the main thing is the beauty of the soul, intelligence and kindness, but you cannot argue with natural selection. To see the beauty of a mysterious male soul, girls first need to get through the wilds of uncertainty and rigidity, complexes and stamps inspired by caring mothers. After all, even in the prehistoric era, cave beauties preferred aggressive and active males able to protect their homes from attack and get food. Since that era, almost nothing has changed in essence. Even the most progressive and feminized woman on moonless nights indulges in dreams of a caring spouse and reliable support.

That is why, risking to approach the sweetheart you like, you should not hide your eyes in the floor, knead the floors of your jacket in your hands and stammering strongly to recommend her to go on a date. It is necessary boldly, looking into the beautiful eyes of the chosen one, to call her for a walk in the square, on the embankment, in the theater or in the cozy cafe. Having received a refusal, it is not necessary to leave, with a depressed wedging head in the shoulders. It is recommended to translate everything into a comic utterance and offer her a different version of the rendezvous and, as if, by the way, give her a couple of compliments.

So often it happens that the guys are pretty just the girl who is absolutely not interested in them. Due to low self-esteem, lack of confidence in their own toughness and attractiveness, the sons of Adam believe that it is easier to conquer the impregnable peak than to make the object of adoration look in their direction. However, practice shows that to captivate your favorite person in person, no more difficult to play hide and seek. The main thing in advance is not to despair.

So, what should be done to attract the attention of young ladies, or how to please a girl who does not pay attention to you? The female sex is always drawn to the beautiful, so the appearance of the partner, his tidiness, and accuracy are very important for them. They do not care that with a sloppy look and body piercing, a man seeks to show his own extraordinary and individuality. If an interested young lady prefers short-cropped hair for men, a business suit and the absence of a piercing, then the passion will not likely jump in awe of the guy in the form of punk. Therefore, it is important to choose either to follow your own striving for originality, or to conquer the object of love. In general, it is better to surprise the weaker with the presence of brains and a sparkling sense of humor, and not with the trends of strange modern fashion.

Thus, the girls first look at the neat appearance, clean hands and neat clothes. If at the first inspection the guy went through an incorruptible "face control", then the next level opens for him, at which his abilities to behave, to be sincere and natural, to speak freely will be assessed.

How to please the girl at first sight? Here it is important to be good-natured and open, to behave naturally, smile more and show interest in the interlocutor, try to say a girl unprecedented compliments. The purpose of the first meeting is to create a favorable impression so that the beauty would agree to the second rendezvous. Therefore, it is not recommended at the first communication to show your character, extraordinary and other "highlights". It is better to leave your little "sekretiki" with you.

Ladies love gallant gentlemen. Therefore, it is reasonable not only to remember the elementary rules of education, such as giving a hand, skipping a companion forward, opening the door, but also actively using them.

Communication at a debut meeting should be notable for ease, ease and humor, therefore it is better to think over the topic in advance. The conversation about imperialism as the highest stage of the manifestation of capitalism can be quite interesting, but the conversation on the above topic will obviously be short, and the meeting will be the last.

How do you like the pen girl

Today, unfortunately, more and more immersed in the non-existence of dating on the street. Modern opportunities and the infinity of the Internet just swallowed the minds and fantasies of young people. After all, the average young man can become a superhero on the World Wide Web, and a stuttering guy can be considered as a guru of wit. Virtuality harbors its charms and positive moments. Meanwhile, in these advantages lies the main danger of the worldwide network. Many immature minds so absorb the network realm that it becomes impossible to distinguish reality from a dream, fantasy from reality. In addition, when setting up relations through the Internet, there is a danger of falling in love with an image, a character invented, a non-existent object, and not the true essence of the personality, not the beauty of the soul.

At the same time, the world wide web compares distances, differences in social status, in material income, even eliminates language barriers. However, no matter how easy it is to get acquainted, communication through online services or portals intended for dating, guys still need to present something worthwhile from themselves, and for this you need to have at least the minimum amount of school knowledge available. Because the illiterate, boorish and frankly stupid individuals do not like anyone. And here it doesn't matter if it's a real rendezvous or chatting.

How do you like the pen girl? Below are some tips to help you understand how to communicate with a girl so that she can be liked by online correspondence. Since it is impossible to charm a girl with the help of attractive looks and natural charm in online dating services or social websites, you need to influence her with originality. Today, communication through the world wide web occupies the first position among the other types of communicative interaction. The result is that the network has a lot of cliches and "banal", the reading of which discourages the further desire to communicate.

Therefore, in order to interest the object you like, you need to write a message that the girl is unlikely to receive from other fellow correspondents. It is not recommended to start communication with a smiling or winking smiley. It is necessary to try to charm the invisible companion with the help of wit, sense of humor. In communication should be a note of novelty for the girl. Attract the opposite sex in online social services can be using the mind. Many young men make mistakes, taking the tediousness for manifestations of intelligence and wit. First, you should explore the interests of passion, learn, her hobbies and preferences, and then - to surprise knowledge of interesting facts relating to her hobbies. For example, if a young lady likes to read, you can discuss the book you read or her favorite author. Also, you can inform the girl you like interesting news or tell about a fascinating event that happened recently.

To make conversation, you need to ask questions. However, you should not fall asleep the desired object with questions, as if she was being interrogated. It is necessary to accompany interrogative sentences with various stories in order to involve the young lady in the discussion. Phrases should be simple, but carry the meaning. There are phrases like clear, understandable phrases: tell me something about yourself, you are beautiful; questions: are you married, get acquainted, do you have a boyfriend (boyfriend, friend, husband), how are you, should be avoided. Otherwise, for the girl, the interlocutor, who utters the listed expressions, will become one of the gray mass of idlers, "grazing" on the Internet.

In addition, questioning statements should suggest a detailed answer and be ambiguous. It is better to ask what kind of recreation the interlocutor prefers, than: "do you like to relax in the lap of nature, active pastime". In the first case, the partner will have to write a few words about the preferred type of rest, and in the second - her answer will be limited to a short "yes" or "no, and in the worst case, she will send a nodding smile.

Also, with the epistolary style of communication, it is very important to observe the elementary spelling rules, not forgetting punctuation. It is completely burdensome and will take a minute more time, but it will exalt in the eyes of passion.

How to please the girl on the first date

The debut rendezvous with the lady you like is a rather important event that can grow into years of happy family life or remain at the level of an unpleasant memory.

It is believed that the first meeting is more important for beautiful femines than for the sons of Adam. However, this is not entirely true. If a young man is very much a pretty girl, then the expected date will excite him and make him nervous. After all, this is a kind of test of his ability to make the right impression and to please the person you like.

How to please the girl on the first date? At the debut meeting, the young (and not so) charming women, in the first turn, assess the appearance of the young man, the style of his clothes, and tidiness. After the overall appearance of the guy received a mark with a plus sign, the girl will be well-adjusted to further interaction. Therefore, intending to go on the first rendezvous to the lady you like, you should pay more than the usual ten minutes to the external image. Provided, of course, that the guy hopes for subsequent meetings with the passion.

It should be remembered that at first the clothes paint a man, and then the ability to behave, humor and intelligence. Therefore, to please the girl, if you are ugly, will have to give preference to the undying classic style with notes of modern negligence. Pressed trousers and a clean shirt will be a good choice; emphasis should be placed on stylish accessories.

The chosen dress should be clean and unwashed, and the general appearance should be neat and fresh. In addition, you should not discard the bottom element of clothing - shoes, which should accentuate the look, match the style, age and the chosen image, so your favorite sneakers should be left for future meetings. In addition, it should be pre-clean. Ridiculous colors and bright colors should be avoided. You should not shock the chosen one at the first rendezvous.

In other words, the image must be adequate to the situation. It would be nice to take a shower, use deodorizing agents and cologne or eau de toilette before leaving the native penates. In the above actions there is nothing transcendental. Each young lady, getting ready for a meeting, does this and much more to please herself and to please a nearby man. Therefore, the inaccurate appearance of a guy, girls will perceive as disrespect and will be right.

The most important is the feeling of the guy in the chosen outfit. A man should feel confident in clothes. This will give credibility and firmness to its overall appearance, which will elevate in the eyes of the chosen one.

It is recommended to come on a date a little earlier, on time, but certainly not later than the appointed time. Going to a rendezvous, it is necessary to have an idea about further actions, that is, to understand where to take the girl, where to take a walk.

Before you voice your own pastime suggestions, you need to ask where the young lady would like to go. If she calls a specific destination, then you need to go there. If she has no plans, then you can safely follow the pre-thought scenario.

At the first communication it is better to avoid various trips in transport. It would be more correct to offer the girl to take a walk, showing herself as an implacable romantic. You can show the companion urban views on the background of a crimson sunset. The walk is still recommended to finish in some institution, for example, in the cafeteria.

In the course of communicative interaction it is necessary to follow the form of the conversation. The conversation should be like a dialogue. Since monologues tediously affect the interlocutors.

It is necessary to alternate interrogative statements with jokes, various stories, stories about yourself. Questions demonstrate sincere interest in the interlocutor, and short interesting monologues increase the level of attractiveness of the guy. It is also important to spice up the speech with compliments. It is desirable that the beautiful phrases, praises to the young lady come from the heart and be unfree.

You can slightly embellish or slightly boast. For example, to share plans or unobtrusively report on their own accomplishments. Eva's daughters like purposeful men more.

A smile opens up new opportunities and resolves many problematic moments. Therefore, even if the acquaintance flowed out not according to the prescribed scenario in advance, you do not have to despair. Humor and smile saved people from many hopeless situations. Unfortunately, many gentlemen do not know how to smile. Often their smile resembles, at best, a poisonous smirk or a tense grin, and at worst an evil grin.

Most people, especially young men, do not smile or do it in a forced way, that is, not sincerely, which is immediately noticeable. When in doubt about the ability to smile, you can practice in front of a mirror. Many famous celebrities always work out a new image in front of a mirror. The ability to smile beautifully is a common skill that can be developed.

Smile and eye contact are two integral parts of a successful rendezvous. It is advisable to learn not to look away first, but if it does not work out, then the main thing is not to lower your eyes. You can look to the side or up.

Many young men do not know what to do if they like the girl, as a result of which they make many mistakes. The guys in love forget one golden rule, elaborated by A. Pushkin, the founder of Russian realistic tendencies in literature, which says that the less a cavalier shows feelings to a chosen one, the more she will love him.

So what to do if you like the girl? В первый черед, рекомендуется быть умеренным в любви, то есть не следует быть навязчивым в проявлении собственных чувств. Необходимо соблюдать некоторую дистанцию от объекта вожделения. Именно периодическая холодность и легкое отчуждение притягивают противоположный пол.It is necessary to give the girl the opportunity to guess or understand how much she likes her partner.

If the object you like is reciprocated, then you should not hurry. Let the relationship progress gradually. After all, haste in the affairs of amorous can lead to the opposite result.

How to please a girl of 14 years

To please the young lady, in the first turn, you need to find an approach to her. Therefore, you need to explore her interests, hobbies, girlfriends. In addition, in the conquest of the impregnable girl's heart is very important appearance, neat clothes, washed hair, clean nails.

Boys are curious how to please a girl of 14 years old at school, what to say, do to make a positive impression on an object of admiration, how to interest a classmate, how to impress her.

Everyone knows that the female sex is more emotional, so they like the guys open, flashy, slightly impudent, confident, strong. Calm modesty in the transition period young beauties are not needed.

In order to be liked by a contemporary in a class, a young man must forget about mediocrity and meekness. They love bright and extraordinary personalities. Therefore, if a guy wants to charm a pretty classmate, he should turn into a confident man and become a leader. If you can’t become a leader, then you need to bet on originality, coolness. It should be by any means stand out (legitimate, of course), to attract the attention of a pretty girl. To do this, you can take part in a variety of competitions, contests, performances. You can get skilled with your studies, play sports and self-development. Guys who take time to sports training, leading an active existence, are more attractive to the opposite sex.

In addition, the young men need to think about their own actions, behavior. Low tricks and absolutely stupid, clown antics are hardly uplifted in the eyes of a young charmer. And on the contrary, bold steps, worthy actions, good deeds will surely find a response in the girl's heart.

The daughters of Eve, regardless of the age category in which they reside, love pleasant surprises and unbanal compliments. Like a teenage girl is much easier than ladies with experience. Even if at the moment she likes another.

In the matter of winning a young heart, one should not rely in all on a rich outlook and abundant inner world. Of course, the inner content of the personality is much more important than its outer component, but not at the age of fourteen. Not in the period of youthful maximalism and puberty. At the stage of growing up, the girls, in the first turn, prefer the appearance of classmates, and if she received a positive assessment, then they can look at the inner world of the guys with favor.

It is clear that with what appearance nature rewarded, with such one you live. But in modern realities there are many inexpensive ways to correct it. In the first turn, it is necessary to focus on the neatness of the garment. Cleanliness is not worth much money. It is only the power of habit. Guys are encouraged to begin to monitor their own wardrobe and appearance in their youth. This skill is not once useful in adulthood.

So, deciding to conquer the top in the form of an impregnable heart of a classmate, in the first turn, you should look beautiful. This includes unwashed trousers, short-cut clean nails, a fresh collar on a shirt, and polished boots.

If there is such a problem as acne (acne), then it can and must be dealt with. Today, pharmacies sell many inexpensive and effective ointments. In addition, the reception at the urban beautician is also not worth the fabulous money.

In order for a pretty young lady of fourteen to pay attention, you need to become better than the surrounding guys. In this case, run after the object of love is not recommended. We need to find common interests, hobbies. It is necessary to figure out what a young lady lives with, what interests her about what she likes and find points of contact. As the common interests are found, the girl's enthusiasm may be diminished. After all, she may be empty and whimsical special, in which some outfits and guys in my head. There is no interest in the soul of a person; their main status is the contents of the wallet.

To captivate a fourteen-year-old lady, it should be understood that the nature of a woman is the same at any stage of growing up. Therefore, to choose their friend schoolgirl will be instinctively, that is, a stronger young man. Knowledge of this feature gives the young men a small, but still an advantage. The strength is not solely in the muscles. It can manifest itself in character, achievements, and studies. The girl needs to feel safe next to the guy. In addition, communication with the gentleman should be of interest to the beauty.

To come to the heart of a classmate should not just develop an internal core, but also to be brave in external manifestation. For example, helping those in need. You can not show fear of passion, even if it is very scary. Girls see boyfriends as a defense and bastion of confidence. To the intercessor, who shakes himself like an aspen leaf, the girl will never experience love. The biggest she can be just a friend, but not loved. Therefore, any conquest of the female heart begins with self-improvement.

How to like a girl in school? In order for the girl you like to pay her favorable attention to the young man, you need to communicate with her. Topics may be different. Their single goal is the excitement of interest in the chosen one. Statistics show that almost eighty percent of the representatives of the strong half are embarrassed to talk to the lady they like. That is why today there are so few happy relationships and harmonious couples.

What to do if you like a girl? Do not be afraid of the girl you like. She's not a mad animal. In the presence of the ladies of the heart should be kept confidently and bravely. However, many confuse determination and courage with swagger. Arrogance, impudence, arrogance and rudeness - these are not the qualities that young ladies prefer to see in their chosen ones.

So, summing up how to please the girl of 14 years at school. In an educational institution, it is easier to make the desired impression than on the street, since the probability of subsequent random meetings is 100%.

Having met a female object of interest in the school’s corridor, it is necessary to establish eye contact, smile and speak with her. When communicating, it is very important to look into the eyes of the student you like. In this case, it is necessary to take into account that a close look will only frighten the young lady. The unblinking, studying look makes you feel uncomfortable, to think that appearance is not in order. Communicating with a guy should cause the ladies of the heart only pleasant sensations and a touch of delight.

In addition, with every chance meeting you need to greet the passion. Do not be shy to talk to the girl of interest. After all, how else would she understand that the guy likes her ?!

Interesting girl of fourteen is quite simple, the main thing is not to be afraid of communicating with her and not to ignore the object of sympathy.