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How to get a guy

How to get a guy? This is for each girl at the meeting of that same candidate for the princes the theme of the first importance. And how to get the guy you love? What exactly makes the girls attractive in the eyes of guys, which they may not even realize, and can this be controlled? If you want a guy to think more about you - let him invest in you with your own resources: time, attention, emotions, actions. Give him the opportunity to prove himself from the male side, because in order to really experience attraction to you, to separate you from other women, he needs to do something for you. Therefore, take all signs of attention, stimulate them in every way, and then thank, sincerely rejoice, if a guy pleases you - this is the best reward for a man.

Do I need to pursue a guy? You should not take a lot of initiative, try to make a man love you, if he doesn’t do that himself, don’t give you signs of attention. With the same force with which a girl runs after a man - he begins to run away from her. The more you pursue - the more he hates you and does not respect you. Is it worth explaining that relationships will have no future, even if they manage to build something - they will be based on consumerism from the guy.

The main secret that will allow you not only to get the location of a particular guy, but to attract the attention of many men and not experience problems with relationships - to constantly evolve. Self-improvement in order to become a harmonious personality and a beautiful girl should continue until you are completely satisfied with yourself, and only then it will be possible to build a strong relationship. But the paradox is that there will no longer be a painful need for relationships, you can calmly consider the proposals of the guys, not hurrying and not dreaming of creating a pair with at least one.

How to achieve a guy who likes?

Modern girls are actively interested in how to get the attention of a guy. Do I need to pursue a guy, or will it just scare him away? After all, the defenselessness, vulnerability is actually feminine qualities, it is they who are able to activate the guy to show attention. Today, vulnerability has become rare and looks even more seductive for men. Most girls try to seem invulnerable, as if in this way they are safe from the pain, which is inevitable, as it seems to them, bring the relationship. However, this is just an illusion, you have to admit to yourself, first of all, to admit that behind the wall of defenses is a vulnerable female soul. And the guy should see her too.

One of the psychological laws on the distribution of emotional energy asserts - give up the desire to receive, replace it with the desire to give, then you will get what you have refused. Stop waiting for love from a man, instead just show a sincere, non-binding warm attitude. Let go of the situation, just give without expectations. And if you manage to fill a man with such disinterested love, not counting on a response, then you will wait for love from him. Give up on reciprocity and you will get it. Just enjoy your love. Of course, it is easy only to say, almost everyone, giving, expects to receive reciprocal feelings and replenish the invested attention and care. In order to sincerely give selfless love - a certain state of consciousness is required, special trance techniques can help here. Many spiritual teachings are directed toward the same capacity for selfless love.

How to achieve the guy you love? Often a man lacks her different roles in a woman. Perhaps this is the cause of male polygamous? Try to combine the roles of muse, girlfriend and mistress at different times in yourself. The muse is an airy, inspiring, fragile, female-space. A friend - prompts, helps, understands, she can be trusted. Mistress seductive, easy to turn on, and even she initiates a romantic game. If you still achieve a guy, then you can connect another role of the mother - the female self in which you can take care of him, give the man the opportunity to relax, feel security, as if in childhood. But you should not rush into this role, otherwise your concern may be mistakenly perceived as an obsession.

If you periodically spend time together - ask him to add a little adrenaline to your pastime, make a date-action! This will favorably emphasize you in a number of other girls, with which he spent the classic, perhaps even a little boring meetings in a cafe or walking in the park and in the cinema. Moreover, such a date may look like an ordinary meeting, not binding, you can just tell the guy about the opportunity to jump from the bungee, go to the climbing wall, even just ride a bike or a boat in the park. It is known that during sports and extreme activities a whole list of hormones is released that literally explode sensitivity and contribute to the birth of love. This splash the guy will unconsciously associate with you, will start thinking about you more and more. An active date will give you space to express yourself, appear on other sides, and also make the guy take off his mask. You will be able to see how he acts in real life situations that require male decisions, initiative, strength, and leadership. In jointly overcoming obstacles, you will be able to get to know each other much better, to get closer together than even on several dates with conversations about the weather.

How to achieve a guy who likes? Many experienced girls use the emotional swing, playing with a distance, when they, then attracted a man, then pushed him. Here you need to be in tune with your instincts, to clearly feel what you are doing and why, so as not to have a sense of artificiality, the manipulativeness of your actions. Emotional jumps are peculiar to feminine nature, and you just need to naturally follow their course, using mood, mysteriousness, a sense of inner comfort. For example, you can feel the interest and non-verbally demonstrate it to a boyfriend, and then close with a decline in emotions, explaining that it is necessary to be in silence or because too little time has passed in the relationship. It can also be done through speech - to say a compliment to a man, but after a while I jot it a little, as if adding pepper to a relationship. So you definitely will not let the guy get bored, literally prikuete his attention. The guy does not have to decide that you are in his power, he got your favor, nothing more needs to be done. On the contrary, in order to fall in love without memory, he must turn on his hunter instincts, be active in your pair, even if the interest originally came from you.

Your body language should tell the guy that you are an interesting, decent girl, while interested in him. To learn to express oneself non-verbally, to develop flexibility in gait and movements, dance, plastic, yoga, defile courses will help. Your movements should be somewhat slow in order to demonstrate calmness and attraction. Keep your posture - according to psychosomatics, it shows your self-esteem. A smooth back will not only give a man a signal of your attractiveness, but also allow you to feel fresh and worthy yourself. Let your brushes be soft, feminine, as if in a dance. With all your movements as if draw flexible lines, roundness, avoid angularity.

How to get the guy you care about?

To begin with, how to win the respect of the guy you like, but it’s not mutual. Think about what people like in general. You should not create yourself separately for guys and separately for girls. First of all, be an interesting, full of personality, this is what will make the guy respect you. What attracts people to us? This, of course, is a positive state. Many girls even in social networks write that they are bored, have nothing to do, thereby sending a signal to the guys - they are not interested even with themselves! Boys appreciate girls who are busy, have their own interests, social circle when a girl is passionate about something and her life is meaningful even without a boyfriend. Then he turns on the instinct of the conqueror, he wants to achieve such an independent girl.

If a girl is too fixated on a relationship or a certain guy, if all her dreams about how to get the attention of a guy - more often she becomes uninteresting to him. It is important not to stick, not to hang on the guy, because such a disproportionate attitude is based only on women's illusions, romantic images, not supported by reality. The guy at the same time feels - he does not affect the girl, her own expectations, dreams influence, and only they often remain with the girl, and the guy distributes as much as possible.

A common mistake of girls is to forget that a personal relationship with a guy is, first, a relationship between two people, a partnership that is impossible without the maturity of each of its participants. Genuine relationships are not always based only on romantic feelings — they are reinforced by friendship, a common cause, values ​​and interests. Girls sometimes prefer to be in the castles of illusions, in fact, in a selfish need to build relationships at all costs, not paying attention to the whole personality of the guy, reducing him only to the role of a suitor. The guys feel it, and the strategy collapses.

How to achieve a guy who does not want a relationship with you?

When you fall in love without a response - analyze why it happened. What images feed your love? Any love, even mutual love, is based on illusions, ideal pictures, which, when people recognize each other, often disappear and bring disappointment. This effect is even stronger when one-sided love is even more likely to set up castles in the air that may not be relevant to the object. In order not to be disappointed, it is said that you do not need to be fascinated. Therefore, you should first think carefully about why you want to build a relationship with a guy when there is no reciprocity from him.

Psychologically, people are drawn to their fellows. Suppose a guy really deserves your attention, but you lack something to attract him. Want to pull a guy? Watch what state it broadcasts to others - the same state must come from you so that you find yourself on a common wave. Do not dream that if you are sad, then your problems will be solved by a cheerful guy. Far from it, he internally faces the same problems and learned how to solve them, so only a girl who is also good at controlling herself can attract him.

In order to interest a guy who is not showing signs of attention to you now - you should open up, develop from yourself the personality that you can become with the use of all your potential. Many examples when an inconspicuous girl, like a bud, blossomed into a beautiful and interesting interlocutor, and when a guy paid attention to her, she didn’t need this relationship anymore. Therefore, do not dwell on, grow above yourself, then you will definitely not be deprived of ever male attention and you will be able to overestimate your attitude.

Think about life, about what you dream, and try to create this life yourself. Do not look for a guy who, like a prince, will welcome a horse and magically change everything, transform the negative into a solid positive. This is not the strength of the guy, not in his interest to carry such a huge load, literally dragging on another person.

How to achieve a guy who has a girlfriend?

Here you also need to first think about your motives - why did you want to pursue a guy who is not free? What drives you: passion, the desire to increase your self-esteem, revenge your opponent, to prove your charm to others? Such motives interest the psychologist not from the moral side, but because it is impossible and meaningless to build strong relationships on them. Only if you are driven by sincere, long feelings for this guy, and you are sure that you are waiting for the future together - only then can you think about the relationship with him.

Remember, however, that when you take on such an initiative, you may continue to carry it in your pair. You will have to, in fact, take the lead, and the boy will probably react to other girls, as you have previously said. You may be guilty in the destruction of his past relationships, and in the current failures.

Often the girl herself gives a reason to take the boy in, if things are not going smoothly in the relationship, if quarrels and misunderstandings happen, and they are not used to talking and solving joint problems. Then there may be a rival with a tempting offer for a guy not to solve the difficulties arising in the relationship, but simply to change the girl for another, more convenient or attractive.

She can wait for a convenient moment, when in a couple of discord, be in intimate with a guy who is in frustrated feelings, often angry and dissatisfied. Usually the girl resorts to instinctive manipulations, trying to lure the guy with those moments that he does not receive in relations now. Men tend to take such advances of attention, writing them down only on their own account. Guys often regard them not as an attempt by a runt to achieve their goals, but as a high appreciation of his own person, an estimate that he had long awaited from the current girl and which belongs to him by right. The self-esteem of the guy who is offered to get what he wants without effort is stimulated - a simple and easy option, which unfortunately leads to problems in the future.

How to achieve a former guy?

How to achieve respect for the guy, if you were already in a relationship, but lost his disposition? How to achieve the guy you love even after breaking up?

Many girls fall in love, meet, but because of the lack or lack of knowledge of how to support the fire in a pair, they break up, believing that love is irretrievably gone. And only then they come to their senses, realizing that the feelings are strong.

Psychologists here open our eyes to us - it is not love that passes, but only love - a primary, superficial state based on a hormonal surge. Love is a feeling that is born just after falling in love. In order for love to happen, you need to work together every day in a relationship, putting all the best in them, pure, kind and bright. It is important that in the relationship at this stage were already common interests and values. If they were not there, then there is no point in returning the former one, because you will part with the same problem anyway.

If you have a lot of unifying moments, and the separation still happened due to some kind of resentment that he or you provoked - there is a chance that the guy’s return will grow into love further. We give practical advice.

The first thing to do is ask for forgiveness if your fault was. Some girls because of their pride are afraid to apologize, shifting the blame on the guy. Girls that think so try to break the inner core of a guy, which is unacceptable in a relationship. If it works out, the man becomes weak-willed, a “rag,” if it doesn't work out, he will respond with care. When you offended a man, you tried to press him, but he left - it means that you got a principled, real man.

When you know that you love a guy, that you need him - step over your artificial pride, arrogance imposed by society, apologize. How? Better in person. You can write a touching sms or on the social network, but talking alone will still be much better. The message will not be able to convey your voice, intonation, look, your appearance. In addition, it may happen that he reads your message in the presence of friends or girlfriends, and they will make him just laugh at you.

Think carefully about your image to the meeting - you should look beautiful, feminine, seductive, but not vulgar. A little late, about 10 minutes. During the conversation, behave timidly and feminine. Give him your sincere apologies and promises that this act will not happen again. Speak gently, sit opposite, better to keep your eyes lowered. And only at the end of your monologue can you timidly raise your eyes and look at him a little frightened. Then be silent - let him say that apologies are accepted.

After that, you can smile a little, do not show too clearly your joy, outwardly try to remain restrained and calm.

And remember - to return the former guy at times easier than trying to keep. If a man left you for the first time - this is a bell that you should change, for example, in behavior. From now on, try to invest in relationships as much as possible so that the fire of your love will flare up more and more, every day.