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How to behave with a girl

It is believed that there are rules or patterns in how to behave with a girl. The popularity of this myth is due to the great desire of young guys to get ready-made instructions, leading to good relationships, mutual sympathy and even some points of influence on the girl's behavior. Of course, there is no unambiguous and the only correct way of behavior, and such a conclusion comes to the person only with a huge number of mistakes made or unsuccessful attempts. An increased level of anxiety and a slight decrease in self-esteem can provoke a desire to find guarantees of success.

There are no unambiguous recommendations on how to behave with a girl, since for each situation not only a specific communication style will suit, but also words and topics, given the two individuals encountered for interaction. However, there are some classic and general trends, the consideration of which will help set up relations in the necessary fashion, as well as improve the level of mutual understanding and sympathy in the existing ones.

Tips for guys

Tips on behavior will have enough general recommendations, but each guy will be able to adapt them to their own situation, temperament, as well as relationships that cause difficulties. Initially, you need to work on your own positioning and presentation - the primary self-presentation, rather than a sleek look.

Girls prefer confident, slightly cool men, striving for achievements and having their own clear position on each issue. It is difficult to play these qualities, and it turns out a short period of time, and then the girl is faced with reality and stops communicating. Therefore, it is necessary to spend time, look inside, evaluate your value and semantic attitudes, reflect on many things and understand your attitude towards them, so that in a situation where dialogue does not hide behind other people's opinions.

It is necessary to drop the main desire - to be good and try to please. People without flaws are boring, the right boys are boring, and the desire to make an impression brings only tension, both to the guy and to the whole dialogue. Therefore, a nice bonus, allowing you to build harmonious relationships, is the freedom from the need to strain. In fact, the main task is to ensure a sense of comfort when communicating and not be afraid to show quality or some features that are usually recognized as flaws. How you will ensure a comfortable state when communicating depends on personal preferences — you can choose a familiar setting or work through a meeting with a psychologist, or you can think up an appointment to the details or do soothing breathing exercises before going out.

For a girl to understand at all, with whom she communicates, what is necessary for you, how similar and what is happening between you now you need to be able to talk about yourself. This implies not constant self-praise and retelling of the biography, but the ability to correctly convey your desires and feelings about what is happening. We are all looking for other people to respond to our external manifestations, trying to understand what is possible and what cannot be, to establish internal boundaries of interaction. Therefore, there is a constant actual need to talk about desires and honestly show discontent with some manifestations of a girl. Perhaps you will be the first to comment on her in the behavior of intentional demonstrativeness, the goal of which is to get the prohibition-care to behave that way.

Guys should remember the only win-win pattern - the main thing in the manifestation of nonverbalism. Therefore, you can not particularly listen to the text regarding an event or your person, but focus on further conclusions on non-verbal expressions of interest or rejection. When she refuses to go to the cinema, but smiles broadly - do not stop trying to invite someone else, or just take the tickets and call for her. If she says that this anecdote is vulgar and offensive, but at the same time her eyes lit up, then this feature is present in her character. When a girl tries to show indifference by talking to everyone except you, but her body is turned exactly in your direction - this is a game to attract attention. There are a lot of such examples, but the point is that women's decisions and actions are controlled by emotions, which can be hidden by text, but not by the body.

Do not forget about the classics - a neat appearance, cultural appeal, a demonstration of respect, education, erudition. Any charisma can negate the dirt under the nails or a message with nine errors. The girls are quite scrupulous in such matters and not because a clean-ironed shirt is more important than the fact that you can kill a dragon for her, just the female world is based on slightly different values, considering that you can make a better impression and avoid many scandals.

How to behave with a girl so that she herself stretches towards you

The problem is how to behave with a girl so as not to get bored, and so that she herself takes more initiative. Here there are two opposing approaches, the basis of one is the position to become for a woman the embodiment of all the ideal male images, while the second aims to stun the girl and stand out against the background of ordinary and predictable guys. For those who have just met, the first option is optimal, where it is envisaged to establish trusting relationships, acquaintance with the partner’s personality, those who have already plunged into trust can use the second one. An important point to use an alternative approach to winning women's attention is precisely the presence of trust.

So, you must behave in the opposite way to her, i.e. when the girl is waiting for her to open the door, you just need to go through yourself, if he came with a new haircut, then praise her old shoes, etc. To any questions, where the guy’s interested answer is supposed, it is necessary to answer negatively, to make the most of sarcastic phrases. It is necessary to put the girl in the position of the person over whom they constantly tease, but they do it kindly. You can play the fool, not noticing the hints, turning them into her clumsiness and other moments, distancing you. With the initial trust and the absence of direct rudeness and refusal, the polar system begins to work when it becomes extremely interesting for a girl to know the reasons why you react to her attention signs with indifference when others respond. The hunter's instinct works for the guys, and the girl becomes fundamentally understand why you do not react, how to melt a cold man. In this situation, everything turns upside down and the woman becomes the main driving force.

In your interaction, focus on attraction, rather than establishing warm friendly relationships. If you go a long way, build trust, look for many common interests, spend weekends together and discuss exhibitions, then you can stay in a friendly zone forever. Naturally, this does not cancel these stages, especially in a situation of serious relations, but it is impossible to manage without an intimate element. Actively use touch, male character traits (dominance, decision making and responsibility, etc.). Do not control your natural primary emotional impulses, especially aggression, as it is often advised. It is aggression (in an adequate form of manifestation), the ability to stand behind one’s territory to conquer a woman, lay your image right on the cortex, including the breeding instincts. Yes, she will be frightened and will say that it is necessary to be softer and more tolerant, but in the end she rejects such gentle and obedient ones, since Basic instincts work. And then it does not matter if you like her as a person, if the levels of your intellect are the same, and how much you get, she will reach for you.

In addition to alternative methods, there is a classic approach that is more likely to melt the senses. In the first version, the driving forces of the girl’s desire for you will be curiosity, passion, excitement, but with the classics, she will be led by tenderness, affection, trust and love. For this, it is necessary to take care even in minor events and incidents, to show patience when a girl asks to wait with the transition to the next stage of development of relations. Be sure to indulge her with various surprises, and they may not cost a penny, because the main thing is to saturate life with feelings. The more different emotions a girl receives from you, the more often she will return. An excellent point is the ability to be yourself, because emotions do not imply an exceptionally sweet period, it may well be a roller coaster of clarification of relationships and reconciliation.

Allocate a girl not only among other women, but in general among the whole world. Such a feeling of own exclusivity is pretty deeply captivating, and one wants to return to a state of one’s own beauty, which is only possible next to a specific person.

How to behave when meeting

Tension in communication causes the first meeting or the first minutes of the meeting. It is not clear what to talk about, the scan did not go through, in what mood the interviewee and what can be expected, the guy doesn’t know whether the girl is sympathetic, as well as many other factors that create a feeling of complete uncertainty. The crib of behavior at the meeting boils down to simple actions that help to establish a real emotional contact so that the acquaintance can be established successfully, and the previously agreed meeting started nicely.

It is worth paying attention to the greeting, which includes minimal physical contact. You can kiss a girl's hand or just shake her, peck on the cheek or hug - it depends on the norms and conditional proximity. But for the first time, touching the minute is necessary to indicate your position. If you are a previously unfamiliar girl, then invite her to talk, discuss a question or ask her opinion, but in no case talk about the acquaintance as a goal - the girls do not like to feel like an exhibit or a trophy, therefore they sharply stop similar moments. If you are talking on an interesting topic, you can not even ask the name of the stranger - so it will be safe for her.

Build the entire conversation in a meeting with a dominant and leading position, while avoiding dictatorship. You need to gently guide the girl, because it is unlikely she has a clear plan, where you will go, what you will do and what topics are relevant to discuss - she will wait for the initiative from the man. Of course, it is necessary to show attention and respect for her personal space, so have a few options, offering a choice or asking for attitude to the option of hanging out.

In general, try to demonstrate confidence, and the presence of several plans for the development of the situation will help in this. Do not try to guess her mood and adapt to it, it is better to ask directly. Also state desires and preferences.

A separate item is necessary to allocate compliments and various signs of attention. They are pleasant to any woman, but should be adequate to the situation and sound sincere. Worn out phrases, harvested cliches, flowers, bought in a nearby stall, with which all the girls on this street go - a terrible moveton. Better humor with notes of sarcasm about her lateness due to preening, than memorized phrases. Insincerity at a meeting creates a high level of tension for all subsequent communication, therefore maintain your comfort and take care of the state of the girl. Direct recognition of the desire to spend this evening in her pleasant company is a more pleasant compliment than quotes smelling of mothballs, besides there is no truth behind this that is impossible to feel.

Prepare for a meeting, like a date with a stranger from the online space or meeting your own bride from work. Create a small gift, calculate the most pleasant or short route, take a coffee or an umbrella along the way. You can draw a cool poster, uplifting or pick up heavy bags - the main thing is to show that you were waiting for this meeting and somehow prepared, thinking about the girl.

How to behave with a girl in a relationship

It seems that it is her boyfriend who knows best how to behave with his girlfriend, however, when you value relationships and try to make another happy, even obvious things can slip away, and the brain begins to frantically search for clues to correct behavior. Of course, the girl should think and feel unique at least for you. You can achieve it with the help of compliments, admiring glances, but it is impossible to constantly be in this mode, therefore other methods are required. You can show your love with a light touch, passing by, protecting her comfort on the street and in transport (ask to give up her place or close herself from the onslaught of the crowd). Periodically perform small romantic acts that resemble the first days of a relationship, when you always wanted to admit to feelings.

To create a sense of security, you will have to show a high degree of emotional stability, when on any of her tantrums, problems, showdowns and baseless fears, she will be met with a confident male look. It is difficult not to succumb to provocation and not to get into an emotional funnel, but this is where a guy can show masculinity and responsibility. Any pairing relationship is built with the further aim of creating a family, even if it is not stipulated out loud, so reliability and tenderness for her, combined with aggression and uncompromising to the whole world around, gives quite a tangible feeling of being protected.

When you are together, be sure to support the girl, as if her old hobbies, new beginnings or domestic problems. When you share her joy of winning new competitions or helping with repairs, this not only unites you and helps you build new levels of interaction, but also strengthens your relations for the future, because you better know the details of each world.

To find out the identity of a partner, one must constantly be interested in him, even after twenty years of living together - there are always stories not told because of weak memory or irrelevance, but there are also those that were silent about, because it is too important and painful, but an increasing level of trust will allow them open in a new stage. But you need to be interested not only in the events of the past, but also in daily occurrences or lack of them, well-being and mood, desires for the evening and other trifles, knowing that sincerely you can get a lot of tips on how to make your beloved happier.