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Human inner core

Human inner core - This is a metaphorical concept that describes the inner strength of the personality, awareness, practicality, freedom from evaluations, patterns and other people's opinions. The inner core of the personality helps to withstand the pressures of life failures, orients in a reliable direction to the accomplishment of tasks, which prepares the personality for spiritual development.

About an individual with a very stable life orientation, who is aware of his responsibility, understands his personal life mission, they say - he has a personal core. The stronger he will be, the stronger the person will become, the weaker he will be, the less stable the person will be to any life events. An individual who has a distorted perception of the world and has no inner core, uses any negative experience to turn himself into an unfortunate victim, so that others sympathize with and help him in everything.

How to find the inner core? It can be acquired and strengthened if you become more active, creative, active, create your own life, creating your own views and principles. Moderate workload, the development of independence, finding your own goal, raising independence to commitments - all this contributes to the formation of an internal core.

The inner core of the personality is a system of personal guidelines and principles, the logic of actions and thoughts. This is a general idea of ​​a person about everything, the ability to distinguish the essential from the secondary. A woman who has an inner core does not judge others, does not criticize and recognizes any human manifestations. This woman herself forms her own reality, radiating love to everyone around her.

The inner core of a man represents his psychological resistance to various problems, the greatest difficulties.

Inner core of a woman

In a woman with an inner core, all life events and destiny are created by the woman herself, her thoughts, emotions and intentions.

The inner core of the personality of a woman represents her personal "I", expressing her as a formed personality, of an adult individual living in the current state, present time. Such a woman solves all relevant issues without delaying them, and makes her own choice. This woman has self-respect and does not allow to humiliate herself. She has a special vision of the world, her own view on all events and on other people.

The inner core of a woman’s personality allows her to remain firm in her desires and decisions, without silencing them or suppressing them. He helps her to enter the state of "masculine", to show masculine courage and firmness in decisions, to say no, when she wants to. He also helps to communicate desires to the whole world, to relatives and to his man; sincerely voicing them so that a man could act accordingly with her desires. Such a woman creates her own destiny, using the colors of the soul, with which she and her inner energy are filled. A woman needs to concentrate on herself, her inner space, to dream and love. A man surrounded by the love of such a woman will be more responsive to her and inspired. The feminine energy she has gives her man the power to move forward.

Often a woman who devotes herself to a social role entirely, forgets about personal desires and the importance of love. She gives energy to other individuals, lives their scenario. True feminine nature is not peculiar to the hardness and categorical, which is more suitable for the male sex. A woman who devotes herself to the life cycle lives in a reality alien to her nature, revealing male qualities and traits, although most often her soul does not accept this role. A woman steps over her true femininity when she acts like a man. She certainly has an inner core, since she is brave enough, but this is not her truth.

Beloved and loving woman shines with harmony, joy and happiness, she is sure, her love for her relatives gives her the strength and ability to protect her relatives. This expresses its inner core. This woman is easier to achieve goals and remain free.

Inner core of a man

A man who has a personal core is the master of life, who will not become the slave of others. A man needs an inner core in order to be able to become a true authority to his child and wife.

The inner core of the personality gives a man the ability to effectively resist any difficulties, make consistent and wise decisions, stay free, disregard the opinions of others, and not depend on any intrusive external circumstances.

In the understanding of many women, the inner core of a man is the quality that adds to the attractiveness that is observed in the manner of a man to speak, to interest, to have. A man who has a strong character, will be able to enter into a tense discussion, and to justify a personal position. Even in case of a misunderstanding, he will remain with an individual opinion, and withstand the flow of the opponent’s lies, he is also able to keep silent if necessary. Such a man is easy to adapt to continuous changes of circumstances. It is easy for him to overcome depression, not to allow negative emotions to develop, to support others in their need. Such a man is able to muffle his feelings, memories and think positively in a negative situation. He is always ready to protect personal interests. A man without a personal core is not decisive, not firm in intentions, it is easy to force him, to convince or to incline to decisions that contradict his present views.

How to develop the inner core

The development of the inner core depends on the personal awareness of the person why he needs it. If an individual has a weak temper, and he wants to strengthen him, to become stronger, he must follow some recommendations.

The development of the inner core begins with the fact that a person ceases to shift his own responsibility to others. After all, all the events and situations that happen to him, only his choice. When a person dumps responsibility for the spoken words and actions on someone, he becomes weaker than he destroys his personality. It also happens if he allows emotions to control himself.

How to find the inner core? Believe in your own strength, accept yourself as you are, your thoughts, weaknesses and virtues. A person who represents himself exclusively from the best side, tries to be pleasant and friendly to everyone - breaks up as a full-fledged person, ceases to be whole, because he does not recognize the existence of his other half. Being addicted to others, experiencing how others perceive a person, becomes a problem that weakens character.

How to find the inner core? It is necessary to determine the life goal to which the remaining minor goals will be attached. The goal or the life mission defines the personal orientation that stimulates the development of firmness and determination of the person. It is important to define your goals in the main areas of life (family, work, society). Man is designed so that without a goal, he loses his life force.

Self-development is the only goal that has no obstacles; therefore, it is advisable to form the goals in such a way as to immediately learn something.

The development of the inner core is impossible without reading, certain skills, so it is important to read, learn more new information, accumulate practical skills, learn new things every day, analyze, systematize and apply.

The development of the inner core depends on the life experience, which is an important component in personal development and testifies to the adulthood and maturity of the person. Therefore, you should leave children's cares in the past, stop blaming others for your problems, start creating life at your own discretion.

It is necessary to create your life, in spite of how others live, you should set your own rules, show individuality in them. Other people's stereotypes will not help in creating your own happy life, as well as in developing self-control and character. Personal views should be developed on popular topics that are discussed in society. Create your own landmarks, build categories. At the heart of the inner core should be a system of own views on everything that happens in life. To develop it, a person must try to live consciously, guided by conscious choice.

The development of the inner core provides that a person will develop the ability to follow his personal choice. To do this, it is necessary all the time in any decisive situation to put questions in front of me: what am I doing, for whom, why, etc. A person who develops an inner core must be aware that all his actions must comply with his guidelines and life choices.