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How to deal with a bad mood

Life troubles happen to everyone and often they provoke the appearance of a bad mood. To make unpleasant periods easier, you have to figure out what happens to a person. It is difficult to hide a bad mood, since it is guessed by voice intonation, facial expressions, and gait. There is irritability and internal closeness. How to deal with a bad mood at such moments everyone thinks. Sometimes the causes of this condition are known, and sometimes it seems that there are no reasons for this.

If the cause of a negative attitude is a serious nuisance, then it is necessary to get out of it. How to do this, you should think based on the situation. It is necessary to draw up a plan, think over simple things that you can accomplish yourself at this particular moment, being in an unpleasant situation.

If there are no reasons for a bad mood, then you can use general recommendations from experts on how to improve it.

Psychology tips

Every person, at least occasionally, suffers from a negative attitude or destructive thoughts. And, despite the reasons causing a bad mood, there are a variety of ways to deal with it.

So, the advice of psychologists how to quickly improve your mood.

Favorite food

The very first thing that psychologists advise is to allow yourself to eat something delicious, for example, it can be chocolate, cake, pizza, ice cream, kebabs, dumplings. This does not mean that a bad mood is required to “seize”, however, to please yourself with your favorite food in this state will not be a crime.


If there is anxiety due to extra calories, then they are easily burned either by sports exercises, or by walking, which will help a person to be more fit and will help the release of endorphins - "hormones of joy". Both that, and another will lift quickly mood.


Creative activities are conducive to improving mood. Music, painting, writing books or poems can help. At what level these hobbies are mastered does not matter, and if there are no skills at all in such classes, you should try to master it. Efforts directed in this direction will not be in vain. Creative activity makes life more joyful and complete. Creativity gives positive emotions that are beneficial to health.

Probably, many are familiar with this area of ​​psychology, as art therapy. This is a method of developing and healing the human soul through creativity. Art therapy relies on the belief that the individual is able to reflect the inner world in musical, visual and other images. Using art therapy you can draw your bad mood, from which you want to get rid of or the joy that you would like to receive. Thus, the techniques of art therapy reduce emotional stress and improve mood.


Even if a person has a bad mood, psychologists recommend smiling through force. There is a theory about the relationship between a smile and a good mood, and it is facial expressions that can affect the improvement of mood. Therefore, when there is a desire to be sad, you should remember about a smile.

Good deed

Having done a good deed, you can feel much better. And if you are unable to make yourself happy, you should give joy to someone else. Small or great deed - it does not matter. Even a small step in a good endeavor can bring pleasure to a person who does good.


Listening to your favorite music increases the level of dopamine (the hormone of joy), music has a beneficial effect on the brain. The mechanisms of the effect of music on the brain are still not well understood. But this is definitely one of the main pleasures in the life of a person and will perfectly help to fight with a bad mood.

Surveys have shown that people attribute music to a number of ten things that bring the highest joy. Therefore, if you want to forget about something bad, you should include your favorite music. It is proved that musical sounds directly affect the human brain. Soft background sounds have a positive effect on the development of creative abilities, as well as stimulate abstract thinking. It is useful to train to the music, as musical works block brain signals about fatigue, thus contributing to the exercise further.

Keep your composure

It is important to be able to hold back and not to fall on other people. Man is by nature selfish and always thinks of himself. And when he has psychological problems, it is very difficult for him not to spoil the mood of others. And if in such a situation there is a feeling that an emotional breakdown is about to happen and a person will switch to offensive words, then it will be better to be alone. And later you can thank yourself for such an act.

Switch your attention

The human brain is so constituted that if there is a looping on any thoughts, then thoughts about it will accompany more and more. In a situation with a negative attitude, such thinking is unacceptable. Therefore, as soon as thoughts of sorrows arise and come, it is necessary to immediately switch to other thoughts more optimistic and joyful. It is forbidden to pity yourself, but to be carried away by something positive is welcome!

Follow the breath

A few deep breaths help calm down. To do this, you should sit comfortably, take a deep breath, exhale, relax, let go of all thoughts, stop all thinking. Initially this may cause certain difficulties.

Find reasons

If a bad mood rarely bothers, then nothing to worry about. But if negative attitudes bother you more often than you would like, then possible reasons should be found.

Psychologists recommend to keep a diary and record important events in life in it. And then, analyzing the records, find out the causes of their own psychological disorders.

Solve the problem

This is the most important point. If the cause of a bad mood is established, then it should be dealt with. If the cause of a bad mood is another person, then you need to talk to him. If there is a problem, then it is important to solve it, and not to think about it constantly, thereby worsening only your condition.

You must take responsibility for your life. To live life, "drifting", of course, easier than creating your own destiny and be responsible for the consequences of decisions. The easiest way to blame your own failures on others. Unhappy individuals prefer to blame fate, disclaim responsibility for failures and throw them on the evil rock, damage, bosses, forgetting that the person himself is the cause of all the troubles.

Therefore, having made your life happy, joyful, filled with positive moments, you will not have to look for ways to deal with bad mood and despondency.