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How to achieve a girl

How to achieve a girl - This is a question that concerns not only losers and not having experience in building male-female relationships, but also quite experienced guys for whom the significance of a particular girl is great, so you want to reduce the chances of failure or worked out ways to achieve for some reason did not work.

Any girl should be pursued directly and confidently, without building complex workarounds. The first task will be to designate for the girl, what type of relationship (intimate or serious) you want with her, otherwise with the help of fantasy or waiting for your perseverance, the girl can give you a place of honor in a friendly zone, and give attention to someone who clearly offers her a serious relationship. Act confidently and always choose to commit an act instead of inaction, if you do not want to observe how it is taken away from you with the same gestures. Girls love impudent, but cheerful and kind guys, so, having caught such a wave, you can arise in her thoughts more often than a deeply spiritual and always pleasing bore.

How to make a girl love?

Reflecting on how to achieve the girl’s disposition, keep in mind that feelings cannot arise immediately, and mutual love does not arise in one meeting - give time to the girl to get used to what is happening, and at the same time to herself. Try not to bother your darling with frequent calls, unexpected confessions - all this can frighten her away, give her free time (so that she can remember yourself and evaluate her without your help) and space (so that she can share with her friends) made). So she starts to miss you, which is a better way to continue the conversation than to break into yourself.

The girl must seek honestly, that is, learning that she likes motorcycles should not pretend to be a biker, not being able to ride even a bicycle. Be yourself, without straightening and amendment, no matter how great the temptation to appear before the chosen one in the form of her ideal. The truth will still be known, and the degree of frustration may outweigh her desire to stay with you. You should not strive to merge into a magazine image - it’s also bad that they are all the same type and merge after the third acquaintance into a single lump. By remaining yourself, you get a chance for uniqueness and the opportunity to hook a girl with your own chips, which she can appreciate. And if this does not happen, then you should not be upset by the irresponsibility of the feelings of a person who is not able to accept you?

In order to more easily arouse sympathy, remaining yourself, compliments should be settled in your arsenal. Give up standard phrases, and carefully watch the girl, mark and praise what you really like about her and what is valuable for her (it is better to praise the shirt sewn by the girl than a beautiful walk or eyes - where the girl spent her energy, will cause more response).

Becoming one who can better her mood, laugh, talk about positive things even in the most terrible situation - this will help the girl to fall in love with you. Joint laughter brings together, creates a sense of community and trust between people. And when the relationship starts to gradually warm up, you can begin to make a certain amount of romance.

How to make a girl love? Present the young lady with flowers, bring goodies, invite you to the cinema or for an evening walk through the beautiful places of your city. Show gallantry, care and patience. Make more visual and tactile contacts, but maintain the edge of decency. Look intently, learn to talk with your eyes, and do not consider it as at a fair. Trying to touch her, but not to squeeze, it is appropriate to take the hand, straighten the curl, smooth over the shoulder. Touching should be relevant in context (a hug is better when meeting than in the middle of a story about historical facts dug up in the library).

Your every date will increasingly strengthen and develop the feelings that have arisen. Your task at this stage is not to spoil what has been achieved (by a sudden disappearance, inattention, rudeness), but on the contrary, to bring relationships to a new level. When the first sympathy manifested itself, the girls want to be convinced of the seriousness of the young man’s intentions and may arrange provocations or start tracking your reactions to small factors. No matter how much she said, sitting with a sad face and a colorless voice, she was fine with the mood, and she would cope, do not back down, find out what happened and help as much as you can.

Surround her with beauty, lightness and a pleasant sense of security. Watch your appearance - rush into the salon and buy yourself a new wardrobe will be overkill, but it is worth monitoring the cleanliness and condition of your clothes, skin and hair. Find out what the girl wants to make her wishes come true, but also have a couple of prepared options in case she says “I don't know” and does not want to make a decision. Give her a hand, translate across the road, stand a little ahead in front of the transport, give up your jacket if it's cold - let it feel protected on a subconscious level, it is much more expensive than saying out loud "I will save you from the war."

A girl should feel special and interesting in the most serious way, otherwise the feeling of being used will quickly settle in her soul and then there can be no talk of love, rather hate.

How to get a girlfriend? Sending her messages in the morning and before bedtime, you fill all her thoughts with you even at a subconscious level, and by sharing plans for the future, make her heart open.

How to achieve a girl who does not want a relationship with you?

It happens that the usual courtship does not help to get the attention of the girl, and it turns out that she does not want a relationship. To find out how to achieve a girl who does not want a relationship with you, you need to find out what caused her decision. Usually, the reasons forcing a girl to talk about unwillingness or unwillingness of a relationship are deeply intimate, so try to reduce the pace of courtship and become for her those with whom genuine spiritual closeness is possible, with which she can open up in a similar topic. In the process of such excavations of truth, it may become clear that she does not have a desire to communicate with you, then you should not move further than friendly relations. And if she is wary or even negative (this will be accompanied by characteristic facial expressions and utterances) refers to relationships in principle, because she has recently experienced a difficult parting, has long been seriously hurt in a relationship or physically now has no opportunity to communicate with someone else ( work, courses, treatment, etc.), then the situation can be remedied by your efforts and patience.

If a girl is very pretty, you are ready to help her and wait for it is not known how long it is, then learn to be a good friend who can listen and cheer, help and not absorb all of her temporary space.

Over time, you will get to know each other in more detail and better than couples starting with dates, because friendship is the key to a strong relationship. When she gets used to your constant presence, gently invite her somewhere. It is not worth the first such evening to arrange dinner by candlelight, come with a huge bouquet and offer to meet, kissing her at the door of the house. Just take a walk, have a fun time as you will be interested in (planning a day like this, knowing the person well, is quite simple). And after several such meetings, when such a joint pastime becomes familiar, you can gradually add romance.

The result of your friendship can be any, remain understanding and respect the decision of the girl. It is great if everything went well with you and thanks to your efforts you managed to overcome certain psychological difficulties of the young lady. And if not, then it makes no sense to spend a lot of time, hoping for a change, there is no other than wasting mental resources. It may happen that you will remain forever only a good friend who helped to survive difficult times and returned faith in men, and she will be the first to share with you the good news that she has found the love of her life. This is quite a painful blow, but remember for the sake of what you made such non-standard efforts - to get a girlfriend as a trophy or to make her happy, guided by your love?

Is it worth seeking a girl if she refused a relationship?

Before you begin to actively seek recognition from a particular person, determine for yourself whether you need to seek a girl who refused. After all, the refusal due to the reluctance to build something jointly with you or because it is a kind of game aimed at gaining more power over you is fundamentally different. Listen also to yourself, what drives your desire to achieve this girl. If it is a strong love and desire to be with her always, then perseverance and aspiration will help you. And when this interest is dictated by the fact that the girl is outwardly attractive (and you don’t know anything else) or by the fact that this is unattainable prey and the hunter's instinct works in you - it is better to leave this venture of competition.

In order to achieve a girl who refused a relationship, you need to analyze why this happened. Remember what she complained about or argued with. It often happens that young ladies are offended by the lack of banal courtship. All the beautiful creatures want flowers, beautiful words, wide gestures, so that even the deaf-blind will dumbly notice that it is you who love this girl and very much. Give her gifts and surprises, create funny and bright things (shout all over the street about your feelings, come to her window on a white horse) - the brighter and crazier it will seem to you, the more effect it may have for a girl.

If the reason for the refusal was a lack of time, then reconsider your schedule and organize it in such a way as to maximally be present in the life of the chosen one (develop and finish the work by the end of the working day, monitor the quality so as not to redo the weekend). And when you can’t be near physically - send her a text message with some positive or funny content, not forgetting to tell you how much you miss.

Work on what caused the refusal, and if you don’t have such facts in your hands, and your lady got used to your appearance at her first call and round-the-clock attention, it means that it is advantageous to keep you in this role, then move away for a while . This will be a certain shake-up for her, making it clear that you no longer intend to indulge in continuing this type of relationship, and she will have to choose between having you in her life as an official companion or accepting your absence. Most likely, in a couple of days she will bored without you, because she got used to your attention in constant mode, and she herself will appear with you. At this moment, the main thing is to keep what has been achieved and not to slide back into the friendly zone.

To decide on whether to achieve the girl who refused or leave alone your own feeling will help you. Sometimes the inner conviction that it is worthwhile to continue is so strong and unshakable that, despite the logical inconsistency of the facts and the futility of the situation, everything is fine. But the reverse is also true, when everyone can try to persuade to try again, because she "almost agrees" does not find a response and such confidence in your soul, an attempt may be a failure.

How much time it takes to continue to pursue a girl after refusal depends on the strength of your feelings and the capabilities of the nervous system. Someone does not stand a week, and someone easily continues unrequited courtship for twenty years, giving this woman her whole life and losing the opportunity to build her happiness with others.

How to achieve an ex-girlfriend?

Do I need to seek a girl with whom the relationship ended? You broke up not because of the marasmic reason "because it is sunny today," but because of something substantial. The longing for the former and the desire to start anew all arise more often for those who have been abandoned, but the feelings for the person have remained, and I want to continue living as before. But realize that nothing can be returned, that a person has not chosen you once, betrayed you, and what are the chances of no repetition when you get off. In the case of the initiation of a break by you, it is likely that now the emotions have subsided, and only pleasant moments emerge in the memory, and I want to try it first. Remind yourself (or ask your friends) why you left.

In any situation, be aware that people change in the process of gaining experience and overcoming crises, undergoing psychotherapy, or becoming aware of their own shortcomings. But this all changes a person for a long time and not drastically. So, returning the former relationship, you return the former person, only among other things, the memory of parting is added there.

Any new meeting begins with a farewell, so to begin the return of the former stands with a farewell to her. Sincerely letting a person go and giving him the will to live without you, you by action show respect for his choice, give freedom and an opportunity to come true for your new meeting, having already been changed. Do not try to hold the girl by force (calls, requests, reminders), it will only cause the desire to leave, and the harder your efforts, the more resisting the girl will resist.

Time of silence after releasing it to spend on their own development. Analyze your behavior, complexes, fears. You can practice developing a new strategy of behavior, work on the disclosure of your true needs or confidence. Young ladies like confident, knowing the direction of their dreams guys, but not those who tail her desires. Also, the girls are attracted by the success and difference from her - go in for sports, learn a new skill. Open your business, achieve results in competitions. When you have a full and dynamic life of your own, it becomes interesting to others. Pay attention to the appearance and appreciate how you like girls in general. Ask for advice on what to change just for girls and try to change according to their advice (most women appreciate accuracy in men). But remember that your self-development and achievements will not help if you do not correct the reason for separation, and the main efforts you have to go to overcome the negative points voiced by your girlfriend.

You shouldn’t report your changes and achievements to your ex, believe me, she learns that way. Begin to communicate with the ladies, so you can restore your own self-esteem, feel attractive in women's eyes, hone communication skills or not lose existing ones. Moreover, communicating with other girls can cause jealousy in your former passion, and the sense of ownership is sometimes stronger than logic.

Being absolutely free and hearing from others about how you have everything in perfect condition, the girl will soon begin to initiate your communication or meetings. Hide the joy deeper, communicate politely, but a little detached. You need to show your inaccessibility, this is what will help to emotionally affect the girl. If you immediately come running to it, then the interest will die out at the speed of light.

If her interest in you becomes steady enough, you can start initiating communication and contact her to start on any business and consulting issues, then unobtrusively treat you to coffee, take it home. The fact that you were together should work as a catalyst and the resumption of relations will happen faster than new ones will be tied up. The resumption of relations is only the beginning of serious work on yourself and interaction.