Realist - This is a person who, in his daily activities, strictly takes into account the conditions of reality, looks critically at the outside world and does not indulge in extremes. The meaning of the word realist is presented in the philosophical encyclopedia and is interpreted as an adherent of the philosophical direction - realism, which recognizes the existence of exclusively universal concepts as real.

The meaning of the word “realist” can also be found in art and literature, where the representative of the trend is called realism, which aims to show the true reproduction of reality in its typical manifestations. A prudent view regarding oneself and the external modern world is a necessary factor in making the right effective decisions and achieving success in order to be a happy person. The modern information environment is very aggressive, therefore it is difficult to soberly evaluate all its factors. To do this, make an effort. To be able to objectively perceive things, you must carefully select the sources of information that can be trusted.

A person who wants to become a realist should embody the essence of love and happiness in his own life, overcome his weaknesses, strong uncontrollable emotions and bad habits that destroy both body and mind. Any misconception or pattern imposed on a person by family and society instead of truth, accepted as a result of conscious analysis, is a surrender to deception, which as a result makes a slave person of false ideas.

A realist is a person who is able to be independent from other people's ideas and judgments, to resist them, can be himself and is able to become happy. People often identify themselves as either optimistic or pessimistic, forgetting such an intermediate option as a realist.

The realist definition of this concept includes a person who has an equally sober appraising view of himself and the outside world. He knows how to keep emotions under control, so he is always reasonable and balanced. Optimists and pessimists almost always cannot keep the whole situation under control, weighing, evaluating and analyzing information.

Although realistically for a person to be best, most people prefer to be optimistic. Since the world is always more pleasant to look with joyful eyes.

Who is a realist

The meaning of the word realist comes from the Latin term "realis," meaning "real." A realist is a person who always adequately and objectively perceives external reality and quite calmly reacts to it. Such a person can firmly stand on his feet and knows the price of things.

A person can be a realist, as in childhood, adolescence and old age. A child realist finds in his books an untruthful description of life, too fabulous. Therefore, he does not focus on them, considering that life should be created based on what is happening in the real world.

In their youth, realists love to learn a lot of harsh and hard, life facts, which in peaceful times in a prosperous family and real life is rare.

A realist, as a rule, is imposing in his sayings and thoughts; he treats everyone with a proper degree of respect. This is a person who will never deceive himself, he is sincere enough with himself, so he can give a correct and accurate assessment of the actions of his own behavior, as if he is evaluating not himself, but another person from outside. To achieve this state of mind, it is worth forgetting about exalted personal pride and to perceive the world as neutral, unbiased and independent of various factors.

However, it is impossible to become a realist completely to a person, because he will lose his character and personal opinion, be lost as a person or just go insane. But many are still able to almost reach this state, even to get close to it.

More often, you can meet male realists, because women are more emotional, because of their sensitivity and sensitivity, they cannot give a critical assessment of what is happening. But still it depends solely on each person specifically.

Technical progress has reached the fact that everyone can sit at home and find on the Internet a variety of information, books, films and videos. Videos can be of diverse nature and content. A person can review the most terrible, cruel and terrible events that took place in different parts of the world. He can find out how different people live, and by comparing it with his serene life, he will become smarter and evaluate everything differently.

Such a person begins to really understand what the real value of human life is. It is difficult to surprise, upset or severely angry. He begins to perceive the world through the prism of reality, becoming really realist. He no longer reacts to things as rejected as before, does not see the point. It turns out that a person who has seen a lot in life becomes a realist.

The realist is concrete in actions and thoughts. He is set on the concrete implementation of his plans and other people's ideas, and a quick return to them. A realist is inclined to simplify problems, he is not inclined to argue for a long time, therefore he almost always makes the first decision, because he considers the first one to be the most correct. It is very important for him to act immediately to see the result faster. He is not inclined to think too far ahead, wants to perform current tasks.

A realist is a person who is always straightforward, because he sees no reason to hide his personal true opinion, does not like to deceive, is powerful, decisive, often rude and radical with respect to the rest. He is not inclined to have long conversations or to explain for a long time. If the goal is clear, he will effectively and quickly resolve the situation. The realist is inclined to leadership, therefore often occupies high-ranking officials.

Communicating with a realist should start with a topic that would be interesting to him, would benefit him or profit by presenting the information briefly and clearly, using arguments, examples and real facts. If you want the realist to accept the offer, it is worth giving him only truthful information, not trying to outwit him. You just need to calmly express your own position and convince him of the practical benefits of the proposed case.

A realist is a man who loves alone to control the situation and dispose. In order to win the position of a person with a realistic vision of the world, it is not necessary to occupy him with useless exercises and conversations, it is better to offer help or your advice.

How to become a realist

Most people have moments when for them the long-awaited result turns out to be stress or a bad mood, so they rarely feel pleasure from the work done. This is because the individual is trying to achieve something completely unreal. However, these troubles can be avoided if you become a realist.

When a person looks at things realistically, he can assess his own strength and choose an adequate goal, the achievement of which would be a real pleasure. You can get a realistic outlook on life by learning simple rules.

A realistic person always manages his actions independently, is aware of them. Many will focus heavily on actions because they are too concerned about the goal itself. This often leads to poor execution of the action plan. So, to achieve the desired will be difficult. Instead of focusing on the goal itself, you should think about what should be done now, today, to accomplish it. You need to analyze your actions and leave only really effective steps to achieve the desired.

You should learn not to get upset over trifles. Most people take too much to heart, attach importance to what essentially means nothing. So, if a little that does not happen, they immediately begin to reproach themselves, tears. It would be more correct to analyze your actions in detail. All blunders viewed as something that will soon become the past and experience. The more to dwell on your mistakes, the more they will become.

Realists succeed by learning wisdom from others, taking their advice into account. A realist is a person who will not say that he knows everything himself or does not need advice. When a person begins to compare personal success with the success of others, and realizes that he does not reach for them, his first reaction is envy. But envy does not allow a person to go further. It is better not to envy, but to take an example from more successful people. You need to think what you can do yourself to achieve an outstanding result. We must be realistic, look for ways to implement our plans. In order not to give your feeling of envy a complete mastery, it is advisable to change your feelings and attitude towards individuals who have achieved more. You can step over yourself and try to be happy for the success of another person. If there is nothing beyond this unique person in this person, then why are you worse, then success will come to you. These thoughts help to take control of oneself, gain control over one’s own strength and act. This is how a realist behaves. All examples of success can be used as a source of inspiration.

A person with a realistic perception of the world lives in the present, but sometimes she mentally returns to the past to analyze and withdraw experience that can be useful now.

A realist is a person who, although he critically assesses all events, but still has an enthusiasm and a positive attitude, which supplies him with energy and accelerates the process of achieving success. It is necessary to perceive their failures as something positive. The more problems a person has, the stronger he becomes. Failure is the main indicator of personal growth. Development is not possible without the destruction of plans and failures. Just it is necessary to change the personal attitude towards them.

Becoming a realist is not so difficult, you need to use all these rules every day, following your goal.