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Psychological help for depression

Psychological help for depression - This is a complex of measures aimed at eliminating various manifestations that cause an unpleasant mental state, which suppresses and depresses human life. Before talking about depression, you should learn how to differentiate between a normal low mood and a true depressive state.

If the problem is expressed in a bad mood, then some solutions are needed to solve it. For example, a bad mood is eliminated with the help of sports exercises or something sweet (chocolates, dried fruits). In more serious cases, the individual needs psychological help as well as independent work on himself.

One of the types of psychological assistance is psychological counseling. Psychological counseling originates from psychotherapy, aimed at a clinically healthy individual who finds it difficult to independently overcome everyday difficulties.

In simple words, the main task of psychological assistance for depression is as follows:

- the provision of support, the search for a way out of the problematic life circumstances over which a person seems to be victorious is unrealistic;

- awareness and change of behavioral patterns in making fateful decisions;

- settlement and resolution of current life difficulties;

- the achievement of goals.

The goal of psychological counseling is correctional impact, as well as solving problems that are aimed at achieving self-development, personal growth, and life success.

Psychological help for depression is necessary if a person has the following signs and symptoms for a long time:

- mood decline, apathy;

- feeling of internal pain in the body;

- absence of any desires, inability to enjoy life, indifference to everything;

- inability to formulate thoughts;

- the emergence of anxiety and concern;

- lack of ability to feel the emotions of other people; constant pessimism, isolation;

- loss of meaning of life, abulia;

- distrust of people, irritability;

- constant readiness to defend against people;

- suicidal thinking, the feeling of the end of life;

- Avoid responsibility in trivial situations for themselves and their actions;

- blaming oneself for failures and self-flagellation;

- problems with digestion, headaches.

Psychological help for depression - tips from psychologists:

- depression is not so harmless as it seems to many at first glance. In this state, the individual is able to experience emotional, depressed depression, even mental disorder;

- depression is able to overtake a person after certain negative events in his life. Sometimes its appearance is not related to external causes. The state of a person during depression often changes, there is apathy and helplessness, sadness, anxiety for any reason. A person often feels guilty, considers himself intellectually insolvent. He noted absolute lack of will, reduced mental and physical activity. Many distinct symptoms and signs appear (chronic fatigue, changes in appetite, insomnia, decreased libido). In such severe cases, psychological help for depression is a must;

- if depressive mood is observed without the above symptoms, then to alleviate the condition, you need to accept yourself in the state in which the person is. You should not avoid depression and vigorously fight it, it will only worsen your health even more. Unpleasant for the person condition, the mood must be lived, and resistance to poor health and, avoiding it, will only lead to increased depression. It should be realized that depression for people who are engaged in self-development does not get enough sleep, work - is a common manifestation, part of growth and their life path. The depressive symptoms associated with this will disappear as quickly as they came, if you say to yourself: “This is unpleasant, but these are temporary manifestations and they will definitely pass away from me!”. With such an attitude to their condition will not need the help of a psychologist;

- It is very important, being in a depressing mood, to redirect your focus of attention to other activities: for example, reading books, physical exercises, cycling, swimming, traveling, and so on. Thus, completely and completely immersed in other activities, a person will leave his problem that bothers him. And after a while, the long-standing problem that does not give rest will not seem so significant;

- when a person feels the approach of a depressive mood, psychologists advise less to cling to positive emotions and not to be afraid of losing them. And you don't need to be emotionally perfect at all. After all, when a person clings to positive emotions and tries to keep them, his internal resistance to real events is growing. When an individual resists the emergence of bad emotions, he only intensifies their occurrence. People tend to chase positive emotions - for what is not permanent, what comes and goes. It turns into an endless race for them. If a person stops trembling and is constantly in awe of positive emotions, then he will suffer less from depressive manifestations, and he will no longer be hurt so negatively by negative emotions. This does not mean that it is necessary to stop experiencing joy, just being on an emotional peak, it is necessary to enjoy positive emotions, knowing that this will not last forever. Realizing this, you won’t be bothered by how to get out of depression yourself;

- if there are situations when they are overwhelmed with problems, “straining” at work, and the person does not know how to survive this, then in this case you should be open to people and ask them for help. You just need to tell the person: "I have such a plan and I feel bad. Advise me what to do in this situation?" Help by communicating with strangers or close people clears. Voicing those things that worsen health, accumulated and annoying, allows them to leave the person. And do not always rely on the advice of friends, it is important just to be with them. In a bad mood, you should keep the focus only on positive people, and not pay attention to other personalities. When an individual allows others to positively influence him, then he is forced out of anxiety, fears, negative emotions;

- It is very important for a person who is in a depressed state to get enough sleep. For a person who does not get enough sleep, a more loosened psyche, in society, he is more tolerant of the influence of negative, easily losing control of himself and the situation;

- many happy people came to realize that life is meaningless, but this does not prevent them from enjoying life, reaching new heights, doing “crazy” things and moving on with life further;

- it is always necessary to have a goal in life, to know what a person wants from life, otherwise a person will not receive the inspiration necessary for the implementation of plans. People with big goals always have a lot of energy, passion, motivation;

- it is not necessary to make a special sacrifice, it is required to make a choice to move further in life and not to worry when there is no strength for any affairs;

- it is very important to find advantages even in the negative, to train your mind reflexively, turning any problem into fun and joke. Everything that a person perceives negatively can be discerned in a positive way. It will be possible to do this if you learn to laugh at yourself and your condition of a suffering person;

- it is necessary to leave the house more often to breathe fresh air. This will strengthen the immune system, relax and provide peace for the nerves, promote good sleep, improve blood supply and appetite, speed up the metabolism in the body;

- one should not forget to communicate with pleasant people and a healthy lifestyle - all this in a complex acts positively on a person and gradually returns him to the former rhythm of life;

- if a person continues to do negative things, then it will be foolish to expect a positive result. Therefore, it is worthwhile to start doing positive things and then a positive result is inevitable;

- Never ask other people for pity. Man mistakenly believes that he is very bad, and does not know that it could be even worse;

- you should never feel sorry for yourself. You need to treat life as a journey, in which the individual learns to be even stronger than now;

- if there is a need for sweet - do not deny it. There is nothing wrong with eating a chocolate bar, a favorite cake during a depressed state, but failure or diet will have a negative effect on your well-being, and will affect the loss of taste for life;

- a person needs suffering until he realizes that he no longer needs it. Nothing helps an individual grow as much as fear and suffering. Suffering creates unbearable conditions for life, and the individual begins to realize that he can no longer live suffering. And then a person begins to realize that it is necessary to look for ways to solve his problem. Some individuals so discover a new world for themselves, change themselves and their lives. Other personalities disappear in different addictions and pleasures. It is experiencing difficult life circumstances, contribute to the fact that people begin to engage themselves. Because in desperate situations, the individual begins to look for himself and meaning in life. Therefore, it is deeply doomed individuals begin to engage themselves. Those individuals who are fine, do not even think about changing anything in their lives. Why tear down something that already brings pleasure? So they think. Therefore, it is suffering that creates the conditions for a person to think about how he lives. Therefore, it is important to recognize the great value that pain, frustration and suffering brings. Looking at your life from a different angle - you can gratefully treat all of the shock states, illnesses, experiences and failures that a person had. They are the ones who help in life the most.

With depression, the individual’s self-esteem becomes understated, and the person becomes an insecure person. Psychological help for depression significantly alters self-esteem, and returns personal confidence to the individual. Relaxation or special auto-training also helps many individuals.