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How to adjust yourself to lose weight

Many women know the feeling of hatred when looking at their own reflection. They dream of ideal forms, torturing their own body with endless exercises, massages, diets, without any positive result and therefore constantly breaking down, they start again. Why is that? Maybe because of lack of willpower and lack of proper motivation?

The question arises, how to adjust yourself to lose weight? To overcome the first step in the battle for the perfect body is always scary and quite difficult. Often, the decision to stick to a diet the day before disappears with the first rays of the sun. This is due to the lack of an individual seeking to get rid of obesity, psychological adjustment to achieve the desired weight, as well as due to the lack of adequate motivation.

Motivation to lose weight

Any recommendations for effective weight loss are based on three components: exercise, adequate alternation of wakefulness and sleepiness, and proper nutrition.

Nutritionists today created more than a hundred diets, developed many programs of physical activity. There is also the possibility of individual selection of a set of exercises and a set of supplies for the daily menu. However, all techniques are absolutely ineffective if there is no strong motivational factor. It is necessary to properly adjust the body for weight loss in order to relentlessly go to the indicated result.

First and foremost, it should be understood that excess kilograms have a negative effect on most spheres of the individual’s life activity, on his emotional background, and on his health.

In order to achieve the desired parameters of the figure, it is necessary to establish the true causes of the desire to lose weight, because of the reasons, goals are formed that determine the final result of the plan. The simple popular women's desire to prepare for a trip to an overseas resort often turns out to be an insufficient motive, stimulating the daily “feats” to achieve the desired forms. Therefore, you should find really powerful arguments for physical education and following a diet.

The correct and working incentives to reduce the volume, for the most part, are the reasons given below. First of all, the most powerful motivational factor is the desire to change oneself and one’s own existence. It consists not only in the improvement of appearance. Dissatisfaction with one’s own being, frequent stresses, bad mood, depressive moods are not always treated only with spiritual conversations, medications, but also physical exertion.

Sports and adequate nutrition are necessary not only for the swimming season. Exercise, balanced food are factors that prevent the development of various ailments associated with a breakdown in the functioning of the cardiovascular apparatus and the musculoskeletal system.

If there are problems with the digestive tract, shortness of breath, there is fatigue, frequent irritability, constant drowsiness, then you should think about the need to change diet and lifestyle.

Self-affirmation is also a serious incentive for the elimination of fat folds. Beauty is considered a tensile concept and in every individual you can find something attractive and attracting eyes. But nowhere to hide from the current canons of beauty, prescribing their own rules, dictating subjective rules and instilling in women who have not reached its inflated demands, complexes. However, they can be used for the benefit of their own appearance. Inconsistency with existing standards of beauty and constraint of one's own forms can urge a lady to do the impossible.

However, the strongest motivational stimuli are personal problems, lack of a permanent partner, family. Of course, there are the sons of Adam, who prefer complete young ladies, but most of the representatives of the strong half still love the "slender". In addition, numerous studies have shown that the thinness of the female waist causes male erections.

Scientists say that the narrowness of the female waist reduces the likelihood of erectile dysfunction in the partner. Also, young ladies who have a narrow waist, men are considered more appetizing.

A slender figure, seductive forms are a cause for pride, and overweight - gives rise to complexes. At the same time, outwardly notoriously complex, caused by an increased weight, may not manifest itself, but any carelessly cast word or glance causes internal experiences, which leads to a decrease in self-esteem.

On this basis, there is apathy, sadness, depression, dissatisfaction with one’s own life, which causes stress, which is usually given. The consequence of this is an increase in weight. The person stays, as if, in a vicious circle, from which he is selected only for a short period and returns back. After all, a week of grueling diets and intense exercises do not give the desired results. Therefore, it is important to mentally adjust yourself to lose weight and be prepared for possible negative results.

Reducing overweight can return firmness, joy, and confidence. But this path requires some effort and patience. It is necessary to realize that the fruits of self-improvement work will necessarily be, but not instantly. However, because fat is not accumulated in a second.

Pluses from losing weight

The most important positive point of losing weight is health. Since overweight affects not only the appearance of the individual, but more to the state of the whole organism. Also, obesity often causes the following ailments:

- diabetes;

- high blood pressure;

- diseases of the joints;

- varicose veins (pathological expansion of blood vessels and thinning of the wall of the veins);

- cardiovascular pathologies.

In addition, often people suffering from excess fat deposits, are faced with the inability to get pregnant. In this case, the problem is solved with the help of weight loss. It has been established that infertility can cause both insufficient weight and obesity. It is known that infertility can cause, as too little weight, and excessively large. In addition, obesity, as well as the lack of mass increases the risk of miscarriage.

Algia of various locations, including joint pain, are frequent companions of obese people. Losing weight will relieve the individual from discomfort. Scientists have shown that the risk of osteoarthritis decreases with decreasing body weight. With a decrease in mass, the effect on the joints is reduced.

It has been established that fullness often becomes a provoking factor for the onset of tumor processes. Excess kilograms affect the immune system and metabolism. These processes are also involved in the formation of cancer cells. At the same time, the presence of excessive weight mass in the beautiful half influences the formation of neoplasms much more, the plague in the sons of Adam.

Obesity is the cause of the deficiency of nephrons, in which filtration of substances, absorption and excretion occurs. As a result, increased load is applied to the nephrons.

Recently, scientists have found that obesity causes an increase in the concentration in the blood of special proteins of the acute phase of the disease - markers of inflammation. Moreover, their number has a direct connection with the level of mental ability. Simply put, the higher the content of these proteins, the weaker the mental abilities of a person.

When obesity increases the risk of sleep apnea in the process of sleep, characterized by the interruption of breathing for a moment. As a result, the individual does not sink into a deep full sleep.

Tips on how to psychologically adjust yourself to lose weight and discourage eating

Often, success in the field of weight loss fails due to the lack of competent psychological attitude.

It is possible to get rid of unnecessary kilograms, to achieve the desired forms, to become healthier with the help of strict prohibitions, fasting, strict diets, but the result, forced in such ways, will not last for long, after a short time the weight will return. Therefore, to address the problem should be a complex.

For effective weight loss must adhere to several principles below:

- reducing the amount of food consumed and its caloric content;

- elimination of fatty foods;

- introduction of fasting days;

- increase in activity;

- adequate motivation;

- setting goals.

Below are recommendations on how to adjust yourself to lose weight.

First and foremost, it is necessary to clearly define the goal of eliminating those extra pounds. We need a serious incentive, for example, health or pregnancy. You also need to try to imagine your own life after reaching the goal. Present vividly with positive emotions.

A positive effect on the strict adherence to the dream has a putting up photos of slender people. Their daily contemplation helps mentally strengthen their own desire to find harmony and eliminate tired pounds.

The process of losing weight should not be treated as torture or cruel testing. Diet is better seen as a way to improve health, improve life. Eliminate obesity will be possible only on condition of obtaining satisfaction from the action itself.

It must also be remembered that the human individual is what he thinks of himself. After all, thought has a material component. This postulate has been proven almost a hundred times by the leading minds of mankind. Therefore, more positive thoughts about his own person in the affirmative form.

The human brain also needs adjustment to eliminate over the years cherished fat. Below are a few tips on how to set up a brain for weight loss.

As previously written, initially you should choose an incentive, supported by strong motivation. And then daily support it with visualization, living the happy moments in a new pleasant and giving positive image.

Since overweight comes from the refrigerator, you should think about food. It is necessary to realize the importance of food and understand the reason leading to overeating. It is also recommended to think about how useful it is to replace your favorite "snacks".

Harmful behavioral stereotypes, such as eating habits before going to the Morpheus kingdom or lying down after eating, can also interfere with being full. It is necessary to compile a list of such negative behavioral patterns and work out possible ways to replace them.

In the process of combating accumulated fats, it is necessary to record intermediate results. Therefore, it is recommended to acquire a diary, which begins with the initial parameters of the figure. Any "minus" shift will serve as an effective motivating stimulus and will give a lot of joy.

Record keeping is considered important, so it is recommended to take notes on the daily ration. It is often enough just one glance at your own daily meals to force yourself to give up harmful foods.

Little should be changed and social circle, which naturally does not imply the renunciation of relatives. You just need to be more often among people who also aim at losing weight, healthy being and ideal forms. For example, you can register on a specialized forum or become a member of the profile online community.

An important role in addition to competent motivation and reward plays. Therefore, even at the preparatory stage of the fight against obesity should think about the prizes. In this case, food is not a reward. It is important to refuse to reward yourself with food. Neither should one punish oneself by depriving oneself. It is necessary that the brain perceive food only as a mandatory component, aimed at maintaining vital activity.

As a prize, you can purchase a dream dress that is one size smaller. Anticipation of reward inspires more than the reward itself. You can pamper yourself with a massage, a visit to a beautician, or a sauna. The process of losing weight should be taken as a holiday, and not - torture or a kind of punishment.