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Afobazol: instructions for use

Before you buy Afobazol tranquilizer, we recommend that you carefully study the proposed instruction, which describes the dosage, methods of use, the concomitant effect on the human body of this drug. It is necessary to take into account that only a doctor can professionally correlate the patient's problem and the restriction to receiving Afobazol, therefore one should not engage in self-treatment.

The site "Psychology and Psychiatry" offers all the important information on the following issues: indications and instructions for using Afobazol, recommended dosage, contraindications, popular analogues, reviews of patients and doctors.

Afobazole - This is a drug from the group of anxiolytics (tranquilizers) of a non-benzodiazepine structure, which has a moderate activating effect in combination with the relief of anxiety. Afobazol has a very mild effect compared with benzodiazepines, does not cause the development of drug dependence and does not provoke the syndrome after discontinuation. The drug is used to treat anxiety caused by various factors (for example, an upcoming operation, experienced stress, etc.) or mental disorders (for example, generalized anxiety disorder, neurasthenia, impaired adaptation, etc.) in adults.

Afobazol - composition, release form, package

Tablets of white or white with a creamy shade of color, flat-cylindrical, with a facet.

1 tab.

Fabomotisol (in the form of dihydrochloride) 5 mg

Excipients: potato starch - 48 mg, microcrystalline cellulose - 40 mg, lactose monohydrate - 48.5 mg, medium molecular weight povidone (medical polyvinylpyrrolidone, molecular weight 25) - 7 mg, magnesium stearate - 1.5 mg.

Tablets of white or white with a creamy shade of color, flat-cylindrical, with a facet.

1 tab.

Fabomotisol (in the form of dihydrochloride) 10 mg

Excipients: potato starch - 48 mg, microcrystalline cellulose - 35 mg, lactose monohydrate - 48.5 mg, medium molecular weight povidone (medical medium molecular weight polyvinylpyrrolidone, collidon 25) - 7 mg, magnesium stearate - 1.5 mg.

Afobazole - pharmacological action

Pharmacological action of the drug - anxiolytic.


Afobazole is a selective non-benzodiazepine anxiolytic. Acting on σ1-receptors in the nerve cells of the brain, Afobazole stabilizes GABA / benzodiazepine receptors and restores their sensitivity to endogenous inhibition mediators. Afobazol also increases the bioenergetic potential of neurons and has a neuroprotective effect: restores and protects nerve cells.

The action of the drug is realized mainly in the form of a combination of anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) and mild stimulating (activating) effects. Afobazole reduces or eliminates anxiety (anxiety, misgivings, fears), irritability, tension (fearfulness, tearfulness, anxiety, inability to relax, insomnia, fear), depressive mood, somatic anxiety (muscular, sensory, cardiovascular, respiratory) , gastrointestinal symptoms), autonomic disorders (dry mouth, sweating, dizziness), cognitive disorders (difficulty concentrating, impaired memory), including those that occur and stress disorders (disorders of adaptation). Especially shown is the use of the drug in individuals with predominantly asthenic personality traits in the form of alarming suspiciousness, uncertainty, increased vulnerability and emotional lability, a tendency to emotional and stressful reactions.

The effect of the drug develops on the 5-7th day of treatment. The maximum effect is achieved by the end of the 4th week of treatment and lasts an average of 1-2 weeks after the end of treatment.

Afobazole does not cause muscle weakness, drowsiness and does not have a negative effect on concentration and memory. At its application, addiction, drug addiction and "withdrawal" syndrome do not develop.



After oral administration, Afobazol is well and quickly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. Cmax in plasma - (0.13 ± 0.073) µg / ml; Tmax - (0.85 ± 0.13) h.


Afobazole is intensively distributed in well vascularized organs, it is characterized by rapid transfer from the central pool (blood plasma) to the peripheral (highly vascularized organs and tissues).


Afobazole undergoes the effect of the first passage through the liver, the main directions of metabolism are hydroxylation on the aromatic ring of the benzimidazole cycle and oxidation on the morpholine fragment.


T1 / 2 of the drug Afobazol when administered orally is (0.82 ± 0.54) h. Short T1 / 2 is due to the intensive biotransformation of the drug and the rapid distribution from blood plasma to organs and tissues. The drug is excreted mainly in the form of metabolites and partially unchanged with urine and feces.

Afobazol - indications for use

Afobazole is used in adults with anxiety, namely:

- generalized anxiety disorders;

- neurasthenia;

- adjustment disorders.

In patients with various somatic diseases, namely:

- bronchial asthma;

- irritable bowel syndrome;

- Systemic lupus erythematosus;

- CHD;

- hypertonic disease;

- arrhythmias;

- dermatological, oncological and other diseases.

In the treatment of:

- sleep disorders associated with anxiety;

- neurocircular dystonia;

- premenstrual syndrome;

- alcohol withdrawal syndrome;

- to alleviate the syndrome of "cancellation" with quitting smoking.

Afobazole is most effective in eliminating anxiety in cardiovascular diseases, premenstrual syndrome and neurocirculatory dystonia. According to research scientists, this particular drug is the best way to relieve depression, anxiety, tearfulness and depression inherent in people suffering from heart disease.

Afobazol - dosage

Afobazole tablets can be taken immediately in full dosage, rather than increasing it gradually, since they have a mild effect, as a result of which there is no need for time for the organism to “get used” to the drug.

You can also abruptly, simultaneously stop taking Afobazole, such as, for example, conventional cough pills, headaches, etc. It is not necessary to gradually reduce the dosage of Afobazol with the aim of subsequent drug withdrawal. The ability to stop taking the drug at any time at any time is due to the fact that it does not cause drug dependence in humans, and, consequently, withdrawal syndrome, which is very difficult to tolerate and is a real scourge of benzodiazepine tranquilizers.

Such an opportunity to start taking the drug immediately in the required full dosage and, if necessary, to stop taking it at once, makes Afobazol very easy and affordable to use. It is not necessary at first, 2 to 3 weeks, to increase the dosage of the drug to the required, and after the end of the course of therapy, also slowly reduce it with a view to the subsequent complete cancellation.

In addition, the ease of use of Afobazol allows you to take it in a trial mode - that is, drink 4 to 5 weeks tablets, wait for the development of the full therapeutic effect and assess whether this drug is right for you. If it is suitable, then you can simply continue to take it, and if not, then stop taking it on the same day and switch to other medicines.

When switching from Afobazol to other anti-anxiety drugs, it should be remembered that its effects persist for 1 to 2 weeks. Therefore, in order to avoid undesirable reactions, it is recommended to start taking another drug 2 weeks after discontinuing Afobazole.

Afobazol after the completion of treatment with other tranquilizers can begin to take 7 to 10 days.

Afobazol - how to take

Tablets should be taken after eating, swallowing them whole, not chewing, not biting or grinding in other ways. The tablet must be washed down with a small amount of pure non-carbonated water.

It is best to take Afobazol 10 mg (1 tablet 10 mg or 2 tablets 5 mg) 3 times a day, keeping approximately equal intervals between doses. With this regimen, a single dosage is 10 mg, and daily - 30 mg.

The duration of standard therapy is usually from two to four weeks, after which it is necessary to discontinue the drug. After 4 weeks, it will be possible to re-take treatment with Afobazol.

If necessary, and only under the supervision of a physician, the dosage of Afobazole can be increased to 20 mg three times a day, and the duration of continuous therapy up to three months. However, any increase in dosage of more than 10 mg and the duration of taking the drug for more than 4 weeks should be made only after consulting a doctor.

It should be remembered that Afobazol can be applied by repeated courses, keeping an interval of at least 4 weeks between them.

Afobazole - contraindications and side effects

Contraindications to the drug are the following:

- Individual intolerance to the drug;

- Galactose intolerance, lactase deficiency or glucose galactose malabsorption;

- Pregnancy, lactation;

- Children's age up to 18 years;

- The use of the drug Afobazole is contraindicated in pregnancy.

If necessary, the use of the drug during lactation breastfeeding should be discontinued.

As side effects, Afobazol can provoke various allergic reactions and headaches, which, as a rule, go away on their own, without requiring special treatment and discontinuation of the drug. Some people have noted the appearance of a pronounced intimate desire several days after the start of taking Afobazole. Doctors and scientists do not attribute this effect to a side effect, but associate the appearance of a libido with the reduction of stress and the removal of anxiety.

What is better Afobazola - Persen or Novopassit?

Persen and Novopassit are natural herbal sedatives with almost identical spectrum of therapeutic effect, designed to relieve anxiety, anxiety and other extremely psychological unpleasant symptoms and manifestations associated with increased anxiety.

Afobazol is a drug designed to relieve severe anxiety, as well as related not only unpleasant psychological symptoms, but also somatic manifestations, such as pressure jumps, beats, palpitations, etc. That is, Persen and Novopassit remove only psychological discomfort, and Afobazol additionally eliminates the somatic manifestations of increased anxiety. In addition, Afobazol moderately activates the central nervous system, improving memory and attention, and almost without causing drowsiness. Therefore, Persen and Novopassit can be recommended for use solely for the purpose of sedation, when a person is tormented by fears, anxiety, tension, and other psychological symptoms of nervousness that are not associated with somatic manifestations.

Afobazole is recommended for use in the presence of not only the psychological symptoms of increased anxiety, but also the somatic manifestations of this condition (sweating, palpitations, extrasystole, pressure jumps, etc.). In addition, Afobazol does not cause drowsiness and moderately activates the work of the central nervous system, so the drug can be taken by people who want to lead an active lifestyle, drive a car, constructively negotiate and solve complex tasks, and not “explode” and get irritated on various occasions. Persen and Novopassit will not be suitable for solving such a problem, since they only reassure, not having at all to solve any problems, but introducing a person into a state of “pofigism.”

In medicine, there is no concept of "best" or "worst" drugs, so doctors prefer to use the term "optimal". The fact is that for each concrete person in a certain situation any one, maximum two drugs will best suit. These drugs, which are the most effective in a particular situation, are considered optimal. You must understand that the best drugs for each individual will be different medications. Moreover, even for the same person in different situations different drugs may be optimal. Thus, it is simply impossible to calculate 1–2 “best” drugs that would universally suit all people with any forms and variants of anxiety. Therefore, for someone Afobazol will be the best drug, and another person will need a different drug, which is for him will be the "best."

Afobazole is an anxiolytic with moderate effect, which well helps many people to relieve anxiety. However, some say that for them its effect is insufficient, since anxiety does not stop, and the state does not come close to the desired one. This category of people prefers to use anxiolytics with a stronger anti-anxiety effect, which include the following drugs: Phenibut; Phenazepam (one of the most powerful anxiolytics); Diazepam; Lorazepam; Alprazolam.

The above tranquilizers are benzodiazepines and have a pronounced anti-anxiety effect, which, however, is combined with drowsiness, lethargy and depression, which are absent in Afobazol. It is about these powerful tranquilizers that people usually say that they introduce them into a “vegetable” state, when with anxiety any desire to do something disappears.

The following medications occupy an intermediate position between potent benzodiazepines and Afobazol for the severity of the anti-anxiety effect: Chlordiazepoxide; Bromazepam; Gidazepam; Clobazam; Oxazepam. Among these drugs, Gidazepam is used most often to relieve anxiety, which many people consider to be the best compared to Afobazol. In addition to these, there is a fairly large number of drugs that have an anti-anxiety effect, but finding the “best” among them is necessary individually.

Afobazol - analogues

There are no absolutely identical preparations with Afobazol for the action and composition, there are some products that have similar properties. However, all of these medicines have some differences. Before you start taking them, you should consult with your doctor.

The most commonly used Afobazole analogs are as follows:

- Adaptol - this drug belongs to the group of anxiolytic drugs. This drug has a tranquilizing effect. During the reception quickly removes the feeling of fear, tension, fatigue, stress.

- Divaza - a drug that is included in the group of tranquilizers. During reception, the active component normalizes blood circulation in the brain, relieves stress, fatigue. It is taken during vegetative disorders, with disorders of the brain activity that are caused by injuries, ischemic diseases, neurodegenerative diseases and others. As well as with increased anxiety, insomnia, headache, neuroinfections.

- Tenoten is a drug that belongs to the group of tranquilizers. Quickly relieves anxiety, stress, emotional stress, helps relieve headaches and eliminates sleep problems.

- Persen. This remedy has an antispasmodic and sedative effect. It consists of herbal ingredients that help relieve tension, anxiety and irritation. It can be taken during insomnia, because the drug facilitates the process of falling asleep and does not cause drowsiness.

- Phenazepam is a highly active tranquilizer. The drug has anxiolytic, anticonvulsant, hypnotic and centrally muscle relaxant effects on the body. It is used during psychosis, sleep disorders, neurotic and psychopathic states.

- Novopassit is a sedative sedative type that consists of herbal ingredients. The drug has an effect on the nervous system, relieves nervous tension, fatigue, stress. Also helps with headaches, sleep disorders.

- Grandaxine - means refers to tranquilizers, which belong to the group of benzodiazepines. Quickly relieves tension, fatigue, irritability, helps with headaches and insomnia. It is also taken in premenstrual syndrome, with myopathy, myasthenia, neurosis, alcohol withdrawal syndrome, and so on.

- Phenibut is a nootropic drug that belongs to tranquilizers. It improves brain activity, increases blood circulation. During the reception increases the body's performance, mental activity, improves memory, are stress, neurosis, stress.

- Мебикар - лекарственное средство, которое относится к транквилизаторам для дневного применения. Этот препарат снижает беспокойство, напряжение, усталость, а также оказывает мягкое седативное воздействие.

- Fenzitat is a tranquilizer that is included in the benzodiazepine derivative group. It is used for neurosis, severe fatigue, emotional stress, autonomic disorders, and sleep disorders.

The following drugs belong to cheap analogues of Afabozol: Phenazepam, its cost is about 120-140 rubles; Persen, the price is 280-300 rubles; Novopassit, the cost ranges from 150 to 180 rubles; Mebikar, the price for packaging is about 280-300 rubles; Fenzitat, the cost of packing is 140-180 rubles.

The following analogues of Afabozol are sold without a prescription: Persen; Novopassit; Phenibut; Tenoten; Fenzitat.

Analogs of Afobazol produced in Russia: Divaz; Tenoten; Phenazepam; Mebikar; Fenzitat.

Doctors reviews about Afobazole

Smirnova E.A., pharmacist pharmacy

Afobazol is a tranquilizer (anxiolytic). Its action is aimed at relieving anxiety, with neurasthenia and adjustment disorders. The drug perfectly combines both anti-anxiety and activating effect. Its advantages can also include the absence of negative effects on memory and attention, it does not cause addiction in the patient. Afobazole is not a muscle relaxant. The drug helps well in dealing with irritability, tearfulness, with the inability to relax, with a sense of fear and insomnia. In short, Afobazol helps to cope with the effects of stressful situations that we often face in everyday life. It is important for women to know that this drug should not be taken during pregnancy and during breastfeeding. Persons under the age of 18 years, the drug is also contraindicated. The drug is available in tablets, which represents a certain convenience for patients, it should be taken after meals. The drug is non-toxic. Afobazol is optimal for persons prone to emotional stress reactions and those with increased vulnerability and uncertainty.

Kiseleva V.E., pharmacist pharmacy

Afobazole tablets used for increased nervous excitability, anxiety, for the treatment of various types of phobias (phobias). The drug does not have a hypnotic effect, so you can use the drivers behind the wheel. Afobazole is for adult treatment only.

Uchelkina L.A. pharmacist

Afobazol belongs to the pharmacotherapeutic group - tranquilizers, does not cause addiction, drowsiness, muscle weakness.

Ionova O. pharmacist

Afobazol reduces anxiety (anxiety, foreboding, apprehension, irritability), tension (fearfulness, tearfulness, anxiety, fear). Improvement is observed on the 5-7 day of treatment. The maximum effect is achieved by the end of 4 weeks of treatment. The drug has no muscle relaxant properties, a negative impact on the performance of memory and attention. When it is used, drug dependence is not formed and withdrawal syndrome does not develop, which means that it can be prescribed to those people who are related to driving a vehicle. The maximum daily dose of 3 tablets.

Platonov DG Psychotherapist, PhD

No anti-anxiety effect for patients with any neurotic level of anxiety could be identified. About normal research silent. All positive reviews of patients on the drug are undoubtedly due to the placebo effect. Well, like any placebo, does not give side effects. The drug could make sense if at least it declared a quick action (as, for example, adaptol), since the possible use is limited to situational alarming manifestations: for example, it could be used for fears of public speaking.

Pashyan D. A. Dentist

A certain anti-anxiety effect is present in this drug. It is possible that the effect of this drug is not an action at all, but a “placebo” effect. As in any other case, before taking the medicine, it is better to consult with your doctor; perhaps you need a much more effective (prescription) drug.

Komissarov V. B. Manual therapist

Afobazol is an inexpensive and effective drug. The price is affordable, sold without a prescription. Very effectively removes the feeling of danger, nervousness, anxiety, insomnia. Well normalizes sleep. I recommend taking it periodically to patients, especially with a combination of anxiety and insomnia. The drug is well tolerated and side effects are rare.

Patient reviews on Afobazole


Helped not really go crazy on maternity leave. Still, I mommy twins, and this, I tell you, worse than a hurricane or tsunami. And if you consider that the husband spends most of the time at work, and there is no one to help relatives, then you have to carry everything on yourself. And household, and children. In the end, there comes a time when you just want to lie down in silence, close your eyes and never wake up again. Now I remember these thoughts and am terrified how I could seriously think about this. 3 months of taking afobazole brought me back to a human condition, refreshed my brains and patched up nerves. So now with new forces in battle, as they say. The only warning: these tablets are contraindicated on guv.

Svetlana Vasilyevna

Today, Afobazol is my most favorite drug, I take it in connection with menopause: relieves arrhythmias, tension, improves sleep, I was recommended by a neurologist. I have the main disease DEP (dyscirculatory encefopalotiya), this drug approached me. I advise you to take women in their transition.

Elena B.

And I had a strong allergic reaction from Afobazol, right up to the edema of quinque. The first time I drank, I didn’t understand what was coming from him, but when I drank a week later, everything repeated, only suprastin did not help, I had to dig it out. Well, that was at work, our doctors helped me, happen on the road, I do not know what everything would turn out. I don’t know, they say, I’m the first to have such a reaction to Afobazol.

Victoria D.

She moved with her husband to another city (he was sent there for work). Of course, the city is a stranger, acquaintances, friends and family are not, work, too. And we live there for about 5 years. Because of all this, I closed in on myself, became very irritable, and I was constantly haunted by incomprehensible fears (that I could not settle down here, find a job, that my husband would leave, that something would happen to my parents without me, because I am not near and the like). It was necessary to somehow cope with all this, I didn’t want to go to psychologists, and I don’t know how to choose them — I come across charlatans. I decided to start with sedatives, the pharmacy was advised "Afobazol", they say, a good anti-anxiety. Not to say that the effect of it came on the same day of admission. I had to wait, somewhere in a week I felt the effect. Saw 2 months. Fears and obsessive thoughts went away and never returned (pah-pah), some kind of confidence appeared, almost ceased to be nervous, gathered, found work, and even managed to make friends. I definitely believe that the drug helped.

Nina G.

It took sedatives, but what exactly to choose for a long time could not decide. Risked to try "Afobazol" on the advice of friends. Since I often drive while driving, it was important for me that the tablets did not cause drowsiness and did not slow down the reaction. With the drug guessed. Also a big plus was the fact that the effect of the pills persisted after the drug was withdrawn for quite some time.

Marika H.

Took "Afobazol" with her husband for a couple. Since it’s been together for a long time, life got stuck at work and eternal stress, they often quarreled over trifles, always dissatisfied with each other. After 1.5 months of joint reception in our family again idyll. I'm glad I finally found a drug that perfectly suited me. It has no side effects. And since I am constantly driving, for me it is just a salvation.

Stanislav L.

“Afobazol” is a rather effective remedy, it was drunk with “Neurofulol” by a doctor’s prescription. The nerves in order brought, now calm and happy. Although there are many places where they write that these two drugs are quite similar in action, it makes no sense to take them at the same time. And, in general, experts make the choice more towards Neurofulol, as more effective. But my doctor apparently decided to play it safe.

Anna L.

I take it for 3 years, always with courses - it helps a lot to cope with psychos, both at work and in family life. I walk calm as a boa. Novopassit helps to calm down well, but all the positive effects are leveled by the fact that he constantly wants to sleep. With “Afobazol” there is no such thing, always cheerful, you can safely get behind the wheel. But at night I fall asleep as killed

Polina E.

I never advise what I did not try. So, afobazole tested and tested by me personally, so I can recommend it to those who are experiencing stress or a similar nervous and emotional state. I always argue when they say that he does not immediately help. This is even better, I always suspect drugs that promise help the very next day. It does not happen. The same is the case with afobazole: it is an integrated serious approach that is good.

Alena M.

Not for the first year I have been taking the drug, in my opinion, one of the best anti-anxiety drugs. With no valerian, of course, not close. It is strange to read such comparisons. Surely never in their youth did they pass the difficult exams with valerian. I did not want to repeat this experience. It is good that there are modern drugs that calm and do not throw in a dream.

Marina M.

In a certain situation, Afobazol turned out to be the very drug that managed and helped to get through the difficulties. At that time, I took it for the first time and did not know what to expect, I only knew that I had to take a course and wait for the effect not immediately, but in a couple of weeks. So it turned out. Managed to take unpleasant emotions under control.

Daria R.

I work in the service sector, so I communicate directly with customers. And there are many dissatisfied. I also need to keep the brand, always remain, let's say, in an emotional form. That's why sometimes you have to resort to using afobazole. Like, its long-lasting effect - drink the course, then calm for several months.

Alina A.

The drug is completely ineffective. It has very little active substance, so it does not have the desired effect. Well suited for people who like to drink pills, for sensitive people, because it does not cause adverse reactions, and even cause poisoning at high doses is not capable. The effect of placebo on the face. Well, for people who are under stress, it is also not effective, a waste of money and not small.

Alyona A.

For the first time, the need for a soothing drug came to me when my mother became seriously ill. The one who took care of a lying relative will understand me. On the advice of the doctor acquired "Afobazol." For many, this drug does not help at all, but it has worked on me very well and quickly. Maybe because I have never taken sedatives before, or maybe I myself am very thick-skinned, but the nervousness and irritability went away the next day after the start of the intake. I am very pleased that there is no drowsiness and lethargy, and there are no problems with the abolition of the drug. Now "Afobazol" my magic wand in stressful situations.

Tatyana V.

To be honest, for me the drug was useless. She took it as prescribed by a family doctor in the complex treatment of erosive gastritis. The condition at that time was irritated, alarming and the doctor suggested that this could adversely affect the outcome of the treatment. Took about a month, they say it has a cumulative effect and you can increase the reception up to 3 months. After the first month, without seeing the effect, I stopped taking it, because I thought that if the drug were effective for me, I could observe certain changes after this period. Maybe he didn’t suit me, because I had heard good reviews about him.

Liana K.

The time now is such that I would recommend afobazole to many, it would obviously not be superfluous to drink it to people in the metro and at work. Why I calmly take them all, because I accept it. Otherwise it would have fallen long ago. And with him, even this thought does not arise: why make trouble, when you can be calm and control emotions.

Catherine K.

My friend has a special child, very hard, of course, with him. Although she loves him madly, but I see how she is tormented, crying, angry. You give him a spoonful of porridge, and he tells you about her head and laughs ... So according to her, afobazole helps her not to limp in this situation.

Andrei F.

I like that it is not addictive, you can jump at any time, if you feel that you have enough. Before that, I drank valerian in pills, slept well with her, but without her, insomnia immediately began.

Maria P.

Mom works as a teacher, her high school makes it scary. He says that after two weeks of drinking afobazole does not take it so painfully and somehow manages to cope with them. Not great, of course, that you have to drink for this soothing. Well, what to do, age and specialty are not the ones to change jobs.

Sergey V.

“Afobazol” helped me get rid of sleep problems. I had a period of shift work in my life at night, and the regime went to hell. It turns out that this greatly affects the state of health and in general the adequacy. After that, I could not sleep at midnight, and only after a week of taking Afobazol, sleep returned to normal.

Elena K.

What did not try, that my husband quit smoking, and finally with the "Afobazol" together we managed to achieve a result! Before that, my husband was becoming so irritable that I could not stand it and bought him a new pack, and then the withdrawal went smoothly.

Larisa M.

I have to sit next to a nightmarish colleague, he brings me every day, and while the project is in full swing, there is no way to change the situation. Afobazol helped me to grow Zen and treat his sexist tricks with a healthy pofigizm.

Anna P.

Panic attacks suddenly began to sneak up on me, suddenly a wild fear starts somewhere, most often it happened in a dream, I suddenly wake up in a wild horror with cold sweat on my forehead and sweaty palms. To the gate