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Self development

Personality self-development is a popular topic of today's practical psychology. Do you think that you have achieved only small things in life? Maybe even afraid to seem a loser? Want to develop certain skills in order to open a business, increase revenue? Decided to live a full life now? Most now under the word self-development do not have a specific presentation. Many people watch videos, read articles, books - they consume a lot of information, where to start self-development of a person, but nothing happens. After all, development includes not only information loading, theoretical knowledge, but also the formulation, achievement of goals, growth through the right environment, development of skills, their practical consolidation, allowing to gradually raise their level.

Genuine personal self-development is if all that you have learned, you confirm with deed, in practice.

What is human self-development?

There is an opinion that it is self-development through self-destruction that is genuine and the most effective, literally turning the person around. Is it true that the more a person suffers, the more it develops? Is it necessary for self-development to slip down the social ladder, quit work, study, go into bad habits - in fact, do everything that is opposite to development?

What is meant here is self-destruction at a deeper level — the destruction of one’s ego, of false attitudes, the movement towards one’s fears, the exit from the comfort zone, the rearrangement of one’s personality. People who have received really high development, those whom we can call self-actualizing - often had their own negative experiences, dark sections of their personal history, when they literally sank to the bottom, plunged into their shadow, and thereby integrated their personality into a single whole. After all, the direction of self-actualization often differs from the development according to the norms of society, which are inculcated everywhere, in every social institution, and clouded over the original meanings of a particular person.

Practically for a modern young man, self-development through self-destruction can be expressed in leaving a university in which, as he feels, he does not get the really necessary knowledge, and go to work, live separately, engage in exhausting sports - push himself with the real world, force use hidden resources at the limit of power. In the process of such an experience, unnecessary, alien scenarios are eliminated, there is a chance to find out what is real and find personal goals, to start working in the direction necessary for self-development.

Self-development has its own self-actualization as its global goal - coming to a state where a person has become everything it could become. And since this goal is ideal, not fully achievable - then self-actualization is some kind of abstraction, a supreme need, a vector in which a person moves throughout life.

Self-actualization is, first of all, the achievement of an internal harmonious state in being with oneself, elimination or acceptance of intrapersonal conflicts and independence from the opinions of others, greater freedom and personal responsibility without reference to the rigid, neurotic framework and guarantees of tomorrow from the outside world.

Self-development and self-improvement, where to start?

Practically all directions leading to self-development of a person assert that personal development is impossible without awakening one's own will and pro-activity. Blind movement after the leader or forcibly forcing yourself to follow some method is fundamentally wrong. This can be traced even from the word itself, of which “self” is a part, which underlines the importance of choosing exactly one's own direction.

How to start self-development of personality? Before the beginning of self-development, a person usually needs time, a certain amount of his own mistakes and conclusions. It is worth listening to the opinions of others, but you should not follow it completely. Own mistakes allow a person to move to the next level of understanding through experience, and this is radically different from listening to the advice of others.

To jump high - you need to sit down strongly. Of the mistakes we leave already by other people. It is not necessary to pay attention here to how many and what mistakes were made, but how did the person get out of them, did they make conclusions from them and what were they, did the awareness of the causes of what happened, and would he continue to live, based on the conclusions made?

Unfortunately, as if a person often walks in a spiral, steps on a rake, which he carries with him, making the same mistakes, self-development cannot begin. However, if a breakthrough does occur, an awareness of the need for change comes and, most importantly, desire - this becomes the first, fundamental brick in the process of self-improvement. Following the sincere desire, everything else is put along the way. The great way, as it is said, begins with a small step.

To start this path, it is necessary to decide what exactly you want, what is the goal of your self-development. To outline it as clearly as possible - write down on paper what you want to achieve, in what plane you want to develop. This goal must correspond to internal motives, and not installations imposed from outside.

The correctness of setting goals can be verified through the power of desire. The stronger your urge, if it is literally insurmountable, does not pass, faced even with strong obstacles, does not fade away with time, but only increases - it means that the goal is determined correctly, according to your true values, and it is she who can bring you deep satisfaction. Weak or fading motivation often speaks of an incorrectly chosen or formulated goal.

Next, you must follow the goal, making every day at least a minimum of steps in its direction. So, if you have prescribed that you should develop self-confidence, work every day with the method you have chosen. If you strive to be kinder, more complete, more harmonious - every day through the affairs approach this ideal image.

It is very important to systematize the efforts and not to scatter, not to run from side to side. When you choose to move in one direction - follow it. Many people rush and spread their efforts, as a result do not achieve concrete results anywhere. If you, having chosen a direction, have been following it for a long time already, there is no need to fold, to develop in another direction. These are only negative programs that are trying to steer you out of the way - for example, the fear of getting a significant result or the fear will not cope with the increased responsibility and freedom. Continue to your chosen goal until victory.

Further, when you, for example, develop confidence, having reached your original goal - you will have a broader picture of what you need, you will understand yourself better and will work more efficiently and accurately. Take at least a step a day - the more we do, the more energy comes.

Work on yourself, on what is related to our inner content - applies to others as well. A harmonious, full-fledged, confident person who loves himself and others, who knows how to act to the end, will certainly build a successful and happy reality around himself.

Self-development, whether it is extremely practical or highly spiritual, is the natural state of a person, although most people stop studying in educational institutions without being used to and loving the efforts that lead to growth. That is why neuroses are so common - a person tries to choose a system that will allow him, without changing himself, to feel security. However, any growth passes through great difficulties that either the outside world brings, if the personality is characterized by an external locus of control, or, with an internal locus, a person sets himself before himself.

The development of his personality is the most logical way and channel for investing time, money, physical, psychological and spiritual forces, because as a result of it a person acquires the asset that remains with him forever. Moreover, stepping on this path and receiving a positive experience, it will be impossible to stop - knowledge and skills will increase themselves, giving rise to an even greater desire to move on. You begin to see your hidden opportunities and new horizons, your views are changing, the old problems seem to be negligible, you are more and more easily discarding outdated attitudes, re-creating your personality. All other goals, except for self-actualization, gradually disappear, the main, supreme human need for self-development is put in the forefront - that’s why we live life for ourselves. It is impossible to achieve complete self-actualization, to strive for it is already the result.

Self development plan

We all know that personal self-development does not exist without purposeful efforts, but all the same, we often stop at the theory, literally eating information and being overloaded with it, without going further, without receiving the cherished results. For significant growth, a self-development program is needed, a plan that will help not to deviate from a given goal.

The self-development program will allow you to break a large, distant ideal goal into separate sub-goals, specific tasks, operations, the achievement of which is easy to track. It will save you from misunderstanding where to go next, and hang on the stages.

First, you need to understand why you need self-development, to narrow the understanding of this word specifically for you. After all, self-development for different people means different things: push-ups, squat and run in the mornings, learn a foreign language, read tongue twisters and improve your speech.

Why do you need self-development? Set a specific goal for what exactly you want to improve. For example, if this is health, start by studying materials, books and videos on recovery. You can realize it through sport, choosing and planning out the training method. Or maybe your path lies through yoga, meditation? Find relevant materials or join the club.

Do you need improved intelligence, do you want to be more erudite? Learn techniques to improve memory, fast reading, the development of creative thinking.

Want to improve your business skills to be realized as a successful entrepreneur? Learn this information.

First, there is always an understanding of why you need self-development. Many have not decided on his goal, that is why they are constantly looking for and trying to take everything, to be everywhere, in the end nothing happens.

So, you have defined the goal for which you will develop. The next point is to develop yourself so that you end up with specific skills for living. This self-development, as a result of what you become more harmonious, happy, joyful.

Suppose if the focus of your attention on health is health promotion, the choice and application of a specific technique. Even a simple daily morning lesson, exercise - will eventually result, as opposed to simply reading books about health.

When you want to develop a business and have received a specific recommendation to choose a niche - try already to carry out the first steps, test the market, launch a pilot project.

The meaning of the second step is to turn all the information that you have absorbed into a certain skill when you begin to act. The best option is when you immediately find the use of the knowledge gained, then they do not flow away, but really nurture your personality.

Self-development becomes simple, interesting and understandable, you no longer have uncertainty, there is no dispersion of forces in different directions with no visible result.

You will develop as quickly as you will perform a series of actions leading to the goal. The best, outstanding results contribute to daily classes, literally 7 days a week, constantly.