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Winter longing

Winter melancholy and melancholy, dreams of warm seas and beaches, adventures and travel find themselves most pronounced during the cold season. In winter, more like bright colors and pictures, because everything appears in shades of gray. On long winter evenings, it seems that winter will be endless and involuntarily by itself there may be longing for the soul.

Often, in December, sadness for warmth and summer bypasses, because for many people the first winter month is filled with pleasant troubles in planning and preparing for the new year. But often comes the winter longing after noisy parties, New Year's holidays and feasts. The causes of this condition are individual and often each person tries to cope with it. The ugly, cold weather together with the joined cold can aggravate a situation. And then the person is completely immersed in the "paws" of winter longing and sorrow.

Winter longing is not a painful disorder of the psychiatric spectrum, which needs medical therapy. Then the question arises, how can a person help himself in this situation? If anguish arose after the celebrations, it is important to realize that holidays are temporary events, they cannot last forever, and you should tune yourself calmly to accept the emptiness after their completion. Often the realization that something went wrong, as planned and wanted, comes literally immediately after the holidays. Up to this point, the person is still in anticipation of the celebration, preparing for it in high spirits, waiting for something to change, and then with bitterness realizes that nothing changes in his life and magic does not happen.

Often, New Year's Eve is the night of unfulfilled hopes, after which a person feels uncomfortable. Hands down, the mood falls, there is a headache, and the desire to continue to have fun in the following days is absent. Often after celebrations, people experience a feeling of fatigue and emptiness. The reason may be not only sleepless nights or the amount of alcohol consumed, but also how people celebrate holidays.

It is no secret that jokes and laughter are the indispensable companions of all feasts and holidays. Laughter relieves stress, relaxes, gives you the opportunity to forget and not think about the existing problem issues. With all this for some people, laughter has negative consequences. We are talking about people for whom wild laughter is an illusion of relief, which disperses and makes it difficult in the future for mental work. As a result, after a plentiful viewing of New Year's comic programs or vigorous fun, there comes a period of emotional decline. An incomprehensible sense of emptiness and longing arises in the soul.

The new year is considered to be a magical holiday, but it should be realized that all these wonders are the work of human hands, or rather our own. Making a wish, it is important to keep this in mind, and the expected miracle should be followed as if it were a goal — step by step, systematically. Instant miracles do not happen. Simple expectations deliver continuous disappointments.

Therefore, psychologists recommend not to create illusions, not to wait for a momentary fairy tale, to be ready "to do something in life" for the sake of magic, rather than rely on fate, sighing quietly in anticipation. Only he who acts can receive much in life.

If the winter sadness and longing was delayed after the holidays, then you should think about asking a psychologist for qualified help.

Tips to overcome winter longing

You can independently try to overcome the winter longing. Sad mood is associated directly with the lack of the hormone serotonin in the body. Days are short in winter and serotonin is produced less. Researchers at Princeton University have found that even simple rhythmic movements, such as tapping with fingers, wiggling a foot, chewing gum, increase serotonin production. Therefore, in winter you have to be restless and move more.

You must try to stay outside during daylight. 15 minutes of the morning dawn sun will be enough to avoid a bad mood. Sunlight is necessary for the synthesis of serotonin, which is called the "hormone of happiness."

The next important point is to pay attention to nutrition, adding to the diet products that contribute to the production of serotonin. Often it happens that the New Year holidays are over and the winter ration has become scanty. Oranges, bananas, nuts, pineapples, cottage cheese, turkey, cheeses disappeared from the menu. And these products help to keep the body in order and not to succumb to winter longing. Overeating in the stomach is strictly prohibited, which is often celebrated during the New Year holidays.

If a person is overcome by winter longing for warm days, then you need to artificially create yourself a cozy mood in winter. Being happy in winter is an art. To do this, you should be able to listen to your body and when it becomes cold or chilly you should drink a hot drink or dress warmly. You can turn around on the couch in a warm blanket with hot cocoa or ginger tea, create a secluded place in the house where you can spend your time comfortably, for example, watching the snowfall. You can also surround yourself with pleasant to the touch things.

It is also very uplifting and combating the citrus aroma of perfume or the smell of incense for the home.

It is important to learn to enjoy simple things, not to make exorbitant plans and enjoy the present moment. Unfortunately, not everyone can rejoice at every moment, but every day should be perceived as a holiday and not live in anticipation of a miracle. We must rejoice in the sunny morning, the new day, the opportunities that he can give.

You can dilute gray days by walking, which will not only bring the body into shape, but also elevate your mood. Even minor loads will make not only slimmer, but also happier.

So, to get rid of the prolonged winter longing and sadness will help:

- tasty, healthy food;

- active lifestyle;

- comfortable warm clothes;

- the ability to enjoy simple things and enjoy the moment.

In winter, many people forget about their hobbies, which often depresses them. It is important to set goals in the winter, to reach them, and then the winter does not seem so sad and long.