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How to stop wanting to sleep

There may be a huge amount of situations when it is necessary to stop wanting to sleep in life, and the reasons for this need may vary. To overcome the natural need of the organism is the most difficult task, i.e. this is not a rejection of a sweet or pleasant movie, but a restructuring of vital functions.

The whole vital system will resist attempts to stay awake longer, because it is in a dream that the person recovers as much as possible. This applies to both physical well-being and the nervous system. A sleep-deprived organism not only begins to function worse in terms of reaction speed and concentration, after spending a few sleepless days in humans, hallucinations begin, followed by irreversible changes in somatic structures, in particular the brain.

Therefore, before driving a dream away, it is worthwhile to assess how your body’s resources are available for further activities, as well as the criticality of the situation. If you need to cheer up for the sake of meeting with friends, then it is better to abandon the venture, but if there is a danger to life (natural disasters, military actions), you need to dislodge sleep with all possible methods. In addition to such polar situations, there are also medium difficulties - being at work, preparing a project, the need to be on the road, and others - a person must make a decision himself, guided by individual situation indicators.

Causes of increased drowsiness

The state of increased sleepiness is determined by the presence of a set of manifestations, such as constant yawning, a decrease in the severity of perception of the surrounding space, a feeling of heaviness in the eyes, a decrease in blood pressure and heart rate. May be accompanied by weakness, tearfulness, irritability, or vice versa, low responsiveness to environmental events. It is difficult to determine why there is a strong desire to take a nap, especially if this condition does not last for a short period.

The most global factor causing drowsiness is natural and weather changes. The human body is subject to the influence of the atmosphere and other phenomena of the planetary process, of which the most strongly influenced by changes in the weather in the direction of prolonged rain or abnormal heat. In the first case, there is a significant and long-term decrease in pressure, and therefore vitality, in the second, vital functions slow down and decrease due to stuffiness (insufficient oxygen metabolism) and temperature increase (energy saving, preventing overheating of the body). The change of seasons can increase the need for sleep due to the reduction of daylight hours and the limited amount of essential vitamins - the body, by its natural necessity, goes into an energy-saving mode, as it was a century earlier.

If you remove the weather effect, then the person himself complicates his life by constant lack of sleep or a complete lack of night sleep. There may be a false opinion about the adequacy of sleep, because the duration corresponds to the described standards, this does not mean that the body is fully rested. The quality of sleep at different nights is different, its surface depends on the surrounding sounds and light, temperature and the events that occurred during the day. So in some places for a deep and full sleep a few hours is enough, whereas in a room where they constantly interfere, it may take up to half a day. These are factors that are usually ignored by a person intentionally or unknowingly, but there are also situations where lack of sleep is intentionally provoked. Usually, after such sleepless nights there are no particular problems in finding the causes, it remains only to hold out for the day and not fall asleep.

Sleep is the only way to fully restore the nervous system, so the more stress it receives per day, the higher the level of drowsiness, and if a person’s whole life is built at a fairly quick and severe emotional and intellectual pace, then drowsiness becomes a constant companion. After suffering stress, heavy workload and trouble at home, you can fall asleep just sitting on the sofa. Those who work physically hard, at the same time solve domestic problems and are highly responsible for other people or large sums of money, are exposed to a high wear down of the nervous system, which ultimately causes drowsiness.

Various somatic and neuropsychiatric diseases may have drowsiness as one of the symptoms or it appears due to the weakening of body functions. These include depression and stress, hormone problems and infectious diseases, as well as all diseases that block or transform the normal blood supply to the brain. The use of various drugs and psychoactive substances can provoke drowsiness, because it inhibits brain function.

How to cheer up and stop wanting to sleep

It is believed that the best way to quickly stop wanting to sleep is a cup of caffeine-containing drink, but this method does not always work, and its effectiveness is not high, so consider other effective ways. The best source of energy is water, which can be used in various ways. First you need to drink a glass of ordinary water to restore the hydro balance, remove dehydration, which is a common cause of drowsiness. Then water can be used externally, arranging contrasting souls, and for those who are not used to hardening, you can recommend just a cool shower. The temperature difference, the narrowing of peripheral blood vessels leads to the fact that the blood flows to the brain and the heart as much as possible, which is a stimulating factor and gives vitality. If it is not possible to take a shower, washing or rinsing the brushes with cool water is fine.

Coffee can be used if a short-term, but strong result is needed, and to enhance its effect or simply to feel the effect after a whole sleepless night, you can add hot spices (cinnamon or ground pepper). If the effect is necessary not so much bright as long-term, then it is better to drink green tea, which contains a higher percentage of caffeine, gradually released into the blood. You can use energy drinks that are sold in stores, or you can brew ginseng, echinacea on your own, add vitamins (especially ascorbic).

If you refuse the pharmacological effects, then you can activate the body's hidden reserves thanks to special breathing exercises (widely represented in yoga and body-oriented psychology). The purpose of such breathing practices is to saturate the brain with oxygen as much as possible, which will give vigor, by the way, yawning is a natural mechanism for saturating the body with air for energy. The second option is to saturate the blood with oxygen - exercise, giving not only a sense of self-power, but also activating the work of internal organs (heartbeats, metabolic processes).

In the impossibility of finding a way out, how to stop wanting to sleep during the day, it is necessary to revise the entire day regimen and diet, to undergo an examination of all organs and systems. To exclude diseases, it is optimal to increase the amount of vitamins, nutrients, eliminate nerve factors and stressful situations. The calmer the life, the more orderly it will be every day (you can even make a schedule, the better the quality of sleep, and accordingly the feeling of cheerfulness).

If there is a need to find options for how to stop wanting to sleep at night, then the principle should be followed - to make it as similar as possible to the day. Those. being indoors you cannot work under a desk lamp while the rest of the world is off, on the contrary, it is worthwhile to include all the available illumination in order to create a deceptive daytime feeling of the psyche. The night is not so full of sounds, so the body is automatically rebuilt into a calm and then sleepy mood, so you need to create noise accompaniment - you can turn on the movie quietly (sounds will resemble street traffic), music (choose energetic compositions), sounds of nature (choose as close as possible to the sounds outside your window in the afternoon).

How to stop wanting to sleep at work

Drowsiness during working hours is possible not only because an important presentation was prepared during the night or rested at a club with friends, sometimes drowsiness is caused by ordinary boredom, emotional burnout or inadequate working conditions (stuffiness in the room, unevenly distributed load, etc. ). The coffee machine at such times becomes an island of salvation for many, but after another cup in the middle of the day, it begins to get even more sleepy, since internal reserves are depleted. Therefore, it is necessary to solve the problem more globally - open the windows in order to fill the room with oxygen, which will automatically saturate brain cells with energy. To get out of the sleepy state, the body will cause the cold - for this you can open windows, turn on air conditioners, go out into the cold, rinse your hands in ice water.

In addition to the cold, any methods that remove the feeling of comfort are suitable - sit on a hard chair, turn the lamp in your eyes, increase the volume of the music and do not go for a lunch break. On the contrary, the feeling of satiety causes a person to sleep, since blood drains from the brain, and indeed there comes a feeling of satiety and comfort. In the hungry state, the body will automatically be reoriented to the search for food, which means it will increase its activity. The only thing that should not be deprived of the body is water. Here, on the contrary, it is worthwhile to constantly replenish its content, because as a result of dehydration, the usual metabolism in the body, the speed of processing of products is disturbed and, accordingly, a feeling of drowsiness.

You can cheat the body by chewing the cud, since it is impossible to fall asleep while chewing, besides this, insulin begins to be produced, which is necessary for processing the intended food, and it directly activates the work of all organs. Increase the lighting and brightness of the surroundings - the more annoying signals the brain receives, the higher its activity and lower the feeling of drowsiness. Use aromatherapy with invigorating fragrances that have many other beneficial properties as well.

Physical activity helps to switch from boring exercises and disperse blood. If there is a gym for employees, then you can go there, in your own office, push-ups and squats are perfect, for working with others, there are stifles, turns, and walking along the street. In order not to let yourself fall asleep, you can knead your neck every twenty minutes or do exercises to twist your head, be sure to walk on foot, avoiding elevators - in every possible way increase physical activity.

As the brain begins to fall asleep with monotonous activity and lack of emotion, you can either diversify your tasks or add experiences to your day. You can diversify activities by exchanging tasks with a colleague or transferring to another place - concentration will increase, interest will appear, and fatigue will pass. You can add more experiences by calling or writing off with your friends, in a pinch, by participating in correspondence or discussions on a hot topic on the Internet. Choose funny short videos for viewing, if you don’t communicate with anyone at all, and you can also search for tips on how to have fun at work.