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How to understand that the guy fell out of love

How to understand that the guy fell out of love? Why do some couples have a sense of love that flourishes and grows stronger with time, while others, on the contrary, have doubts about reciprocity and sincerity of feelings. How to understand and understand the girl that the boy fell out of love with her? In these cases, girls can be helped by the ability to read the signs of male indifference, given the behavior, words, and body language of the elect. How to understand if you fell out of love with a guy? You can, for example, directly ask him about it. But this is unlikely to lead to the desired result. After all, what is love? Everyone thought about this question more than once and no one could explain it with words.

The definition of love throughout the history of Earth civilization tried to give the most famous minds of mankind. Love includes a multifaceted concept. This is a special feeling for another individual. Love can not be begged or beg, it is impossible to achieve it by force. Therefore, it does not make sense to ask in open language about the feelings of another person, since to achieve an honest answer would be unrealistic due to the person’s own lack of understanding of this feeling.

Young people are often characterized not by deep affection called love, but simply sympathy with enthusiasm, mistaken for love. And when the sympathy in men passes, the girls begin to feel that they have fallen out of love. This is an erroneous opinion, because by and large, love was not there. It is important to understand and be able to differentiate these concepts: love from love, as a quickly passing state of the soul.

The next frequent misconception of girls about the fact that the guy fell out of love is his lack of jealousy towards other representatives of the stronger sex, the desire to escape from intercourse, avoiding physical contact, excessive irritability. In this case, it is not at all necessary that the guy fell out of love; the cause of the above could be fatigue, quarrel, misunderstanding, personal problems. But this is exactly what the girls suppose at the very last turn, the first thought that arises in their heads: the guy stopped loving me, what should I do? A female panic begins, leading to negative consequences.

How to understand that the guy stopped loving you - signs

So, to understand that the guy fell out of love, the following signs will help:

- if earlier the guy showed signs of attention, beautifully courted, and now there is avoiding communication, coldness, reluctance or refusal to keep up the conversation, even when there is such an opportunity;

- the guy is not happy to meet, often shows indifference;

- often uses various prepositions to cancel or postpone the date;

- tries to say goodbye rather, preferring to meet with friends;

- during communication, the guy easily switches his attention to foreign objects, the girl’s words almost do not attach importance and he is not interested in women's problems at all;

- if the interest in the young lady has disappeared completely, and the young man ceases to amaze with something, to make pleasant surprises, which include (cute notes, spontaneous presents, unplanned meetings). It is important in this case not to confuse the boy in love with male restraint. If earlier a young man did not commit such actions, then this refers to his personal peculiarity of character and it is not worth paying attention to it;

- if a girl began to annoy a young man very much with her own words, actions, requests, and her boyfriend’s habitual actions cause outbursts of anger, then the feeling of love has obviously faded;

- if the young man is not jealous of the girl and in her presence throws eyes on other women, noting their dignity. Certainly, jealousy itself is not an indicator of love, but given that the feeling of possessiveness is peculiar to men, the lack of any jealousy in general should alert the girl;

- if a young man is clearly interested in and compares his chosen one with other women, and this comparison is not in favor of the latter. Such an attitude, a priori, does not imply love, even if it seems to the girl that otherwise everything is all right. A guy who does not want to understand what hurts with this attitude is not guided by the feeling of love;

- if earlier a young man showed perseverance and initiative in kissing, touching, hugging, and now he avoids tactile contact;

- if the sex remained, but only as a physiological process without an emotional component, which the guy begins to attribute to unnecessary formality.

So, the listed signs can testify 100% and make it clear that the guy has fallen out of love.

The guy stopped loving me, what to do?

This question is often asked by girls. First of all, you should not panic, but try to distract yourself for pleasant things: shopping, fitness, meetings with friends, communication with loved ones. It is necessary to spend time outside the house as much as possible in order not to be alone with your thoughts and not to plunge into a depressive mood.

The next important point is not to conceal resentment, but to speak with a young man. It may be that the guy does not even suspect about women's experiences regarding the extinction of love in a couple. Men do not know how to read the thoughts, so it would be advisable to notify about doubts and grievances beforehand, while reporting calmly, without blaming a loved one.

If you really want to throw a tantrum, then this is a losing option. It would be better to refrain from this action. Men react to hysterics, but not in the way women would like, therefore men do not like hysterics.

Girls use the hysterics method with one goal - to cause guilt in guys and achieve the desired, but often the opposite happens and there is a chance of a nervous breakdown in a loved one with a full set of negative emotions.

If, nevertheless, the girl did not hold back emotions, then she should explain to the guy that the lack of understanding of what is happening in the relationship provoked such a reaction. If the guy really fell out of love, then he will take advantage of this situation to get angry or leave, maybe he will somehow react differently. A loving person will try to understand his beloved and eliminate misunderstanding in a relationship.

It is impossible for a loved one to put ultimatums categorically. With this attitude, you can only piss off the guy and get an unpredictable reaction. It is important not to rush the guy, give him time to think everything over and make his own decision regarding the development of relations. If a guy has to make a choice, then he must himself realize what exactly he wants. But if in relations there is humiliation, self-affirmation at the expense of a woman, then this is no longer love and such relationships are doomed, there is no sense in enduring them.

There are no universal councils for preserving relations, since there are no identical models of relations in pairs. To save the relationship - it is necessary to work on them. Often, lovers do not understand that relationships themselves can "wither away." Love is like a "naughty flower" that needs special care and care. Many efforts are needed here, because without them, it is possible to lose the light that love brings with it.

In each pair there is something important in their relationship. Of course, at certain stages of coexistence, each couple experiences crises that can become disastrous. In this case, to help girls can come the knowledge of male psychology. Therefore, when the situation in a couple is heating up, you should not blame the guy for lack of attention, you just need to understand the reason for the changes in the relationship. And if the situation cannot be rectified, it would be better to part with someone who, for whatever reason, can no longer give tenderness and love, and not bring each other suffering.