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Sympathy man to woman

Sympathy man to woman - This is a combination of interest in the individual with intimate interest as a potential partner. Women seek to find hidden signs of sympathy for men, thus seeking to avoid disappointment, seeking confirmation of interest and hoping that these signals will save from further disappointment. This often turns out to be a trap. A person tends to confirm his point of view, finding facts that are not objectively, interpreting them according to the dominant desires and, all other things being equal, giving preference to that part of the information received, which will help to get the desired conclusion. This is due to the reluctance to be frustrated, not to get what you want. People love positive emotions and fulfillment of desires, a clear and banal understanding, rather than negative and frustration.

Relations between people, especially romantic ones, are the source from which joy and satisfaction are expected. No one dreams of indifference, refusal and pain. Want reciprocity, love and joy. Therefore, when choosing how to interpret this or that signal (especially fleeting, fuzzy and non-specific) - as an accident or as a promise of love, unconsciously (and sometimes consciously, ignoring contradictory signals) priority will be in the direction of the desired result.

It should be remembered that communication and romantic relationships between a man and a woman, the processes are dynamic, not static. At the moment, sympathy may be, and in the next few minutes to disappear, because something was wrong or attention shifted to another object, or the read signals were exaggerated and interest was initially small and temporary.

Therefore, when communicating, you should not rely solely on the first signs and be surprised or upset if things did not go as expected. Showing active attention to the interlocutor and communication during the whole time, one can see how the level of a man’s sympathy for a woman changes, increasing or decreasing. If you focus on one sign and then build communication from the position “look as a promise of love,” then the result will most likely not be happy.

Sympathy man to a woman, what is expressed?

Speaking of sympathies in romantic relationships, as a rule, nonverbal and verbal signs are mentioned. Expressions of sympathy are considered various features of facial expressions, behavior, actions that may indicate a special interest on the part of men to a woman.

In relationships, as in many areas, the most reliable indicator is action. Everything that is not said and not done, however, does not exist and it is impossible to be confident in implicit, weak and conventional signs. An additional complication is also the fact that if a woman herself is interested in a man whose signs she is trying to read, she is subjective, set as a person interested and will rather look for signals confirming sympathy, rather than vice versa, in order to avoid disappointment and frustration. Evaluation of friends is subjective for the same reason, because there is no desire to upset, but there is a desire to support.

There are no restraining factors that could explain the lack of actions, by and large. The cultural activity of a man is encouraged, moreover, for a long time (and at the moment by a larger measure) the initiative was, in principle, considered exclusively by the man. The social situation in the form of professional relationships can restrain obvious manifestations at work, but then there will be a desire to meet in an informal atmosphere.

Fear of refusal may occur in the absence of experience, but if a woman does not demonstrate clear superiority and is positive in communication, then sympathy will exceed interest. If fear is above interest, then talking about positive emotions is difficult in principle. But active actions with the aim of provoking his activity can be perceived even more frighteningly, because if you do not know what to do in a normal situation, then how to react to an active woman is all the more incomprehensible, there is no experience. And if the interest is strong, then there is a way to show it.

Interest, expressed implicitly, may be related to potential communication, to be a style of communication, a form of politeness. It’s not reliable to attribute all signals to one’s own account, since if a young lady is set to look for signals, she can see them where there are none, or where they are a sign of the absence of negative, but do not necessarily guarantee the sympathy of a man to a woman. People perceive the environment subjectively, and if the sign is sought, it is even where it is not.

Non-verbal signs of sympathy for men to women

Signs of latent sympathy for men towards women are primarily associated with nonverbal cues. Mimics, posture, gestures, tie twitching or voice timbre are analyzed. The problem of such an analysis is in the source of the signals and their quantity. A man can show sympathy at the same time regarding several women. Or potentially to all, more or less suitable for a potential continuation. He may be a priori positively tuned for communication; for this, a certain level of sympathy is also necessary. Usually, a person simultaneously, synchronously and dynamically transmits a fairly wide array of different signals, especially in the process of active communication. They carry information about the general physical condition, state of health, relationships with interlocutors, the perception of information that he hears or translates, its importance and truthfulness. And reliably isolating signals from a similar array of information that are locally related to a specific femin may not even be possible for an experienced verifier.

Most of the manifestations of non-verbal signs of a man towards a woman are more likely to indicate a lack of antipathy, a neutral attitude, than sympathy. In a formal sense, in a neutral relationship there is the potential for a positive one, but this requires a delicate and careful building of communication from both sides. By analogy, when a woman politely smiled at a man, and he takes her gesture for incitement to direct action, violating her calm and borders, arguing that with her signal, which causes a strong lack of understanding and antipathy. Literally perceiving non-verbal signals from a man, a woman risks falling into a mirror situation, only a man, due to cultural and gender characteristics, can simply avoid or ignore further communication.

Possible option prepared signals. Literature describing the "signs of openness and sympathy" at the present moment on the market is mass, and many men, for personal reasons (for example, pick-up) or professional (especially services, sales) are familiar with it and may well use non-verbal signals to attract a large number potential partners. Here you can fall into the trap and pay attention to a possible signal of sympathy to show excessive activity, and upon further clarification get a well-founded argument that no one promised anything to anyone and did not guarantee. Moreover, knowing or observing that a woman is attentive in finding potential signs, they can be purposefully demonstrated, and fantasy will do the rest, because, as mentioned above, a person is inclined to look for confirmation of his wishes.

Unfortunately, there is almost no information about reliable non-verbal signs of sympathy for a man towards a woman. At the moment, information about the analysis of non-verbal manifestations is how to catch a person in a lie. But in the case of insincerity, we are talking about a process that involves an internal conflict (a person knows one thing, but translates something else), and against the background of this dissonance, shows a discrepancy in behavior and gestures, since it is difficult for a person to track all his actions, a false procedure for the brain is time consuming. And even in a situation of similar analytics, the authors of studies indicate that nonverbalist is the most unreliable source and it should be analyzed all manifestations in the context of what was said. In the case of a man’s sympathy for a woman, we deal with a positively-minded person and, without taking into account actions (or their absence), the gesture torn out of the situation can be a source of incorrect information, and later lead to errors in reciprocal behavior, misunderstanding and disappointment in communication.

If a young man or has relatively little communication experience, then due to the nervousness of the nervous system, his nervousness can be expressed in a change in timbre, detachment of clothes, a modest look and other signals that can be defined as a signal of sympathy. This can be especially pronounced, if a woman is older and has respect for her, then you can give the opportunity to show interest more clearly without fearing excessive reciprocal activity. The reaction of the autonomic nervous system, which is responsible for manifestations such as sweating, small muscle contractions (which are visible, for example, when stretching the arm), the interception of breathing is all the more pronounced the more unstable the system is, which is characteristic of a young or weak nervous system or contradictions that are used in the analysis of cases of fraud. This can be taken into account by a woman, if the man of interest is of a substantially young age, but then a situation of subjective attitude regarding age difference arises.

In professional relationships, the question of the inadmissibility of personal relationships at work often arises. Then non-verbal signs of sympathy between a man and a woman for a colleague can especially manifest themselves in an informal setting, but without direct manifestations of attention and a particular relationship, non-verbal signs are not a reliable indicator. But it should be borne in mind that non-verbal signs of sympathy from a man to a woman to a colleague can manifest themselves as signs of politeness and attention, in order to maintain positive professional relationships. It is worth considering how the employer controls the permissibility of personal relationships at work. If we are talking about a strict ban, then, in addition to thinking about how desirable is the risk of losing work, the man will seek to directly arrange a meeting in a neutral place, since both communication partners understand the specificity of the situation. The smaller the requirement for respecting the distance on the part of the employer, the less objective arguments by which a man will show exclusively non-verbal signals without appealing to verbal and concrete actions of courtship. In the case of full admissibility of personal communication within the working context, the development of relations is similar to anyone in an informal setting.

One of the significant drawbacks of the analysis of non-verbal signs is that they are often and almost completely (with the exception of conscious manipulation) are not recognized by those who show them. And if a light interest manifests itself in non-verbal signals and in response to this, the woman begins to actively “respond”, then at the level of conscious communication a misunderstanding may arise. It is worth remembering that even the results of polygraphs ("lie detectors"), which objectively analyze all manifestations of non-verbal broadcasting, including those that are inaccessible to the human eye (for example, heartbeat) are not considered reliable and determined to incriminate a person in deception, although, as it was The above is a more explicit process than expressing consistent information. In combination, the desire to confirm the desired information for themselves the level of subjectivity in the perception of non-verbal signals will be sufficient for a large number of errors, on the basis of which further expectations will be built.

Verbal signs of sympathy for men to women

Signs of a man's latent sympathy for a woman are not a reliable indicator, in comparison with voiced interest, which manifests itself verbally and actions. Regardless of non-verbal signs of sympathy, attention is paid to activity, signs of a man’s hidden sympathy for a woman are secondary in communication.

A man who is interested will be curious about the woman and her personality. He will ask about the interests, tastes, dreams, past, present. Even if the spheres of interests do not coincide or they have different preferences, for example, different tastes in music, there will be acceptance of differences, and not criticism and depreciation. And everything known will be remembered. An interested man will not be confused and forget what was said to him. He will not make secrets from his life. Stories about his life, work, family, friends, while he will be telling. If a man is silent, "lets off a fog" or is dissuaded in the format "this is my personal business," then you should not count on further rapprochement. Also, a sympathetic man will seek to increase the number of common points of contact, introducing friends and relatives, and respond positively to counter offers of acquaintances with relatives and girlfriends.

Positive signals are compliments, praise. Sometimes there can be counter stories about his success, a man wants to demonstrate his status and authority. This is good if it is not done at the expense of the humiliation of the achievements of the woman. The famous formula of successful communication "I am OK - you are OK" also works in romantic relationships. A man who sympathizes with a woman will not make comments derogating and insulting her even in a comic form. You should also be careful to ignore comments related to the general characteristics of gender.

When communication begins, people secretly “agree” what kind of communication, treatment, attitude towards them is permissible and if you first turn a blind eye to unacceptable forms, then in the future they will become fixed as normal. If we take the beginning of verbal communication, then it is not so much the first such unethical form, but the reaction to it. Even if the person is accustomed to an offensive, humorous form of communication, this is only a signal that his environment allows it. When one expresses, for example, an insulting joke, and the other supports (albeit not sincerely) and laughs or smiles, as well as continues communication, as if ignoring, then the joker is given a positive reinforcement of his behavior, the message is "a joke is approved, go ahead" this form of communication will gain momentum. And if, in the future, there will be dissatisfaction with the form of appeal, then the argument will be that the form was initially approved.

That is why verbal signals must be clear and understandable to the person to whom they are transmitted. Here the principle is opposite to the analysis of untruthful information - the more dubious and implicit the expression, the more doubt the information should cause. If a man is confident in his sympathy for a woman, he will not build complex and ambiguous constructions. When something (or someone) is interesting and pleasant to a person, the normal desire is to approach the source of positive emotions and therefore there will be a desire not to introduce the interlocutor into misunderstanding (suddenly he will decide, on the contrary, that he is not interested and will leave) . The more effort it takes for a woman to understand what she wants to say, the more doubtful the sincerity of the information will be. When it comes to very young people, the first communication experiences that occur during adolescence, it is natural that vagueness and lack of clarity are relatively acceptable. But if we talk about the communication of adults, then even if we are talking about the infantilism of thinking (when an adult behaves according to a younger, childish age), then there is a doubt about confidence in desires and responsibilities, which, as is clear, are not characteristic of infantilization.

Direct expression of a relationship, recognition of sympathy is the most obvious verbal sign of a man’s sympathy for a woman. Since this is not expressed immediately, but after some communication, it is safer, since the representative of the stronger sex clearly defines the interest for himself. Here you can pay attention to clarity and consistency. The notorious reservations, when speaking, a person accidentally uses other words, can be a sign of insecurity in their words or a certain hypocrisy. If non-verbal signs can be a way of screening for reciprocal attention or have no personal relationship at all, then the process is already more conscious.

The reverse moment is that words can also not be reliable, because, as a result, the conclusion can be made that the best sign is behavior, attitudes and actions. If all possible non-verbal signs are supposedly given, words are spoken, but there is no activity and there is no progression in the relationship, then it is better not to make optimistic conclusions.

Если общение продолжается некоторое время или ситуация подразумевает контакт (общая компания, работа), то выражениями симпатии мужчины к женщине будут знаки внимания связанные с оказанием помощи, услуг. Будет выраженное стремление непосредственно присутствовать и принимать активное участие в жизни барышни, к которой симпатизируют. Coffee, with the right amount of sugar and milk (which is remembered from a conversation about tastes), brought during a robbery is a more reliable sign of a man's sympathy for a woman than a lot of smiles and a corrected tie.