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How to discipline yourself

How to discipline yourself? This is a matter of concern to individuals who do not know how to obey external, or their own established rules when achieving goals. When a person wants something, this desire will discipline him. A disciplined person is a person who is capable of obeying the rules that he establishes in order to achieve an established goal.

Through discipline, a person is a socially adequate person who is capable of maintaining order, since he recognizes the existence of a general law and follows certain rules and regulations. If it is difficult for a person to discipline himself, it is difficult to realize the meaning of the word "order", then personal growth is impossible for him.

Anyone who can discipline himself, control behavior so that external negative factors cannot distract him and if such a person can subordinate himself to the current order, then he can consider himself a disciplined decent person.

Discipline has many enemies. It is more difficult to discipline oneself if an individual is inherent in impulsiveness and distractibility. Outwardly, it is also possible to identify an un-disciplined person - he is fussy, has a loose walk, is not collected, does not control statements, often complains and takes the position of the victim, is constantly justified and refers to external circumstances.

A person who can discipline himself is not late, remembers and keeps promises. It is a bit more difficult for a person to discipline himself with the onset of the evening, as fatigue affects him.

Some people find it very difficult to discipline themselves, which requires a lot of effort. However, you should not dramatize, you can turn the process of disciplining yourself into an exciting and creative process. A disciplined person is an individual who is respected among educated people. Therefore, together with the ability to discipline oneself, a person also gains respect, recognition and the ability to always achieve the intended goal.

How to become disciplined

How to become a disciplined person? To get to work on this issue, time must be found, and this is already the first step in how to make yourself disciplined. In complete tranquility, you need to think of a plan to achieve the goal. Actually, in order to discipline oneself, the goal is not so important, it is important to adhere to the worked out plan according to it.

It is necessary to create a plan for the actions that need to be taken to implement the plan. The plan must have a title, it is the goal, you can call it: “Discipline yourself”. Further, there should be columns with names: actions, start, probable difficulties, strategies for overcoming difficulties, report.

Actions are steps to achieve a goal. For example, discard habits that take time, look for information on your subject, ask for advice. These may be several actions, so it’s worth thinking about them and writing them down.

The beginning is the time convenient for performing all actions. You can plan it for any day and time. You can not waste time and stretch it, at first it will not help to discipline yourself. But, adhering to the target date, the goal must be fully realized, subject to any time constraints that may arise. For example, a person has decided that he wants to start going to the gym; it is necessary to record the near future of this action, otherwise this desire will simply disappear. Over time, as it reappears, the person will begin to feel remorse for not having done it before.

Probable difficulties need to think well, to predict any obstacles. If you want to get used to get up at 7.00 in the morning, but you know for sure that you will fall asleep when the alarm goes off, then you should write “I will fall asleep again” in this column. Predicting such obstacles now, it will be possible to increase the chances of success in achieving the goal over the long term.

Coping strategies - seeking advice or brainstorming, these ideas are good options for creating ideas in this column. Later, the methods that previously contributed to the solution of the problem will be a kind of pattern of action in different circumstances. If a person knows that some of the experience is hardly useful as a strategy, then it is better to immediately abandon this method. Therefore, it is better to use new techniques, to come up with more effective ones. For example, if a person is going to discipline himself, to introduce a new habit of rising at 6.00 am, but every time he turns off the alarm and continues to sleep, then the alarm clock itself can be set a little further from the bed. So, in order to turn it off, you have to get up, that is, to perform the most unpleasant action that causes you to wake up.

A report is a part of a plan that does not need to be planned, since only after all the actions of the plan have been completed, it can be described. The report should record how successful the implementation of the plan was, how quickly the results were achieved.

To discipline oneself, it is not enough just to make a plan. Following the plan, it is necessary to carry it out. The main thing is to act with the exact observance of all actions, and gradually record the notification of the implementation. The plan needs to be reviewed all the time, read the implementation notes, cross out what was achieved, and emphasize what to look for. You should also abandon strategies that have proven ineffective and include only those in your mode of behavior that have proven to be useful. It is necessary to extract all the useful experience and introduce it into the preparation of the next plan. Making plans will help a person to discipline himself, over time he will be able to abandon them.

If a person reveals that he did not succeed completely to immediately achieve a perfect result, he does not need to lose heart. Do not allow despondency. To discipline oneself is necessary precisely in order to control one’s emotions. Learning involves mistakes that lead to new experiences.

You can discipline yourself if you start to get rid of bad habits, those that take away precious time from a person (constant watching TV, frequent use of the Internet). By freeing this time, a person will be able to discipline himself, to do more productive things.

If a person is trying to discipline himself, then he must track his own success daily. This tracking allows you to see how many steps to do to the goal. Making an effort to do homework at the right time becomes a great practical way to discipline yourself. Since many people think that it is difficult to discipline oneself and it’s boring to do it, they need to change their thoughts. If a person thinks how bored he will be to master the whole process in order to discipline himself, he needs to restructure his thoughts in order to think about what result and benefit the accomplished work will bring.

How to make yourself disciplined? Discipline yourself helps sleep on schedule. You need to set yourself the best time to fall asleep and rise. Every individual knows how much he needs to sleep in order to sleep well. Also, everyone knows when it is best for him to wake up and have time at the same time calmly, without fuss, get together and have time to go out. Each is individual, so you need to make yourself an individual schedule. So, a person will get more sleep, do everything and be able to discipline himself. The smaller the person will deviate from the established schedule, it will be easier to comply with it.

How to become a disciplined person will help systematic sports. If you take sport seriously, it will discipline. It is necessary to find the sport you like, to enroll in the appropriate section. It is the awareness that you need to go at the appointed time for the class helps to discipline yourself. Compliance with the training schedule teaches a person to discipline himself also in other areas of life.

If there is no opportunity to go in for sports, visiting the sections, you can start practicing yourself. Set yourself the time in which the person will be engaged, and set aside for this also a certain time. However, it is harder to discipline oneself by doing home workouts, since there is no external control and the person relaxes more. Sports, will teach a person to be disciplined, they will also give health and a beautiful body that will strengthen a person’s self-confidence.

To discipline oneself a person will be helped by such a technique, how to write on stickers necessary to complete the task and attach them to visible places, such as a monitor, if you have to work at a computer for a long time. Keeping in mind the list of necessary cases, a person will remember them; they will seem inevitable until they are carried out. So, he wants to quickly get rid of the intrusive list, he will start to work and cope faster. The sticker will be such a box in the reminder, and the head will be freed from some of the information. This method helps to discipline oneself well.

How to become a disciplined person? Work should be done on concentration, since the enemy of discipline is absent-mindedness. If you are engaged in one business, you can not be distracted by another. When a person interrupts a lesson in one case for the sake of a short break for the second, concentration is lost. To return to the first case he will need time. Because of this, a lot of time is wasted.

You can find a lot of methods for developing concentration or simply every time you want to distract from the main task, start mentally scolding yourself and go back to work immediately, this way will help to discipline yourself. If a person has responsibility, then a sense of shame will overcome his desire to be distracted, which will allow him to discipline himself.

How to make yourself disciplined? The ability to control your finances and discipline in this direction will help to discipline yourself in other areas. Financial discipline is a very good way to discipline oneself, since the issue of finance is very often crucial. Often people buy themselves unnecessary things, guided by momentary gusts. Of course, it is hard to resist another tempting purchase, but naturally it is possible to temper impulsivity in purchases. Therefore, it is important to discipline yourself, in wanting to buy a thing for yourself, before reaching the cash desk hundreds of times to think about how important it is, where it can be applied, whether it has a lasting effect.

How to discipline a child

Parents who have managed to discipline themselves should now teach this child. The approach to it, of course, looks different, due to age differences.

To teach the child to discipline himself, it is not necessary to use methods of physical punishment. They harden children, making them irritable and aggressive. Children should be praised and rewarded if they behaved well. To make it easier for the child to discipline himself, it is necessary to give him a reward only after it is done. The “payment” made before the action is performed will relax the child, he will not perform it to the fullest extent. The child must understand that parents are responsible people who can discipline themselves and follow their example.

In order to discipline a child, it is necessary to strengthen his good behavior, to voice praise when he really deserves it. Children always expect their parents to approve their actions and behavior. Every time a child takes the right step and deserves praise, you need to hug, kiss and smile. To say the phrases of approval: "You are well done", "You did it very skillfully." Be sure to comment on all the actions of the child. He must know that all actions have consequences, this understanding will help him discipline himself.

When the opportunity arises, you should give the child the right to choose (wash the dishes or take out the garbage). This will bring a sense of personal independence, and discipline him in the performance of duties. The child must know that he has responsibilities in the family that are only under his responsibility. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a mandatory daily work. For example, to help with setting the table, to clean. This also includes such actions: take a bath, brush your teeth. Instilling these habits from an early age will help your child discipline himself.

Parents are obliged to create a favorable environment that would facilitate the performance of duties. You need to be friendly, smiling and transform the process of doing things into gameplay, for example, to arrange a competition, who will wash more plates for a certain time. So the child will learn to fulfill his duties and discipline himself, and it will be easier for him to do certain work, because the parents were able to transform it into an exciting process.

To discipline a child, you need to set clear limits on his age. If a child wants something beyond, and at the same time begins to cry, he should not go on about. Crying is a normal reaction of a young child to the dissatisfaction of his needs, it is better to ignore him and the child himself will calm down upon seeing that there is no reaction to crying. So the child will be able to discipline himself, and he will grow up with the understanding that everything is not always allowed.

It is necessary to rephrase the usual phrases, such as: "do you want to eat now?" on "lunch time for everyone!". Probably in the first case, the child will want to say no, but in the second he has no choice. The child should be encouraged and punished immediately, otherwise he will forget that he has done and will not understand the actions with which he will be approached to punish or praise, because for him this situation will become irrelevant.

When the child did not hear the team sent to him for the first time, or he heard, but ignored, you need to repeat it again, and with the amendment, say that the failure to complete the task has unpleasant consequences. If at another time there is no reaction of the child, then it is necessary to proceed to the consequences. Fear of consequences and responsibility for them will help the child to discipline himself.

With each disobedience, you need to have a conversation with your child, parents should do this in turn, so that the child does not specifically offend any of them. We must explain to him what is expected of him, how important it is, and show the mistakes of his behavior and explain how to behave next time.