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How to fall in love with a boy

How to fall in love with a boy? The quivering feeling of being in love usually suddenly illuminates a girl's being. If feelings are reciprocal, then young lovers together will overcome obstacles, making awkward steps in the field of mutual relations. The situation is more difficult when a girl's heart is tormented by an unrequited feeling. Then some young ladies study all kinds of literature and women's magazines, surf the Internet, consult with girlfriends in order to get practical advice and rush to embody them. Because to sit for months, sighing at the window in anticipation, when a loved one, who does not know about the feelings tormenting a girl's heart, will reciprocate not according to them.

Ways to make a boy fall in love

In order to instill serious feelings in young boy's hearts, it is necessary to take into account youth psychology. It is necessary to know that the guys masterly know how not to see the obvious, therefore, try to influence their minds through hints of a bad job.

The main feature of the guys is their aesthetic component, consisting in their burden to the beautiful. The weak sex loves with ears, while the strong half evaluates women first outwardly, if what they see satisfies them, then they are ready to spend time in order to peer into the soul and appreciate its inner world. Therefore, in order to quickly fall in love with the boy's young charmer, it is necessary, first of all, to be interested in his appearance, to stand out from the crowd of surrounding peers, to look extraordinary, but attractive and not defiant. An overt frank outfit will rather scare away a chosen one or cause an interest of a completely different kind.

It is also not recommended to try to attract attention with the help of extravagant or overly pretentious behavior. You should behave with restraint and at the same time be confident. In order to win a boy's heart, one must learn to observe a balance between confidence and restraint, originality and simplicity, external seductiveness and rigor.

During conversations with the object of desire, one should try to interest the vis-à-vis the topic of conversation or to support the subject of the conversation proposed by the comrade. Getting acquainted with the guy, you must try to interest him in one way or another conversation.

Most of the boys are intriguing and attracts a mystery to the girls. Therefore, it is not necessary at the first rendezvous to spread all the ins and outs of his own person. Your own biography should be introduced, metered, as if by chance, by chance, casually. And the most intimate secrets should be left to yourself.

In order to communicate with the boy you like has a basis, it is recommended to find out more about the interests of the beloved.

When the first "brick" in the foundation of future relationships is laid, the spark of interest firmly sat down in the heart of the boy, you can begin to strengthen their own position. Here you can use one well-known NLP technique, which consists in contrasting treatment. Today the young lady on a date is sweet and responsive, and tomorrow she cancels the rendezvous in a dry sms. This technique is considered almost gender tactic female. That is, there are opinions that nature has built into the female gender the ability to play intuitively with the object you like, alternating between a warm and cold attitude. The essence of the technique under consideration is the alternate change in the partner’s address to the chosen one to almost the opposite. However, it is not recommended to abuse this method; it is only necessary to provoke an interest in one’s own personality, and not to “tame” a boy. One must always remember the law of the boomerang.

Another important point in the case called how to fall in love with a boy is the separation of his hobbies, even if they seem to be boring. Indifference to the hobby of the chosen one will expand the range of topics for joint discussion. However, you can not overdo it, otherwise not having time to be loved by a girl, you can easily move to the friendly zone.

How to fall in love with a pen boy

Today, social platforms designed for dating, sharing information, communicating and other interaction in the network, are tightly embedded in human life. Modern people now spend most of their time online. The World Wide Web gave mankind many opportunities, erased interstate borders, eliminated distances. Many now and do not remember when they met in a cafe or on the street for the last time. Today, dating on the web has become the norm of being. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to interest the guy in the network, how to make a conversation, how to fall in love with the boy.

It is more difficult to fall in love with the boy's own person through correspondence in some aspects than during a real meeting. After all, the girl cannot use her arsenal of the seductress online. Here sensual glance, fleeting touches, languid whispers, meaningful sighs will not work. However, online seduction has its advantages. First of all, it is an opportunity to ponder the answers and interest the interlocutor with the beauty of the soul, internal qualities, and not the external way.

There are a number of rules, following which will facilitate the task of winning a boy's heart. It is mainly recommended to avoid trivialities, hackneyed phrases, "trivialities". You can not deceive the partner about their own appearance, age, but the drawbacks are better to keep silent. To break the fragile relationship, you need to devote a lot of time to communicate.

It is necessary to force the guy to languish in anticipation of new messages from the network girlfriend. Therefore, replicas should be given originality, but not to be filled with pathos. No need to start a tedious epistolary monologue about the grayness of being and the stupidity of the chief. It is better to tell the sweet heart of the inhabitants of the "web" about the recently watched movie or heard the news. You can share your thoughts, ideas, dreams. It is not recommended to respond in monosyllables. Also note the topics that interested the boy. Contact the guy preferably by name. Psychologists have long established that the sound (writing) of the combination of the letters of his name is a priori pleasant to a person.

Down with the stereotypes! Do not be shy or afraid to write the boy of interest. Guys like ladies taking the initiative. But to begin a correspondence should be on a light note. There is no need to overload the boy with unnecessary information from the first sentence.

It is also not recommended to try to speed things up and move the communication into reality. Here it is better to give the initiative to the boy.

It is not necessary to build long-playing plans for the future after a weekly correspondence. And it is even more forbidden any conversations on the topic of marriage.

In reality, girls are met by clothes, in the network such communication is a peculiar style of communication, culture of speech and literacy. It is unlikely that the guys will be interested in a girl who constantly interrupts her own writings with obscene words, who cannot coherently express a thought and make 5 errors in a word consisting of three letters.

The problem of epistolary network communication is the inability to see facial expressions, follow gestures, and guess emotions correctly. As a result, the interlocutor often perceives completely different information that they have tried to convey to him. In order for a network friend to understand what is written correctly, in the realm of endless possibilities there are all sorts of emoticons, stickers, gifs, emoji. However, it is not necessary to try to convey the meaning of the whole sentence using these images. It speaks about the immaturity of the interlocutor. Graphic icons in the network are designed to denote the emotional essence of the statement, and not its logical meaning.

How does a boy in love behave

Male behavioral patterns are often distinguished by originality due to certain features, and therefore it is often difficult for girls to “figure them out”.

Despite the manly appearance, the inner content of the boys is often the opposite pole. Outwardly, they are indifferent, but inside often an ocean of emotions is raging. Guys also know how to worry and mourn.

Often, the behavior of boys in love acquires features of childishness: shyness and modesty appear, due to the fear that the object of adoration will reject him. That is why guys tend to carefully hide their own emotions under the guise of indifference. However, to understand that the boy is in love with you is pretty easy, you just have to carefully look at the guy's behavior, his gestures and words.

In a circle of comrades, he will strive to stand out, to hit with his wit, to entertain with jokes, so that his passion paid attention. When talking to an object of love, he will try to demonstrate independence and love of freedom. In the presence of the girls of interest, the boys are made scattered and awkward.

Love makes people better. And since nothing of the worldly hard male hearts is alien, and of them this tender feeling can make "men." Therefore, if external metamorphosis became noticeable in the boy — it smells good, the suit is perfectly ironed, and he is surprisingly gallant, then he is definitely struck by the arrow of Cupid.

Thus, it is possible to identify several typical signs that help to calculate the love of a person:

- a constant look, thrown in the direction of the object of adoration;

- endless attempts to talk with passion;

- constraint when talking, avoiding looking in the direction of the object of love;

- courtship, expressed in gifts, compliments, providing various assistance.

It is also easy to understand that a pen-friend is conquered. It is enough to catch changes in his behavior. The boy in love will write to the network girlfriend as soon as she lights up online. He is eager to learn more about the passion, shows heightened interest, easily shares the facts of his own existence, also asks for additional contact information, because he does not want to lose the girl due to technical problems.