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How to hint a guy that I like him

How to hint a guy that I like him? Before devoting hours to inventing strategies for hints, it is worth exploring if he has a relationship or a feeling for someone. Learn from your friends (friends, teachers, parents, enemies, neighbors - cover as much as possible) the most diverse information about the guy (classes, books, friends, music, religion). After all, sympathy can disappear as soon as your different views and aspirations collide, and his image will turn out to be an illusion. If your views on the world are similar, then this is a great start for finding maneuvers and building convergent situations.

After forming a multi-faceted image of the beloved and possessing more information, begin to choose the way you like and hint the guy most appropriately, given your areas of intersection and your courage.

How to hint a guy that I like him by correspondence vkontakte?

When a girl is visited by a feeling of love, units can directly tell everything to the chosen one, more often girls run around girlfriends or monitor topics of Internet forums "how to hint a guy that I like him?".

Express your feelings is much easier on the Internet. So both participants have more time to think and correct their answer. But before telling a young man about your feelings, you should carefully examine his page - this will help to understand what he is interested in, and by increasing your own awareness of this topic, you will be able to skillfully support the conversation, distinguish yourself with appropriate comments.

Perhaps you should not immediately write to the PM, because VKontakte has a lot of other functions with which you can show your interest. Put likes, comment on new photos and participate in discussions under posts - this will set you apart from his other acquaintances and create interest. So when you go to private messages, he will already have enough motivation to communicate with you, rather than asking "for what reason? What do you need on my page?", And maybe he will write first.

How to hint a guy that I like him by correspondence vkontakte? In the correspondence, as in direct communication, there is etiquette of communication and unspoken rules. In conversation, you follow what you say, concentrating on the informational part of communication, however, you should watch how you give information (in live communication the word-parasites spoil the impression, in correspondence - grammatical errors). Do not impose communication and do not make a tantrum if the guy does not respond to the message for a long time (he may have cases or he thinks about the best answer) - it makes sense to wait for his comment, and not scribble a dozen more.

It is important to keep a positive attitude - the ability to retain the interlocutor in the correspondence requires much more effort than with visual contact. So no whining, familiarity, gentle affectionate nicknames, until the relationship between you.

Perfect for starting greetings or messages for no reason, but with the aim of cheering up. Choose concise, original and at the same time neutral emotionally colored texts or pictures. Be tactful, do not overwhelm him with messages - VKontakte has a black list where you can be sent, just like for the nightly messages, if he has not yet shown his special relationship to you.

Be active, but in moderation. You can leave on his page records and songs, interesting links, but do not do it often, quite enough several times a week. Invite him to the games, from the social network, organize competitions there, share the won, if the game provides for it. Your task is to become a team, and soon he will start writing something from the section “I'm waiting for you in the game today” or wondering why you were not there in the evening. The same applies to likes and repost - everyone is pleased to receive signs of attention and this is an effective way to hint the guy that he likes. But do not like all the photos and recordings in a row, just like you shouldn’t post all his records - choose what sincerely attracted your interest, and if you like everything, limit it, otherwise you risk getting an image of an obsessive maniac who you don’t want to communicate with .

Do not linger long at the stage of hints, and if the guy has not started writing you personal messages in a few weeks, then self-translate the communication there. Correspondence will provide an opportunity to discuss general topics of interest, you can ask for advice from the area where he understands (guys like to feel all-knowing gurus). Ask for help in finding information, share what you yourself have found, and do not refuse to help him.

When the Internet communication is already established, and you are chatting about everything in the world - it's time to meet live, and move from typing letters to a lively dialogue.

How to hint a guy that I like him - advice from a psychologist

Usually, if the internal state comes to the point that the girl thinks about recognition, then she already notices only the object of her love and completely forgets about herself. Before embodying the conceived, “how to gently hint the guy what he likes,” it is necessary to restore the balance and normalize your own emotional sphere, since, due to the lack of a critical attitude, any actions may turn out to be a failure.

You should understand your own attitude and how aware you are of the real identity of your chosen one. If it seems to your inner eye only or perfect - this is an illusion and rose-colored glasses, put on by love with eyes, because everyone has flaws. Your task is to notice them. This does not mean that it is necessary to blacken a young man and fall out of love, it is just worth making an adequacy in the picture, it is the shadows that create volume and complement the image.

Do not aggravate the situation, do not waste all your spiritual strength on the analysis of it, your relationship and planning how to get it at any cost. Your calm, resource emotional state will help much more than any strategies and advice. It is more pleasant to be with a smiling, open person than with a squeezed like a lemon, unemotional girl.

How to hint a guy that I like him at school? Try to find out if the guy sympathizes with you. Perhaps he tends to sit with you in class or at recess teasing you. If such obvious things do not happen, then catch his gaze and try to hold on - the longer the guy will not look up, the higher the degree of sympathy he has for you.

Stay somewhere around at recess and try to participate in those activities in which he is busy. Make sure that it looks organic - you do not need to play football, but to watch and be sick is important. You can ask for help, both physical (bring a backpack, get an exhibit for classes), and intellectual (explain the theorem, help solve the problem, write off the control). Start gradually to touch it, not intrusive and neat, do not hang on it. You can touch his hand when you give thanks or push in response to his cocky joke.

There are places that badly contribute to the establishment of relationships, which is why the question arises "how to hint a guy that I like him at school." Here you are left with joint changes and the opportunity to sit side by side in lessons and events, which is not always feasible due to the peculiarities of the education systems. You can arrange a provocation and write a note with a confession, but not subscribe and throw him on the desk. Further away, observe his emotional reaction, who will begin to look at whether his look will be special. If he is looking for the answer in your person, you can nod or smile at him, confirming his guesses and his sympathy. If he does not use your candidacy in the search for the author of the letter, then you can leave his person in secret. However, this method may fail, because the guy may find the note a practical joke and look for malevolent pranksters, rather than a pretty girl.

School is not the best place to recognize and define feelings, so that you invite a guy somewhere after school. You can walk in an abandoned park, go to a movie or a match of your favorite team - choose places and activities that are interesting in themselves and him and you, so that in case of awkward pauses, you always have the opportunity to discuss what is happening around. Excellent option roller skating, preparing for the upcoming holiday or planning a rally for friends.

The young men do not understand the hints as well as the girls, and even having done everything that was advised earlier, you may not reach an understanding.

How to hint a guy that I like him? The best hint is direct text, so you can tell it straight. After this step, there are only two options and full clarity. This is an act that requires courage and determination, but it will stop all your doubts. Be prepared to accept the refusal, because the fact that someone is cute to you is not a guarantee of reciprocal feelings. Although the likelihood of reciprocal sympathy increases, if you initially take time to spend time together and establish common activities.