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Adaptol: instructions for use

Before you buy a tranquilizer Adaptol, we recommend that you carefully study the proposed instruction, which describes the dosage, methods of use, the concomitant effect on the human body of this drug. It is necessary to take into account that only a doctor can professionally correlate the patient's problem and the restriction to the reception of Adaptol, therefore it is not necessary to engage in self-treatment.

The site "Psychology and Psychiatry" offers all the important information on the following issues: indications and instructions for use of Adaptol are described, the recommended dosage, contraindications, popular analogues, reviews of patients and doctors.

Adaptol - composition and release form

Tablets of almost white or white color, flat-cylindrical, round, with a facet and risky.

1 tablet contains 500 mg of tetramethyltetraazabicyclooctanedione

Excipients: methylcellulose - 3.3 mg, calcium stearate - 1.7 mg.

10 pieces. - Contour cell packages (2) - cardboard packs.

Adaptol - pharmacological action

Adaptol - it is an anxiolytic, belonging to the group of tranquilizers, helping to eliminate anxiety, anxiety, irritability, emotional stress or fear.

The active ingredient is tetramethyltetraazabicyclo octanion (mebicar). According to its chemical structure, this substance resembles the natural metabolite of the human body. The active component of Adaptol activates those areas of the brain that are involved in the emergence of emotions. Performing a sedative function, the drug does not cause drowsiness, euphoria, muscle relaxation and impaired coordination.

Adaptol does not affect mental and physical activity, helps to improve cognitive function and attention. The drug does not cause pathological emotional activity and psychopathic disorders. After ingestion, the drug is rapidly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract into the blood, keeping for a 3-4 hour high concentration of the active ingredient.

Adaptol does not accumulate in the body, is excreted in the urine and partly with feces after taking it during the day. This drug does not cause discomfort and dependence (withdrawal syndrome) after stopping its reception.

Adaptol - instructions for use

Assign this tranquilizer in the following cases:

- with neurosis and neurosis-like states, stress, accompanied by fear, anxiety, irritability, emotional instability;

- for pain in the heart (not associated with coronary artery disease);

- in case of withdrawal syndrome in the treatment of nicotine addiction with the aim of reducing the craving for smoking (as part of a comprehensive treatment);

- if necessary, stabilize well-being during premenstrual syndrome and in menopause;

- to improve the tolerability of tranquilizers and neuroleptics, in order to eliminate the somatovegetative and neurological side effects caused by them.

Adaptol - contraindications and side effects

The drug is contraindicated in case of individual hypersensitivity to it, in case of severe dysfunction of the liver and kidneys, during pregnancy and lactation; children up to 10 years. Caution is prescribed to patients prone to hypotension.

Rare side effects to this drug are as follows: weakness, decrease in blood pressure, dizziness, dyspepsia, allergy (itching, rash).

When taking high doses or overdose of Adaptol, a decrease in temperature, severe weakness, and bronchospasm are noted.

Adaptol tablets are prescribed orally, regardless of the meal time. In some cases, taking this drug can cause a decrease in blood pressure and a decrease in temperature by 1-1.5 ° C. The occurrence of these symptoms in the cancellation of Adaptol does not need, because they disappear on their own.

Due to a decrease in blood pressure, Adaptol adversely affects the ability to drive vehicles and mechanisms, since it can cause dizziness and weakness.

Admission Adaptol must be canceled with the development of allergic reactions in the form of a rash or pruritus. In most cases, this drug is well tolerated by patients.

Adaptol is low toxic, but with a significant overdose, the drug is capable of increasing side effects and provokes the development of hypotension, severe weakness, headache and dizziness, dyspepsia, and a decrease in temperature. If symptoms of overdose occur, gastric lavage, detoxification and symptomatic therapy are recommended to eliminate them.

Adaptol - method of administration and dosage

The usual dosage of this drug is 500 mg (1 tablet) 2-3 times a day for several days or, if necessary, the duration of therapy reaches 2-3 months and is determined strictly by an individual doctor. The drug should be taken orally, regardless of the meal.

→ Treatment of nicotine addiction - 500-1000 mg (1-2 tablets) 3 times a day for 5-6 weeks. The permissible maximum single dose is not more than 3 g. The permissible maximum daily dose is 10 g.

→ Adaptol is not prescribed during pregnancy and lactation. Penetrating into all tissues of the body, the drug can affect the health of the unborn child. Clinical studies in this category of patients on the use of Adaptol were not conducted.

→ In pediatric practice, Adaptol is prescribed for children from 10 years. There is evidence of the use of this drug in the treatment of bladder hyperactivity in children older than 7 years. The duration of treatment of the child and the dosage of the drug is determined individually by a doctor. In most cases, 300-500 mg is prescribed, an average of 250 mg 1-3 times a day.

Adaptol - drug interactions

Adaptol is combined with neuroleptics, hypnotics, benzodiazepine tranquilizers and psychostimulants.

Adaptol enhances the effect of sleeping pills; there is no interaction data with other drugs. Since Adaptol is a tranquilizer, the body's response to alcohol intake and this drug can be unpredictable. In some cases, the appearance of heaviness in the head, a drop in blood pressure (fainting), and the occurrence of headaches are possible. There is evidence that, against the background of the use of this drug after alcohol ingestion, inhibition of the central nervous system developed, manifested by memory disorders and disorientation.

The combination of Adaptol with alcohol can lead to disruption of vegetative-vascular reactions and the occurrence of panic attacks. In some cases, alcohol neutralizes the action of the drug. Therefore, alcohol intake during treatment with Adaptol should be excluded.

Adaptol - analogues

Adaptol has a number of noteworthy analogs that are similar in their pharmacological indications and are not inferior to the preparation in question.

It is necessary to highlight the following structural analogues of Adaptol, determined by the content of the main active ingredient:

- Mebix (Russia);

- Mebikar (Ukraine);

- Trankvilar (Ukraine);

- Mebikar-Tatkhimpharm (Russia).

There are other substitutes - analogues of Adaptol, each of which has its own characteristics. The most popular drugs:

• Trivalimene - this drug is recommended to patients in complex therapy, suffering from insomnia due to overwork. Also, Trivalum is effective in treating neurocirculatory dystonia with impaired heart rhythms and lack of appetite;

• Dormiplant prescribed for increased anxiety, anxiety, insomnia against the background of chronic stress or a state of Dormiplant nerve exhaustion;

• Sedavit has a wide range for appointments. Among the main problems are long-term, psychological, emotional stress, neurasthenia, irritability, impaired memory or concentration. Helps relieve migraines, eliminate headaches;

• Neuroximet prescribed to patients with age-related changes (deterioration of mental abilities and memory), circulatory disorders of the brain. Neuroximet is also used to prevent relapse after stroke complications or traumatic brain injury, as well as motion sickness;

• Pentovit is a good additional drug in the treatment of diseases of the nervous system (neuritis, neuralgia, sciatica, nerve inflammation, asthenic condition, weakness, etc.);

• Cerebrolysin is prescribed in the treatment of pathologies that are associated with failures of cerebral circulation, the central nervous system, in the treatment of psychiatric diseases, when problems arise with impaired memory and absent-mindedness;

• Difenin is used to relieve large epileptic seizures, in the treatment of status epilepticus with tonic-clonic convulsions, to prevent seizures in neurosurgery;

• Omaron is used in disorders of various etiologies that are related to cerebral circulation disorders, due to traumatic brain injury, hemorrhagic or ischemic stroke. The list of indications for use of this drug also includes the following conditions and diagnoses: memory loss, encephalopathy, atherosclerosis, impaired attention, asthenic syndrome, mood swings, migraine attacks, etc .;

• Sedinal is recommended to add to patients in their daily ration, as a general tonic drug, which acts soothingly and gently, which has a beneficial effect in enhancing the psycho-emotional state;

• Ekstal-3 "soothing" is a drug that stabilizes the general condition in the event of depression, excessive irritability or stress. Ekstal-3 "sedative" corrects psychosomatic disorders, sleep disorders and withdrawal syndrome. It also normalizes the state of the nervous system, helping to cope with anxiety and irritability, increases the body's resistance to emotional stress, improving the system of adaptation to significant stress and prolonged stress;

• Neurin - this drug is prescribed after stroke, with depression and neurosis, neuro-circulatory disorders. The indications for appointment are acute disorders of cerebral circulation, head injury.

Price in modern life matters, because everyone wants to cut costs, especially when it comes to treatment. In such cases, it is worthwhile to consider more affordable domestic drugs of a similar effect, since cheap Adaptol analogues are present in the market in large quantities:

• Fenzitat - has a pronounced sedative and hypnotic effect. This tranquilizer has anticonvulsant action, relaxes muscles, helps eliminate unreasonable phobias. Emotional stress after taking pills decreases, anxiety and fear go away;

• Phenazepam - has a pronounced anxiolytic, sedative, anticonvulsant action. It is prescribed for sleep disorders, psychosis and other diseases of the nervous system;

• Anvifen - has nootropic, antiaggregant, antioxidant, tranquilizing, and anticonvulsant effects on the human body. Prescribe this drug for insomnia, Meniere's disease, stuttering, dizziness;

• Mebicar - has a stress-protective, anxiolytic, nootropic action. Improves oxygen supply of myocardial tissues; regulates plasma electrolyte balance. Regulates the changed night's sleep, without having a direct hypnotic effect. It has no cholinolytic and muscle relaxant action, does not affect the coordination of movements. Weakens nicotine withdrawal;

• Aralia tincture - a remedy of plant origin, used as a stimulant of the central nervous system. Increases overall tone, improves appetite, normalizes sleep, helps to cope with fatigue, stimulates the processes of the nervous system;

• Anvifen - his task is to help the patient overcome asthenic, anxious-neurotic states, relieve from fear, obsessive psychosis, establish a healthy sleep and strengthen the nervous system. Ineffective drug for motion sickness, dizziness. As a side effect, you can get increased irritability, excitability, anxiety, and other unpleasant symptoms that are not observed when using Adaptol;

• Phenibut - has a positive effect on the microcirculation of blood flow in the brain, the patient feels calmer, more confident. Anxiety recedes, sleep improves, irritability and headaches disappear, mental activity and memory increase. Phenibut with Adaptol differs in the formula and content of the active substance, although the purpose is identical, and the same contraindications are: individual intolerance, pregnancy, lactation;

• Adepress - an antidepressant popular today that can naturally overcome biochemical causes leading to prolonged depression, stress, and suicidal state. In addition, Adepress helps to normalize the cycle of sleep and wakefulness, improve appetite, and act as prevention for migraines.

Adaptol or Afobazol, which is better?

The strength of the impact, both means are equally powerful, and what is better Adaptol or Afobazol, and which one to give preference, the doctor will tell more accurately after the examination.

Adaptol and Afobazol belong to the group of tranquilizers and are similar in some of their indications. Both drugs can be used to treat neurosis, withdrawal syndrome with nicotine addiction, anxiety disorders, emotional instability and other neurosis-like conditions. However, in a number of properties, Afobazol and Adaptol differ from each other.

Afobazole is prescribed to eliminate the state of anxiety provoked by various personal fears, anxiety, experienced situations or mental disorders. In addition to eliminating anxiety, the drug moderately activates the central nervous system, increasing mood, as well as the speed of mental and mental processes and reactions.

The drug Afobazol belongs to a new generation, its main purpose is to overcome the patient's anxiety. Patients note changes in the psychological and physical state, increased concentration, improved memory.

Afobazol, unlike Adaptol, can be prescribed to patients with various dermatological, oncological and somatic (IHD, hypertension, arrhythmia, bronchial asthma or irritable bowel syndrome) diseases. Also, this drug is indicated for the treatment of sleep disorders associated with increased anxiety, and can be used to eliminate alcohol withdrawal syndrome.

Adaptol can also be used to improve the tolerability of tranquilizers, psychostimulants and neuroleptics. Also, this drug can be used to eliminate pain in the heart (without IHD) of different origin. Afobazole in these cases is useless. The choice between the appointment of Afobazol or Adaptol can only be done by a doctor. He also determines the dosage and duration of administration of a tranquilizer.

Adaptol - reviews of doctors

When Adaptol is used in patients, an improvement in mood, a stabilization of consciousness, and an increase in working capacity are noted. This drug is also valuable in that it reduces smooth muscle spasms and prevents seizures.

Reviews of doctors about Adaptol indicate that the tranquilizer is able to normalize the emotional and psychological state of patients with neurosis, heart pain (without IHD) and nicotine withdrawal. This drug is capable of exerting nootropic actions that restore and maintain brain functions (improving memory, mindfulness, etc.).

Reviews of doctors on patients Adaptol following: good tolerability, rapid action and no adverse reactions (lower blood pressure and body temperature are observed in isolated cases). Patients note a stabilization of the emotional state, an improvement in mood, the absence of anxiety and fears.

Many of those taking Adaptol note the absence of drowsiness, lethargy while taking the pills and addiction after their withdrawal. There are reviews that the drug helps patients cope with smoking during the treatment of nicotine addiction. Most patients refer to the price of Adaptol as being "high" or "acceptable."

Reviews of psychiatrists about Adaptol: a drug from the group of adaptogen vegetal stabilizers, with minimal tranquilizing activity. Practically does not cause side effects, in rare cases it can slightly intensify anxiety. Not addictive. As an anti-anxiety drug, it is ineffective, but for suspicious patients with a threat of "negative placebo effects" is irreplaceable. With regular intake gives a positive effect with neurosis. Perhaps the use of adolescents.

Adaptol - patient reviews


I can share with you my feeling of this drug. I like it. Пью 1,5 недели, первое время (дня два) клонила в сон, а сейчас все прошло, начала успокаиваться, я работаю в банке, напряжение очень большое, все свалилось на меня, думала с ума сойду, пока не начала принимать. Недостатки: Горькая таблетка, первое время сонливость.


Пила их, когда похоронила отца. Таблетки хорошие, помогают.


Пришлось принимать Адаптол, когда у меня появился новый начальник. Personnel purges burst out, a large number of my good colleagues flew home from work, who in 10 years have become true friends to me. I was sobbing at work simply, plus - I had to constantly be in suspense, especially since my desk is in the office of the chief. Constant quibbles about work, appearance, order on the table (I am an accountant, I have a lot of papers on the table, this is normal). In general, I received a terrible stress, heart arrhythmia began, and even constant headaches, from which I want to climb onto the wall. I just do not know what I would do if I had not been advised by a friend to take Adaptol. It was hard for me to believe in it myself, but after a couple of days all the excitements just disappeared somewhere, I pulled myself together and completely abstracted from the negative. The work went easier, and now they are pushing me up! I owe all of this to Adaptolu. By the way, it does not cause drowsiness - another important point!

the Rose

It helps, but still a slight turbidity is felt (after 30 minutes of reception - 1.5 hours) It is a little difficult to think a bit and I would not advise people behind the wheel, you never know))) although there is not a word about this in the backsides. As a mild sedative can be taken.

a guest

The child is 11 years old. For the first time Adaptol took in 10. Tiki decreased, irritability, too. This time, the irritability also decreases, the psychos are different there, but the tics do not go away unfortunately, they took it the same way with a peony and without a peony.


I drank Adaptol when I started having neuroses. No valerian and so on especially did not help and did not bring any sense except drowsiness. I remember Adaptol to buy, I remember, a colleague advised. The name was on hearing, and what it is, the price of Adaptol and for what it is used, somehow I did not remember. She consulted a pharmacy with a pharmacist, she also said that the drug is quite effective.


During the last summer session, so much of everything fell on me and so suddenly that I simply did not know where to put myself and how to clear this mountain of tasks. There both 2 coursework, and 4 individual works, and laboratory, in general, I started my studies a bit, but I did not want to lose the scholarship. Therefore, I devoted the whole of June to study and absorbed my knowledge in my mind. In the end, a little sleep, a lot of coffee and constant stress made themselves felt, and in the end, I fell through. I had a terrible stress and depression from my helplessness. For the first time in my life I had to resort to the achievements of the pharmaceutical industry. On the advice of a friend, I immediately ran to the nearest pharmacy to buy Adaptol. I bought a box of 20 pieces. Tablets white flat with risk. They need to take no more than 10g per day, it is about 3 tablets. I liked that it is completely and completely safe and there are no serious consequences with an overdose. Acting efficiently and quickly, I was immediately able to put my thoughts in order and my mood improved. Stress drove for 3 days and closed the session without triples. Thanks to Adaptol, who helped me, but I will not tell my parents that I took any drugs, they will react very negatively to this.

a guest

No effect, moreover, bitter insanely. After taking a few more hours, the bitterness in the tongue is felt.


So many positive reviews, and Adaptol has few side effects. The doctor prescribed Adaptol to me, that's how I drink 2 tablets a day for 3 tablets a day, it seems there is a small effect. The worst thing, it seems it is Tenoten, from him I began to simply slow down, grow stupid, an anxious state. And in Adaptol, I still do not notice anything, and my head does not hurt.

Marina Aleksandrovna

By virtue of my body, I do not perceive vegetable, sedatives in general. And once in life another kapets arrived - I absolutely did not understand anything and was as if not here (a quarrel with a new MCH). Went as lost. Mom gave me the started packaging (she herself periodically drinks it, her work with a large flow of people, most of whom are completely inadequate). Already with the first pill, I absolutely do not care for everything! I began to smile, the brain cleared up, there was outrage that why should I worry and suffer because some guy thought up something there for himself? I started to put on my hair and make up my hair again, happily went to work and quietly fell asleep in the evenings. At the moment, this is the best of the sedatives I've tried!


Headache at one point (localization: right hemisphere, almost near the forehead). 100% is not a coincidence - because I checked, if I take it, then my head hurts, if not, then it doesn't hurt. The dosage also does not matter, the pain comes even at 150 mg (300 mg pills).


The first time I took the adaptol 500, my head began to hurt, I don’t know from it or a coincidence.


Take adaptol and do not worry. His effect is stronger than that of Noofen. Noofen used to drink 2-3 tablets at a time, the adaptol is enough for one. In general, the best tool - a cocktail of valerian, motherwort and peony. It is better to combine with the use of adaptol.


A neurologist prescribed an adaptol for me from insomnia (assuming it was nervous) in the morning 1 tab month, I was able to drink only 4 tablets, that is, 4 days a headache and no painkillers do not help. Therefore, I can’t say anything about calmness and especially good sleep, only irritation and anguish from headaches.


2 months saw this drug really helped. Gone fears, panic attacks, irritability))

a guest

I was prescribed an adaptol to get off the antidepressant. While normal, the 8th day without Pax. I advise everyone not to ever drink an antidepressant, it is a terrible drug. It is very hard to get off him.


After the first reception, the condition improved much, irritability, constant fear, tearfulness, disappeared, nothing brings to the breakdown, but a headache.


I got heart disease in a stressful situation. And serious illness. I was only issued adaptol. I felt his wonderful action from day one. The only thing that brings me when taking adaptol, I became coarse and concrete. But I was not a gift.

Shelf life and storage conditions

The drug should be kept out of the reach of children, in a dry place, at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C.

Shelf life - 4 years.

Conditions of sale from pharmacies: The drug is released by prescription.

We want to emphasize that the above description of the tranquilizer Adaptol performs an introductory function only! More precise guidance on the use of the proposed tranquilizer can be obtained by studying the instructions approved by the manufacturer. Remember - self-healing is irresponsible and unsafe for health! It is strongly recommended to consult a doctor before starting therapy with Adaptol.