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How to set yourself up for positive

The being of a modern person is saturated with all sorts of different concerns, various experiences and all sorts of anxieties. As a result, he daily fixes negative thoughts in his mind with his own fears, is exposed to stress and surrenders to the power of negative emotions. These inner experiences with a minus sign tend to accumulate, which often leads to mental disorders or depressive moods.

The question arises, how to set yourself up for a positive? After all, life is a kind of canvas with obstacles, a succession of black and white stripes. Meetings are surely followed by separation, and success is followed by failure, joy comes along with sadness, and enthusiasm transforms into disappointment. At the same time, human existence is so multifaceted and impermanent that it is necessary to constantly be on the lookout, so as not to miss the opportunity or not to succumb to a false temptation. Therefore, a person needs to learn how to self-tune himself to the positive.

Cons of negative thinking

Today, many individuals began to think about the impact of mental activity on their existence. Modern psychology considers thought processes as a reflection of objective reality and its comprehension. The concept of mental activity has a lot of definitions and is so weighty and foggy that few people understand how significant it is in human existence.

Objectively, thinking can be represented as a kind of tool used by an individual in daily activities, the quality of which and the ability to use it are due to the quality of being of the user.

Conventionally, thinking is divided into negative and positive. The first is a primitive level of development of thought processes and is based entirely or to some extent on the experience of the individual and those around him. Every experience is permeated with pain and misses. Therefore, as one grows older, the thinking of the individual acquires an increasingly negative color. This creates unbreakable obstacles on his life path, causing serious problems and increasing the destructive essence of negative thinking.

Thus, the being of the individual turns into a vicious circle - the growth of negative thoughts leads to the escalation of problems, the increase in vital problems - gives rise to an even more negative color of thinking.

Negative thoughts are based on the negation of the unpleasant for the individual, delivering discomfort. By focusing on the annoying aspects of reality, the individual seems to be seeking in this way to get rid of them. When this happens the following: the individual, focusing on unpleasant things, plunges even more into them, starting to see in more detail the aspects that cause discomfort. This prevents him from noticing positive things, focusing on pleasant moments that are enjoyable.

Thus, the individual ceases to see the good only because it releases it from the focus of attention.

The result is a representation of life as a rather complex and unpleasant thing. Focusing on the negative aspects of being leads to erroneous ideas - a person evaluates life not objectively, but through the prism of his own negative experience. Such people are not able to notice the good in the little things, so they are not able to rejoice at being. For them, existence is a daily struggle with problems, overcoming illusory barriers that are often created only because of their mental negativity. They cannot set themselves up for positive and good luck, since their subjective reality looks like a series of troubles and problems.

Focusing on the negative moments of the waking, the individual is in constant confrontation with them: looking for the guilty, spending a lot of time and spending efforts to explain why what is happening so badly, denies the chances of improving being, looking for reasons why nothing can be improved. Such a person rejects everything new, looking for a variety of reasons explaining why this is not good, what troubles it can cause.

People who have negative thinking are not able to see new opportunities that are generously presented by being almost every second.

The following are the main characteristics of an individual prone to negative thinking:

- dissatisfaction with existing life;

- evasion of new information;

- propensity to live in the ordinary course of life;

- search for new imperfections;

- nostalgia;

- search for reasons explaining why it is impossible to live better, why certain plans may fail;

- the desire without investment or effort to get everything;

- unwillingness to cooperate;

- negative ideas about the environment;

- search for tricks and bad motives in their success or others;

- a model of existence, based on the principles of "not doing" (do not stand out, do not sin);

- waiting for bad times, preparing for the worst consequences;

stinginess in the material sphere and emotional manifestations.

An individual prone to negative thinking does not know what he wants. His aspirations are vague. At the same time, their basis is in the tendency to facilitate their own life share.

Positive thinking

Positive thoughts and emotions for human health are more favorable than negative thinking. They form the activity and set up a creative way. However, many people mistakenly believe positive thinking is akin to pink glasses, wearing which they stop to see all the imperfections of being, their own roughness and lack of environment. Setting thoughts on the positive does not mean ignoring the daily problems. People who have thinking with a plus sign do not suffer from the drawbacks of being, they overcome obstacles with a smile.

Positive perception of reality allows you to enjoy life, despite all the hardships. At the same time, optimistic individuals do not accept the barriers of life, but simply try to improve their own existence. They are open to fresh ideas, new proposals, dating.

Negatively minded individuals with distrust and a little bit of fear belong to the unknown, the new, while positively minded individuals bravely take risks. Often, it is because of this quality that they succeed.

A negative thought is akin to a dangerous infection, if it is not eliminated in a timely manner, it will grow and firmly strengthened in the mind, poisoning the daily life of a person. Positive thinking individuals drive away any negative image immediately after it occurs.

A person who thinks positive will not complain that he does not have something. He will just silently seek the desired. In addition, positive optimists are always grateful for what they have. After all, many do not even have this.

Positive thinking individuals eschew gossip. Because gossip is directly related to negative, bad thoughts. Moreover, idle talkings are senseless, aimless, and expend energy, which can be sent in a positive direction. They are people not talking, but action.

Positive thinking individuals charge others with optimism and fill them with positive emotions. They believe that if there is a problem and there is a solution to it, then there is no need to worry, you just need to solve it. If a problem does not have a solution, then all the more you don’t need to dwell on it, experiencing and sinking deeper into the maelstrom of negative thoughts.

Optimistic people always look great. They stand out from the crowd with a radiant smile, straight posture, firm gait, persuasive gestures, eloquent facial expressions.

They are characterized by healthy self-esteem. Supporters of mental positivism, pay attention not only to their own external image, but also monitor the internal content. Inner beauty is impossible adequate self-esteem. After all, an individual who does not love himself cannot ever look at the surrounding reality with a plus sign.

Psychologist's advice on how to set yourself up for positive and good thoughts

The life of modern man is flooded with all sorts of worries and anxieties. Every day he fixes negative images with his own fears, feels increasing stress, and experiences negative emotions. Often, all this leads to the formation of a depressive state and the development of a mental disorder.

If a person constantly feels negative emotions, is experiencing stress and anxiety, is frustrated, his hands are down and nothing happens in life, then it is time to adjust life to the positive.

The ability to think correctly is the first step to a successful and fulfilling life. Therefore, first of all, one should try to memorize the good that happened during the day, the positive moments of being, the good deeds. In addition, it is recommended to write joyful thoughts or publish them on the network.

After all, the memories of positive moments of the past are capable of raising the spirits to incredible heights, which will eliminate sadness and replace negative emotions, thoughts and memories. If a person is afraid to rely on his own memory, then one can keep a diary of the beautiful moments of his being. The main thing to understand that optimism is the chosen path of life, and not a transitory state.

Mental positivism is achieved by gratitude. Before you panic because of a series of failures or get upset because of bad luck, you should think about people who are at this second much worse. The world is cruel, catastrophes and natural disasters, murders and suicides, war and epidemics happen every minute. Therefore, at each, even fleeting confluence, one should mentally thank fate for the existence, for life, family, love, work, peace. Surprisingly, most people do not suspect that they are much richer, more fortunate and happier than others.

Optimistic people always believe in success in any life scenario. If the plans failed due to any circumstances, do not blame yourself for this. You just have to think about your own desires, about their embodiment in reality. Why become disheartened? This is after all non-constructive. But besides that, it should also not be forgotten that human thoughts have the property of materializing. It is necessary to work on yourself in order for your dreams to come true. You need to believe, cultivate self-confidence. These two factors work wonders, give energy, give positive emotions.

A positive person can achieve a lot. Thoughts are embodied in reality, so endless lament only aggravates the problems. How to set a person to positive quickly? Of course, with the help of affirmations that allow you to fix the desired installation in the human consciousness. When repeated, the phrase or short phrase stimulates positive transformations in life and gives rise to corresponding emotions.

You should not live past experiences and past grievances. This is stupid and meaningless, since the past cannot be changed. It should only serve as a source of experience from which to extract useful knowledge. Many people make the mistake of not letting go of the past offense. Because of the "stuck" on the insults for them it becomes impossible to plan a happy future. In addition to insults, envy also impedes the achievement of a prosperous being. Therefore, it is recommended to learn to feel the joy of other individuals and to wish them well. It is better to focus on your own endeavors, to send energy to the realization of your desires, and not to waste your energy on the envy of a more successful neighbor.

To achieve mental positivism is possible with the help of a dream. After all, everyone has some kind of dream, for example, one dreams of his own dwelling, another - of a yacht, the third about children, and the fourth - of the sea. In order to improve your own mood, to charge with positive emotions, to increase energy, you need to dream using visualization techniques. Simply put, you should, at any moment of time, present yourself in your own cozy little house on the seashore or as the owner of a sailing yacht.