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How to flirt with a man

Communication between people has many facets, thanks to which it becomes interesting and long-playing, especially with regard to intersexual interaction. If you correctly learn how to flirt with men, it will help not only to get new fans, find the fate of your life, but also maintain a high level of interest in yourself in the team, add piquancy to friendship. The erroneous belief that flirting always involves an intimate connection or a hint of it, in fact, it is a completely platonic, non-binding gesture of attention, a kind of way to show your interest not only at the level of a business partner.

In addition to social benefits, the beneficial effect of flirting and human well-being is noted, because when the game starts at the level of eroticism, the production of happiness hormones increases, immunity increases. Even if the person to whom flirtings are addressed is not considered as a partner, the instincts continue to work at the same level of ancient times, which means that their well-being improves and a state of light euphoria appears. This is especially shown to those who have long been without relationships and are not going to start new ones yet - a great way to feel their importance and significance. But in order to avoid ambivalent situations, when mutual easy game turns into dirty hints and even goes over the edge of an insult, you need to know the rules of flirting, so that you can apply them and understand that this is addressed to you.

Why do men flirt

Flirting for representatives of different sexes is a completely different in its semantic fullness processes. So, if it concerns a girl, then in any interaction she will consider the partner as a further companion (for the evening or the coming decades), at the same time there are frequent cases when a man flirts, but does not take steps to develop relationships, and it lasts a long time. . This represents an established relationship model. In the male psychology, self-awareness of the dominant male, having the opportunity to choose any female, is extremely important, and only flirting can create a similar illusion for the male ego.

There are times when men openly measured their strength, while women humbly waited for the winner to be determined now irrelevant, and defeating someone who is stronger physically or financially is always possible by winning a woman’s heart. It is for this that flirtation exists, as an alternative form of building relationships and avoiding competition. Moreover, the form is quite effective and becoming the most acceptable in modern society. While some earn money and are constantly absent, while others only do what they like to fight for their women, a new type of alpha male appears, noticing the girl’s bored look and able to keep up an interesting conversation with her. Flirtings are built on the views and omissions, it can never be reproached, so it is so often that the flirting boy, obviously inferior to the girl’s real young man, ends up with her, because at the time of the man’s conversation, there are no complaints about him .

Men flirt, both free and lonely and love ladies, whose phone book is filled with female names, this style of behavior is peculiar to deeply married and teenagers who are only aware of their gender roles. The goal of male flirtation often is not to get a woman, but to completely capture her attention at this particular moment. Hunter's instinct is triggered every time an unknown woman appears in the field of attention, and flirting is only a way to get maximum information. Immediately after it became known to the person as much as possible and the internal interest is satisfied, the flirting stops. The second option to satisfy the hunter's instinct is to get the necessary amount of female attention or to bring up to a certain point (to go home, take a phone number, see a refusal to communicate to other men - each has its own). In these situations, as soon as the goal is reached, the corresponding game behavior disappears.

When flirting is part of a winning strategy, it is just a means. For example, to pass without a queue or get confidential information about the authorities, even with strangers, this goes away, because, thanks to its charisma, many men receive medical examinations in fifteen minutes and discount cards, hitting the first time in the institution. All these examples speak only of a good knowledge of female psychology and the use of the strategies of flirting solely for personal gain.

How to understand that a man is flirting

A woman flirts with a man always quite openly - this is evident from gestures and facial expressions, in addition, the advice of numerous magazines about how to play such a piquant game is so replicable that this behavior has become almost stereotypical. Recognizing men's flirting is quite difficult, because sometimes he hides behind rude and hackneyed compliments about the beauty of his eyes, and sometimes he is so veiled that even a young lady who really wants to see sympathy is unlikely to be able to guess her in such acts.

Flirting always avoids direct attention, it is associated with the fear of being rejected or unwillingness to start a serious relationship, so they can use all sorts of distant signs of attention. It is worth thinking that a person who tries to be constantly around, tell a funny and encouraging story, quietly help, wink, walking in the opposite direction along the working corridor - starts flirting. These are the first signs of attention, in response to which a woman can play the game of half-hints known only to two.

Watch for non-verbal manifestations, because in most cases flirting is a manifestation of a person’s sincere interest, which means that his body will give out this interest by turning your head in your direction, by bending the torso. There will be periodic attempts to accidentally touch, get closer, hold your hand in your hands a little longer. In addition to sign language, listen to what they say to you directly - an overly notorious man who does not dare to approach or is not defined in his feelings will be silent about what is happening in his world. This of course does not cancel even the deepest love, but this is definitely not about flirting, as a form of communication. When there is interaction at the level of hints and not a contract, holding the interlocutor’s tension, we always need compliments and intriguing comments to hook on the sensual sphere, which is deeper than formal communication.

A flirting man makes a lot of jokes, and this can be both rather cruel moments and options for bantering you. Before you get offended, it is worth remembering that even in school times the girls who liked it were pulled by the hair and hit the head with a book. People grow up, but their ways of interacting with reality do not fundamentally change, but there is a trick - the one who flirts will laugh at your jokes, no matter how old and stupid they are.

Separate a sincere flirtation from a professional because there is a part of occupations where such a style of communication is necessary. All service industries are built on the inclusion of personal interest - bartenders and waiters, consultants and sellers, taxi drivers and individual craftsmen, as well as many others. These are stories about falling in love with a bartender or a guide, how a man was crazy about a saleswoman or a tailor - these are examples of how properly constructed communication allows people to sell more. Note that these stories always have one characteristic feature - to get the next batch of attention, you need to return to the institution again and leave more money, but there are no special steps on the other side, but you are always welcome.

Examples of how to flirt with a man

Examples of what kind of flirting is successful are expanding more and more as tolerance in society increases, intima topics are no longer strictly tabooed, and the Internet makes it possible to flirt with a man by correspondence, and not just at a direct meeting. The main goal of flirting is to activate the understanding of one's gender role and make it clear to the partner that he can communicate with him at the same level, respectively, all other mechanisms are built around this basis.

Women need to focus on the smoothness of their gestures and softness of behavior, to emphasize their femininity not only with the help of accessories, but also the behavior and manner of communication. If you break into details, then this is a slow stroking of hair instead of a quick stroke in order to fix the hair, open lips, as if frozen in anticipation of something tasty or a kiss, a slow gait, allowing not only to demonstrate the figure, but also giving the man an opportunity to catch up woman

Examples of stupid enthusiastic fools are so annoying to serious women not with low levels of intelligence, but with the opportunity to play and be anybody, allow themselves to be naughty and change their mind, act up and rejoice loudly. This may seem feigned, but this is how an emancipated and extremely feminine girl looks in the eyes of men, which means that this style already refers to flirting, because the emphasis is not on professional qualities.

Any flirting begins with visual contact and it is important to practice to withstand a long, direct look, which should be taken a few seconds before the man surrenders. Looking directly at a partner means either an intimate interest, or conflict and aggression, and in time lowered eyelashes leave the man behind the winner in this fight, leaving the woman with the privilege of weak and continuing the erotic theme without translating it into competitions.

A woman in flirting is responsible for the bright stars hovering around - this is her laughter spreading from male jokes, delight in his stories, surprise at the place where communication takes place. There is no need to follow the meaning of the conversation - joke, relax, smile, show your beauty. You can even directly ask the man what opinion of your hairstyle or wrist, just do not send and do not ask to assess the chest and the length of the legs. And most importantly - avoid direct compliments and surrender of the extreme positions You can talk the whole evening, but then disappear so that he does not accompany him home, assure him of his wonderful charisma and listen with his mouth open, but after a while leave to mingle with others. To create the feeling that you are now completely in his power is good, when these are serious and mutual feelings, but for now this is just a game (where you don’t even have to give names), why load the mind with unnecessary meanings.