Why i'm alone and I have no privacy? Often women ask themselves this question and do not find an answer to it. This problem is especially acute in young girls, and it is precisely the absence of a life partner that prompts femines to develop many complexes about external data, intelligence, character, and the development of other doubts. This problem leads to the emergence of complexes, because the girl begins to think destructively: "I am lonely, and that means I did not take place." This wrong judgment is the beginning of destructive mental activity, and the woman speaks further: "Everyone except me has a boyfriend. Everything is in pairs and seems so happy. Why am I alone?" It will take years and over time, such femin start to think: "Why is it so unlucky with men?"

Why are people alone?

Let us first analyze why people are lonely and whether loneliness is scary as many people imagine. In a certain state of mind, sometimes an individual needs loneliness. Psychologists believe that if a person is comfortable alone with himself, then this is a self-sufficient person. Such people spend all their free time on self-development and self-education, analyzing their own actions, making up further strategic plans. They have no time to feel a sense of uselessness, because they are passionate about self-development. This is the answer to the question: "Why are smart people alone and they have no desire to waste their time on uninteresting personalities or wasted?"

However, there are periods when the number of single days is overwhelming and overwhelms the feeling of worthlessness. At such moments, a person often has the question: "Why is it so lonely?" This state is a socio-psychological phenomenon, which is an individual's emotional mood and characterizes the connection with the lack of close, positive emotional relationships with the environment or the fear of their loss due to social exclusion. For such cases, psychologists have developed techniques and methods to get rid of loneliness on their own. In the struggle with this feeling, the main principle is the determination and the desire of the individual to eliminate loneliness from his own life.

Psychologists identify the following psychological factors that contribute to the emergence of loneliness. These include low self-esteem, which causes the avoidance of social contacts due to fear of being subjected to sharp criticism. This creates a "vicious circle", since the complete absence or lack of contacts further lowers self-esteem. Also, the inception of the feeling of loneliness in the soul is influenced by undeveloped skills of communicative interaction.

At present, it has become fashionable to attribute oneself not to a lonely person, but to a free person. But what to do when it is really lonely and there is no person in front of whom they want to seem better than it actually is, when it becomes all the same who is next, if only someone is present in life?

Why are people alone? Psychology on this subject gives the following explanations: loneliness in accordance with sex or age does not choose a victim. Material security, status, appearance, as well as the type of activity of the individual for loneliness are also unimportant.

For feeling lonely it is not necessary to be that way in reality. After all, quite often people, being married, having relatives and friends, feel lonely.

A young man of 20 years old, who has difficulties to find a suitable partner for himself, is experiencing such spiritual emptiness, as well as an elderly person of 60 years who has lost loved ones or does not know how to find a common language with the younger generation.

Often loneliness is experienced by subjects with an inert nervous system, difficult to establish social contacts, which for a long time get used to being surrounded by new people. In addition, people are lonely because of the deep pathology of the psyche, for example, due to autism.

Why a lot of lonely people? Of great importance is the personal perception of loneliness by each individual. Many people mistakenly perceive loneliness as a tragedy, instead of looking at this situation from a different angle, making loneliness their ally and using it to work on their own personality.

A man, whether a woman who has a cold mind and a healthy psyche, should perceive loneliness as an opportunity to change for the better in her personality traits and appearance and thus self-improve.

Why is a woman alone and unlucky with men?

All girls are trained from childhood to the fact that when they get older, they will definitely have their own family, obedient children and a feeling of unlimited happiness. But it often happens that time passes, the young lady grows up and nothing happens. Like a figure, nature is not cheated, and pretty, and smart, but there is no personal life and that's it. And while some femines get married, others wonder: “Why am I alone?”.

There are many answers to this question. Often the mistakes of single women are that they expect their elects to solve their problems for them. Men are so annoying to them, although they are also often not opposed to someone sharing their problems with them. Women with a consumer attitude towards men, changing their "like gloves", do this in order to improve their material and social status, so they often have no luck with men, because they don’t want to deal with their own problems.

Other femines do not perceive themselves as a mature, independent person. It seems to them that only in marriage can they show what they are capable of. Such women perceive their lives as a prelude to the life ahead, which will come when an engagement ring is put on the finger. This is a dangerous delusion.

Nowadays, loneliness is hard to surprise anyone. Work in large cities requires mental and physical labor, and often the situation happens like this: a person returns to an empty apartment after a hard day’s work, where no one is waiting for him. Most people have the time to look for relationships or to meet friends only on weekends. This is one of the reasons why girls are single. As long as it’s a day on the street, friends and acquaintances meet, transportation and loneliness are not so noticeable. But with the onset of the evening, people go home, and the feeling of emptiness intensifies. At its core, loneliness means the lack of information and the ability to share it, as well as share. However, even when having a social circle, many girls wonder: "Why do I feel lonely?" And the reasons here lie somewhat deeper than human communication.

Why are beautiful girls alone?

Beautiful, lonely girls - this is a classic case, common today. Such femins often do not give up their relationship, but they cannot build a relationship or make a long acquaintance. The reason for such failures is the internal component, consisting in excessive demands on themselves and others.

Since loneliness is a lack of communication and impressions, then if a girl has a desire to understand “Why am I alone?”, You should understand yourself and understand what sensations and impressions are lacking in life.

Tips for psychologists for girls, how to find personal happiness and stop feeling lonely, are as follows:

- in order to eradicate the complexes, personal doubts of their unsuccessfulness among the representatives of the stronger sex, it is necessary not to dwell on the fact that all femines go on dates;

- it is necessary to stop looking for faults in oneself, to rummage around one’s own past, while looking for problems in relationships, since this behavior results in low self-esteem, a rigid diet, the development of various kinds of doubts and uncertainties;

- it is required to love yourself, in spite of the periodically arising complexes and bad thoughts associated with it: "Why am I alone and so unlucky with men?". On this issue, one should not get hung up on, because the fact that many have relationships does not mean that they are durable. Of course, every girl wants real love, not a temporary relationship. But a person, as a rule, gets what he wants at the wrong moment when he needs it most of all;

- A common mistake of single girls is limiting the circle of communication and waiting for fate to bring a meeting with that one. Psychologists are advised to hope for themselves, more often to be in public, make new acquaintances, lead an active lifestyle;

- it is necessary to stop accusing the entire male sex of betrayal, betrayal, unworthy behavior towards women. With such an attitude on the personal front, you will have to wait long for changes for the better. Excessive neglect of the male sex can repel any potential chosen one with whom you can build a happy relationship. If a woman came across representatives of the stronger sex who did not suit her, this does not mean that all other men are endowed with just such negative qualities;

- if the relationship with a potential elect only gains momentum, it is important to bear in mind that in addition to personal life, each partner has the right to his own interests and interests. Claims, endless reproaches and jealousy will not bring anything good except for misunderstanding, therefore one should not demand from the man constant attention to the woman;

- Do not build relationships with several men at once. One should choose one and try to build a serious relationship with him. It is not recommended to talk a lot about past failures in love;

- it is important to always be yourself and not try to be like your successful girlfriends, such imitation erases individuality and will not lead to the desired result;

- If a girl is tired of wondering "Why am I alone?", then you should always look for the answer in yourself. No need to blame others for their troubles. It is more expedient to rethink your attitude towards life, to rejoice at positive moments and to look with optimism at all its manifestations. Currently, many techniques have been developed that are aimed at developing happy, interpersonal relationships. With their help, you can carry away your favorite chosen one, find true love. For this purpose, NLP trainings have been created, aimed at teaching the technique of arousing interest from the opposite sex;

- The basic principle of NLP for love in a relationship is that the personal life of any individual depends entirely solely on himself. It is the person who decides how his relationship with the opposite sex will turn. The individual in all that he did, applies strategies. However, quite often, these strategies exist outside of his consciousness. Often, subjects do not realize why they act in one way or another;

- it is interesting in terms of winning men a NLP technique in a relationship that can be successfully applied in practice. To improve relationships, a behavioral strategy has been created, called "closer - further". It is expressed in the alternation of relations, when warm and close relations are replaced by cold ones, detached with a hint of indifference. At the “closer” stage, femin shows tenderness, cares, happily agrees to meetings, at the “next” stage - a girl shows inattention, coldness in communication, and makes it clear that there is absolutely no free time for meetings. What happens in this case with a partner? At the first stage, he gets pleasure, henders his self-esteem, rejoices, at the second stage - he is perplexed, interest grows and the share of resentment appears. Stage "next" in the strong half awakens the instincts of the conqueror, forgotten because of uselessness. In the second stage, it is important for the girl not to overplay and be able to distinguish coldness from the offended behavior of a young lady who decided to play in silence, because it is only possible to push a man away by such actions;

- the “next” stage will work more efficiently if it is preceded by a passionate, exciting “closer” phase. This technique works if a man shows a strong interest in the girl. It is recommended to introduce the “next” stage into life after the first intimacy, having assured the pre-elect that he was super and was at his best, but circumstances so agreed that it was necessary to immediately leave or run home because of important matters;

- the phase of “closer” should be started after the elect himself will commit acts for the location of attention and favor of the young lady. The first to go for rapprochement is strictly prohibited, since the man does not appreciate it. Having established close relationships, it is possible at any time to turn on the “closer” mode, while not forgetting the periodic “on” stages. If the interest of the chosen one disappears a little, you need to turn on the "next" mode, and spend your free time meeting friends, yourself, self-development, etc.