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What if annoying husband

What if annoying husband? Young families await an interesting surprise literally within six months or a year after marriage. Tinsel and romantic enthusiasm subside, life and daily vision of a person come, begin, problems that are completely different from the period of courtship. And it is then that the husband begins to annoy for any reason what to do with this is incomprehensible, and many prefer to remain silent, which is not possible for a long time and the accumulated irritability results in scandals.

You should look at the situation with a cold mind, when the husband is not around, so as not to succumb to the influence of irritability. It will take how to shake up his memory in order to understand whether he was like this even before the wedding or if his behavior changed when living together. After all, if you saw all the same actions and hoped that a stamp in your passport would miraculously change his behavior - you can only blame yourself. Create a peculiar list of those qualities that irritate the husband and determine how important and important for you are for them to change. It may well be that half of the things that provoke a sharp reaction are not something serious and affecting your relationship. Pay attention, whether it is connected with hormonal changes, your own difficulties at work or something else, which the spouse does not directly affect, but is only a safe place for relieving nervous tension. Then you should think about what to do if the husband began to annoy at such periods, and not accuse him of hanging crookedly outside the window.

What to do if the husband is annoying - advice from a psychologist

So what to do if the husband became annoying? In order not to be the cause of irritation, the exit lies through an open and honest conversation, clarifying your position and your request to be more attentive, the ability to hear and understand the other.

What if the husband is angry and annoying? When the husband is annoying for any reason what to do in this case, each femin decides for herself. The most radical ones file for divorce, but then they face the same problems in the following relationships, because most of the irritation is inside us, and the surrounding people only to a small extent contribute to evoking this volcano of feelings.

Therefore, before embarking on a desperate search, what to do if the husband is infuriated and annoying, you should pay attention to your own condition and your participation in increasing irritability. Start with a revision of annoying moments - be sure to include serious things here, such as not fulfilling a promise to pick you up at three in the morning from the station, as well as small ubiquitous triggers, such as shuffling slippers, commenting on the film or hanging laces in the bathroom. Evaluate the list carefully in an attempt to see the real picture - such actions annoy you only when your person does it or when any person does it. This will help to separate the true cause, because if you have an irritating open window, you can agree on this, and if your husband annoys you and the window is just a reason, then it’s useless to talk, because removing one reason, you will quickly find another. The smaller and ubiquitous things are annoying, the greater the likelihood that it is annoying people.

Perhaps your relationship has cracked or you are unhappy with any one global moment in your man that you are afraid to say (earns little, does not satisfy in bed) - silencing these processes leads to increasing irritability when it infuriates even how it breathes and sits . It is easy to trace on those couples where the situation has changed (for example, the husband was raised) and the irritability passed. Therefore, what to do if annoying your husband in trifles and constantly, is to look for the true cause of the deterioration of the relationship, and if you know her, then you need to begin to clarify this issue together before the irritability turns into hatred.

Knowing what your loved one infuriates you, you can analyze how much you put your hand to it - remember, if you said that you were unbearable to listen to his music all day long or to wake up at dawn. If this is normal for him, and you are silent and suffer, then only one conclusion suggests itself - that this is normal for you too. By reporting your attitude (gently, you do not need to trample down his hobbies with your feet), you can get an amazing reaction in its speed: the music will be heard in the headphones, the slippers will be replaced with silent, and the spouse's morning activity will move from the apartment to the yard.

The question of what to do if your own husband annoys is most often asked by young wives, whose relationships live through the crisis of the first year of living together. Everything is organically and logically conditioned - you lived differently and now joint lapping is underway, moreover, if a woman lived alone before, she can be in light shock even from the fact that the cup can move without her intervention. This is a difficult period of adaptation, having passed which you get the opportunity to meet with a real person, and not with the way that we all build from ourselves in the period of courtship.

The separate moment can be the reason, when you often together, working in one department, having common friends and the same hobbies. One couple brings a sense of unity and kinship, the other gets bored, because everything that happens to you during the day he already knows, the areas of work, leisure and intimate communication are mixed, and here you are on a romantic date discussing how to give your boss report. Try to distinguish between the different sides of your life, add those classes where you have differences - let him go hunting and while you visit the oriental dance studio. Having met, you will miss, and having a rest from each other share new impressions.

The family is the place where everything keeps on a constant compromise, so the thought that it is only he who infuriates you, and you are an angel, are far from the real picture of what is happening. There are downsides, but there is something that made you choose it and be together for a sufficient period of time. So with the next attack of irritability, you can remind yourself that he not only snores terribly and does not wash the cup, but also protects you from the nasty aunt and helps you finish the report at night. Each person is ambivalent and if you keep in mind both sides of his essence, then you can reduce unnecessary both irritation and euphoria of enchantment in love.

From the tips to the question "what to do if the husband began to annoy?" the most common is to take a break from it (to leave on your own or to go on a walk with someone, for a week or forever - these are details). In fact, by withdrawing and searching for contacts on the side, you betray your husband and spoil the existing relationship, which may have been quite viable. So, of course, we need to rest, but not from the husband, but with the husband. Choose the rest that will change the usual atmosphere as much as possible and will not give you the opportunity to dig into the gadgets. A hike in the mountains with a group of tourists is an excellent option, allowing you to look at your spouse with a new look, socialize, enjoy the manifestations of his manhood.

There are situations of unconscious and non-negotiated irritation, and it happens that the husband knows what irritates you, it was discussed, but there is no change, but it seems that everything is getting worse. Look, perhaps it is advantageous to him to maintain such an order of things. Variants of mass, for example, he seeks to show that he will not fulfill your slightest whims, proving that he is not a henpecked. Or it may happen that, while causing your irritability, he is trying to get your attention. It seems absurd, but when it is important for a person to receive confirmation of his significance and it is impossible to take it in the form of praise, swearing is appropriate. This happens if the wife is too cold and ignores the positive changes and efforts for her, but rather takes it for granted, but rather clearly shows emotions of indignation. Getting into such a situation, the husband may begin to specifically act on your nerves unconsciously, but deliberately, receiving in the form of her complaints and crying the message “you are not indifferent to me”. If you are in a similar situation, then begin to praise your chosen one, to show affection. Do not be surprised if the reaction is not instantaneous, most likely at first it will be alert and even move away from your tenderness - do not give up attempts, it also needs time to stop expecting criticism from you.

Thus, by changing your reactions and the train of thought, you remove from the person the sole responsibility for your relationship, what is happening within the family and for your emotional state. It becomes easier for you and him to breathe, and when positive reactions and openness in the manifestation of the need prevail, desire and resources appear to change in the direction that is best for a loved one, experiencing not force and pressure, but ease and desire.

Annoying husband, child, what to do?

Irritability to the husband, combined with negative towards the child, is a frequent condition of the young mother. This is not much talked out loud, since children are taken to be adored and admired, and their husbands to love and give thanks. But when the female body undergoes serious hormonal changes, and the former way of life becomes out of reach, the nerves begin to fail. And if you can somehow cope with irritability at your husband, because you have already gone through a lot, obviously there were crises, learned to discuss problems that arise, then irritability caused by your own child is usually shoved away and pretend that you are not angry. Meanwhile, experiencing anger, anger, irritation, disgust, desire to escape from your own child - these are normal feelings that have a right to exist.

Shame and confusion are inevitably mixed with feelings of anger at the child, guilt over their own emotions, because it seems that adults must control what is happening and hold their manifestations of the emotional sphere in their hands. The banal physical fatigue from lack of sleep and the constant pulling of the baby in her arms does not fit into the replicated image of the young mother, this does not take into account the increased level of nervous tension, increased personal responsibility and the adaptation period to the changed life. This will not be shown in a Hollywood film and commercial, but this is the reality that makes up our lives. And crying a child in the middle of the night, can bring the mother to hysterics, and the need to be around the clock, to cause hatred for having stolen her personal time. And these feelings are normal, although the child is not guilty.

What if the husband is annoying? A little to reduce the level of irritability will help identify the causes of its occurrence. If it’s all a matter of narrowing your personal space, then the problem is solved if you ask your husband, mother or other relatives to sit with the baby. If it’s a matter of doubts about your own skills of dealing with children or having practical skills in readiness to become a mother, then you should ask questions in antenatal clinics, pediatricians and other specialists, checking your opinion and learning new things - this will save your strength better and better reading forums. It is necessary to deal with the compliance of their own expectations of the child, to which it corresponds, how accurately your dreams realize It would be foolish to be angry with him only because of the fact that he does not manifest abilities in music or was not born with the color of your eyes that you dreamed of. It is a question of your acceptance and personal therapy, just like the processes of your personal drama that can spill onto a child, since this is the most defenseless creature that you cannot aggressively resist.

Your negative emotions are bad for you and the child, and the method of deliverance should put you in a priority position. Everything is quite simple, because just protecting the child from the manifestation of anger, you do not remove the anger, destroy yourself, and still indirectly destroy the child. It is worth starting with the resolution of your problems and the desire to stabilize and improve precisely your condition. The child does not need sweets and moralizing, he needs a happy mother.

You will invariably be subject to a periodic influx of negative feelings if your child makes mistakes and is naughty, violate the restrictions and check the limits of your patience. It is necessary to learn to look for adequate ways to express anger in the least destructive way. Those. you are not silent when you are angry, but speak about it, but say what kind of act caused what feelings you had without calling the child and not addressing these feelings to him.

Irritability, which arises in relation to both husband and child, and repeatedly stays quite stable, is hardly connected with them, most likely it is also a global discontent with life. It is necessary to take steps in the direction of defining a problem that hurts so much and does not reach the level of full awareness that irritation from its presence spills on close ones.