Perfectionist - it is constantly striving for the ideal of the individual. The value of the perfectionist can be correlated to the meaning of the concept of perfection. That is why the concept of perfectionist synonyms - accurate, clear, not recognizing errors. Perfectionist antonym: careless, unsure, indefinite.

The value of the perfectionist is perceived by all people in different ways: one admires, the second - scoffs, the third - condemns. No matter how everyone perceives a perfectionist, how they all relate to his personality, but for him, perfectionism is a way of life, his rules.

A perfectionist is a person who lives in the pursuit of absolute perfection, he always wants to meet the extreme degree of impeccability. Sometimes, in order to explain what a perfectionist means, they use such a definition as “honors syndrome”. This means that such a person seeks to do everything in an exemplary way, without making mistakes, so that one can firmly say about his activity: she deserves the highest ball.

What does perfectionist mean? This is a man who is always dissatisfied with himself. He is not less dissatisfied with others, because he believes that no one else is able to do the job adequately. The categorical nature of such a person applies to absolutely all areas of his life. Signs of a perfectionist may appear in appearance, habits, family order, at work.

From the nature of the perfectionist and the rest of the people from the inner circle. Mostly this is done because he is keen to align everyone to his standard, he wants everyone to be guided solely by his rules. And if it happens that a person has abandoned the rules and has done his due “not at all” - this is understood by the perfectionist as an insult or personal loss.

The fact that a person will become a perfectionist is laid in the peculiarities of the course of childhood. From childhood it becomes noticeable that the child opposes compromise, he is very independent and it is not easy for him to communicate with the other children. They often find it strange, they consider it not quite like the others. A more mature perfectionist pursues mirages, fictional ideals and a bar that he sets himself. If he fails to reach the height that he himself imagined, he will suffer heavily, since he will consider himself a loser, but, in fact, he will do much more than is required.

Parenting is the main precondition for the appearance of perfectionism. If a man always aspired to impeccable appearance, the need for ironing and starching bed linen, impeccable order in the house, it means that it can be assumed that in his family the mother meticulously kept clean.

At first, every woman likes that a man loves order, but when she gradually realizes that this is a painful attitude to order, she loses it. A woman quickly gets tired of running around the house, clearing small stains, sweeping dust particles, rubbing cutlery to a dazzling sheen.

Perfectionism in everyday life is born when, in childhood, the child was given an attitude in everything he does for an ideal result. Of course, the perfectionist applies his hand to the perfect order, which should be formed, however, regular moralizing on how to ideally carry out the work, will get any patient and hardworking person.

Husbands perfectionists can perfectly combine household duties and work, but often seek remote work. If everything in the relationship is so beautiful for the husband himself, is his spouse happy about this? In the intentions of every woman there is a desire to create their own order, and here the husband chooses what rightfully belongs to her. Therefore, it would be better if perfectionists find in a pair of their own kind.

Perfectionist - the meaning of the word

It seems to many that a perfectionist is a person who possesses excellent dignity, they consider him to be quite confident, decent and flawless. But psychologists determine that a perfectionist is often not the one who is considered. Most of these people have low self-esteem, which negatively affects their personalities and results of their activities.

The perfectionist does not perceive the meaning of the "golden mean"; he distinguishes only the extremes, according to which he defines an ideal or not an ideal. This person is committed to doing absolutely everything perfectly, much better than others or not starting anything at all. He literally does everything himself, because he believes that a request for help is a manifestation of his weakness.

A perfectionist is a person for whom perfectionism is characteristic, which is the driving force of this individual. His main goal is the need to achieve excellence for himself and others.

If a person is a perfectionist, then he is an adherent of improvement or always striving for the highest perfection. Such a person seeks to reach the goal, having achieved it with a full measure, the average result will not satisfy him. This is what often leads to neurosis and stress.

The perfectionist is very difficult to accept criticism, he is susceptible to the opinion of society, because he wants to look perfect before others. Such a person in every possible way hides his own shortcomings so that those around them would not find out and could not think of his personality as unworthy. Therefore, such people, basically, do everything to appear ideal in front of others. They interpret any small setback as their own insignificance and believe that they will not be able to improve themselves anymore, they feel useless, and their self-esteem is significantly reduced.

To understand what perfectionist means, it will help to monitor other individuals and, of course, follow one another.

A perfectionist is a responsible person who is highly attentive to subtleties. He is very afraid to make a mistake, so he is keen to make everything perfect. Such a person spends a lot of time on improving what he does, he sets himself absolute ideals, so everything else is unacceptable for him. He is a stern critic to himself, and does not perceive criticism from outside. He always imagines the ultimate goal, he does not think about intermediate stages.

Although perfectionism is considered a vice, how could geniuses be geniuses if they did not observe extreme precision in what they did — in their theories, inventions and works. If every outstanding scientist had not perfected his business to perfection, no one would have known about his creation.

A perfectionist in relationships behaves coldly and detachedly with a partner. He may not understand at all what caused the pain in his own words. He believes that his chosen one should be perfect, respectively, the relationship too. If he knows that he is still far away from the ideal, then he begins to feel frustrated, and sees his partner as a traitor, therefore he rejects him.

If a perfectionist with his own strict rules has become too intrusive, which prevents his relatives from living in peace, then an appeal to a specialist will not be superfluous. Continuous tension through the pursuit of a perfect outcome, the struggle with emerging obstacles can lead to various painful conditions of the body and mind, to apathy and depression.

If the perfectionist concludes that you need to start somehow struggling with your desire to create an ideal order around yourself and everywhere in the world, he should look for ways to do it. Since the term perfectionist antonym is imperfect, it means that a person should try to become at least a bit opposite of himself.

One should learn to perceive someone else’s criticism to calmly and soberly analyze it, to understand one’s own mistakes and mistakes of others as an integral part of life. If a non-serious error has occurred, which does not affect the process in a special way, then you should not give it a meaning.

You need to unlearn yourself to criticize, instead, it’s better to get used to loving yourself, admitting your own mistakes and even loving them, because they give experience. When a person is confident, calm and attentive, then others want to communicate with him. If he gets used to doing work in such a way that the result is not lower than the ideal one, this is naturally very commendable, however, before starting a business, it is desirable to evaluate one's own strengths and capabilities regarding him. If a person objectively assesses that he cannot do the work, accordingly, he should not be taken for him, because later he will be nervous and worry that he cannot do what he wants.

If he did set to work, he could limit himself in time and leave work after the deadline, not finish and not straighten out, because this is what affects the manifestation of excessive perfectionism.

If the perfectionist himself cannot get rid of his annoying habit, he will be helped by an appeal to a psychologist. Although perfectionism is a big problem, it is possible to overcome it.

Male perfectionist

All loved ones need to have boundless love and patience to adapt to the perfectionist man. They should be able to shut up in time, not to say too much, and when you need to praise and support.

A perfectionist man is a man who stands out among other men by his excessive reflection, global self-criticism, rejection of external criticism, intolerance to mistakes, uncompromising and uncompromising, fear of failure. These characteristics can make an adult male whiner, pedant or despot. Any of these cases will make loved ones unhappy, and their lives will not be easy. Everyone will have to adapt to the head of the family, the rules and procedures, and tolerate his mood swings, which arise because he, then satisfied with himself, then extremely dissatisfied.

Day to the day a man can change - to be proud and confident, or, whining about life injustice and failure, an insecure person.

A woman should not believe that this is a fast-moving man, and he will soon change. This position of the husband is very stable, so it remains part of the character and radical changes do not occur. It is better to come to terms with the inevitable, which is impossible to change and try to influence what is still possible to change. For example, you can tell your husband that if he, at least once, does not shift clothes in orderly rows, then this time will be provided for children or their common interests.

Many men have a fear of failure because they don’t manage to achieve perfect results, so they never relax at all. It is necessary to offer such alternatives to a man so that he can think about the irresistible desire for absolutism. To distract him from the perfect execution of everyday affairs. Helping a loving wife can prevent his depression. It is worth telling her husband that there is no clear need for a perfect relationship between spouses and children.

It is advisable to remind my husband that joint sports activities, walks will help relatives to learn more about each other, will raise their spirits and improve their health. It is necessary to distract him from time to time with his suggestions in order to spend time together if a man is intensively and deeply sitting on one job. The main thing is not to discourage him from doing his favorite work, so that by chance he does not interpret how his wife’s misunderstanding and this did not cause his aggression.

Such a man should know about the suffering of his wife through the lack of due attention to her. Since this is also a kind of activity, of course, he wants this sphere to be ideal.

In order for the spouses to feel at home in their duties, the wife must divide the duties so that those matters that require a thorough approach are given to the husband. The husband of the perfectionist must be aware that the most important work is left for him, as this will increase self-esteem and strongly support. He himself might like to manipulate the perfectionism of her husband, because he does the work, and he likes it. In this way, the wife and husband of the perfectionist remain contented.

A perfectionist husband can help his wife around the house and get excited about cooking. At first, the wife will be pleased with such aspirations of her husband, but with his idealism he can get even the most industrious and careful hostess.

The ideal pair will be both people who are accustomed to bring everything to perfection and can share the obligations among themselves so that everyone can use their aspirations to the fullest. In the opposite result, quarrels and showdowns will periodically occur in the family. Re-educating a man is incredibly difficult, or it may not work out at all, but to direct his efforts in the right direction is really done.

Woman perfectionist

Almost every woman knows that it is unrealistic to combine the characteristics of an ideal wife, mother, successful business woman and hostess, but not to understand the perfectionist. This woman thinks that she is able to achieve the ideal in everything and combine these characteristics.

A perfectionist woman is a woman who differs from others in her desire to put all the responsibilities and all the responsible work on her shoulders. She is more than a perfectionist male who suffers from absolutely everything to be done at a high level. For her - appearance, work, household chores must meet a high level of performance. She also tries to be the perfect mother and perfect wife to her husband.

Such women are equally intolerant of the mistakes of others and their own. Very often, these women have children become hooligans, because they express their own protest to the strict rules of the mother, and the husbands leave, they get tired of living according to the laws dictated by the wife and find less demanding mistresses.

A perfectionist woman herself does not give an account of how demanding she is with her relatives. She has the same tone at work as at home, and she sincerely cannot understand what can be otherwise. Rather, it seems to her that if she changes, then it will be harder for her to control all matters. Naturally, she is not in time to do everything perfectly, others see it, but the woman, without ceasing to slow down, works as much as she can. As a result, she does not have time, she remains alone, everything becomes uncontrollable. To avoid all the potential problems threatening loneliness, a woman needs to get rid of perfectionism.

The woman, who has perfectionism, considers herself obliged to do everything perfectly. She owes her family, husband, children, acquaintances, colleagues and friends. Must be an excellent employee and an ideal woman.

A perfectionist woman should look perfect, be financially independent, contribute a share of her finances to the budget for common expenses, serve family life, sacrifice everything, for the sake of children, try to preserve her health, so that the children would not leave her, look after her, look after her young, so that her husband did not leave. She is obliged to cook, to do the perfect cleaning, to wash things, not to show her fatigue and to do hateful things with a smile.

She should go in for sports, as it is considered fashionable and will keep her youth. Must be kind to all others, help them disinterestedly, because she has a soft nature. Must constantly self-educate to remain interesting and erudite. She has to throw out all the photos on which she looks imperfect, remove them from social networks, so that everyone can see her only perfect, even in the photo, where she is in the company. All of the above leads to a single outcome - she has nerves.

The perfectionist woman stops and realizes that she has no more strength to do everything flawlessly. She is confused about what she owes and to whom, and she no longer knows what she wants. But it is inside, but outside she is a confident and strong woman. She is still doing the very things that she wants to complete completely. Because of the desire to make each case perfect, she loses time for other classes, so she feels guilty.

A perfectionist woman tries to be the best wife, mother and friend, but she cannot fail anyone. Mistakes are the failure to fulfill their direct duties, as it follows, or rather, as the perfectionist woman established them. It is difficult for her to understand how everyone can allow themselves to live as they want, but not by her rules, not to bear a mountain of responsibility, to be frivolous and to experience happiness, she is driven to madness.

Perhaps many such woman seems unpleasant, unfriendly and unfriendly person. But did she voluntarily become like that, or perhaps under other conditions she would be a completely different person?

If a child has been surrounded by certain standard stereotypes since childhood, which in adulthood they have not been worked out, it means that they will take root in the personality. The girl, subject to the effects of such stereotypes, begins to rush through life, doing everything extremely correctly, as she was taught. В самые жизненно важные периоды она не руководствуется личным мнением, а делает, что ей укажут, поскольку другие считают, что ей так лучше, и она соглашается.

Например, за нее решают, где ей учиться, на кого, с кем будет жить и где работать. Девушка покорно делает все, становится всем должной. She becomes callous and closed, because she considers emotions to be a weakness, and she experienced not much happiness in order to be carefree. She didn’t have time for fun, since many of the cases required excellent performance.

Such a woman needs a strong confident man who will say that it is time for her to stop, and you should not live, as she was told, she is an independent woman and she herself has the right to decide how well she should do the work. A man can take a few things to do for himself, so they will have time to be together.

A perfectionist woman needs a man who will be able to make her relax, help her analyze her behavior to realize how much time she spends in order to achieve something perfect, which, in fact, is not required, and the main thing is that she could spend her free time with close people.